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Marie Gillain’s Lui Magazine Cover Upsets Forum Members (Forum Buzz)

Lui magazine may not be the go-to publication for fashion, but we still get excited about its covers. After all, the magazine has tapped Kate Moss, Rihanna and Laetitia Casta. For the provocative magazine’s February issue, Marie Gillain is its latest cover conquest. Mark Segal shot the Belgian actress, most likely best-known for her portrayal of Adrienne Chanel in Coco Before Chanel to us fashion folk, striding through an apartment building wearing nothing except a pair of briefs and a silk robe. Marie looks effortless but that doesn’t seem to be what’s upsetting our forum members.

Lui Magazine February 2015 Marie Gillain


“Does that tagline say what I think it says?” immediately asked kokobombon.

KateTheGreatest also noticed and responded, “I was thinking the same thing, I hope it doesn’t.”

“In the context it doesn’t mean ‘whore,’ in French it’s also a slang to say ‘very good.’ I don’t know how you would translate it exactly in English, maybe someone else could be more precise. But they’re not saying that she is a ‘putain.’ But I agree that they could have chosen a better tagline, it’s not very pretty,” noted Zelda Zonk, informing us of the correct terminology.

Also quick to voice his concerns was Benn98: “I don’t know why Marie Gillain decided to do Lui. Sorry, but I feel a bit territorial about her as she’s one of my favorite actresses. Don’t mind nudity or sexuality, but I’d have liked her for Vogue Paris. The image also doesn’t look very promising.” But once the full cover surfaced, he returned and posted, “Oooh, she looks hott! Actually, I’ll let this slide.”

Luxx shared a positive outlook and admired the cover for being “super sexy and bold!”

“This cover is hot but in a good way…” added KissMiss.

What’s your opinion of Lui‘s February 2015 cover? Let us know here.

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Watch: Michael Pitt Directs Rag & Bone’s Latest Fashion Film

Rag & Bone’s latest film effort revolves around the label’s Spring 2015 campaign. Creative Directors Marcus Wainwright and David Neville once again tapped Boardwalk Empire star Michael Pitt to star in the ads and also direct a 12-minute film to coincide with the collection. Today, a trailer for the short popped up on the Rag & Bone website. 

Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey stars alongside Michael and British actor Stephen Graham. A carefree Àstrid kicks around New York City, going to nightclubs, girlishly chatting on the phone and riding in the back of fancy cars with Stephen. A broody Michael knocks around a punching bag. Though we’re not 100 percent sure what’s going on in the trailer, we’re hoping all signs point to a torrid love triangle.

Watch the video clip above. 

[via WWD]

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Rihanna Stars on i-D’s Perfectly Styled Pre-Spring 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

While i-D may be bimonthly, that doesn’t stop the magazine from pulling out all the stops when its newest installment is set for release. The British glossy tapped Rihanna for its pre-spring edition dubbed “The Music Issue,” making the star the perfect choice. Paolo Roversi shot the songstress-turned-Puma creative director sporting braids, a Celine top and a piercing gaze.

i-D Pre-Spring 2015 Rihanna


Forum members were as fast as lightning to voice their opinions. “I like the 90s vibe… and that she isn’t styled like her usual glamazon,” appreciated kokobombon.

“This looks wonderful, the styling, the hair, everything. Very different mood for Rihanna as well – interested in seeing the full shoot,” added Luxx, also showing enthusiasm toward i-D‘s new cover.

Forum member mistress_f couldn’t agree more about the different vibe. “The 90s styling is really working here. She looks great and it might be the first time in ages I’m finding something interesting about i-D even though I couldn’t care less about Rihanna,” she noted.

Feeling the same way was MON: “Even though the hair is not my cup of tea, this still pleases me. It’s not the typical high fashion Rihanna. And yes, there is indeed some 90s vibe to it which I love.”

“Love this! Rihanna pulls off that style like no other and it’s always great to see Paolo stepping out of his comfort zone,” complimented Marc10, echoing everyone else’s sentiments.

“I immediately thought of FKA Twigs when I saw this, perhaps it’s the braids? Either way, I find the lip colour is quite vile. Since the i-D reader is bound to fall within Rihanna’s demographic fold I won’t begrudge her this cover. Does she have a new album out?” asked Benn98, having a slightly different opinion.

Await the contents and share your own opinion with us here.

