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Anu Raina Designs in a Toronto State of Mind

Anu Raina 1Toronto-based designer Anu Raina will be showing her eponymous World MasterCard Fashion Week collection in the Studio on Friday, March 21 at 3:00 p.m. It’s not the most prestigious of locales or timeslots, but those who aren’t yet decided on attending the Fall 2014 shows can reconsider their decision after hearing of Raina’s inspiration.

Like the vision behind her popular Toronto subway scarf, Raina is again set to channel her favourite city, paying homage with a collection that focuses on the rich hues and textures of Toronto’s autumn season. Entitled T.O², the lineup will include signature prints featuring original artwork of city-inspired imagery.

“In this collection of prints, I sought to recapture the joyful experience of falling in love with Toronto,” says Raina. “The rich memories of my first fall here have been a great source of inspiration for me. I recall an experience beyond words, where it seemed someone had filled a bucket with warm hues and splashed it across the city.”

Woven together by a common thread of black, the palette is punctuated by Malachite green, ochre, cobalt blue, prunes, purples and teals, inspired by the changing colours of nature and the passive-but-pervasive backdrop of the city’s signals and signs. Raina’s trademark prints feature stylized and abstract city scenes, including fall on Lake Ontario, gleaming high-rises, downtown at night, rides on “The Rocket” and long walks around North York.

I have only seen sketches of what’s to come — one of which is included here — but expect this collection to be a real flag-waving gem that will embody the changing nature and backdrop of fashion week’s host city.

Image via Anu Raina Designs

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Season 2 of The Face Premieres Tomorrow Night: Meet Amanda Gullickson, theFashionSpot’s Exclusive Model Blogger

Image: The Face/Oxygen

Image: The Face/Oxygen

We've been obsessed with The Face ever since we first learned that supermodel Naomi Campbell was launching a new modeling reality show. In anticipation of the Oxygen Network series' second season premiere (airing tomorrow, on Wednesday, March 5 at 10 ET), we're excited to announce that we'll be hosting an exclusive weekly blog from one of the contestants, model Amanda Gullickson

We asked Gullickson to tell us a little bit about herself in a video selfie, which you can see for yourself here. The 18-year-old South Carolina girl has been modeling for the past couple of years and is currently signed with Next Los Angeles. (Here's a little feature on Gullickson in WWD; you can also check out her tFS forum thread.) She tells us that she auditioned for The Face at the suggestion of her mother agency in Charlotte, Evolution: "I went to the casting and everything just fell into place."

This season, industry legends Lydia Hearst and Anne V join Campbell as mentors to the twelve contestants; photographer and television personality Nigel Barker will his role as host. The winner will become the face of Frédéric Fekkai for the beauty brand's 2014 national ad campaign and receive a spread in the July issue of ELLE magazine. 

Check back after tomorrow's premiere to get Amanda's exclusive take on the episode. 

Image: The Face/Oxygen

Image: The Face/Oxygen


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Chanel Carbs, Kendall Jenner and Everything Else You Need to Know About Today’s Nutso Chanel Supermarket Show

Karl Lagerfeld's Fall 2014 Chanel collection walked the runway earlier today and for those of us who woke up to the odd runway imagery trickling out of Paris, there's a lot to process. Last season, the Chanel show was set at an art gallery; this time, the German designer took his collection to the supermarché, a move which embodies the art vs. commerce dilemma at the heart of fashion (and at the heart of Lagerfeld's career as a designer). 

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

The Chanel designer is known for his spectacular sets (for example: at his Pre-Fall collection in January, Lagerfeld created a Dallas rodeo and seated guests in parked cars, like at a drive-thru), but this season, more than ever, the elaborate setting dominated the show. Below, we try to wrap our minds around all the branded products stocking the Chanel supermarket shelves, the supermodel shoppers browsing its aisles — and yes, some of the fashions, too. 

  • Tweed Soda comes in eight flavors: Lemon, Orange, Tropical, Energy, Mint, Tea, Cola and Cola Light. 
Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

  • I bet Chanel parsley never gets stuck in your teeth.
Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

  • The Chanel store even carries super chic carbs, branded with the house's interlocking Cs logo.
  • Those of you with a heart will be relieved to hear that none of this food will go to waste. The Times fashion editor Laura Craik reports that all edible produce will be donated to charity:
  • So now, a bit about the show. Cara Delevingne opened it. ​
Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

  • She also closed it.
Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

  • Her buddy Rihanna attended and sat front row; girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez was reportedly also seated in the front row.
    Here's a photo of Rihanna, Delevingne and another Chanel model, Joan Smalls, riding around the set in shopping carts after the show:
Image: Getty

Image: Getty


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Katie Eary Teams Up with River Island’s Design Forum

Rising star of street couture, Katie Eary, has become the latest young designer to begin a collaboration with River Island’s Design Forum. Breaking the boundaries between runway and high street, the idea is to promote up-and-coming design talent to the masses at a fraction of the price. The River Island capsule collections are always a lot more purse-friendly, which is perfect for mixing and matching a few designer-feeling pieces rather than just investing in one.

