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Kendall Jenner Gets Hacked, the Kardashians Have Their Own No Parking Signs

Kardashian Jenners

Image: WENN

Kendall Jenner was in for a huge surprise last night when she found out her Twitter was hacked by a pair of pranksters. @ThyClerk and @fuckcynical took to the reality star cum model’s social media account to post a series of offensive tweets, which accused Kendall of being bulimic, made fun of her father’s rumored sex change and offered a rather nasty comment insinuating that Kendall and Justin Bieber were sleeping with each other. 

The users responsible for the hack have had their accounts suspended, and for good reason. The tweets were quite malicious, sexist and simply not funny — it was as if they were written by teenage boys rather than someone with a more sophisticated sense of humor. 

But Kendall isn’t the only member of the reality TV clan that is being targeted. Out in Hollywood, artist Plastic Jesus has made and put up seven signs around the area reading “No Kardashian Parking Any Time.” The signs aren’t a statement against the Kardashians, Plastic Jesus says — they’re simply a comment on how the family has become so famous that everything they do, no matter how mundane or uninteresting, is a news headline. 

The artist said he got the idea as he was driving on Melrose Avenue and found himself in traffic due to a swarm of paparazzi following one of the Kardashians as they shopped. “We’ve allowed mainstream media to become so profit-driven, we are sacrificing genuine news stories to satiate our vapid celebrity obsessions,” he said. “I guarantee that same number of paparazzi was far greater than any number of photographers chasing real news.”

He does have a point. The Kardashians are big moneymakers for the media because people are so fascinated by every aspect of their lives. But hey, this is America! If the Kardashians aren’t there to distract us, we may have to confront actual problems like climate change and rampant police brutality against American citizens. Who wants to do that when we can instead discuss Kylie Jenner’s lip liner game?

[via Grazia, THR]

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Miranda Kerr Returns as a Bonds Girl for 100th Anniversary Campaign

Bonds 100 years Miranda Kerr

Photo: Bonds

Before she was Orlando Bloom’s wife, a Victoria’s Secret angel, and an avid topless Instagrammer, Miranda Kerr was killing it in her homeland as a Bonds girl. Now the Australian underwear brand has lured back its most famed face for its latest campaign, dubbed The Classics, with Miranda at the forefront to celebrate Bonds’ 100th year.

Miranda jumped aboard the Bonds bandwagon way back in 2003, and here she’s joined by fresher famous faces who followed in her footsteps, including Sarah Stephens, Ruby Rose, Elyse Taylor, Rachel Taylor, Samara Weaving, Jack Vanderhart and Kelly Gale. (more…)

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What About This Jacket Screams ‘Cholo’ to Laveer’s Designers?

Image: Shopbop

Image: Shopbop

We don’t know what it is about cholo culture that has so captured the fascination of the fashion set, but it’s clear that designers might be just a little bit obsessed. So much so that they’re willing to slap the name cholo on just about anything to make it sound cool. Case in point: this tailored jacket from Laveer. 

A description on Shopbop for the army green blazer with orange piping and a single button at the neck includes the words “Cholo Jacket,” which at first had us scratching our heads. What about a tailored blazer would make anyone think of a cholo as opposed to, we don’t know, a prep school student? And there it was, the answer, sitting right at the model’s clavicle: the lone button at the top of the jacket.

The quintessential cholo look – a shirt fastened at the collar, leaving the rest of the buttons unfettered and the shirt to billow out freely – must have been what inspired this name. But besides the single button at the top, there is nothing about this blazer that particularly screams cholo to us. The jacket gives us more of an “Auntie’s trying out a new silhouette” vibe than a chola one. 

But hey, if you’re going to reach when it comes to a product description, might as well reach for the stars.

[via Shopbop]

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Sasha Luss Is Vogue China’s Ethereal May Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

After botching Freja Beha Erichsen‘s makeup on its atrocious April cover, Vogue China has moved swiftly on to the release of its May 2015 issue. We always applaud the Chinese edition of Vogue for using the best models in the business and the mag just tapped the current face of Christian Dior‘s cosmetics line for Summer 2015Sasha Luss. Shot by Boo George in the middle of the desert, the finished shot has a wonderful, natural look.

