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Socality Barbie Reveals True Identity and Quits Instagram

Our Instagram feeds will never be the same. The creator of @SocalityBarbie, Portland-based photographer Darby Cisneros, has revealed her true identity and announced that she’s shutting down the account.

A brilliant satire of today’s Instagram culture, Socality Barbie posted carefully curated photos alongside witty captions. The account became so popular that Cisneros was offered money for product placements and even free airfare to Iceland, which she politely turned down.

Just 22 weeks, 136 pictures and 1.3 million followers later, Socality Barbie’s time has come to an end. At first, we thought she was poking fun at Essena O’neill’s departure from social media (which we have to admit would be hilarious) but alas, Hipster Barbie is really saying goodbye. (more…)

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Christian Dior Adds Emilia Clarke to Its Ever-Growing List of Ambassadors (Forum Buzz)

There’s already a string of A-list personalities associated with Christian Dior, including Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard. Now in an attempt to boost sales even further, Dior taps actress Emilia Clarke to front its latest jewelry collection entitled Rose des Vents. Patrick Demarchelier shot the less-is-always-more images, where the Game of Thrones star poses before a clean white background wearing a crisp white shirt in one image, while she dons a black turtleneck in the second, allowing the understated diamond necklaces to shine through.

Christian Dior Joaillerie F/W 2015.16 : Emilia Clarke by Patrick Demarchelier


The minimalist approach wasn’t to our liking, however. “She looks good but the pictures are underwhelming. I’m just happy they didn’t over Photoshop her, she’s too beautiful for that,” said KateTheGreatest, hitting us off on a slightly positive note.

[ 16 Times Emilia Clarke Slayed the Red Carpet ]

“She’s a beautiful woman and a charismatic actress, but I usually find her underwhelming, when it comes to fashion imagery. It’s not for lack of natural good looks, but more that she’s not really giving anything to the camera. There’s no spark,” echoed a disappointed tigerrouge. (more…)

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Angelina Jolie’s Effortless Beauty Shines Bright on This WSJ. Magazine Cover (Forum Buzz)

We hadn’t seen Angelina Jolie on the cover of a magazine for what felt like YEARS until the actress recently landed the cover of Vogue‘s November issue and now she fronts WSJ. Magazine‘s November edition. For the title’s Innovators Issue, Angie wears a simple black dress by Celine and was captured by Peter Lindbergh for the occasion, resulting in an arresting black and white portrait shot. The recently released cover certainly makes us appreciate Lindbergh’s zero Photoshop aesthetic, as Angie’s effortless beauty leaves us wanting even more.

WSJ Magazine November 2015 : Angelina Jolie by Peter Lindbergh


Members of our forums were left with mixed emotions toward the cover. “Beautiful photo, looks very true to who she is (or seems to be, as I don’t know her personally),” said Thefrenchy right after the cover surfaced.

“Really lovely,” gazebo was quick to add with forum member JessRubik using the words “simple and pretty” to describe the cover.

In agreement over how stunning it turned out was Wolkfolk, raving, “Very beautiful and engaging cover. I love that she’s barely wearing any makeup and still looks gorgeous.”

But not everyone was buying it. “I usually like pics like this but this one is so lifeless,” admitted narcyza.

“Angelina is just like Adele. Same sh*t different day,” complained an uninterested A.D.C.

Benn98 later responded, “What we see here is the effect of photo approval. A snoozefest for me.”

Await Angie’s cover story and drop us a comment here.

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Shocker: Kim Kardashian Photoshops Her Pics


Kim Kardashian didn’t become a selfie expert overnight. It took years of practice studying her angles, finding the most flattering lighting and mastering the art of airbrushing. This week, Kim inadvertently exposed her (or her assistant’s) Photoshopping skills when she posted a retouched image to Instagram and Twitter, and the unedited picture to Facebook.

Kim Kardashian’s Selfies Get Turned into Works of Art in Hilarious New Tumblr ]

No big deal except someone saved the original image before she could delete it and created a GIF so we can see exactly what “problems” Kim tackles in her editing app. First, she got rid of some skin around her neck (which she usually hides with a choker, but I digress…). Next, she smoothed down her ponytail and got rid of flyaways because selfie experts don’t have flyaways! Both minor changes that probably didn’t need retouching but what else do you expect from the woman who created a book from pictures of her face?

[via People StyleWatch]

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Balmain x H&M Took Only an Hour to Sell Out Online

Jourdan Dunn Olivier Rousteing Balmain Kendall Jenner H&M

Image: Getty

Get ready to see everyone you know in a Balmain x H&M embellished dress. The collection sold out online in record time: just 60 minutes after it became available to shoppers at 8:00 this morning. At just 8:01, the site crashed (and we can personally account that the site wasn’t working due to “heavy traffic” as early as 4 a.m.) and the entire collection was gone an hour later, save for a few sizes and random accessories.

If you’re thinking of trying your luck in stores, we’ll save you the trip: those have been ransacked too. Shoppers reportedly camped out overnight and then pushed their way into stores, falling over themselves and knocking down racks in the process. However, if you’re still dying for a Balmain x H&M piece, prepare to spend your life’s savings and head over to eBay, where Kendall’s $549 blazer is selling for a mere $1,200. (more…)

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Lorna Jane Feels Under ‘Atttack’ By An ‘Opportunist’ Journo Who Claims She Was ‘Used’ By Active Label

The company that inspires us to “move, nourish, believe” is making headlines all over again. In a tell-all article, a Lorna Jane employee-turned-journalist is saying that the activewear label “used” her, a claim that Lorna Jane has bitten back at, calling the former staff member “an opportunist” who wants to benefit from founder Lorna Jane Clarkson’s success.

Courier Mail journalist Vanessa Croll posted an opinion piece dubbed “Lorna Jane, you used me” yesterday, revealing her experience as a personal trainer at one of Lorna’s gyms 10 years ago. She says that she was approached by Lorna to model for the brand, but only got paid $70 for her first 30-look shoot, and the images of her are still used to this day, an entire decade later. “When I see it all I feel is a sense of shameful vulnerability,” Vanessa wrote of seeing the photos.

Vanessa believes she was “taken for a ride” by Lorna, who she trained regularly and considered a friend, however, the brand has fought back guns (the metaphorical bicep kind) ablazing. After Lorna’s debatably transparent attempt to repair her company’s tarnished image (you might remember the controversial “fit model” ads and bullying claims), the brand has directly replied to the Courier Mail‘s Facebook share of Vanessa’s article. (more…)