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Lana Del Rey Is Unrecognizable on the Cover of Vogue Turkey (Forum Buzz)

She’s been doing the rounds on various magazines covers lately, currently fronting the latest issue of V Magazine and scoring the cover of German Interview. Now, unexpectedly, Lana Del Rey lands the cover of Vogue Turkey. The magazine often falls out of favor on our forums and poor Lana can’t catch a break with this nightmarish cover. Shot by Liz Collins before a clean white background and wearing Alexander McQueen, we cannot help but ask: what’s wrong with Lana’s face?

Vogue Turkey November 2015 : Lana Del Rey by Liz Collins


“Yikes. That’s not her actual face, is it? She looks like a plastic surgery victim,” declared a horrified MyNameIs the moment the cover came to light.

“Holy Photoshop. She looks really really bad, she does not look like herself!” added an equally as appalled KateTheGreatest.

Also in a state of shock was mistress f: “What an actual monstrosity! The OTT Photoshop paired with what she’s done to her face, makes for a truly nightmarish result.”

“So many wrong things with this cover. The most noticeable is her face…who is this person?” asked a dismayed kokobombon.

Forum member burbuja8910 was appalled. “HOLY CRAP!!! She looks a wax figure, what a ugly and horrible cover,” she exclaimed.

Benn98 agreed, ranting, “Yikes, they’ve stripped everything that actually made her Lana Del Rey. And what’s with the busty area??? Might as well have been a random model, tbqh. Quite a missed opportunity.”

Well…that’s that. Are you a fan of Lana’s latest cover? Drop us a comment and check out some previews here.

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Michelle Williams and Alicia Vikander Star in Louis Vuitton’s Picturesque New Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Nicolas Ghesquière may be receiving rave reviews for his RTW collections at Louis Vuitton, but his campaigns for the iconic French fashion house have been rather mundane. Louis Vuitton’s twice-yearly The Spirit of Travel campaign dropped earlier this week and features Alicia Vikander and Michelle Williams this time around. The actresses took to various picturesque locations for the occasion, captured by legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Complete with styling from Marie-Amélie Sauvé, the duo complement Ghesquière’s vision perfectly as they each pose individually, making us want to go traveling — lugging Louis Vuitton luggage, of course.

Louis Vuitton 'Spirit of Travel' F/W 2015.16 by Patrick Demarchelier


Our forum members shared mixed feelings toward the campaign, however. “I’m surprised how good Michelle looks, so youthful and fresh,” admired Nymphaea with Nomar adding, “This is great.”

“I think they both look great, especially Michelle, but I cannot help thinking models would’ve been better for this. This is Alicia’s second campaign and I’ve still not warmed to the idea of her as a LV ambassador,” shared Benn98.

Also not completely feeling it was gossiping: “Alicia doesn’t represent LV. She looks like a million other girls out there. Michelle stands out but I think that if Rianne [van Rompaey] and Freja [Beha Erichsen] and the rest of the Vuitton girls were here, it would be better.” (more…)

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Cara Delevingne Shows Off Her ‘Suicide Squad’ Look on the Cover of Empire Magazine


Making my own rules #Enchantress ‎#SuicideSquad @empiremagazine @suicidesquadmovie

A photo posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

Cara Delevingne is barely recognizable on the cover of Empire Magazine, decked out in the Enchantress costume from her upcoming role in Suicide Squad. Even her famous brows are bleached out but thankfully, her washboard abs remain intact. In the issue, Cara opens up about her character, Julie Moon, the poor soul who becomes possessed by the Enchantress: “June is an adventure seeker who’s always wanted some excitement. And she gets what she wished for, but in a terrible way,” Cara explained. “At the start of the movie she discovers a cavern and finds…something…within.” Sounds creepy.

Delevingne describes June’s alter ego as “an ancient sorceress. A feral being…trapped for so long and finally let out.” Basically, think Sasha Fierce with a dark side. She added that after being possessed by the Enchantress, June’s “accent” becomes “deeper and posher.” Kudos to Cara for taking on the challenge of playing two characters in one. Watch the top model flex her acting skills when the movie premieres in August 2016.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Battle with Acne Made Her Feel “Like an Outcast”

Kendall Jenner

Image: WENN

It’s hard to imagine that Kendall Jenner — the top model with an Estee Lauder contract, a campaign for Balmain x H&M and a nearly monthly feature in Vogue — was ever insecure about anything. But growing up, she had such bad acne she “wouldn’t even look” people in the face when she talked to them, she revealed Tuesday on her app.

Jenner recounts first battling acne “around the 8th or 9th grade” and admits it had a crippling effect on her self-esteem: “Where it really impacted me was how self-conscious I became about it. It completely ruined my self-esteem…I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face. Sure, I had crushes in high school, but I wouldn’t even think about looking at guys.”

[ See: Instagram Queen Kendall Jenner’s 10 Most-Liked Photos ]

Having beautiful older sisters might have compounded her insecurities but the Kardashian girls actually rallied around Kendall, advising her to avoid touching her face and “to never pick.” Kim even consoled Kendall when she walked in on her crying about it on Christmas Eve.

Kendall Jenner Is Officially One of the World’s Highest Paid Models ]

Now that her acne problems are behind her, it’s endearing to see Kendall open up about her struggle and acknowledge that it “happens to SO many people.” Stars, they’re just like us — except she hired an “incredible dermatologist,” did Laser Genesis skin therapy and is now a top model, but you know what we mean.

[via People StyleWatch]

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The Internet Is Cracking Up Over the Vagina Dress

Excuse me, your vagina is showing.

An Aussie mum has purchased a brand new Wayne Cooper dress from Myer this week, only to be laughed at by her husband while trying it on for him back at home. Don’t worry, he had good reason. Although she definitely looked dashing, the shift dress’ print looks like it was made up of several kaleidoscopic vaginas. Yep. And you thought #DressGate was bad.

As you can imagine, the Internet has been having an absolute field day with this one. Thanks to blogger School Mum posting a pic of herself in the fleshy-toned dress to her Facebook page, we’ve quickly realised that plenty of other women have faced the sticky situation themselves. #SorryNotSorry (more…)

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Iggy Azalea Goes Wild with Feathers for Vogue China’s Gala Dinner

Iggy Azalea for Vogue China

Photo: Getty

Iggy Azalea unleashed her inner-animal for Vogue China’s gala dinner at China’s Shanghai Exhibition Center on Tuesday, October 27, channelling a blue ostrich-like creature in a piece from Armani Privé.

The drama of the strapless dress definitely matched Iggy’s usual outlandish style, but it kind of looks like she’s had some feathers plucked with the white underlay showing underneath.

The black bow under the bust at least broke up the overflow of texture, which made us think that perhaps a shorter hemline could’ve worked in Iggy’s favour as well, simply by lessening the load of this piece.

That being said, having her décolletage exposed also makes this get-up resemble a feather duster. While we don’t want to pick her up and start cleaning our house with her, we do think this piece is proving itself to be lose-lose. 

What do you think of Iggy’s latest red carpet look? Fabulous or best forgotten?