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Link Buzz: Zoe Saldana Reveals Her Baby Boys’ Names, Selena Gomez Flashes Her Ankles at a Mosque

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

  • The mystery is over: Zoe Saldana’s twin boys are named Cy and Bowie. [Us Weekly]
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt got married on the low. [Page Six]
  • Selena Gomez shows her ankles at a mosque, the Internet freaks out. [Page Six]
  • Old folks give their take on Kim Kardashian’s naked butt Paper magazine cover. [Just Jared]
  • Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis may or may not have gotten married. [People]
  • Kanye West just released a song with the legendary Paul McCartney. Too bad a few of Yeezy’s fans don’t know who that is. [BuzzFeed]
  • How J.Crew colors get their names. [The Huffington Post]
  • These dolls of Duchess Kate Middleton and Princess Diana are supremely creepy. [Daily Mail]
  • Apple Watch is coming to a store near you. Here is how the tech giant’s new product may do once it hits shelves. [Business Insider]

The Buzz Latest News

Why Brands Should Start Catering to the Over 60 Crowd

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Don’t be fooled by the grays: People over 60 are quickly wielding more and more spending power and retailers are starting to sit up and take notice. According to The Business of Fashion, the 60-plus crowd spent over $8 trillion globally in 2010 and their spending is predicted to reach $15 trillion by 2020.

In order to gain this demographic’s hard-earned dollars, however, retailers have to be willing to pay attention to their needs. We live in an admittedly youth-dominated culture and advertising tends to skew toward the younger set. There are less obvious ways to attract an older customer as well: retailers can make labels easier to read, make sure stores are well-lit and hire older workers who can better relate to shoppers of a certain age.

Retailers and brands also need to make a commitment to reaching older customers through digital engagement. Selfridges’ Creative Director Linda Hewson points to a video it created with filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson about “age not being an issue” which did better than the company anticipated. “We were really surprised about how people engaged with it. One would assume that it is more a younger population that engage with things online and engage with short films, but it just isn’t the case, as we are fast discovering!” A recent survey shows that in many countries, people up to the age of 75 are navigating the Internet. 

Brands like NARS and Marc Jacobs have used older models in advertising campaigns, so things are slowly changing. But if they want the almighty gray dollar, they need to step it up.

[via The Business of Fashion]

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Covers ELLE UK’s February Issue

ELLE U.K. is ringing in the month of February with an appearance from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The model/actress was chosen as the magazine’s latest cover girl, which marks the fourth time she’s fronted the glossy. Rosie is clad in a skirt, cropped top and ivory jacket slung over her shoulders, all from Miu Miu. 


Kai Z Feng captured the model for the cover and accompanying 16-page spread, in which she models Giorgio Armani’s latest. Those of you wondering about Rosie’s workout routine are in for a treat with this issue because the story reveals the secret behind the model’s rockin’ bod (spoiler: dancing). 

Rosie’s set to appear in 2015’s rendition of Mad Max, so we reckon we’ll be seeing a lot of her this year. And no, we don’t have any complaints about that.

[via ELLE UK]

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Madonna Uses Legendary Black Leaders to Promote Her Latest Album

What do Madonna, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley and Martin Luther King, Jr. have in common? According to Madonna, they’re all keen on promoting her new album. The singer’s Rebel Heart album is coming out and she’s revealed the cover art, a shot of the singer with wire wrapped around her face. Madge had previously regrammed fan art featuring Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga in similar wrapped-up shots. But, today was a little different, and left more than a few people wondering what the heck Madonna is thinking.


This ❤️#rebelheart had a dream!

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Today, she posted images of Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley with wire Photoshopped onto their faces, adding a quip on why each was a #RebelHeart. (These were not fan art, to be clear.) Because fighting for justice and equality of oppressed people is right on par with promoting your album. 

The Instagram snaps were greeted with plenty of outraged comments by posters who found the images disrespectful to the memories of these great men. 

“Madonna’s rebellion is that is [sic] a teenager: rebellion for rebellion’s sake. Mandela’s rebellion had a true and honorable purpose,” @noboundfeet commented via Instagram. “This is poorly judged by anyone’s estimation,” @vickynunes added. Others took to Twitter to express their outrage. (more…)

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Surprise! Three Bloggers Cover Lucky’s February Issue

Lucky magazine is starting 2015 with a bang – and a bit of a risky move. The shopping magazine, which is about to launch an e-commerce venture, revealed its cover stars for the February issue and they’re definitely not who you’d expect. Instead of the typical young starlet, Lucky has tapped The Blonde Salad blogger Chiara Ferragni, Zanita Whittington of and Gary Pepper‘s Nicole Warne.


This is certainly a fresh take on the usual cover model and a sign of how influential bloggers have become, as well as Eva Chen’s faith that they will continue to be a driving force in the fashion industry. The social media following for the trio is about 4 million plus total, so it will be interesting to see if such a strong fan base will translate into sales.

It’s a bold and exciting move from Chen, who may be blazing some serious trails for mainstream fashion magazines. We wager that there will be a lot of eyes monitoring the performance of this issue. If it proves to be a success, it could mean the start of a new era.

[via Lucky]

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Revlon CEO Slapped with a Discrimination Suit for Racist Remarks

Revlon finds itself mired in a bit of a scandal thanks to a lawsuit claiming the company’s CEO, Lorenzo Delpani, allegedly made racist remarks against black and Jewish people. Alan Meyers, a former scientist for the cosmetics brand, says that during his tenure there, he endured Delpani’s racist remarks, tirades and generally disrespectful treatment. 

Image: Revlon

Image: Revlon

The New York Post reports that Meyers was fired last month from the beauty brand, and the scientist claims that ever since he brought up safety concerns with production, he’d become Delpani’s target. According to the suit, the Italian-born boss made offensive comments about Meyers’ Jewish heritage, allegedly remarking how surprised he was that the company did not have a larger Jewish workforce since Revlon’s largest shareholder is Ron Perelman and “Jews stick together,” before mentioning how happy he was that Perelman had abandoned the storied practice.

Delpani also allegedly made comments about black people, saying that he “could smell a black person when he entered a room” after attending a meeting in South Africa. 

Revlon’s people are chalking up the issues to Meyers being a bitter ex-employee, saying that his performance at the company was unsatisfactory, so he was let go. “Mr. Meyers repeatedly demonstrated critical lapses in judgment and failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees,” a spokesperson for the brand said. 

Meyers is seeking damages for his treatment at the company.  

[via New York Post]

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