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Alexander Wang Sells Merino Wool in a New Annie Leibovitz-Lensed Campaign

Image: Annie Leibovitz for Merino Wool

Image: Annie Leibovitz and Alexander Wang for Merino Wool

The Woolmark Company has tapped Alexander Wang, Annie Leibovitz and a very cute sheep for a new campaign promoting Merino wool. Slated to run in fall fashion magazines, the ad is part of a two-season partnership between the textile company and the designer's eponymous label. Select pieces of Wang's Fall 2013 collection were produced with the textile. 

“I have used Merino wool since I first started designing, so collaborating with Woolmark was a natural fit for me,” he said. “Wool has strong environmental credentials, and it always feels modern and relevant.” 

Wangs joins fellow Parsons alum Narciso Rodriguez as a Woolmark brand ambassador. The company is hoping to position Merino wool as a luxury fiber for premium apparel brands. 

Image: Narciso Rodriguez for Merino Wool

Image: Narciso Rodriguez for Merino Wool


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23 Reasons to Care About Jennifer Lawrence’s Birthday

Image: Joel Ginsburg/

Image: Joel Ginsburg/

  1. It's today. 
  2. It's trending on Twitter. 
  3. It's … wow I can't think of a third reason. 
  4. Does that count as a reason?
  5. Jennifer Lawrence turns 23 today, which is a good age. 
  6. Hm.
  7. Although for many people, it's a frustrating age. 
  8. It was okay for me. 
  9. Being 24 was better than being 23. 
  10. But it might have been a different experience if I'd been an Acadamy Award winner and a Vogue cover star
  11. There's still time. 
  12. How will I ever come up with eleven more reasons?
  13. Apparently celebrity birthday roundups are a daily column in some newspapers
  14. I thought of calling The Columbus Dispatch to ask when and why the paper first started printing the feature. 
  15. But I didn't.
  16. Why should some poor reporter busy serving the fine people of Columbus, Ohio care about me having a slow news day?
  17. And anyway, it would be better to ask an archivist or a historian. 
  18. But again, I couldn't go through with it. 
  19. Although it's a legitimate question.
  20. Why do people care about celebrity birthdays?
  21. (Apart from anyone who has to create Internet content or write celebrity birthday columns for the newspaper.)
  22. I reserve the right not to care about anyone who doesn't care about me. 
  23. Happy birthday Jennifer Lawrence!

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This Raf Simons Editorial in September Harper’s Bazaar May Be the Worst Ever (Forum Buzz)

Is this Raf Simons editorial the worst editorial in a September issue? (Forum Buzz)

“Raf Simons : Force of Nature” by Skye Parrot. Image Credit:

It’s not like we are not used to finding ourselves being baffled when flipping through an issue of Harper’s Bazaar every now and then. From putting model Hailey Clauson into awkwardly cheap looking robot outfits to using a computer generated Smurfette as a model in its fashion editorials, the magazine seems to have a weakness for creating comical fashion content that more often than not seems rather inappropriate for an American high fashion publication. But an editorial dedicated to Raf Simons' latest Christian Dior collection, starring Simons himself as well as two female models, in the important September issue surpasses all other questionable efforts by the magazine in its awfulness. tFS forum members failed to find anything nice to say about the story, which was shot by Skye Parrott and features artwork by Robert Longo.

“This is so bad it's not even funny,” commented Melancholybaby

And Housseyin asked, “Wow, that Simons ed, is that for real ???”

“Raf's editorial is just comical,” remarked rougevalentino.

Jmrmartinho didn’t appreciate the intentionally (?) bad editorial either. He wrote, “I’m laughing so hard with the Dior editorial. Did they really think that was cool? On the first image Raf looks like he is being eaten by the Givenchy shark and the other images are pure kitsch.”

“Oh my Gods, the Raf Simons editorial is beyond atrocious!,” agreed Nepenthes.

Is this Raf Simons editorial the worst editorial in a September issue? (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit:

Could this possibly be the worst September editorial of this year? Can a not-so edgy or fashion-forward Harper’s Bazaar afford to print such a trash culture type of editorial in its September issue? It would perhaps make a difference to see this kind of editorial in a less serious publication that caters to a different audience than Harper’s Bazaar. The poor execution of a horrifyingly bad concept here nonetheless actually amuses me and I’m not sure I support the idea of having something as amateurish as this published in a major magazine at all. What do you think? 

