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Terry Richardson Addresses Sexual Abuse Allegations, Maintains Innocence in New York Magazine



Last week, Jezebel leaked that the upcoming issue of New York Magazine would feature a cover story about Terry Richardson, focusing on the several allegations of sexual abuse thrown at him over the years. The source told Jezebel that the article would absolve Richardson of any guilt and discredit his accusers. The piece, penned by Benjamin Wallace came out today, and while we're not sure if it leaves the photographer vindicated, it does certainly give plenty of insight into how easy it is for young girls to get swept up in Terryworld.

Possibly the most telling quote in the article comes from Terry's father, Bob Richardson, who seems to have cultivated an environment on his shoots in the 60s that is eerily similar to his son's M.O. "Often a session would wind up in sex," he recalls. Richardson himself has admitted his sessions can get of out hand. One particular job for Supreme ended in pure debauchery: “The woman producing the shoot got freaked out and had to leave," he told Vice in 2002. "I think every person there fucked someone. It was intense.” But though Richardson does admit to some eyebrow-raising behavior, he firmly denies forcing anyone to do anything they were uncomfortable with or taking advantage of teenage girls, two of which the piece attempts to discredit.


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Spoilt for Choice: Numéro Gives Us Three Covers for Their June/July 2014 Issue (Forum Buzz)

For its June/July 2014 issue, French publication Numéro has given us three terrific covers to choose from. Cover one features Constance Jablonski photographed by Benny Horne, the second cover has Sasha Luss photographed by Daniel Sannwald, while the third goes to Karen Elson captured by Victor Demarchelier.

French Numero June July 2014 Constance Jablonski Benny Horne


Constance's cover was the first to surface on the forums and members were delighted. "What a beautiful shot! Very striking and different!" commented Nepenthes.

HeatherAnne was also fond: "Truly innovative, love it."

"Oh, this is cool. Quite interesting for a summer cover. There's something a little off about her eye makeup, it makes her look like Malgosia? But I love the colors and the pose, and the iguana," shared Psylocke.

Emmanuelle shared the same positive attitude and wrote, "Yes seems like Constance is back, cool. The cover is very interesting, the colors are great. But something is bothering me in her facial expression, maybe the mouth? Anyway I can't wait to see the editorial."

"It's like a shot from an old Pirelli calendar in the 80s, before the days when it got a supermodel makeover," declared insightful member tigerrogue.

French Numero June July 2014 Sasha Luss French Numero June July 2014 Karen Elson

So, which cover will you be getting? Check out the thread for the issue's content and join the discussion here.

Images: Digital edition of Numero June/July 2014, via tFS forums

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theFashionSpot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week


  1. Power Dads: 8 of Fashion’s Most Influential Fathers – Fashion's power players who take care of their daddy duties.
  2. 10 Fashion Labels That Made HUGE Comebacks – Even if a designer label does fall off, that doesn't mean it's gone forever. Just ask any of the people working at these next ten brands.
  3. Real Talk: How to Deal with Bangs in the Summer – Don't let your bangs wilt in the heat—follow our tips for keeping them looking fresh all summer long.
  4. Runway-Inspired Ways to Do Minimalist Style – In a complicated world, why not pare down and strip away the excess for summer and lend a fresh perspective to style with modern minimalism this season.
  5. Style Showdown: Two Stars Battle It Out in Crop Tops and More Matching Celebs – This week’s showdown involves repeat looks from last year and last week’s Women of the Year Awards.
  6. The Best Advice We Ever Got From Dad: Fashion and Beauty Influencers Open Up – In honor of Father's Day, we asked some of our favorite lifestyle influencers to share with us the best advice they ever received from their fathers.
  7. Robyn Lawley’s Fitspo Selfie Freaks Out Instagram Commenters: ‘This is NOT Plus-Size!’ – Robyn gets in trouble with Instagram's body police. 
  8. Model To Watch: Ysaunny Brito (Forum Buzz) – Ysaunny's career is on the up, and we couldn't be happier for her!
  9. It’s Nice to See Miranda Kerr Not ‘Oversexualized’ on Vogue Australia (Forum Buzz) – "This is a truly beautiful cover. I love how innocent and relaxed Miranda Kerr looks here."
  10. How I Got To Be…Editor in Chief of xoVain with Anne-Marie Guarnieri – Editor-at-large Julie Bensman talks to the print magazine veteran about her move to digital.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Thanks for Ruining My High School Photos Forever

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Like many other millennials, I was in high school around the time that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started becoming paparazzi darlings. Every day at recess (yes, we had recess at my high school), a good chunk of my grade could be found in the computer room, logging on to Olsen Twins (or, as we fondly called them, M.K.A) fan Livejournals to peep the latest snaps of the twins bopping around Manhattan in oversized sunglasses, clutching Tasti D-Lite cups. We were enthralled. Something seemed so cool about the pint-sized sisters. Their boho-chic flair, too-long skirts, layers of scarves and necklaces…in the mid to late aughts, just about every girl wanted to look, dress and act like an Olsen Twin.

