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Link Buzz: Lena Dunham’s Anti-Semitic Quiz Sparks Ire, Dov Charney Seeking a Hefty Sum in Damages from American Apparel

Lena Dunham New Yorker

Image: WENN

  • These women try overlining their lips like Kylie Jenner. The results? Umm…let’s just say we now have tons of respect for Ms. Jenner as a makeup artist. [BuzzFeed]
  • Desigual lost a few employees in that tragic Germanwings plane crash. [WWD]
  • Everyone is freaking out over the anti-Semitic quiz Lena Dunham published in The New Yorker. [NYP]
  • Kate Middleton wore Mulberry for her last public appearance before going on maternity leave. [People]
  • Music fans have launched a petition to boot Paris Hilton from her headline gig at Milwaukee’s Summerfest this year. [NYDN]
  • In preparation for the Apple Watch launch, Apple employees are learning how to give fashion advice. [Fortune]
  • More drama on the horizon for American Apparel as Dov Charney seeks $40 million in damages. [BoF]
  • It’s allegedly over between David Walliams and Lara Stone. [Grazia]

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Women’s Periods Apparently Violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines

“Free the Nipple” advocates have been putting pressure on Instagram to get rid of its policy that prohibits people from posting images of women with exposed nipples. But this latest bout of Instagram censorship seriously makes us think that the social media outlet really needs an overhaul of its policies. 


A photo posted by Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur_) on

Rupi Kaur, a poet from the University of Waterloo, posted a series of images she took for a class exploring menstruation and the experiences women have during their respective periods. One of the pictures she posted showed a fully-clothed woman lying in bed on her side with a red stain typical of a leak marking the back of her sweatpants that seeped onto the sheets. Instagram removed the photo, saying it was in violation of its Community Guidelines.

Rupi attempted to repost the image (which was again removed), adding a message to Instagram’s moderators, labeling its initial removal as a sexist act. 

“Thank you @instagram for providing me with the exact response my work was created to critique,” she wrote. “You deleted a photo of a woman who is fully covered and menstruating stating that it goes against community guidelines when your guidelines outline that it is nothing but acceptable. The girl is fully clothed. The photo is mine. It is not attacking a certain group. Nor is it spam. And because it does not break those guidelines, I will repost it again. I will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in an underwear but not be okay with a small leak. When your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women (so many who are underage) are objectified. Pornified. And treated less than human.” 

Of course, Ms. Kaur has a point. If Amber Rose is free to post images of her bare booty (which we are totally NOT complaining about…at all), why should a covered woman pictured with a tiny menstrual leak be deemed inappropriate? This entire situation just reinforces Instagram’s history of discriminating against women’s bodies, at least when they are not depicted in a state that may be attractive to straight men. Back in July, plus-sized Ohio teenager Samm Newman’s Instagram account was deleted over a few innocuous images of her posing in her underwear. Newman suspected that the site took action because of her size. Victoria’s Secret models and women with conventionally “hot” bodies were free to post as many bikini photos as they pleased, but she was singled out. Instagram later apologized for the misstep.

We can add this latest offense to a long list of questionable and downright wrong moves Instagram has made in the name of upholding its policies. Fortunately, after the backlash against censoring Kapur’s pictures, Instagram reposted the image, saying that it was mistakenly removed (twice?). It is just sad that it took a whole uproar for the site to get it right.

Instagram is in desperate need of an overhaul of its Community Guidelines. Time and time again, it has been caught participating in these random acts of sexism and hiding behind arbitrary community rules to justify them. Even if the removal was a mistake, Instagram should at the very least be making it clear to its employees that this sort of discrimination is unacceptable, rather than allowing it to go on and providing little more than an “oops” once its errors garner enough controversy. 

[h/t ScoopWhoop, Rupi Kaur, Dazed]

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Lindsay Ellingson Is Gearing up to Launch Wander Beauty

Lindsay Ellingson and her business partner Divya Gugnani are ready to unveil her cosmetics project Wander Beauty, a line inspired by Ellingson’s travels. The model is gearing up to debut the line’s first product, the On-the-Glow Blush & Highlighter Duo Stick on QVC next month, but before that and the launch of the brand’s city-themed capsule collection in September, Ellingson’s been dropping teasers, sharing makeup tips and tricks on the brand’s Instagram page (as well as her personal accounts) and getting feedback from fans in order to perfect their product selection.

One of the features of Wander Beauty is its commitment to appealing to a multi-ethnic consumer. Multi-ethnic beauty is the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. beauty market, growing 3.7 percent in 2014. Obviously, it is a smart business move on Ellingson’s part to take advantage of the burgeoning market. One way Wander Beauty attempts to attract this demographic is to use models of different ethnicities to showcase the same product. That way, customers of all skin tones will be able to get an idea of how the makeup might look on their faces– that is, if they aren’t much darker than say, a Kerry Washington. From what we observed, there seems to be a gaping hole in the spectrum for darker women who might have the complexion of Gabrielle Union or Lupita Nyong’o. But we suppose that is something that can be corrected before the official launch.

