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The Fashion Spot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week


  1. On Our Radar: International Fashion Star Zhang Yuqi – The Chinese actress made a splash at Cannes this month. 
  2. 21 Questions with… Jillian Michaels – Our June guest editor has a confession to make: She HATES exercising. Click through to find out what motivates her to do it anyway. 
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  4. Get Angelina Jolie’s Simple Look with Just 5 Products – Angelina Jolie is having a moment. 
  5. The Winners and the Style Stars from the 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards – The biggest awards show in fashion happened this week. 
  6. Runway to Real Life: Rachel Bilson in Chanel, Jessica Chastain in Gucci and More (Forum Buzz) – See how stars translate runway looks to the red carpet. 
  7. United Nude: How Heartbreak Launched a Shoe Brand – An interview with the designer of the unique footwear label.
  8. Angelina Jolie Makes a Welcome Return to the Red Carpet and Other Best Dressed Celebs of the Week – Some people clean up nice. 
  9. Get Ready for This Jelly: 10 Amazing Shoes of Rubber – We are so ready for this jelly. 
  10. Meet the Inspiring Founders of Accessories E-Tailer The Editorialist – Find out what drove two former Harper's Bazaar assistants to launch an accessories e-commerce site. 

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5 Ways Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Shoe Collection Is Doing Everything Right

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker on-set at ‘SATC: The Movie’ / via Getty

On the fifteen-year anniversary of the premiere of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker announced she would be launching a shoe and accessories collection in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus. The line, called SJP, will be available exclusively at Nordstrom.

Although the company line in these parts (i.e. my brain) on various post-SATC spawn is that we hope they die and never come back (I'm looking at you, The Carrie Diaries), SJP is an exception.

Here's why:

1. Sarah Jessica Parker seems to be undertaking this endeavor for its own sake, not as some weird desperate bid to cling to her fame.

From an interview with WWD's Footwear News:

“There were many years where opportunities existed and it just didn’t go any further than that because I didn’t feel equipped or ready, the timing wasn’t right. In the more recent past, the conversation erupted again and I took it more seriously…

I met with lots of interesting and kind and lovely potential partners, but at night when I was lying in my bed thinking about this opportunity and what it meant to me, those partnerships didn’t seem right for me. I realized the one person I’d want to work with, in an ideal world, was George [Malkemus]. … But I was hesitant because I knew how obligated he was. … I didn’t think of him as a massive shoe producer. He doesn’t run a business like a lot of other men and women in the shoe industry.”

​2. Everything will be manufactured in Europe and America

Especially in the wake of the recent Bangladesh and Cambodia factory collapses, buying ethically-made clothes is a growing priority for most of us. Although ethical manufacturing is possible off-shore, laws and regulations in the US and European countries tend to be stricter, offering workers better protections, conditions and compensation. 

3. However, items will not be out-of-control expensive. 

Reports "Single-sole pumps and flats will range from around $200 to $300, and bags will likely sell for under $700."

Shoe prices have soared since Carrie was trotting around Manhattan in $400 Manolos. $200-300 is a lot of money, but a reasonable price point for many middle-class consumers. I'm sure there are plenty of diehard fans across the country willing to part with a couple hundred bucks to own a piece of the SATC stiletto dream — and a pair of quality, well-sourced shoes to boot (pun intended, sry). 

“Still, we know the hard-working woman who spends $300 is going to want that shoe to last. She wants it to be something she can wear to work and then to go have a drink with her beau.” Malkemus

4. SJP is working to ensure that the shoes will be comfortable to wear. 

There will be 35-40 styles of shoes — single sole pumps and flats. No kitten heels, no skyscraper platforms (SJP does not like uncomfortable things). 

“When it gets really, really high and your achilles is shoved back into your calf as far as it can go, that’s when I see that ‘shuffle’ happen in women. Part of me feels responsible for it because [those heels] were a big part of our storytelling on the show. But people allowing themselves to be in pain — ugh.”

5. Collection consists of cute things other people aren't making. 

“We’re putting new colors together that people don’t typically do, just beautiful combinations that you wish existed in your closet. And in terms of bags, thinking about that period of the seventies into the eighties, what those women were carrying, taking away the bells and the whistles and hardware and really making it about the bag.”

In short: Sarah Jessica Parker is working with the experienced CEO of one of the world's best labels to design a footwear and accessories collection because she thought it would be an interesting project. She's making products she thinks women will love to have in their closets and can't get anywhere else, selling at reasonable price points, manufacturing according to practices that exceed the industry standard. It's like she thought about everything that was wrong with the fashion industry and other celebrity-branded lines — and decided not to do it that way. 

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Maison Marie Saint Pierre Web Exclusive Capsule Collection

Summer 2013 Capsule Collection

Summer 2013 Capsule Collection

Maison Marie Saint Pierre is a name any Canadian would be proud to throw into everyday conversation. Having been working in the fashion industry since 1986, the award-winning, Montreal-based designer has no less than two Montreal boutiques, two fragrances (found at Sephora), 30 full-time employees and has designed capsule collections for the likes of Reitmans, Maison Jean Houde, Bratz dolls and Lara Croft.