And we did–we followed their trends almost to a T, and boy, did it ruin like, every single picture we took in high school in between the years 2004 and 2006. But we don't hate them for it. In fact, we love them even more.

Today, the Olsen Twins celebrate their 28th birthday. In honor of that, we wanted to show the tiny style icons some love for inspiring us all these years and proving that, even though you might have dressed like a hobo when you were 18, you can blossom into two-time CFDA award-winning style arbiters when you grow up.

Here are 5 trends that M.K.A. put us on to in the aughts…that drove our parents crazy, but made us swoon. Happy Birthday, Mary-Kate and Ashley–this one's for you.

Homeless chic

Image: JFX Images/WENN

Image: JFX Images/WENN

The Olsen Twins are arguably responsible for the hobo-chic craze that took over in the mid aughts. Girls traded in their Abercrombie & Fitch baby tees for flowing maxi skirts, long scarves and oversized sweaters. The look wasn't for everyone–particularly if you weren't 5'2 and 100 pounds, but the Olsens made it look fabulous.

Balenciaga bags

Image: JFX Images/ WENN

Image: JFX Images/ WENN

Their clothes might have read vagrant, but the accessories skewed more heiress. Even if their outfits looked as if they picked them up at the swap meat, M.K.A. would always roll out with different versions of Balenciaga's motorcycle bag on their arms. Prices for the smallest versions of the carryall start at over $1,000. There were lots of girls carrying around really good knockoffs of the bag around high school.

Oversized sunglasses

Image: JFX Images/WENN

Image: JFX Images/WENN

You can't have a complete homeless-chic look without the obligatory oversized shades. We let our sunglasses swallow our faces whole, just because M.K.A. did. Sadly, it didn't look as good on us as it did on them. 

The MK Smile

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

At a time when duck lips were all the rage, Mary-Kate and Ashley pretty much ran the game. The pair managed to bring duck lips to the red carpet, with a tight-lipped smile that we thought was so cute back then. Looking at it now? Uh, not so much

Chipped nails

Film Magic/ Getty Images

Film Magic/ Getty Images

They definitely had enough money for manicures, but did they have the time? The Olsens raised the eyebrows of many a beauty snob in the aughts by showing up to red carpet events and appearances with uber-chipped nails. 

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Australian Jewelry Designer Brooke Persich Brings Her Occult Aesthetic to NYC


image: Facebook

Over the years, I’ve sort of grown out of the Craft-meets-mall goth aesthetic that plagued me as a teen (and only have one bad tattoo to remind me of it). But something I’ll never get sick of is oversized gemstone rings, and Brooke Persich makes rebelliously sexy things you’re more likely to find in a high-end boutique in Brooklyn than the back section of Hot Topic.

The designer started her line two years ago in Perth, and has since become one of countless Australian creatives making the move to New York. But more because she wanted to rather than so she could hit up Fashion Week. Her line flies relatively under the radar, though she has a loyal fan base made up of stylish musicians and celebrities around the globe.

The decadence and occult vibes her line reeks heavily of are sure to draw comparisons to brands like ManiaMania. But rather than explore that aesthetic with a wandering eye, Persich seems to steadily explore third eyes, skulls and all kinds of semi-precious crystals. “The pieces will always be a reflection of the exquisite, the sacred, and the beautiful,” she says on her website. Her Instagram is unabashed ring-stacking porn at its most addictive, with a few hand chains thrown in for good measure. The quartz eye rings with crown-like “lashes” are particularly good.

With fashion currently lapping up minimalism, why not make a statement with your hands? Or at least spice up your Instagram feed.

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H&M Home Collection Launches in Canada

When H&M’s Home Collection launched in the U.S. back in 2012, Canadian shoppers waited with eager anticipation for news that the fast fashion brand will head north of the border. Finally, more than two years later, the retailer is doing just that and testing the market with the first in-store boutique prototype at the West Edmonton Mall’s flagship location.

H&M Home Collection

Launched on June 12 in Edmonton, Alberta, the swish new collection features H&M Home's Spring, Summer and Fall 2014 lines. Bath towels, bedding, storage containers, soft furnishings (their cushions are divine), tableware, candles and bold outdoor living accents give the option to update every room in a range of styles including modern, bohemian and retro.

And being H&M, it goes without saying that all the wares are available at unbelievably low price points, ranging from $3.95 for napkins to about $100 for a knitted wool throw. I’m not sure how these hold up against U.S. sticker prices, but it’ll be interesting to see how customers respond.

H&M Home Collection

"We are very proud to house the very first H&M Home in Canada as part of the remodel of the store. We are sure it will be hugely successful with our customers," David Ghermezian, President of West Edmonton Mall, recently told Retail Insider about the new launch.

Many retailers have, in the past, used The West Edmonton Mall as a testing ground for new ventures, but hopefully this colourful collection of furnishing will be rolled out nationwide if the reception proves positive. It's all down to you Edmonton.

Images via UXUS Design

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