Previous collaborators include Eudon Choi and Joseph Turvey. All these designers have different signatures, but are completely capable of creating a capsule collection that is on-brand with the River Island consumer.

katie eary 1

Eary set up her own label after working at Levi's and initially studying at the Royal College of Art. She’s making her high street debut by teaming up with River Island on the 18-piece collection, and is known for her glamorous streetwear signature, which, of course, can also be felt throughout this high street collaboration. 

Think vibrant animal prints, a plethora of bleached denim and boho-feeling fringe covering a range of must-have summertime pieces and accessories. Highlights include the Black Fringed Underarm Bag (above left) £120 and the Lizard Print Eyelit Top £45.

The collection is available now at River Island online with prices ranging between £20 and £120. 

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British TV Chef Nigella Lawson is UK Vogue’s April Cover Subject (Forum Buzz)

UK Vogue released its April cover this morning via its website. The cover features British TV chef and recent tabloid subject, Nigella Lawson, wearing a jade green lace Burberry Prorsum dress, photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg.



TheFashionSpot forums are divided with this particular cover (which is the reason why I love reading the forums so much).

"I admit I had to google her to find out who she is. And I think she looks better here than in every single picture I found of her on Google. I don't now, something about this is so dull and awkward. And the fact that there is not a single eye-catching, interesting tagline on the cover either makes me think this must be one hell of a boring issue," wrote Pyslocke.

Nepenthes also had no clue as to who Nigella Lawson was, "I had to google her too but she looks beautiful. It's a pretty solid cover. I only wish they had done something similar with Daria for March. Would have been much more interesting," he wrote.

"Huge fan of Nigella and I'm loving this cover!" exclaims justaguy.

MON seemed to be pleased that Vogue chose a new cover subject: "I was so happy when I saw her name on the thread! I am really pleased with the cover. Very beauty. The color scheme is perfect too. Finally it's not Cole, Beckham, or any celebrity Vogue UK is obsessed with."

Check a preview of Nigella's shoot and join the discussion here.

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Australian Designer Catherine Martin Wins Two Oscars for The Great Gatsby


Cate Blanchett might have a shiny new Best Actress Academy Award, but it's another Australian, designer Catherine Martin, who's now her country’s most prolific Oscar winner.

Martin won two Oscars for her work on husband Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, taking out the Best Costume Design and Best Production Design categories. That puts her total tally at four, one gong above Orry-Kelly, who won three awards for his design contributions to An American in Paris, Les Girls and Some Like It Hot. Martin had previously won two Oscars for Moulin Rouge in 2002.

Though The Great Gatsby earned mixed reviews from critics, the opulent costumes and hedonistic sets won over even F. Scott Fitzgerald extremists. Miuccia Prada designed 40 background dresses as well as some of Carey Mulligan’s costumes, while Brooks Brothers supplied a further 1,200 in total (some of the party scenes had almost 300 extras outfitted in unique costumes).

The film’s release also coincided with the great Jazz Age revival of Spring 2012. Designers including Gucci and Ralph Lauren found inspiration in the flapper era, and trend reports everywhere added fuel to the roaring 20s fire. Vogue interpreted the trend more literally by giving Mulligan a full Gatsby-themed cover for the May 2013 issue, after a lengthy mutual courtship with Luhrmann (he created all the videos for the Met Costume Institute – now the Anna Wintour Costume Center — 2012 ‘Schiaparelli and Prada’ exhibition, and Mulligan co-chaired the corresponding Met Gala).

In the Best Costumes category, Martin was up against the designers for The Grandmaster, The Invisible Woman, 12 Years a Slave and, most significantly, American Hustle. Fellow Australian designer and top contender Michael Wilkinson, who brought the characters of American Hustle to life with his bold 70s costumes, studied at Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art about the same time as Martin.

They might not boast massive star power, but Australian costume designers are having a bigger influence on high street (and high) fashion than anyone might have anticipated. 

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