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Finally! A Lana Del Rey Video That Doesn’t Work On Me

Even though all her songs sound alike and her celebrity has the bad reputation of being cynically (though not uniquely) manufactured, I am a sucker for Lana Del Rey. She's what I listen to when I go into my private dark place: sometimes when I feel particularly swoony, I get in bed and play her EP on loop while thinking about boys. Don't even get me started on her videos, which are so addictive and yet totally corrosive to my sense of independence and self-worth. I'm like a hard-core Lana Del Rey addict: I can't stop using, and I hate myself for it. 

Luckily, her "Bel Air" video does not even sort of do it for me. When I watch it, instead of thinking about shattering, self-annihilating love, I think about … I don't even know. Nothing. About like, how I'm not sure what grain you harvest to get couscous. I have never felt so great about being numb to something. 


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Talulah Cruise 2012 is a Cup Day Victory Minus the Champagne Hangover

Cup Day might be behind us, but Talulah’s Cruise 2012 collection is pretty enough to make us want to relive even the most violent of 4 p.m. champagne hangovers.

‘Love Blind’ incorporates athletic silhouettes, geometric prints and bright colours into a fun sized collection of predominantly trackside-appropriate dresses. Sure, most of them are cut on the short side, but sleek tailoring and clean detailing help make them less likely to offend your grandma. You can bet on that triangle-print one-shoulder dress with latticed bodice not remaining on shelves for very long, and ditto for the modern minty green take on a classic sundress. 

As evidenced by the postcardesque campaign shots, these clothes will also be perfect for your next vacation to Côte d’Azur, or if that’s not in the cards, then anywhere you’ll be required to move around without looking stiff and awkward. A little utilitarian comfort is a big factor for designer Kellie Wharton, who’s offered it here by using architectural structure in the detailing while keeping the dresses themselves nice and comfy. Add to that a floral jumpsuit that’s not actually a jumpsuit at all but a matching top and pants, and you’ve got a collection that’s pretty much all-activities appropriate. 

Images: Talulah's Facebook

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Amy Winehouse’s Dresses Stolen Prior to Charity Auction

Subsequent to the tragic death of Amy Winehouse last year, her father Mitch Winehouse vowed to do everything within his power to support the Amy Winehouse Foundation and help disadvantaged young people, including those suffering from unfortunate and destructive addiction diseases. His latest plan of action was to auction off two pivotal items from the late singer and style icon’s wardrobe: her wedding dress in which she married her ex husband, Blake Felder-Civil, and a Moschino newspaper print dress that she wore during one of her famous performances on the Jools Holland show.

Her wedding dress was nothing more than a simple floral cotton dress worth around £100, but the fact that she chose to wear it to marry the love of her life in Miami in 2007 renders it almost priceless. They are a couple who will go down in British history, and it’s famously known that Blake shaped both the singer’s private life as well as her career. It was her infatuation with him that inspired some of her most famous songs and consequently made her an international household name, but sadly, he is also reportedly blamed for Amy’s drug addiction and self-destruction.

What Went Wrong?

Amy’s former Camden home is currently up for sale, and so her family have arranged for all of her possessions to be tagged and logged, which includes the style icon’s priceless wardrobe featuring an array of extremely expensive designer garments. Unfortunately, during this process, the two items intended to be auctioned have mysteriously vanished. It appears that somebody has realised the worth of the garments, and decided to disrespectfully steal these rather than her plethora of designer goods.

The theft has come as a further blow to the Winehouse family, who has openly admitted that they are still coming to terms with the loss of Amy, and with the items being pre-valued to bring around £130,000 at auction, it’s also a huge disappointment for their charity. Investigations are currently underway to track down the culprit, but with no evidence of a forced entry, it’s proving quite the task. Fingers crossed that justice is served as soon as possible.

Images: Nikki Nelson/ WENN

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Only the Best First Lady in the History of First Ladies Would Shop Her Closet on the Night of President Obama’s Reelection

There are lots of reasons to be happy: everyone reading this is alive, has Internet. Already, we are doing better than the vast majority of people that have ever lived! They are dead and can't go online. 

