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Link Buzz: Jourdan Dunn Self-Portraits for Rag & Bone; Heidi Klum Halloween Sneak Peek

  • Jourdan Dunn and Rag & Bone skip the stylists, the makeup artists, the producers and that's what I've been asking for all along but still I'm not happy. [Fashionologie]
  • What's your favorite Christina Aguilera hair color? Stop laughing, this is a serious question! [BellaSugar]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker's weekend outfit can also be your weekend outfit if you either buy all the clothes she's wearing or break into her house and steal them. [FabSugar
  • Lindsay Lohan's publicist quit his job because he didn't think it was fair to get paid for something he enjoyed doing so much. [Earsucker]
  • I don't regret knowing that "pumpkin boobs" are a thing and probably neither will you. [BuzzFeed]
  • Heidi Klum makes a helluva Cleopatra and so can't you. [DailyStab]

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See the Lookbook for Dion Lee’s Incredible Spring 2013 Collection “Transit”

If Australian fashion magazines saw the way Dion Lee poured his morning cereal they would probably go into raptures about the fluid contours of his milk flow and architectural silhouettes of his utensils, but his latest offering is proof the designer really is more than deserving of his wunderkind tag.

"Transit” is the lookbook for the Spring 2013 collection Dion Lee showed to massive praise at London Fashion Week earlier this year. We raved about it already, but these photographs by Bowen Arico show the designer’s inventive thought process and ability to translate that into wearable clothing even more clearly.

“Wearable” here is the keyword, and a pretty insufficient one to describe what it is that Dion Lee does. The clothes here might look like something out of a sci-fi movie but they’re all crafted with a real human woman firmly in mind. The psychedelically marbled prints are in fact geothermal mapping of the body’s hot zones, which already means each piece is five hundred times cooler than you thought. The lookbook also allows for a closer look at the slashing and venting, which allow for the circulation of air around the body and are used most effectively on a blazer to create a pattern that resembles a spine.


Sportswear detailing, squeaky clean lines and lightweight sheer paneling offset all those elements that bog down your mind with their complexity. Nor are those simpler looks any less striking (how good are the half-transparent pants?) Natural hair and makeup on models Kalia Hart and Lauren Taylor rounds out the sci-fi aesthetic perfectly.

“Transit” will be landing in stores February and March 2013. 


Images: Harper's Bazaar

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Vogue Brazil Gets Beachy With Constance Jablonski for November (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Brazil November 2012 - Constance Jablonski photographed by Henrique Gendre

I often forget (or don’t even really think about, I must confess) that countries in the southern hemisphere experience their seasons on a different timeline than we do here in the U.S. That is, until I see a great spring/summer cover in what I think of as a cold, wintry month. For Vogue Brazil’s November issue, photographer Henrique Gendre shot Constance Jablonski layered in gold and wearing bold tangerine lipstick at the beach.

“Beautiful colors, very summerish,” ckgirlbr commented.

“Constance looks stunning. Love the combination of colors,” mikel agreed. “Great cover.”

Jmrmartinho wrote, “It's so good! Everything works so well here. Constance is always a safe bet for this kind of job and the colors are just perfect.”

Does anyone else have a sudden urge to go to Brazil? Maybe I’ll just buy some orange lipstick as a consolation, because the Brazil thing’s definitely not happening for me any time soon.

Image: Vogue Brazil

The Buzz Forum Buzz

Aline Weber, Sean O’Pry, and Frida Kahlo(!) Work It for Vogue Mexico (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Mexico November 2012 - Aline WeberVogue Mexico November 2012 - Sean O'PryVogue Mexico November 2012 - Frida Kahlo

November seems to be a big month for Vogue Mexico, as their Aline Weber in Lanvin-covered issue is accompanied by a Vogue Hombre supplement featuring Sean O’Pry, and an additional supplement with Frida Kahlo. Even if we’re not quite sure what the Frida Kahlo supplement has in store for us, Vogue Mexico made it work with these three covers.