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Stella Tennant Hoists a Chair in the Fall 2013 Altuzarra Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Image via Vogue

Image via Vogue

Yes, you read that right: Stella Tennant is hoisting a gilded chair over her head in the Fall 2013 Altuzarra campaign. Why is she doing that? Why is there a chair on the stark studio set in the first place? These are valid questions, but I’m afraid I can provide no real answers.

In the forums, Salvatore claimed to “really like” the ad, but others weren’t impressed.

Anlabe32 posted, “I'm just glad he's doing a campaign, but this is so boring. I like the chair though. I'm so sick of Stella to the point where I get angry upon seeing her,” she said, revealing a clear bias. “She looks totally boring once again, and exactly the same hair and makeup as in her equally boring Ralph Rucci campaign.”

KissMiss, displaying a flair for the dramatic, declared, “Boredom is killing me…”

Whatever the intention here, boredom and confusion couldn’t have been it. I’ll hold out for more images before deciding this is a total fail, though.

Image via Vogue Magazine.

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Lady Gaga Covers V Magazine’s Fall 2013 Issue, Gets Naked As Usual (Forum Buzz)

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Just in time to promote her new album, Artpop (which comes out in September), Lady Gaga appears on not one, but four covers for V Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue. As usual, the covers and the editorial photos are provocative. In the first look, Gaga clutches her naked left breast and is scantily clad in a red sequined blazer and an unbuttoned pair of jeans. Within the issue, the singer essentially bares all in the photographs by Inez & Vinoodh and in the interview (which also features artist Marina Abramovic). 

As usual with Lady Gaga, the effect was polarizing. “Very striking and I like the darker hair,” Melly5525 said of the first cover. 

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Tigerrouge posted, “I don't know, I'm not a great follower of Lady Gaga, so for me, she always seems to be taking her clothes off while claiming she's got something different to say, and the whole recycled package adds up to one long yawn.”

As the covers continued to emerge, opinions started to veer more toward the positive. “The second and third covers are a HUGE improvement on the first cover. She suits being a blonde,” rougevalentino commented.

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Lady Gaga for V Magazine by Inez & Vinoodh

Jeffandtheworld seemed most excited of all. “The creativity is superb. Honestly, these photographs of Lady Gaga by Inez and Vinoodh gave me those feelings I used to have with Vogue Paris by Carine [Roitfield]. They are fresh, fun, fearless, and exciting. Bravo,” he gushed.

Yeah, bravo, I guess. Count me among those who fail to get excited about Lady Gaga these days. Doesn’t it seem like she only emerges when it’s time to cover a September issue? Just saying.

All images via V Magazine.

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C&M Spring 2013: Camilla and Marc Freeman’s Girl Wears Growing Pains Well


Camilla and Marc Freeman’s diffusion line C&M launched back in 2007 as swimwear only. For their 10-year anniversary as Camilla and Marc, the duo expanded it into a range of younger, more financially accessible dresses and separates, kicking off with a collection that reimagined the tired trend of festival wear.

For Spring 2013, C&M is back with a fresh spin on the not-so-new. This time, the siblings have put their stamp on the athletic trend, mixing it up with ice queen metallics and frosted 60s lace. The collection was inspired by teenage rebellion and coming of age, a perfect theme for the blossoming line.

The pieces themselves are a little more grown-up than those we saw in last year’s ‘Coachella Valley’. Fashion’s long-lasting love affair with marrying polar opposites is played out in blending sports tees with puffy skirts and after-hours party dresses, and the campaign’s styling adds an upmarket ghetto vibe with heavy chain necklaces and baseball caps. Somehow the sub-zero setting works just as well with the über-summery outfits as it does the Baroque-y lace.

The new collection has just gone up for sale on Camilla and Marc’s website.  Prices are awesome (under $300 for dresses and jackets and $100 – $200 for skirts and tops), so you can afford to mix and match them à la campaign star Valentina Sykes



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