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Kylie Jenner Accused of Wearing Blackface for a Photoshoot

Another day, another Kardashian-Jenner drama playing out all over the Internet. The youngest member of the reality TV brood, Kylie Jenner, found herself in something of a social media storm after she posted a few images from a recent shoot to Instagram. The images show Kylie under a blacklight with luminous skin and pink streaks in her hair – an image some commenters believe to be blackface.

Jenner first posted a snap from the shoot with the caption, “What I wish I looked like all the time,” which some commenters took to mean she wished she was black, pointing to Jenner’s penchant for using makeup to achieve bigger lips, a feature common for many black women. This, coupled with Jenner’s darkened skin tone under the blacklight caused many people to label the photoshoot racist. Commenters quickly called out Ms. Jenner, who deleted the image only to post two others from the same shoot.

“This is a black light and neon lights people lets [sic] all calm down,” she wrote for one of the pictures, which was bombarded with a slew of comments from people lambasting the reality star.  “Every time you change one of your features to look like a BLACK woman we can clearly see you have self-hatred towards yourself,” one angry user wrote. “It’s sick to not embrace what God gave you…you were meant to have pale skin,” another commenter said.

But there were plenty of commenters who see things Jenner’s way. “I feel like this whole thing is idiotic. She made her face dark. How tf is this offensive?” Others simply found the accusations of blackface ridiculous, noting the practice’s historical relevance and arguing that Jenner’s look is not even close to what blackface looks like. “Anyone calling this blackface seriously needs to look up on their history,” one person wrote.

Whether the photo offends you or not, one thing’s for certain: the media storm has definitely given Jenner an unexpected dose of publicity, which to the Karashian-Jenner family is probably not a bad thing. 

[via @KylieJenner]

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UK Vogue ‘Could Have Done Better’ with Emilia Clarke’s May Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’ve known for over a week that Emilia Clarke was to grace the cover of U.K. Vogue‘s May issue after a behind-the-scenes video found its way to our Cover Rumor Thread. The suspense is over as our forums were treated to an exclusive first look at the cover over the weekend. Best known for HBO’s Game of Thrones, the British actress was captured by Paolo Roversi in a creation from Christian Dior‘s Haute Couture collection, selected by stylist Francesca Burns. A natural brunette, the Emilia sports Daenerys Targaryen’s trademark platinum blonde hair. 

UK Vogue May 2015 Emilia Clarke Paolo Roversi


Per usual, our feisty forum members weren’t afraid to voice their concerns. “That weave looks awful. Why are they so obsessed with pink text? Change it up once in a while,” HodanChloe ranted immediately.

“They could’ve done better with Emilia as the cover girl. Vogue U.K. covers are so repetitive,” agreed simon.

“She looks like she just woke up from a very wild night, hungover! The dress was last night’s serving and that wig started to lose all its glue. They should have at least placed the masthead behind her to show her off more, to make up for that awful expression. It seems like they tried to hide her,” added MON, not showing much enthusiasm, either.

Miss Dalloway shared the same sentiments, too. “Whoa, this is actually shocking to me. Let’s get a super beautiful photogenic girl, and do NOTHING with her, just make her hair look even more fried up, and tell her to exude no energy or life!”

Also unwilling to show support was narcyza: “It looks like a student took this photo. Awful cover. Emilia doesn’t look okay here, especially styled that way.”

“This cover is boring, can’t believe that Roversi shot it,” echoed burbuja8910. Oh, dear.

Check out a review for Vogue‘s May issue and join the conversation here

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Famed Dermatologist Dr. Brandt Passes Away at 65

Dr. Frederic Brandt

Image: Getty

Sad news today in the world of skincare as dermatologist to the stars Dr. Fredric Brandt passed away this weekend at age 65 after fighting an unnamed illness, which some sources say was depression. The doctor is the man behind the smooth faces of Madonna and Stephanie Seymour, to name a few. Few details on his death are available at this time, but the doctor was reportedly found in his Coconut Grove, Florida home.

Brandt, who often tested skin treatments on himself, is noted as an early supporter of Botox and has championed fillers in lieu of going under the knife in order to get that youthful look. His own ageless face was a testament to his work and his extremely successful  dermatological practices located in New York and Florida. He also released his own extensive line of skincare products, which includes his Needles No More wrinkle relaxer.

Brandt’s name recently cropped up in pop culture after a plastic surgeon character in the new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtplayed by Martin Short, was said to have born a strong likeness to the doctor. Sources say Brandt was none too pleased with the representation, which admittedly looked almost exactly like Brandt himself. 

A year ago, Brandt told The New York Times that his goal with his patients was “to keep people working and feeling vital and good about themselves.” No doubt he managed to pass this on to his clientele.

[via Page Six, Gawker]

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Link Buzz: Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner Might Be More than Just Friends, Kanye West Is Getting Sued

  • Are Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner an item? [Hollywood Life]
  • Fohr Card’s “Fur Card” wants to help Instagram-famous pets get modeling gigs. [WWD]
  • This Tumblr takes all the gluten out of famous works of art. Our tummies thank you. [Paper]
  • Dove and Nivea are fighting over which brand gets to use blue packaging. Can’t you skincare brands just all try to get along? [WWD]
  • Kanye West and Damon Dash are being sued for trademark infringement over their Loisaidas film. [Bowery Boogie]
  • Rachel Antonoff tapped Lena Dunham to help direct a short film for & Other Stories. [Style]
  • Fox News makes fat jokes about Kelly Clarkson, Kelly remains flawless and unbothered. [Jezebel]
  • An anonymous Sephora employee ranks the best and most overrated products the store carries. [Jezebel]

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10 of Pharrell Williams’ Most Daring Red Carpet Looks

Pharrell Williams has gone from ultra-cool music producer to bonafide fashion darling in recent years. His sense of style and unique approach to menswear have him sitting at the top of the list when it comes to fashionable male celebrities. Pharrell’s always been pretty fresh, and he’s managed to push the boundaries of red carpet dressing for fellas everywhere. In fact, some of his looks have given us ladies some serious style envy.

So, in honor of his 42nd birthday, we wanted to show him some love and highlight some of our personal favorite looks from the ‘Happy’ singer. Above, 10 of Pharrell’s greatest red carpet hits.

Images: WENN

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Anja Rubik Thinks Modeling Is a Feminist Job

Anja Rubik

Image: WENN

Some people would be loath to equate modeling with feminism. After all, the images we see in magazines and on billboards so often create unrealistic beauty standards for women, which many would argue is directly in opposition to what feminism is all about. But model Anja Rubik doesn’t see it that way. In fact, she finds modeling rather empowering.

“I consider modeling to be a feminist job. It’s an incredible job; it’s one of the ones where women get paid more than men,” Rubik told The Cut. “If you’re good at your job, you get to be very creative and it opens very many doors, like I did with my magazine, 25, and perfumes. You get quite a bit of a following and an impact on young women and girls. You can do something very positive with that. Nowadays, it’s not as glamorous as people think. But it can open your mind to many, many things.”

It’s true that modeling is one of the few professions where women get paid more than men. And if a woman feels empowered in her work and what she does, isn’t that what feminism is all about?

[via The Cut]

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