Last December, Maison Marie Saint Pierre launched her new online boutique and, following this new e-commerce approach, the house is now celebrating its first web exclusive capsule collection, which will be available for a limited time.

As with all Maison Marie Saint Pierre clothing, the collection is made of unique color combinations, well-crafted detailing and uncomplicated yet elegant looks. Simple draped silhouettes combined with graphic effects make up a dozen items includes dresses, tunics, skirts, tops and pants that will retail between $150 and $300.

It seems textile is the main inspiration used by Maison Marie Saint Pierre for the exclusive collection, where versatility and well-being meet movement. As a result, stretch tulle and silk georgette playfully combine with fabric transparency, without compromising on practicality. As Maison herself touts, the bonded fabric creates "a flow that is heavy yet light in a collection dominated by the concepts of faux-layers and faux-juxtaposition." Hey guys, did you know that she blogs?

Offered in various shades of black, chalky white and charcoal gray, the Summer 2013 collection is pigmented with splashes of brights to offer a more graphic yet subtle highlight intensity. And with new shipping tools, every Maison Marie Saint Pierre fanatic will be able to get their hands on the new creations, available in Canada and in the US.

Images via Maison Marie Saint Pierre

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Celebrity Stylist Annabel Tollman Passes Away at 36


Annabel Tollman

Image: Andres Otero/

British stylist Annabel Tollman passed away in her sleep earlier this week, reportedly from suffering a blood clot, at the age of 36.

Born in Brussels and raised between New York City and London, Tollman attended Central Saint Martins and worked as the fashion director of Interview. She left the publication in 2010 to join eBay Fashion as the online retailer's stylist and spokeswoman.  

Tollman's celebrity clients included Scarlett Johansson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Shakira, Mariah Carey and Liv Tyler.  

Paper's Mickey Boardman first shared her passing over Twitter this morning:

The news swept across social media, leaving many of the people she worked with in the fashion industry reeling. 

Us Weekly's fashion director Sasha Charnin Morrison:

From LOVE magazine:

Laura Brown, Harper's BAZAAR's executive editor:

Aliza Licht, better known as DKNY PR Girl:

Fashion writer Derek Blasberg responded with a heartfelt Facebook post

"Annabel Tollman was one of the first people I met when I moved to New York. I was in college and I was young and silly and ambitious. She was sweet and smart and drop dead sexy. She was till the end … Her passing is one of those things that happen that you can never expect. That hit you in the gut so hard and make you thankful for what you have but also so sad that she's gone. It's surreal."

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Kinee Diouf is the First Black Model to Make the Cover of Vogue Netherlands (Forum Buzz)


Image via Vogue Netherlands.

Vogue Netherlands has been straying as of late from their arsenal of Dutch cover models, and luckily for us, they put Senegalese model Kinee Diouf (photographed by Ishi) front and center for their July 2013 issue. Cynics in the forums, like CharlottefromCA, alluded to the fact that the choice to feature a black model on the cover for the first time may be Dutch Vogue’s version of an apology for depicting model Querelle Jansen in blackface in their May issue. I like to think of it as a stunning model getting a well-deserved cover, but something tells me that thought’s a bit naïve. 

Image via Vogue Netherlands.

Image via Vogue Netherlands.

At the end of the day, I don’t much care what the motivation was for putting Kinee on the cover. I’m just glad that I like what I see.

“Great to see Kinee!” Cold posted. “The effect of the dress and the sky's colors is quite mesmerizing.”

Mat Cyruss called the cover “an eyecatcher on the newsstands,” and justaguy described it as “very striking.”

Fee de foret picked up on a throwback vibe. “Wow this is great. It reminds me of Vogue covers from the Thirties and Forties,” she explained. “They had a certain mystery about them, and oftentimes the model wouldn’t even be the main focus of the shot. Very refreshing!”

Whatever the motivation for the cover and cover model, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all wouldn’t mind seeing more of Kinee. This color-drenched cover (in every sense) is the breath of fresh air and diversity that fashion so desperately needs right now.

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat is On the Cover of Vogue Germany July 2013 (w/ Linda Evangelista)

Vogue Germany

Image: Facebook/VOGUEDeutschland

We're here to inturrupt your regularly scheduled Friday with some breaking cat news: Choupette, the famed feline companion of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, has just landed her first Vogue cover. The couture-adjacent kitten appears on the cover of the magazine's German edition for July 2013, photographed by the Kaiser himself. Linda Evangelista joins Choupette on the cover, but clearly the cat is the real star of this story: Vogue Germany's styling team couldn't even be bothered to brush Evangelista's hair in preparation for the shoot.

[Spotted by Flashbang in the tFS Forums]

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