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theFashionSpot’s 10 Best Articles of the Weeks


  1. The Most Over-the-Top Looks from the Fall 2014 Runways — These head-turning looks for Fall 2014 delivered the most WTF moments of fashion month. 
  2. Style Showdown: Fashion Week Face-Offs and More Matching Celebs — Now that all the Fashion Weeks have pretty much concluded, we're starting to see clothes from the runway make its way into real life. 
  3. Runway to Real Life: Rihanna in Prada, Chloe Sevigny in Louis Vuitton and More (Forum Buzz) — Now that all the Fashion Weeks have pretty much concluded, we have time to properly reflect on the fashion witnessed both on and off the runway. 
  4. How Can We Get Big Brands to Stop Working With Terry Richardson? [Updated] — Internet petitions don't work. Neither does Twitter. What can we actually do to stop big brands from working with him?
  5. How I Got to Be…WWD Men’s Fashion Editor and M Fashion Director with Alex Badia — We managed to catch up with Badia to learn more about his penchant for Hedi Slimane and pure hatred for snakes.
  6. The 50 Best Runway Looks from New York, London, Milan and Paris Fall 2014 — We combed through a month’s worth of collections to round up the 50 top looks from fashion week around the globe.
  7. CFDA Award Nominations: Find Out Which of Fashion’s Best and Brightest Might Win — Legends both established and in the making made the short list as the Council of Fashion Designers of America announced nominations for its 13th annual awards last night at the Bowery Hotel.
  8. Model Scorecard: The Top 15 Catwalkers of Fall 2014 (Forum Buzz) — The numbers are in for this season’s most in-demand catwalkers.
  9. What Makes a Model ‘Jolie Laide’? (Forum Buzz) — Forum members debate what makes a model "pretty ugly."
  10. Watch: Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose Defends the Street Style Circus at Fashion Week [theFashionDish] — June Ambrose:  "LET THEM LIVE."

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Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse Party with Karl Lagerfeld

cara and suki 620

Cara and Suki heading to Karl Lagerfeld’s dinner to celebrate the opening of his flagship (Image: Wenn)

Karl Lagerfeld managed to get the fabulous fashion lot into the supermarket for Paris fashion week, so there was no way that they wouldn’t hot foot it straight to London to celebrate the opening of his eponymous flagship clothing and fragrance store on Regent Street last night.

The powerhouse designer behind Chanel and Fendi stepped out to celebrate his own line with friends including Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse who accompanied each other to a celebratory dinner held at Harrods to mark the new store. Cara dressed head to toe in Karl Lagerfeld's collection available in the store, whilst Suki opted for a more signature vintage style in a pink mini dress and platform sandals.

Within the store itself, it was not just the guests who were of interest as the likes of David Gandy, Angel Haze, Haim and Daisy Lowe all came to marvel in the exciting digital spectacle that the Regent Store will bring to the public when it opens its doors today.

karl lagerfeld arizona muse

Arizona Muse joins the man himself to celebrate the store opening (image: Getty)

Of course, Karl’s Tokidoki dolls were aplenty as well as British-inspired plaid pieces and London sweatshirts. But it was technology that really took centre stage, with iPads on every clothing rail to allow you build outfits as you shopped and leave notes for Karl himself. Even better was the changing rooms where they have saved you the hassle of using your own phone to take a few cheeky selfies by building in a function that allows you to photograph yourself and upload to Instagram, whilst still in your cubicle.

karl lagerfeld car image 620

Taxi for Karl! The Regent Street store (image: Getty)

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Link Buzz: How Can Jemima Kirke Be Real?; Karl Lagerfeld Now Getting Into the Branded Emoji Market

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

  • Here is an account of a day in the life of Girls actress Jemima Kirke, presented without comment because I can't. [Vulture]
  • Read about how some yogis have managed to turn their enormous Instagram followings into lucrative businesses. [Racked]
  • Wren's viral First Kiss video was filmed with a budget of $1,300. [NYTimes]
  • If you'd rather live in another era solely on the basis of its dominant makeup trends, we don't want you here anyway. [BellaSugar]
  • Is Cara Delevingne going to be the next Kate Moss or already the next Kate Moss? A special investigation. [FabSugar]
  • So now that Karl Lagerfeld has released a branded set of emojis, we can all go back to bed. [Fashionista]

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Terry Richardson Finally Speaks Out About Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Calling Them ‘Lies’



Today, Page Six ran a response from Terry Richardson to the recent resurgence of outrage over his alleged sexual misconduct on set. The photographer denies all the charges outright, calling them "hate-filled and libelous tales" and comparing the controversy surrounding him to an "an emotionally-charged witch hunt."

"Four years ago, I chose to primarily ignore a cycle of Internet gossip and false accusations against me. At that time, I felt that to dignify them with a response was a betrayal of my work and my character. When these allegations resurfaced over the past few months, they seemed especially vicious and distorted, moving outside the realm of critical dialogue and becoming nothing more than an emotionally-charged witch hunt."

The recent round of allegations was brought forth by Charlotte Waters, now a 24-year-old nurse's assistant who shot with Richardson as a 19-year-old art student trying to make a little extra cash. She decided to tell her story, first anonymously on Reddit and then publicly on Vocativ, because she kept coming across media coverage about other allegations against Richardson's disturbing on-set behavior:

"I wanted to say, 'Hey, I’ve experienced this first hand. These aren’t just rumors.' But I wasn’t sure I wanted to come out about this very embarrassing thing I did, so I was just sitting on it for a while. And then I realized that what happened to me is something that has happened to other people and will likely continue to happen until his dick falls off, so I have to say something. I did it through Reddit because I could do it anonymously, and that seemed like a safe way to start.”