“Aline looks beautiful on the cover!” justaguy posted. “Just could have done without the pinkish backdrop. Sean's cover is pretty cool, too and I'm really curious as to what's planned around Frida Kahlo.”

MyNameIs wrote, “That cover is seriously gorgeous. I loooove the colors. Aline looks beautiful. The whole thing looks very expensive and sophisticated. Love the Hombre cover too.”

Lightblue commended Vogue Mexico on their choice of cover subjects. “Aline's so gorgeous and Sean's just freaking hot.” You’ll find no argument from me on those points.

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.

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Are We Ready for a Courtney Love Designed Clothing Line?

British fashion e-tailor, Net-a-Porter is rumoured to be exclusively stocking Courtney Love’s debut fashion collection, Never The Bride, when it launches later this year. The musician posted photos on her official Twitter page as a teaser of what’s to come. Plus, in true Love style, she’s explained that each dress comes with a ruby bearing the swearword C*** inside the hemlines. Well, what else would you expect?!

Courtney Love’s debut fashion collection, Never The Bride

What's the Collection Like?

The collection is being described as Grunge-meets-Victorian, with the 48-year-old herself confessing that the range is exactly what she would wear if she were a little younger. In fact, she actually told the Huffington Post that if she was to wear her collection these days she’d look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Perhaps, it was for this reason that the images of the collection published so far have all featured the model Chloe Norgaard rather than the musician herself, but there’s no denying that the collection, styled with fishnet stockings, Twenties’ style headbands, and Dr. Martens boots has got Courtney Love written all over it — as well as that other horrible C word, of course.

Courtney Love’s debut fashion collection, Never The Bride

Interestingly, the range also evokes Love’s ethical values, as the entire collection has been created from recycled vintage clothing — that’s right, pre-loved stuff. A trend that just seems to be ever increasing in the UK, and why not if the material is still good enough to transform into a great new outfit? You’ll be able to take your pick from the more casual tiered skirts and crinkled tops, or vamp it up in a gothic style gown. The perfect pieces to emulate Love’s own personal style and channel that Nineties grunge trend once more. 

Images via

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Condé Nast Still Believes Its Future Lies In Print

Yesterday at The Paley Center for Media in New York, Glamour EIC Cindi Leive conducted a public interview about the future of Condé Nast with CEO Charles Townsend, really pressing him the way anyone would press their boss in a room filled with industry colleagues. 

Considering how rarely he grants interviews, Townsend was at no loss for words or emphatic hand gestures. Despite an abysmal advertising climate and plenty of reports of lackluster revenue at other major print venues like the Times, he believes Condé is sort of like the media company equivalent of True Blood's Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi: go ahead and bury him, but after a season he will emerge from his concrete grave stronger and more terrible than ever before. 

Um, Townsend seems to believe the publishing company's future, like its past, lies in print media — or at least, in the magazine format they've established across their various properties. Townsend says digital grew at only half the rate they expected in 2012, and that the company's revenue stream still relies largely on print circulation. Tablet users, however, now account for about 10% of Condé's readership, and the company is able to seamlessly translate its magazine-style content to the new technology.

“Our print business, even in the worst moment, continues to grow and the margins are sharper and the gross profit margins are mouthwatering. When this economy recovers, the print business is going to be on fire.”

It's not like I can tell anyone how to do their job — and especially not Townsend, who uses so much jargon and fluffy marketing-speak, I'd be impressed if even he knew what he was saying half the time.

But entertain me for second: what if your print business does well because 1) you know how to put out a great print product and 2) you continue to devote lots of resources to those departments? What if your digital business is suffering not because there's no future in digital, but because you aren't dedicating the attention, manpower, and resources required to succeed in online media? And what if, in the future — "when the economy recovers" — it's not the print business that is going to be "on fire" but the digital business? Won't that make your company increasingly less relevant, no matter how well it excels at putting out a traditional magazine and translating the layout to an iPad? 

I bet there's a German word for the feeling you get when you're watching a streaming video about our exciting print magazine future:

Image via WENN

[via WWD]

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