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Watch: North West Is the Best Part About Kanye’s New Music Video

Kanye West hit The Ellen DeGeneres Show to premiere his new music video, “Only One.” Now when it comes to Kanye videos, things can sometimes wander into questionable territory (have you seen “Bound 2?”), but his latest effort is just so sweet and adorable, it is absolutely impervious to any kind of hate.

Kanye’s daughter North joins the rapper in the video for the ballad, the pair wandering down a misty road by an open field. The two do very adorable father-daughter stuff. Kanye carries North, whispering in her ear. Nori is dressed in something her dad might wear; a dark button-down, pants, duck boots and a khaki green shearling and fur-trimmed parka. Kanye plays the doting dad in this video, making you forget for a moment that he’s the guy who told a fan in a wheelchair to stand up at one of his concerts.

By the by, Kanye claims he’s over all that petulant behavior. He explained his past blowups to Ellen: “I think I was going through my version of my terrible twos. My daughter, she wants to express herself, she just doesn’t have the words for it. And for me, there’s so many things I want to do with film, with clothing, and I just didn’t have the words or the resources or the backing or the perception that I could do it being that I was a rapper or all these things.”

Oh, so that explains the leather jogging pants outburst. Watch Kanye’s new video above.

[via ellentube, MorningAfter]

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A.P.C. Is Sorry Jean Touitou Said ‘N***a’ When He Was Just Trying to Be Hip

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty

This week, Jean Touitou learned a lesson every older European guy who has made his first black friend must learn: Under no circumstances should you use the n-word. No matter how cool it sounds in those rap songs. The A.P.C. designer caused quite a controversy during his men’s Fall 2015 presentation, when he introduced a look from a collaboration with Timberland he called the “Last N***as in Paris.” He proceeded to say the word about a million times, just before defending himself by saying that Kanye West is cool with him using the word, so it wasn’t inappropriate, although he managed to make a lot of people uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Touitou, the folks at Timberland were not buying his excuse and promptly announced plans to sever ties with A.P.C. “Simply stated, this kind of language and approach is in complete contrast with our values,” the brand said in a statement. “Timberland seeks to collaborate with designers and brands who are at the forefront of lifestyle trends; equally important, they must also share our values. We will not tolerate offensive language or racial slurs of any kind being associated with the Timberland brand.”

A.P.C. has come out to address Last N****sgate, assuring the public that Touitou didn’t mean to be offensive using an offensive word. “During the A.P.C. presentation in Paris Jean Touitou made a reference to two moments in recent popular culture. One being the song ‘N****s in Paris’ by Kanye West and Jay Z and the second being the Bernardo Bertolucci film ‘Last Tango in Paris.’ The connection was used to describe a look for the collection and was in no way intended to cause offense.”

So basically, A.P.C. is sorry you were offended, but Touitou is just so hip with his black friend that he couldn’t help himself. Who could blame a guy like that?

[via BuzzFeed]

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Glamour Nails Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan March Cover Shoot (Forum Buzz)

Like it or not, Fifty Shades of Grey is everywhere, from movie posters plastered worldwide to the leading actors landing magazine covers left, right and center. Dakota Johnson is already on the cover of American Vogue’s February issue and now both Dakota and co-star Jamie Dornan front U.S.Glamour‘s March issue. Captured by Steven Pan, the duo pose together for some simple yet effective studio portraits wearing casual attire styled by Laura Ferrara. We aren’t afraid to say that Glamour beats Vogue this month.

Glamour March 2014 Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan


“It’s even better than Vogue US,” hailed JoCaderone the moment Glamour‘s cover surfaced.

Miss Dalloway shared the same sentiments: “This just further illustrates how desperate Vogue was to have her on the cover, Wintour didn’t mind sharing her. Don’t think that ever happened! They look nice though, it’s not a cringe-worthy cover given what it’s about.”

“I find it quite puzzling. I’m sure she’s nice and all but she’s not that remarkable. That said, there’s a lot more sex appeal going on here, as opposed to Vogue. It’s fitting to sell the movie in a non-offensive way. Looks like hot-pink has become the standard masthead color for U.S. Glamour now,” responded Benn98, making it clear the magazine nailed the shoot.

Forum member miast soon got involved in the discussion and echoed, “I think that’s the appeal about Dakota though to be honest. I’ve seen the rest of the photos on Instagram from this and they are gorgeous.”

Once more of the photoshoot surfaced, Benn98 returned and proclaimed, “Every shot posted so far is cover-worthy. Kudos to Glamour. This is the best I’ve seen these two so far.”

We agree! Check out the shoot for yourself and join the discussion here.

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