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The Supreme Court Weighs in on Abercrombie Hijab Case

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

The Supreme Court is simmering on a case brought by Samantha Elauf, a Muslim applicant to the Abercrombie company, who said she was denied a job because she wore a hijab in her interview. Abercrombie claims the scarf violated its look policy at the time. At the heart of the case lies the question, did Abercrombie think that Elauf was wearing a fashion item, or did it fail to hire her because of her religion?

It seems some Supreme Court justices are leaning toward the latter. Abercrombie says it turned Elauf down because the company’s look policy doesn’t include hats or scarves. According to USA Today, “The woman conducting the interview assumed she was wearing the headscarf for religious reasons – but did not ask. She was found to be qualified, but a supervisor later ordered that Elauf be turned down.” As Justice Samuel Alito said, “The reason that she was rejected was because you assumed she was going to do this every day, and the only reason why she would do it every day is because she had a religious reason.”

Another big issue in this case is whether or not employers should ask these types of questions regarding religious accommodations during the interview at all, as it could seem as if they are discriminating against prospective workers. 

What do you think? Was it religious discrimination that caused Abercrombie to reject Elauf, or was it the fact that her attire at the time didn’t fit the dress code? Does Abercrombie have the right to reject people if their religious attire is out of line with its policies?

[via USA Today]

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Sparkly Blackface Spied on the Claudio Cutugno Runway

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

With all the controversy that always arises each time a designer or photographer paints a white model brown or black, you would think that the fashion set would avoid the stuff altogether. Even if you don’t intend to be offensive, why risk the backlash?

Maybe because backlash and offense equals publicity? This could have been the thinking behind the makeup at Claudio Cutugno, where we found models walking the runway with their faces covered in sparkly black paint. The paint was reportedly supposed to mimic the look of a face covered in insects, inspired by the art of Emilio Isgrò.

After “smells like weed-gate” this week, who has the time for this nonsense? We admit — this is a tough one. If we are to take the word of the designer, the makeup isn’t supposed to represent someone of any color, just someone who has a face full of bugs. Plus, the paint is sparkly and one could easily go on the defense by saying that human beings aren’t naturally covered in glitter, so it’s not blackface.  (more…)

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Louis Vuitton’s Picturesque New Campaign Gets Us in the Mood for Summer (Forum Buzz)

After the majority of us were underwhelmed by the Spring 2015 mainline campaign, Louis Vuitton redeems itself with the release of the new “Spirit of Travel” fashion spots. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier on the idyllic shores of St. Barths, Julia Nobis, Maartje Verhoef and Liya Kebede were Nicolas Ghesquière’s models of choice for the picturesque images. Ghesquière and stylist Marie-Amélie Sauvé headed to the Caribbean island in a bid to showcase the brand’s revamped Alma and new Twist handbags, which are the focal point of the images (when ignoring the beauty of the island itself).

Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Travel Spring 2015 Patrick Demarchelier


Forum members raced to the thread to see what the fashion house had to offer this time around. “Ooooooooohhhhhhh! Pretty! And that’s not something I’d usually say about the new Ghesquière stuff,” hailed Street_a_Licious.

“So joyous and vibrant! This is miles better than the Spring campaign, it makes me long for summer, careless days on the beach and endless sunbathing. Liya also looks absolutely stunning!” Melancholybaby raved soon after.

Is Liya the standout beauty of the campaign? Forum member khyrk sure thinks so. “Liya looks amazing!” he observed.

Also showing much enthusiasm for Liya’s presence was Psylocke: “Oh wow, this is super gorgeous! Love Liya’s solo shots.”

Chanelcouture09 was also a fan and echoed, “Stunning… just stunning!” inside the thread.

Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Travel Spring 2015 Patrick Demarchelier


Check out more images from the campaign and add your own two cents here.

