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Squad Goals: Taylor Swift Gives Out Moonmen to Her ‘Bad Blood’ Crew

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Squad VMAs Moonmen

Image: WENN

Did we miss auditions for the “Bad Blood” video? An appearance in Taylor Swift’s award-winning clip is clearly the gift that keeps on giving. The “Bad Blood” squad, which includes Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, Empire‘s Serayah McNeil and Law and Order‘s Olivia Benson, enjoyed an epic photo opp on the VMAs red carpet and a reunion onstage at Swift’s 1989 tour.

Bad Blood

Photo: YouTube

T. Swift’s latest gift to her “Bad Blood” co-harts? Moonmen Statues, which she handed out like candy. When you’ve won ALL the Awards at other ceremonies (220 in total, including 7 Grammys, but who’s counting?), you have no choice but to create your own. (more…)

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Rihanna’s Puma Creepers Went on Sale Today and Are Already Almost Sold Out

Rihanna Puma Creepers

Courtesy: Puma

Bitch better have my…creepers?! Yes, everything Rihanna endorses is a hit among shoppers (see her MAC Cosmetics makeup and River Island clothing collections) but even she was surprised when her black and white Puma creepers sold out in a few hours. “But how???” she posted on Instagram at the time, adding, “Thank you for your tremendous support!! There’s hardly a greater feeling than y’all f*ckin wit my sh*t!!!”

Puma’s hoping to get that same response today with the relaunch of the Puma by Rihanna creeper in three new color ways. A navy/cool blue, off white/oatmeal, and pink/green/oatmeal version hit the market at midnight. At press time, only a few sizes of the white/oatmeal style are still available here at $120 each. (more…)

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Red Carpet Looks From Network 10’s 2016 Content Announcement

Snezana Markoski, Sam Wood, Sam Frost

Photo: Getty

TV stars and fans alike were in for a treat last night as they awaited the announcement of which shows will be aired on Channel 10 in 2016. Hosted by Sydney’s The Star, all your fave successful bachie couples, hosts, comedians and trainers jumped out of their TV screens and onto the red carpet to celebrate in style.

With new shows like Survivor, TV drama Brock and a series adaptation of Zoe Foster Blake’s The Wrong Girl, plus the inevitable return of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there were plenty of announcements to raise your glass to.

Check out all the looks in the gallery below, plus click through to find out Heather Maltman’s new gig.  (more…)

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Caitlin Stasey Strips Back In The Name of Sexism and Body Image

Australian actress and activist Caitlin Stasey is once again fuelling the discussion on sexism, objectification and body image in her latest work for video series “What’s Underneath”, a project which sees participants undress to prove that “style” is not the clothes you wear, but rather “knowing who you are” and what you stand for. 

In a raw setting which sees the former-Neighbours star propped up on a stool in an empty space, Caitlin speaks out about sexism in her line of work, explaining that women have to be “cool with anything” such as humiliation, harassment and objectification.

Sexism in Hollywood is not a new revelation, with Rebel Wilson, Emma Watson, Rose Byrne and Cate Blanchett all addressing the subject when it comes to things such as age, workplace equality, comedic expression and sexual orientation. (more…)

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WATCH: Justin Bieber Owns the Runway In Ridiculous Outfit for James Corden

Justin Bieber walks the runway

Photo: YouTube

Following on from Justin Bieber’s Blue Steel death selfie in the Zoolander 2 trailer released this week, the pop star is further proving his salt as a high-farshun model with his latest Car Pool Karaoke sesh with James Corden.

After singing along to Bieber faves “Never Say Never” and “What Do You Mean”, Justin suggests that he take the comedian shopping for a new and improved wardrobe. “I want to make you look sleek but not too over-the-top,” Justin tells him as they hit the shops, followed by James deciding that they’ll pick out outfits for each other. 

James gets a snowboarder-swag makeover which makes him feel like he’s “ready to drop an album”, right before Justin appears in an ugly Christmas sweater complete with a sequin throw and bowl-shaped felt hat, giving the world his best runway strut and over-the-shoulder stare. Ridic. We wonder if his mate Kendall Jenner would approve?

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WATCH: New Short Film Takes Aim At Kylie Jenner’s Haters

Kylie (Please read description) from Will Rebein on Vimeo.

Let’s be honest, Kylie Jenner really cops it from the online trolls. Whether it’s a cruel Dolmio grin meme or speculation about a boob job, the girl just can’t seem to catch a break.

It turns out she’s not the only one this is taking its toll on though, with a filmmaker deciding to make a short film about the youngest Kardashian-Jenner member in a bid to shed light on how damaging trolls and “aggressive comments” can be.

Filmmaker Will Reiben utilised one of Kylie’s makeup tutorials for the video, “played in reverse to symbolise that the comments are stripping Kylie of her self esteem and identity” while a deep, anonymous voice reads out legit comments found on articles about her while in Australia

A lot of the derogatory comments focus of the comparison Kylie gets to her big sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, saying “I think Kylie is obsessed with Kim and trying to look like her” and “Kylie looks much older than Kendall who’s naturally gorgeous”. (more…)