In the meantime, Ellingson & co. have  been engaging with potential customers and fans on social media as they put the line together, providing a glimpse of what to expect from Wander Beauty. This sort of pre-launch brand engagement is smart, as it helps the company build a base before they actually release any products.

Look out for the launch of Ellingson’s first Wander Beauty product on QVC in Mid-April.

[via WWD]

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Did Damon Dash and Kanye West Buy Karmaloop?

Rumors that Karmaloop would be filing for bankruptcy have been swirling as of late, but it looks like the retailer is getting some relief, courtesy of two hip-hop bigwigs. Entrepreneur Damon Dash and fashion enthusiast Kanye West have reportedly teamed together to buy the struggling brand.

Dash has been particularly active on Instagram as of late, and naturally took to the social media outlet to announce the big purchase. In a three-part series of Instagram videos tagging major media outlets as well as influencers and fashion insiders, Dash stands next to a stone-faced, silent Yeezy, explaining that this Karmaloop buy is only the start of their projects together, which Dash says include “a couple of other cool things” not related to music. 

Karmaloop has been going through its share of woes, which its founder Greg Selkoe blames on debts incurred from expanding and opening too many spin-off businesses too quickly, telling Gearbottle that the bankruptcy filing was more of an attempt to restructure the company. Of course, with this purchase there are several questions, particularly pertaining to the involvement of Dash and Kanye, the latter of whom is notoriously hands-on when it comes to product. Will Kanye’s presence influence the kind of products the site sells? Will the site’s street chic, logo-emblazoned wares veer more toward the high-fashion streetwear aesthetic Mr. West champions?

We will have to see, but at the very least, we wager the website will probably carry future Kanye West x Adidas Originals collaborations, which could help Karmaloop get back on track.

UPDATE: We reached out to Karmaloop for comment and a representative denies that West and Dash have officially made a purchase. “Kanye and [Damon] have not purchased Karmaloop. They are among several people we’ve spoken with about Karmaloop. We’re having a lot of conversations and seeing intense interest in our brand.”

We will be following this carefully as the story develops.

[via @duskopoppington]

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Finally! The Edit Nails Kerry Washington’s Cover Shoot (Forum Buzz)

Various publications have attempted to capture the gorgeous Kerry Washington (shouldn’t be that hard, right?) — Allure failed miserably with its makeup-free approach, while InStyle offended its readers after a skin-lightening scandal emerged. Finally, Net-a-Porter‘s online supplement The Edit has done Kerry’s beauty justice. Photographed by Bjorn Iooss, the Scandal actress dons a crisp white jacket by Isabel Marant for the cover shot and showcases other ensembles from the likes of Stella McCartney, The Row and Marni for the editorial. Kerry sat down with Aliza Licht (aka DKNY PR Girl and one of our esteemed experts on theFashionDish) for an interview to accompany the feature, which can be read on Net-a-Porter‘s site.

The Edit March 26, 2015 Kerry Washington Bjorn Iooss


Our forum members were quick to sing The Edit’s praises once the latest installment surfaced. “Stunning, absolutely stunning. Kerry looks flawless here, that cover shot is everything. So glad for her,” raved Benn98, about to set the tone of more comments to come.

“Oh my goodness! This is the best Kerry I’ve seen!! Flawless! Such haunting beauty,” shared MON in agreement.

RanThe felt the same way and echoed, “Absolutely gorgeous! Kerry looks stunning, a natural beauty. This is the best cover she has done since her Vanity Fair cover. Vogue take notes please.” We couldn’t agree more!

Also full of enthusiasm was nataliaapple: “Finally someone did Kerry right!!! Kudos to the photographer and stylist. Well frickin’ done!”

The Edit March 26, 2015 Kerry Washington Bjorn Iooss


Take a peek inside the thread to view the remaining images and join the discussion here.

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Stella McCartney Wants to Help Vivienne Westwood’s Business Be More Sustainable

Vivienne Westwood runway

Image: Imaxtree

Business of Fashion held a panel this week to talk about the problems the fashion industry faces, including sustainability. The way clothes are produced has alarming and damaging effects on the environment. One example of this is the fact that you can identify the color trends each season by taking a look at some of the dye that gets into the rivers in China. “The smallest thing can have an impact,” said Stella McCartney, who sat on the panel. “We are all living on this land with limited resources, and we all have to be conscious about how we consume and how we manufacture and how we source — and the fashion industry is no different than anyone else.”

Also on hand for the event was Vivienne Westwood, who says she has been taking steps to creating more environmentally friendly pieces with the help of UN’s Ethical Fashion Initiative. But on the topic of sustainability, Westwood had several questions for McCartney about certain materials, whether they are easy on the environment or not. Her questions demonstrated the harsh truth that many designers simply don’t know how their wares affect the environment, indicating that perhaps the first step to an industry-wide commitment to sustainability starts with education.

“I wonder where we get all that expert advice from?” Westwood wondered. McCartney, in turn, pledged to be Westwood’s guide in navigating more sustainable waters. “I’m going to help you and I can’t wait to work with you. I would gladly give you my information sheet and will be very proud to do so.”

Stella McCartney covers Business of Fashion‘s latest print issue, which covers seven of fashion’s biggest issues today.

[via Telegraph]

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