Vogue China May 2015 Sasha Luss Boo George


Forum member TREVOFASHIONISTO hit us off on a positive note, describing the cover as “beautiful.”

“Stunning cover, she looks flawless,” commented a delighted burbuja8910.

Also showing Vogue China some support was A.D.C.: “Can we kick British Vogue out of the big four club and replace it with the Chinese edition? I think this is the only edition I can genuinely be excited about seeing what’s inside.”

Benn98 agreed, posting, “This is indeed divine, love the colors. Weirdly enough I like the child pageant hair too. Something about this setting reminds me of Arizona’s cover, with the red hair. Very glad for Sasha!”

“I love how soft her face looks here. Sometimes it looks so edgy but she’s proven she can be a chameleon,” littlekiki noted, singing Sasha’s praises loud and clear.

“Stunning cover, Sasha also takes it beyond just looking beautiful, her expression is interesting in a menacing kind of way. I bet this will be even better in print. As always, super excited for the content,” enthused Miss Dalloway.

Does Vogue China’s May cover tick all your boxes? Let us know here.

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Sonam Kapoor Looks Like a Goddess on Vogue India’s April Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue India often falls under our radar, but its April 2015 issue sure has our attention. As a title that prefers to give homegrown actresses the spotlight, Sonam Kapoor is welcomed back after fronting its cover several times previously. The 29-year-old beauty posed for Kristian Schuller wearing a jaw-dropping lilac dress. What more could we want?

Vogue India April 2015 Sonam Kapoor Kristian Schuller


A few of our forum members have taken a liking to Vogue India’s latest offering. “WOW I totally love it! She looks beautiful,” raved Oxymore within moments of the cover surfacing.

“She looks fantastic. The pose is very goddess-like and her face is very regal and sultry yet elegant. Great layout too, all the elements are here and it works well,” Bertrando3 approved.

GlamorousBoy gave props to Sonam’s modeling skills by crediting her “fantastic pose.”

“It’s stunning and visually striking! Beautiful girl as well. My thing with Vogue India is that it’s always the same girls?” asked MON, as things started to take a slight turn.

Sharing an identical view was A.D.C.: “Not bad for Vogue India but isn’t she on like every other month? It sure feels like it. I guess every edition has their Kate Moss of British Vogue.”

“This is actually quite striking, I imagine it will be hard to ignore on a newsstand. I like the coarse looking hair and kitschy tassel earrings. What’s going on with her eyebrows though? I knew Sonam would show up sooner or later, she’s much like Gisele for Vogue Brazil,” added Benn98.

Fantastic attempt, but enough with the recycled cover stars? Check out the accompanying cover story and drop us a comment here.

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American Apparel Taps Band of Outsiders’ Joseph Pickman to Lead Menswear

American Apparel Storefront

Image: Getty

American Apparel is looking to reinvent itself in its post-Dov Charney days, and is enlisting the help of Joseph Pickman to do it. The retailer just signed the former Band of Outsiders men’s design director to lead its menswear team into a new era.  

American Apparel’s menswear sector hasn’t been performing well and the brand is hoping that Pickman’s aesthetic will help get it back on track. According to WWD, Pickman plans to bring some of that Band of Outsiders vibe to the division. “We really, really work on the fit first — because the fit is what makes the customer feel good in the clothes — and then we look at fabrics,” Pickman explains. “What can we add to that assortment? Can we give them something a little more refined and still call it a basic?”

Now that Dov Charney’s officially out at the label, American Apparel has been steadily restructuring in order to make up for $300 million in losses over the past five years. Needless to say, we’ll be taking a closer look at the men’s section in American Apparel in the coming months. With Pickman on its team, American Apparel is sure to reestablish itself as an affordable, refined and cool label. 

[via WWD]

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