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Other Times American Apparel Should Hold a Sale

For the past couple of weeks, American Apparel has been really into holding online sales that tie into news events. First, they decided to offer discounts to people in states affected by Hurricane Sandy: "In case you're bored during the storm, 20% off EVERYTHING for the next thirty-six hours," they wrote in an email to newsletter subscribers. It was funny because people were less bored and more concerned for others' safety and the damage being done to the entire region.

This morning, the California-based retailer announced a second topical sale. In honor of President Obama's reelection, American Apparel is offering 30% off all their American Flag styles for one week. You might disagree, but leggings discounts are just not how I believe people should commemorate the democratic process. Personal preference. Just seems really frivolous and opportunistic. 

But! If American Apparel CEO Dov Charney really wants to hold sales to help me mark the moments which are significant to my life, here's what he could offer that wouldn't piss me off:

  • 20% off all Sleepwear when I make myself a delicious breakfast of farro salad with a fried egg on top.
  • Buy one, get one free Unisex Cotton Berets when I book a ticket to Europe. 
  • Free gift of The Circle Scarf in a color of my choice when I buy a Unisex Long Wool Coat within twelve hours of the first snow. 
  • Free shipping on any eyeglass frames when I finish a really good book and loan it to a friend. 

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Even More David Gandy Goodness in 10 Men (Forum Buzz)

If you were as affected by David Gandy’s 10 Men cover as I clearly was, then you’ll be really glad that I’ve put together this post. The cover was just a sneak peak of what the magazine holds within its pages, which is a six-page editorial of the brawny, brooding, impossibly sexy and rugged David Gandy. Thank stylist Garth Spencer for leaving Gandy shirtless in three of the six shots, and thank Matt Mulhall for the manly grooming. Last but not least, let's thank Paul Wetherell, because if he wasn't there to photograph the editorial we wouldn't be looking at it right now.

10 Men - David Gandy photographed by Paul Wetherell10 Men - David Gandy photographed by Paul Wetherell

Any ability to further form words about this editorial is rapidly deteriorating as I continue to stare at the images. So I'm just going to stop. In the event that you’d like to see the images in a bigger size, which I’m sure that you do, then click on over to this post in the forums.

10 Men - David Gandy photographed by Paul Wetherell10 Men - David Gandy photographed by Paul Wetherell10 Men - David Gandy photographed by Paul Wetherell10 Men - David Gandy photographed by Paul Wetherell

You’re welcome.


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Jennifer Lawrence Rocks Elle’s December Covers (Forum Buzz)

Elle December 2012 - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is definitely a bit of an “It Girl” at the moment, and the fashion world is showing her lots of love. She just scored a contract to replace Mila Kunis in the Miss Dior handbag ads, and she’s been gracing the covers of fashion glossies month after month, the latest of which is Elle’s December issue. The newsstand issue has the standard almost garishly bright background color that Elle has been trying to make their “thing” and somehow Jennifer looks good in spite of it, while the subscriber cover shows a sultry sun and water-soaked Jennifer that blew forum members away.

Elle December 2012 - Jennifer LawrenceElle December 2012 - Jennifer Lawrence

“The second cover is freaking amazing! My favorite Elle cover of the year!” pixiedust1603 declared.

“Jen looks fantastic on both covers, wow does she deliver in those shots!” GERGIN exclaimed.

Elle December 2012 - Jennifer LawrenceElle December 2012 - Jennifer LawrenceElle December 2012 - Jennifer Lawrence

Even though some forum members couldn’t get past the yellow background of the newsstand cover, the editorial won them over. Justaguy posted, “The editorial is really nice. I like all the shots, especially the one with her lying near the water.”

Jennifer kind of gives off the impression that she’s still settling into the whole bombshell actress persona, but Elle definitely helped her make it look more convincing in this issue.

Elle December 2012 - Jennifer LawrenceElle December 2012 - Jennifer LawrenceElle December 2012 - Jennifer Lawrence


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It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear Today As Long As You Vote

The only thing you really need to wear on election day is your trusty sense of optimism. Everyone has one, even if it's worn thin at the sleeves or in an ugly sea kelp green color. It's impossible to get rid of, kind of like a Chucky doll. I don't think it's possible to be alive without believing that things have the potential to turn out okay. 

