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Mambo Just Released a Really Weird Summer 2014 Campaign

We’re not sure what just happened. Mambo toasts its 30th birthday this year, and have put together a really weird Summer 2014 campaign video for the celebration. They’ve tapped a cast of Australian and international talent, including model Caitlyn Paterson and Puberty Blues hunk Sean Keenan, to do some super strange and questionable activities for the clip shot in NSW’s Northern Beaches.

Caitlyn and her super hot model friend, Sports Illustrated‘s Nina Agdal, kick off the video by posing with bananas alongside a very stoked Sean. He’s just really happy to be there, you guys. Then there’s a bunch of girl-on-girl cuddling and hose waterfights between the attractive trio before shit gets really weird.

The babes start hitchhiking (which we definitely don’t condone), because apparently they’re “going nowhere”. They even try to hitch a flag down an ambulance. Classy. Marriage material for sure. (more…)

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Country Road to Launch Activewear Line

Country Road is venturing into the fitness market, announcing the news across social media platforms this week. According to the retailer’s little promo video for the upcoming range, the pieces will have you covered when it comes to stretching, jumping, sprinting, boxing, dumb-bell lifting and more.

Country Road’s Facebook page says it’s “bringing a fashion edge to high performance activewear” with the upcoming collection, dubbed CR Active. If the chain-store’s current offering is anything to go by, we have no qualms in believing that statement.

Australian high-jump champion Amy Pejkovic is the face of the campaign, and you can watch her get sporty in neons and rad hoodie vests in the video below. The collection will be available in-store from October 9.

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Alessandra Ambrosio Touches Down in Sydney for Australia’s Next Top Model

A Victoria’s Secret angel is in town. Alessandra Ambrosio, with hubby Jamie Mazur in tow, touched down in Sydney yesterday as the first confirmed guest judge for Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 9.

While producers of the show will not formally replace former judge Charlotte Dawson, who died suddenly earlier this year, a revolving door of high-profile guests like Alessandra will help Alex Perry and Jennifer Hawkins find a winner. (more…)

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Kim Kardashian’s Attacker Targets Ciara at Valentino Today

Pranker in male thong grabbing Ciara

Image: GC Images/Getty Images

OK, someone has GOT to stop this Vitalii Sediuk guy. 

Last week, he caused a ruckus before the Balmain show when he attempted to pull Kim Kardashian down to the ground by her legs. But it seems that Sediuk can’t stop, won’t stop acting a fool and has set his sights on another celebrity PFW showgoer, Ciara. As the “Body Party” singer posed for pictures outside the Valentino show, a thong-clad Sediuk came over to join her in a photo and got way too close. He’s pictured snuggled up against the singer, and we’re pretty sure his junk at least touched her leg. *Shudder*

When a curious TMZ reporter asked why he would do such a thing, he replied, “It’s a portrait,” pointing to his leg, on which he’d painted the words “Ban in USA but I rock Chanel” (whatever that means), before sending his regards to Kim Kardashian. Ick. 


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Everyone Hates Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s YA Novel

Ivan Nikolov/

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

Kris Jenner is hell-bent on making her youngest daughters, Kendall and Kylie, as famous as their older half-sisters, and it seems like she’s succeeding. Kendall’s been pretty much embraced as a high-fashion model in spite of (because of?) her famous name. Kylie apparently has aspirations in the music industry, which we don’t doubt she will achieve, well, because she’s a Jenner. But while the fashion world has acquiesced to the Kardashian-Jenner allure, the literary world is not so charmed by the family’s efforts to insert themselves into every kind of media there is.

The sisters’ YA novel, Rebels: City of Indra has been out for three months and has sold only 13,000 copies. Maybe Kendall and Kylie’s fans aren’t the reading types — or perhaps it’s because the book is legitimately bad. Just how bad?

We combed through reader reviews to find out why people are saying Kendall and Kylie’s book is so terrible. And it’s not just blind Kardashian hatred — the characters aren’t complex, the plotline has been done and the writing itself is quite awful. But don’t take it from us. Let a few disgruntled readers tell you exactly how they felt about the Jenners’ authorial debut. (more…)

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