Other perks of our situation: we live in a time of indoor plumbing and domesticated cats. There are some aspects of this current historial moment that are undesirable — climate change and cell phone games are not positive developments — but really, we should just always bear in mind that things could be much, much worse. I mean, even if you aren't happy with Barack Obama's reelection, at least Michelle Obama's a supergood dresser. At least you have some cute outfits to look forward to.

I personally think there'll be more benefits to President Obama's victory than, merely, four more years of great dresses from Mobama, but it's okay if you don't feel that way (using the term "okay" very, very loosely). You don't have to like the President's politics to agree that when it comes to the First Lady's main responsibilities — that is, dressing nicely and being awesome — Michelle Obama is unmatched. (And also capable of far, far more. But we'll talk about that some other time.)

Exhibit A is above, what she wore last night: a burgundy A-line Micheal Kors which (as The Cut points out) she's worn several times before, as early as 2009, following the precedent she set at her last major national appearance at the final Presidential debate, when she wore a grey Thom Browne lace overlay dress for the second time. Best First Lady Ever. 

image: Getty

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Coco Rocha Covers Fashion Magazine and Trumpets New Reality Show

Stratospherically rising fashion star and Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha is covering the front of this month's Fashion Magazine, wearing a dreamy $12,000 pink Valentino dress, a decadent $750 Shourouk necklace, and $490 Mawi ring. Renowned for being a chameleon shape-shifter, for this shoot her naturally red hair is coloured a dark chocolate hue and scraped back to show off her precision bangs, fuchsia lips, and flicked out eyes.

Coco's interview is simple, outlying her agenda on following her convictions, her thoughts on motherhood, and discussing her new job with Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova. What that entails is a role on the upcoming reality TV series, The Face, a new modelling competition in the vein of America's Next Top Model for which Coco will be a mentor.

The Richmond, BC, native tells the mag, "It’s fascinating having three different mentors on the show — Naomi being the generation of the original supermodel Trinity, Karolina being part of the whole Victoria’s Secret world and me, who’s known for edgy editorial."

Edgy editorial and, of course, speaking out against size-zero models are just two of the reasons why 24-year-old Coco, though young, will make the perfect mentor to any wannabe catwalk kittens. As the devout Jehovah's Witness explained, "It’s important for every model to have a voice. When I started modelling, people said to me, 'You're going to have to throw away your beliefs in order to be a successful model.' But I didn’t."

Don't you just love her confidence and level-headedness? She never partakes in ads that promote violence or nudity, regularly takes stands against those who use underage models, and shuns mags or ads "that misuse Photoshop," although I'm not quite sure what she means by "misuse." Is that when they shop 30 pounds off a girl's butt or does it also apply to airbrushing the occasional pimple?

Either way, I think she's a good choice for The Face, so are you excited to see our Canadian homegirl on Oxygen?

Image via Fashion Magazine

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Karlie Kloss Bobbed Her Hair Even Though Tonight’s the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show

If you think the ideal way to spend the first snow of the season is to cuddle up in front of the television and watch extremely leggy young women wearing not much more than fake tans and megawatt smiles strut around under bright lights in front of a shrieking throng, you are out of luck because even though the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show films tonight, it won't air until December 4th. But when it does, it will be the most important television event since we reelected our President, yesterday. 

One of the so-called Angels slated to walk the runway, American model Karlie Kloss, is going into the fashion show with a serious disadvantage: she bobbed her hair to a length that seems incompatible with Victoria's Secret's ultra-feminine, conventionally sexy aesthetic. What a rebel. No wonder the high fashion world loves her (or used to). 

Despite her new and commercially undesirable hair, the lingerie brand will not terminate its contract with Kloss*. The model will walk the runway tonight as planned, but now with hair extensions attached to her head to make her presentable to the viewing public. Thank goodness. 

Image via HuffPo Style Twitter

*Um, that was never really on the table. I'm just trying to add some stakes to this haircut story. 

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