Even if you don't live in a swing state, your vote still counts. Someone will actually count it! If you'd like, you can even write-in Anna Wintour for President, but I'd advise against it because she's not a natural born citizen and would never be sworn into office — and anyway, she's way better suited to a civil court judgeship or something like that. 

I think I would be totally remiss if I didn't mention that most polling places are set up in public schools. If you had the great luxury of attending one as a child, your voting experience will be super Proustian. I learned that the essence of my past smells like bleached tile floors and school lunch pizza. 

Anyway, whether you go out of a sense of obligation, to make your voice heard, or because you want go on a memory trip, just VOTE today, please. And scatch what I said in the headline: polling places are crawling with people. If you aren't going to look cute, you might as well stay home. 

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Where is Nicolas Ghesquière Going to Go and Why is He So Beautiful?

Yesterday, we found out that Nicolas Ghesquière was leaving his post at Balenciaga, where he's been what they call a critical darling for pretty much ever. (Fifteen years. Ghesquière was awarded the post when he was 25 years old. Where were you when you were 25 years old? I don't know. I'm not even that old yet.)

His departure from Balenciaga was reportedly related to label holding company PPR's efforts to push the brand in a more commercial direction. Where Ghesquière envisioned a future for Balenciaga that was all obscure and arthouse by way of boxy silhouettes and Kristen Stewart, PPR wanted something way more saleable. They wanted unicorns and car commericals and my cat Carl and a pineapple in a bikini and Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a bermuda hat on an African safari vacation. Those corporate suits wouldn't recognize art if they saw it walking down a Balenciaga runway show!

So, we have two big questions. No, maybe three. Let's make it four, just to be safe? (Speculative answers included as parentheses.)

1. What's next for Nicolas Ghesquière?

(According to Suzy Menkes, maybe his own brand with PPR rival LVMH. The company's CEO, Bernard Arnault, is said to have offered Ghesquière his own house, which would be overseen by one of Arnault's children — either his daughter Delphine or son Antoine.)

2. What's next for Balenciaga?

(No one really knows, but PPR CEO Isabelle Guichot wants to move quickly and waste as little time as possible finding a replacement designer. So she can get back in the business of dressing pineapples in bikinis. "We have a short list," she told WWD.)

3. What's next for Kristen Stewart?

(She'll be fine.)

4. Why don't people talk more about how Nicolas Ghesquière is so, so beautiful? 

(His Google Image search results. YOU'RE WELCOME.)

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Designer Duo Martin Lim’s Capsule Collection for Reitmans

There's no better buy than a garment crafted by a prestigious designer and sold with a mass market price tag. H&M, Wal-Mart, Target are just some of the superstore chains to bring the catwalk to the shopping cart, and now Reitmans — Canada's biggest women's clothing retailer — is launching a dress collection by Quebec's Martin Lim.

Martin Lim is a name mash formed by married couple Danielle Martin and Pao Lim. The pair came to prominence when they won the first Mercedes-Benz Start Up competition at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto last fall, though they now hope the collaboration with Reitmans will expand their brand to the masses. A realistic mission? Well, with price tags hovering between $85 and $120 for a sundry mix of both day and eveningwear outfits, that goal is sure to be accomplished.

The range is composed of 10 dresses, including two for petite size and two for plus size. Black dominates the collection, only to be contrasted and colourblocked by bold colors such as purple and teal. Many of the dresses are characterized by draped backs and asymmetrical hems, while the occasional bat wing and Jackie-O shift dress makes an appearance.

My personal favourites? It has to be the offerings in the petite range, that is the one-shoulder teal Clara dress with a contrast ribbon strap, front slit and tiered ruffle. Likewise, the Limi colourblock dress with its body-conscious silhouette, elegant boat neck, and bonded satin front will make for a stylish way to start the office day. But what do you think? Has the duo retained a coveted designer aesthetic with a price-conscious polyester pallette? 

The Martin Lim for Reitmans collection, which is all made in Canada, will be exclusively available for sale at 28 select Reitmans stores in Ontario and Quebec from November 2, 2012 onwards and also on Reitmans online store.

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