Model Jamie Peck recounted a similar experience in 2010. Other models, including Rie Rasmussen, Coco Rocha, Sara Ziff and Alise Shoemaker have also spoken out against him.

Coco Rocha: “I’ve shot with him, but I didn’t feel comfortable and I won’t do it again.”

Sara Ziff: "I have worked with Terry Richardson several times, and I wouldn’t work with him again based on those experiences."

According to Richardson, these are all lies:

"​Enabled and protected by the freewheeling and often times anonymous nature of the Internet, people have become comfortable concocting hate-filled and libelous tales about my professional and personal lives. In writing this, I make a humble attempt at correcting these rumors, because I have come to realize that absent my voice in the conversation, all that remain are the lies."

Richardson goes on to write that his subjects have always been consenting and that the charges against him are motivated by publications seeking pageviews:

"I collaborated with consenting adult women who were fully aware of the nature of the work, and as is typical with any project, everyone signed releases. I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do. I give everyone that I work with enough respect to view them as having ownership of their free will and making their decisions accordingly, and as such, it has been difficult to see myself as a target of revisionist history. Sadly, in the on-going quest for controversy-generated page views, sloppy journalism fueled by sensationalized, malicious, and manipulative recountings of this work has given rise to angry Internet crusades. Well-intentioned or not, they are based on lies. Believing such rumors at face value does a disservice not only to the spirit of artistic endeavor, but most importantly, to the real victims of exploitation and abuse."

And yes, although articles on the subject of Terry Richardson do generate a tremendous amount of interest online, the allegations against him were brought by individual women who were not motivated by web traffic. When Waters first posted her account of working with Richardson to Reddit, there was nothing she was going to "get" out of that — no money, no fame, no praise. She had no way of knowing that her story would attract so much attention; now that she has come forward publicly, there is no indication that she's seeking to "leverage" her experience for personal gain. 

Richardson's statement echoes a similar move recently made by Woody Allen, who responded to his 28-year-old daughter's public account of molestation with a letter in The New York Times, denying her claims.

Allen and Richardson are both powerful, talented men at the top of their creative fields; their professional visibility and the sexual elements in their work does make them easier targets for public outrage, but public outrage is a response to the allegations, but not what's driving them (or at least, not directly). There is a huge gulf in power between men like Allen and Richardson and the women who speak out against them; those who do are courageous. And although our justice system operates under the principle that people are innocent until they are proven guilty — as individuals, we don't have to give Richardson the benefit of the doubt. 

[Terry Richardson slams sex misconduct ‘witch hunt’ — NYPost]


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Dion Lee’s Chisled Cheekbone Makes the Cover of Manuscript Magazine


In a profoundly messed up world where Dion Lee didn’t make it as a designer, he could have always tried his hand at modeling.

Lee’s best Blue Steel and one of his chiseled cheekbones are the focus of Paul Scala’s camera for the new issue Manuscript magazine. The high-contrast cover shows the designer retaining his majestic gaze while getting a face full of water, which picks up the glaring red background and kind of looks like blood. It’s rather intense, and would make a great poster for a Quentin Tarantino film about Lee’s figurative slaying of his sartorial competition.

The same left eye and fierce theme continue in an inside spread. In one image, Lee scowls at the camera while pushing the blade of a pair of scissors into one eyebrow, and in another wears a black turtleneck and a man-pout. The accompanying profile follows Lee’s exponential rise to the top of the game in Sydney and New York: He recently presented a second acclaimed collection at New York Fashion Week and finally opened his first standalone store, the industrial Site 01 in Sydney’s historic Strand Arcade.

Lee also touches upon his plans to introduce menswear to his existing repertoire. We’re feeling a men’s turtleneck revival. 

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Flashback: UK Vogue September 2006 with Kate Moss by Nick Knight

I was looking through some holiday snaps earlier and couldn't help but notice an issue of Vogue sitting on a table in the background of one particular photo. The photograph was taken whilst on a family holiday in Ibiza, during the summer of 2006. I suddenly remembered everything and thought to myself, how on earth could I of forgotten this gem?

The cover of UK Vogue's September 2006 issue features none other than Kate Moss, photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Kate Phelan. Moss wears a cashmere/wool jacket and trousers by Jil Sander. Can't remember the cover? I can still recall walking into the magazine store at the airport and being stopped in my tracks due to the cover's unusual monochrome appearance.



I just had to dig the issue out this afternoon, when I also came across a few other hidden treasures (stay tuned!). The inside includes fashion stories from Nick Knight, Corinne Day, Craig McDean, Patrick Demarchelier and Thomas Schenk.

An editorial entitled 'Shine On' with Kate Moss by Craig McDean and styled by Kate Phelan is my favorite from this September issue. The images consist of Moss wearing a range of pieces from Gareth Pugh, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada and Jeffery Portman. There are only six pictures but they show Moss at her finest — that understated glamour for which Kate has become extremely well-known.

Why don't you familiarize yourself with this issue and reignite the thread here.


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