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Gigi Hadid #Wokeuplikethis on the Vogue Netherlands Cover (Forum Buzz)

She’s racking up quite the number of Vogue covers lately, having already starred on the Brazilian, Spanish and Australian editions of the Condé Nast title. Now Gigi Hadid adds her fourth solo cover to her ever-growing portfolio, gracing the recently released November edition of Vogue Netherlands. Photographed by Alique, the Maybelline brand ambassador and current face of Balmain wears Chanel, sporting a minimal amount of makeup and rocking a disheveled hairstyle.

Vogue Netherlands November 2015 Gigi Hadid by Alique


Has Dutch Vogue done Gigi a disservice? Apparently so. “Crikey, the text overload paired with the messy styling and hair isn’t a good sight. I feel like they’ve toned the different fonts down over the past few months, but now they’re back to their old tricks,” shared a dismayed Benn98.

“This is really bad and she’s giving us her best blank face,” contributed KateTheGreatest.

Sharing the same underwhelming sentiments was SpeakThatJDunn: “Absolute mess. She looks like she stumbled in drunk, fell on the floor, and they snapped a quick pic on her way back up.”

Yet things started to look up as Miss Dalloway confessed, “This shouldn’t work, but it totally does for me and I like it!”

“Surprisingly I like this. Maybe it’s the styling plus the hair which are doing her favors. She doesn’t look as bad as she usually does on print, we’ve honestly seen worse from her,” reasoned a pleasantly surprised khyrk.

RanThe agreed, commenting, “I really like this! Gigi has always been my favorite out of the so called ‘it’ girls! The expression is little blank, but it works!”

Check out some previews of Gigi’s cover story and drop us a comment here.

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Sam Frost Continues to Be the Poster Girl for Realistic Expectations, Shares Makeup-Free Selfie

Sam Frost is one real cookie, and by cookie we obviously mean woman. Not wanting young girls to get an unrealistic expectation of beauty, The Bachelorette has shared a makeup-free selfie on her Instagram to encourage us all to love ourselves, flaws and all. Naw. 

Sam says the photo is in response to her followers who comment on her photos or send her direct messages about how they look up to and want to be as pretty as her. While she admits it is “lovely and adorable”, she wanted to show them the everyday version of herself, rather than who we see on magazine covers and on our television screens.

“This is the every day me… no filter, no edits, dark circles, messy hair, break outs, uneven skin tone [sic],” she wrote alongside the natural photo of herself. “And I wouldn’t change anything about myself!” (more…)

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Willow Smith & Chance The Rapper Interview Each Other, Things Get Expectantly Weird

Why waste your time with the small talk when you can just get seriously deep instead? We’re thinking that was Chance The Rapper and Willow Smith‘s thought exactly when they interviewed each other before the final 2015 #Uncapped show in New York’s Manhattan, with conversation quickly getting REAL.

We’re talking all-enthralling convo about pyramids, brotherhood and sisterhood, how to get adopted by Will Smith, and the universe, or the YOU-niverse, YOU know?

“The universe is the unknown, the YOU-niverse, the YOU-niverse,” Willow emphasises in the interview. “Like, how can you even know anything about the deepest parts of yourself?” That’s when things got really real for Chance, who replied the only way he could, saying, “That’s so deep. That’s so real.” (more…)

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$1 Million Worth of Hermès Handbags Stolen From Unlucky Melbourne Residents

Image courtesy of Pan American Leathers

Image courtesy of Pan American Leathers

Victoria Police are searching for thieves who stole more than $1 million worth of Hermès handbags from a Brighton home last week in a case they are labelling on their website as “Totes Couture”.

Investigators believe that the offenders forced entry into the house some time between September 18 and October 4 while the residents were overseas, and proceeded to steal 30 handbags worth more than a hefty mil. 

Glen Eira Crime Investigation Unit detectives hope to have “the crooks in their ‘clutches’ soon” (their words, not ours), and are urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers or to submit confidential report at

Those things have insurance, right?

[Via Victoria Police]

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Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Jay Z and Kanye West File Major Lawsuit Against Eleven Paris


A photo posted by Jane (@janesneakpeak) on

French fashion brand Eleven Paris, home to popular celebrity and fashion designer message apparel, is facing a massive lawsuit at the moment. And by massive, we mean being sued by Kanye West, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams. According to Peoplethe artists claim they “never gave the label the go-ahead to bare [sic] their faces, names and messages on their apparel.”

They teamed up and filed a lawsuit in New York federal court, stating that Eleven Paris used unauthorized slogans such as “Kanye Is My Homie” and “Pharrell Is My Brotha.” The lawsuit claims the company ignored past cease and desist warnings from the plaintiffs. (more…)