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Kanye West May Be Showing His Adidas Collab at NYFW

Image: SIPA/

Image: SIPA/

We’ve been waiting forever to finally see what Kanye West whipped up for his much-hyped Adidas collaboration and finally, we may get to see what the rapper has been working on all this time. 

An image of the invite for the Kanye West x Adidas presentation leaked on Instagram earlier today, and sources say Adidas and Mr. West will be making the big reveal on February 12. It’s interesting that he may choose New York Fashion Week to show his latest, especially since Kanye has been so partial to staging shows in Paris.

Adidas hasn’t confirmed the date, but it has been promoting the collaboration in tandem with the release of its new Confirmed app, so there’s reason to believe that Kanye’s collection will be on shelves soon. Of course, we will be patiently waiting to see what Kanye offers up for Adidas. If his previous collaborations are any indication, this latest range should do rather well. 

[via Complex]

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The CFDA Is Not Fooling Around with Health or Diversity This Fashion Week

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

New York Fashion Week is kicking off in a few days, but before we delve into the shows, the CFDA would like to remind the members of its organization to please not be that guy during Fashion Week. CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg and CEO Steven Kolb penned a letter to the New York fashion community, urging it to be wary of using underage and unhealthy-looking models on the runway and to be more diligent about diversity this season and beyond.

In the missive, the pair condemns any use of models under age 16 on the runway, adding a link to the organization’s Health Initiative guidelines for reference. They also plead with designers to “at a minimum” follow the labor laws for models in New York under the age of 18. “Remember, we must consider the emotional and physical well-being of these young women.”

Kolb and von Furstenberg also address the diversity issue, saying that the CFDA is working with Bethann Hardison’s Balance Diversity to help bring more color to the runways this season. The letter references a document listing guidelines for diversity in the industry, which, for example, encourages casting directors to specifically ask agencies to send more models of color to be considered for shows. “Our objective is to make a shift on how the model of color is viewed so it becomes natural to see them participating each season in a greater number than seasons past,” the memo reads.

So, designers: No funny business this season. The CFDA is asking for the American fashion community to mind its Ps and Qs to avoid reverting to the problematic habits the industry has fostered over the years. Hopefully, the designers are listening.

[via CFDA]


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Lexi Boling Is Back on Vogue Italia’s Cover, Her Fifth in Under a Year! (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia’s February cover starring Lexi Boling finally made it onto our forums earlier today. The magazine’s release dates are notoriously late by our standards, considering that we saw Vogue Japan’s March cover last week. Nonetheless, we’re always thrilled to see the publication’s new covers, which rarely disappoint. Lensed by Steven Meisel, this is the American model’s fifth cover for the edgy Italian title. Sporting an ensemble from Dolce & Gabbana styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé, the current face of Christian Dior sits perched on a chair giving us Hostel vibes.

Vogue Italia February 2015 Lexi Boling


The majority of our forum members are loving it, but the rest aren’t fond of the idea of Lexi having five Vogue Italia covers in under 12 months. “Nice cover, but not because of the model. It’s the styling and photography that does wonders here. I really don’t get Meisel’s infatuation over her,” commented Style Savvy.

“Co-signed. She could be replaced with a number of other models with little effect being lost. That said, the vibe is pretty cool. I’m intrigued,” Moofins responded in agreement.

“Gorgeous cover. I just wish it wasn’t Lexi again,” simon ranted.

“The idea is a hit, but the model is a miss for me. She’s a pretty girl, but I do not get Meisel’s obsession with her,” added orchidee, sharing the same sentiments.

The mood of the thread soon shifted. “It’s giving me Hostel vibes. In a good way,” GivenchyHomme admired.

Forum member anlabe32 felt the same way: “Her fifth cover in less than a year… Wow. This is the most interesting one so far though. I love it.”

Await the cover story, see the cover in all its fold-out glory and add your own opinion here.

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Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue Is a Perfect Picture of What’s Wrong with Hollywood

Image: Vanity Fair

Image: Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has released the cover for its annual Hollywood issue, and much like the Oscars, the cover is overwhelmingly white.

Let’s just say we’re not surprised. The Oscars has spurred a lot of outrage — Selma, the Ava DuVernay directed film about Martin Luther King Jr. leading the protests during the Civil Rights Movement in the Alabama town, was nominated for best picture and best original song. That’s all well and good, but the movie got no nominations in any other categories, like best actor or best director, making this Oscars the least diverse since 1998. So, it’s not a huge shock to see Vanity Fair‘s latest cover reflects that fact.