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Watch: A$AP Ferg Shows Cara Delevingne How to ‘Dope Walk’

A$AP Ferg has released his “Dope Walk” music video and he’s tapped Cara Delevingne to star in the iPhone-shot video. “Imma have to show you how I shut down Fashion Week,” he tells the model via FaceTime before the two erupt into giggles. The video follows A$AP Ferg in his Fashion Week exploits; chatting with models backstage, hitting Kanye West’s fashion show, even teaching Jeremy Scott how to do the dance.


You’ll also find footage of him and his crew doing the dope walk — a dance, which as far as we can tell, is a kind of artful leaning, falling and stumbling, much like a dope fiend. Not gonna lie, it makes us feel pretty icky, but we guess making dances out of a problematic situation is what’s all the rage with the kids.

Watch the video above and see if A$AP Ferg’s walk is “meaner than Cara Delevingne’s.”

[via Traplord YouTube]

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Sources Say Kelly Osbourne Warned Giuliana Rancic About Zendaya Quip During the Show

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Giuliana Rancic got herself into quite a pot of hot water this week over her comments on Zendaya‘s locs at the Oscars during a broadcast of E!’s Fashion Police. After pissing off the Internet, sort of apologizing and then coming back to make a formal apology, more details are trickling out about patchouli- and weed-gate.

A source tells Us Weekly that Kelly Osbourne warned Giuliana about her comments while they were taping the show. “They did the Zendaya segment three times,” the source claims. “Three different takes. On the first two takes, Kelly said ‘Guys, we can’t say this. Zendaya is a friend of the show.'” In hindsight, we bet Giuliana wishes she’d heeded Kelly’s advice.

“Giuliana said the words ‘patchouli oil’ and ‘weed’ three times,” the insider said. E!, on the other hand, claims this simply isn’t true. “There was only one take of Giuliana’s comments. Kelly did let the group know Zendaya is a friend of hers.”

While we’re not sure about the rest of America, Zendaya has forgiven Giuliana for her words. “Giuliana, I appreciate your apology and I’m glad it was a learning experience for you and for the network,” she wrote in a statement posted to Instagram yesterday. “From a quote we all know by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.’ Let’s be that light and spread that love.”

[via Us Weekly]

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Margot Robbie’s Sleepy UK Harper’s Bazaar Cover Has Us Confused (Forum Buzz)

Our forums sure move fast! It’s not even March and we’re already discussing the April covers. The latest to drop is the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar featuring Margot RobbieDavid Slijper captures the Australian actress in the studio, wearing a dreamy Stella McCartney creation. Is it just us, or does it look like Margot just #wokeuplikethis?

UK Harper's Bazaar April 2015 Margot Robbie


Our forum members sure think so. “Mid stretch pose,” slammed ThatGuyPaul soon after the cover surfaced.

“The color scheme.. nope. The pose.. nope. The sleepy facial expression.. nope. ‘It’s Balmain Baby… The Man Who Dresses Kim, Kanye & Kendall’ – haha, how tacky and cheesy can that tagline be,” added MON.

GIVENCHYlover voiced simply, “I feel nothing.” Is the cover really that bad?

Also not showing support for Bazaar‘s efforts this month was tigerrouge: “Absolute rubbish, considering what a beauty she is. I’d rather have had a cheesy pose where she swirls the floaty clothing around her, than this. What’s with the arms and legs? Am I about to see more than her armpits? Is there going to be an unfortunate breeze? Save it for that scene with Leo,” she commented.

Miss Dalloway sure wasn’t ecstatic, either: “This does nothing for me, she is one of those breathtakingly beautiful women on screen, yet in print it somehow does not translate. Similar to Kerry, imo.”

“Yeah, good call. The weird thing is she has a very 80s model type beauty, but her pictures are always a bit blah. I do enjoy her interviews though,” replied HeatherAnne in agreement.

Has the magazine missed an opportunity? SallyAlbright sure thought so when declaring, “Both her Marie Claire and Vogue Australia covers were better than this. How do you screw up a picture of such a beautiful girl?”

Here’s hoping Bazaar redeems itself with Margot’s cover story. Join the discussion here.

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