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The BFC Launches London Pre-Collections

Creating new initiatives to help support British designers is at the top of the British Fashion Council’s agenda. After recently adding London Collections: Men to the show calendar, the BFC has just announced plans to launch London Pre-Collections. From 15-17 June, the council will host its first-ever The Hoxton Collective at The Hoxton hotel in London’s Holborn district. The event will showcase the pre-collections of ready-to-wear designers, such as Phoebe English and Zoe Jordan, as well as labels like Bora Aksu and Osman.


On set at the #Roksanda #PF15 lookbook shoot

A photo posted by Roksanda (@roksandailincic) on

In recent years, designers have begun introducing pre-collections, with many indicating that they now account for up to 70 percent of annual sales. The event highlights the industry’s need to create collections outside of the traditional spring and fall windows and creates the perfect opportunity to invite key press and buyers to view and support these much-needed collections.

The BFC believes that finding a way to showcase designers’ most commercially successful pieces via their pre-collections is key to shaping the future fashion landscape. Let’s hope that The Hoxton Collective is the first of many successful initiatives that helps support the industry.

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Elle Macpherson Returns to Modeling for Harper’s Bazaar Australia (Forum Buzz)

If a poll was taken for our favorite fashion mag, Harper’s Bazaar Australia would be up there amongst the best of them. The Aussie title has been consistent throughout the year and continues to impress our forums. As announced inside the Cover Rumor Thread back in March, Elle Macpherson stars on Bazaar‘s double June/July 2015 issue looking spectacular on a picturesque beach in the Bahamas. 

As expected, our forum members were full of praise. “I love this! It’s actually quite a nice, playful and non-literal approach to winter. Also it would be interesting to hear from Elle again after such a long time,” credited Benn98.

“This cover is beautiful! Can’t wait to see this edit,” added Emmanuelle in anticipation.

Miguelalmedia shared the same positive attitude: “Such a beautiful and inviting cover!”

Also full of enthusiasm was Bertrando3 who raved, “I love this cover, from the styling, to her face, to the layout and coloring – everything works. Australian fashion magazines nail it every time when it comes to magazine covers. They just know how to properly do it. Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. Macpherson is a favorite of mine so I can’t wait to see the edit and hopefully a video from the cover shoot.”

“Great cover, is always a pleasure to see her,” agreed burbuja8910.

Sharing the same sentiments was KateTheGreatest. “Slightly awkward pose but so gorgeous nonetheless. Australian Bazaar does it again, they nailed it,” she hailed.

Await more from Bazaar‘s June/July 2015 issue inside our thread and drop us a comment here.

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Jamie Hawkesworth Photographs Another Fantastic Miu Miu Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Fashion houses often get stuck in a rut by enlisting the same photographers to lens campaigns season after season, resulting in images that look stale and repetitive. Not so with Miu Miu‘s photographer of choice for recent ads, Jamie Hawkesworth. The brand’s Pre-Fall campaign features newcomer Estella Boersma and it becomes clear why the British lensman is Miuccia Prada‘s first choice.

Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2015 Ad Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth


“Great, just as everything he does,” complimented Thefrenchy the moment the campaign surfaced. “Absolutely gorgeous. Jamie is a great fit for Miu Miu.”

“Oh that’s the photographer that made Zara’s Spring 2015 campaign. It’s the second time I’ve seen his work, and I must say I love it!” Emmanuelle noted.

Also full of appreciation was Wolkfolk: “His photography is always full of stunning colors. Estella looks very beautiful and fits the collection perfectly.”

Forum member kasper! agreed, writing, “Love the mood in those photos.”

“I don’t like her posing, seems a bit forced. I like best the still photography,” enjoyed kokobombon.

Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2015 Ad Campaign by Jamie Hawkesworth


Are you admiring Miu Miu’s latest as much as we are? Take a look at the rest of the campaign and join the conversation here.

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Adam Levine Gets Sugar Bombed While Signing Autographs

It’s hard out here for a celebrity, y’all. Adam Levine got more than he bargained for on a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. As the Maroon 5 frontman was casually signing autographs outside the studio, one “fan” with a penchant for obnoxious and disruptive behavior decided to sugar bomb the singer as he was tending to his devoted fans.

According to People, the suspect who allegedly carried out the attack was arrested “on suspicion of battery.” A witness to the dastardly crime said that “it looked like [Adam] wanted to fight the guy,” which we can all understand. After all, Levine was wearing a very nice patterned sweater (in Los Angeles) and who wants to pay that dry cleaning bill?

Don’t be too sad, Adam. A few years ago, Kim Kardashian was flour bombed by an animal rights activist, so you’re in good – or at least also famous – company. 

Watch Adam get covered in sugar in the clip above.

[via People]

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WATCH: Anna Wintour Revealed as the Real Genius Behind ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ in This Hilarious Sketch

By now, we know that Anna Wintour has a huge influence on fashion, but did you know she is also equally as powerful as a comedy icon? Late Night with Seth Meyers tapped Ms. Wintour for a hilarious sketch, which imagines her wielding the same overlord-like power over the comedy show as she does over the fashion industry at large. As “executive producer” at Late Night, Anna is the real brains behind the operation, approving sketches, props and critiquing Meyers’ monologues — all with the ice-cold demeanor she’s known for.

“A lot of people don’t realize that along with being a fashion icon, Anna Wintour has been behind every major comedy decision in the last 40 years. Saturday Night Live was her idea. She directed Animal House. She told Jerry Seinfeld the show should be about nothing,” Meyers explains in the clip. And just as she (reportedly) intimidates her Vogue staff, the Late Night crew is equally shaken by her presence. “When we found out Anna Wintour was the executive producer of our show, all the writers started wearing tuxedos and ballgowns,” writer Seth Reiss says.

Anna’s demanding nature in the end causes Meyers to have a breakdown, reducing him to tears. “Stop crying, you’re a grown man,” she says as she walks by the blubbering host.

Yeah, the sketch is pretty hilarious. Watch it all in the video above. We promise you’ll be cracking up by the end of it.

[h/t WSJ]

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