On the cover, we have Foxcatcher‘s Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller (also starring in American Sniper), Amy Adams (who won a Golden Globe for her role in Big Eyes), Reese Witherspoon (nominated for best actress in Wild), Benedict Cumberbatch (nominated for best actor in The Imitation Game) Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones (nominated for best actor and actress respectively in The Theory of Everything), Miles Teller (from Whiplash), Oscar Isaac (star of A Most Violent Year, which won best picture at the National Board of Review) and David Oyelowo (Selma). 

There weren’t that many nominees of color included in the Oscar nods this year, but we still have to wonder why, with the exception of Mr. Oyelowo, Vanity Fair decided to go with an such a white cast.

Vanity Fair had the opportunity to make a statement on this year’s controversial award ceremony. Instead, it’s reflecting just how white the Oscars and Hollywood at large are. Was there no room for someone like Selma‘s Carmen Ejogo or the buzzy Tessa Thompson on this cover? Yes, Channing was in Foxcatcher, but he wasn’t nominated. Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo were the ones actually nominated for best actor/best supporting actor in those roles. If Vanity Fair is cool with using any ol’ actor from a critically acclaimed film, there’s no reason why this cover couldn’t be more diverse.

We don’t expect Vanity Fair to be a bastion for diversity, but it seems as if the magazine missed a chance to really change or address the narrative of this year’s Oscars — and the publication opted out. We’re not surprised, just a little disappointed. Last year, the magazine’s Hollywood issue featured six actors and actresses of color. Perhaps the magazine’s powers that be thought that gave them a pass for the next six years? 

This is the first time since 2007 that Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood cover has only included one actor of color. Back then, Chris Rock was the lone black actor on the cover. We guess in 2015, it’s David Oyelowo’s turn to pick up the banner.

[via Vanity Fair]

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Watch: Natalie Portman Is a Runaway Bride in New Miss Dior Film

Dior had already teased us with this clip of an upcoming short film for its best-selling fragrance Miss Dior. Now, the wait is over — the Anton Corbijn directed film starring Natalie Portman has been unveiled.

In the film, the actress, who recently attended her first-ever couture show just a few days ago in Paris for Christian Dior’s Spring 2015 collection, is visibly uneasy about her impending nuptials. A nervous Natalie walks down the aisle with her father before taking off from the picturesque French Riviera venue, throwing off her heels and ripping off her wedding gown in the process. Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” plays in the background as the runaway bride runs to be picked up by a nearby helicopter.

Corbijn told Vogue U.K., “The story is about escaping, about getting away from all the things that tie you down in life. Natalie Portman was fantastic. She is real, she’s genuine. You can see it on the screen, and people relate to it. I think that this ‘truth’ is more important than beauty. Being a beautiful woman is not enough. She’s a real person, a good person, and her personality makes the difference.”

[via Vogue UK]

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Daria Werbowy Returns for Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Spring 2015 ads, it’s that brands tend to stick with the same models or celebrities. Daria Werbowy is back for her fourth consecutive campaign for Diane von Furstenberg, shot by Emma Summerton on location in a New York City airport terminal. W magazine’s Fashion and Style Director Edward Enninful styled the fashion favorite donning DVF’s new Riviera collection and we think the team hit a home run.

Ad Campaign Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2015 Daria Werbowy


It’s a shame some of our forum members don’t feel the same way. “I wouldn’t have blinked if someone had told me this was DVF x H&M. It just looks so cheap…” declared Thefrenchy within moments of the campaign image surfacing.

“Really Daria again? I was sure it would be Lily Donaldson or Naomi after the show,” noted a surprised narcyza.

Also not showing much enthusiasm was gossiping: “Seen it all before, I think DVF isn’t that great these days. A lack of ideas.”

Forum member burbuja8910 simply stated, “I don’t like it.” Nothing like being honest, right?

The rest of us, however, are loving it! “I would have preferred something more luxurious, but still this is nice and Daria looks beautiful,” shared justaguy.

“Just beautiful. Four campaigns in a row. She must sell products like hot cakes. Can’t wait for more,” enthused congacon.

Are you a fan? Add your own two cents inside the thread here.

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