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Celebs Celebrate New Summer Venue at The Star

Jodi Anasta

The Summer Hits at The Star launch party went down last night, December 3, with everyone from Jodi Anasta to Daniel Macpherson stepping out to celebrate Sydney’s hottest new venue.

With astroturf and flamingo croquet, it sure did look like a hoot, and the outfits weren’t so shabby either. Some baffling and somewhat dated, others understated yet brilliant or just ridiculously on-point. 

Check out our favourite looks from The Star’s Sky Terrace in the gallery below. (more…)

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Jesinta Campbell Helps Us ‘Live Life to Its Fullest’ With Her New Publishing Venture

Jesinta Campbell

Photo: Getty

When modelling, TV presenting and designing candles just isn’t enough, go forth and write a book a la Jesinta Campbell. The Aussie beauty today announced that she is publishing what we’re sure will be standout piece of literature, telling her blog readers, “I am writing a book for you guys!!”

The decision comes after people were regularly asking Jesinta about her workouts, diet, beauty routine, motivation and coping mechanisms, which she hopes to answer for everyone in her book.

“My goal is that something in the pages inspires you to be the best version of yourself,” she wrote on her blog. “I hope by sharing my experiences and lessons with you, you are encouraged to live your life to its fullest.” (more…)

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Coco Rocha Debuts New Sportswear Line and Lifestyle Site

Courtesy: CO+CO by Coco Rocha

Courtesy: CO+CO by Coco Rocha

After giving birth to an adorable baby girl in March, Coco Rocha is showing no signs of slowing down. The supermodel revealed plans to launch a clothing brand, Co+Co by Coco Rocha, in collaboration with LA-based collective Paragon Project and her husband, artist James Conran. The line will debut with a Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection of 60 sportswear pieces ranging from $80-$300. If her previous design work is any indication (see: her handbag line with Botkier), we can expect clean yet fashion-forward pieces from the line, available on and at “leading American and International retailers” in January.

“I have always been interested in having my own clothing collection,” Rocha told WWD. “It’s always been in my mind to do it. But sometimes models are not taken seriously in this field. We’re to pose in the clothing but we don’t necessarily have our own point of view. But Paragon knew from conversations on day one that I was going to be very hands-on. They like that, rather than someone who comes in and only says, ‘Yes, no and maybe.'” We have no doubt Rocha will play a prominent role in the development and marketing of her line. She even found fit inspiration in her coffee table book, “The Study of Pose,” when constructing the garments. (more…)

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Watch: The Inspiring Reason This Model Went From Size 2 to Plus-Size

The pressures of staying thin in the modeling business are well known. But Sabina Karlsson experienced that trauma firsthand. The Swedish model was rejected by casting agents for her weight even as a size 2. “I was always stressed out — will I fit the clothes, will I be happy? Maybe they’ll have to send me back, because I’m not skinny enough,” she said in a video interview with i-D Magazine for Size Matters week. Karlsson felt powerless as casting agents picked her apart. “I remember in Milan once and the casting director, she just, like, squeezed my thigh and said, ‘No, no, no, too big,'” she recounts, adding, ​”Sometimes, models don’t get treated as people, like an actual human being, a person. We’re just being treated as we’re just products.​”

Despite adopting a strict diet and working out three times a day, Karlsson was dropped from her agency. That crushing moment inspired her to embrace her natural weight. “I thought being a straight-size model was the only way I was going to be successful … I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to enter the plus-size industry because this is just me being my natural self.​” Being her “natural self” is paying off. She’s enjoying a successful career as a plus-size model and recently nabbed a prominent spot in Lane Bryant’s #PlusIsEqual campaign. Karlsson opens up about her moving journey in the clip above.

[via Refinery29]

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Hope You Like Pastels: Pantone Announces Two Colors of the Year for 2016

Color us surprised. Pantone’s 2016 color of the year is actually two hues: Serenity (soft pink) and Rose Quartz (muted blue). This marks the first time Pantone chose more than one color at once. But that’s not the only reason this year’s selection is special.

The combo is all about striking the perfect balance. “Found in tandem on the runway, on the streets and in nature, Serenity and Rose Quartz evoke calm, stability and comfort even in turbulent times,” Pantone explained in a press release. “The seamless union of Serenity and Rose Quartz creates balance in a chaotic world by providing the perfect counterpoint to the fast-paced, fractured and hurried lives we live.”

If you’ve ever watched a sunset on the beach, you’re familiar with this gorgeous color combo. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the “harmonious color pairing” inspire its own sunset hair trend. (more…)