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Lui’s Nude Marie de Villepin Cover Is Its ‘Worst to Date’ (Forum Buzz)

Ever since the start of 2015, we’ve became huge supporters of Lui. The magazine has been consistent in producing captivating and visually stimulating covers and tapping the likes of Camille Rowe and the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Unfortunately, the racy title appears to have taken four steps backwards with the release of its July/August issue. Marie de Villepin poses in a rather gimmicky cover shoot with a nipple out while strumming a guitar.

Lui Magazine July/August 2015 Marie de Villepin by Cedric Buchert


Members of our forums are far from impressed. “I suppose people won’t care about her more controversial father, lol. The cover shot looks very amateur, and the baring boob actually looks out of place,” Benn98 discredited.

“I wanted something new from them but not this tragic!” said a horrified MON.

Also unimpressed was KateTheGreatest: “One of a few ones that I don’t like. I don’t even know who this woman is and to be honest I don’t care. Bring back models,” she campaigned.

Miss Dalloway agreed, adding, “Yes, excuse me while I pretend to play my guitar with my boob out! The worst cover from them in a long time!”

“She’s the daughter of a big French politician and used to be dating Amber Heard but that cover is terrible. It looks fake,” Oxymore exclaimed soon after.

Echoing the same sentiments was justaguy: “This is just bad. They’ve had a couple tacky covers in the past, but this is their worst.”

“This is horrific how was it even allowed to be published? The magazine needs to be careful if they wish to maintain a credible reputation,” suggested mcmarket.

Check out (if you dare) Marie’s accompanying cover story and join the conversation here.

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Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Does a Fabulous Rendition of Cher’s ‘Believe’

The world is on the edge of its seat waiting for the next Hunger Games film to drop, which means we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Jennifer Lawrence and her hilarious antics – not that we’re complaining. Last night, Lawrence hit Conan with her co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson for a sit-down, during which it was revealed that Lawrence sometimes likes to break into song. And we mean, who doesn’t? But when J.Law spontaneously belts it out, the world listens.

Lawrence admitted that one of her favorite songs to sing is Believe by Cher, before blessing us with a short (hilarious) rendition of the tune. She got the vocals down pat and everything!

Listen to Lawrence serenade the audience in the video above.

[via Conan]

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Cull Your Wardrobe for a Good Cause This July

country road red cross charity

Photo courtesy of Country Road

If you needed a reason to cull your wardrobe, Country Road just found you one. The retailer has teamed up with Red Cross for its new initiative, Donate to Win,  encouraging us to support the charity by sending our pre-loved Country Road faves in its direction.

We understand it’s hard to part with certain wardrobe staples, but, by donating your second-hand Country Road clothing to the Red Cross, you will be rewarded with a $10 voucher, which can be used with your next $50-plus purchase at any Country Road store. You’ll also go in the draw to win one of five $500 Country Road gift cards.  (more…)

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Kanye West Styles Super-Weird Shoot Using Kim Kardashian On Piles of Dirt

Just when you thought you were starting to figure Kanye West and Kim Kardashian out, or Kimye, if you will, the pair go and raise our eyebrows for the 1,544th time. By now we all know that Kanye’s totally serious about fashion, and that Kim’s totally serious about showing off her bits, but sometimes when the two combine it makes for one hell of a uncomfortable viewing experience. (more…)

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Down Syndrome Model Madeline Stuart Lands Two Jobs in a Week

You might remember Madeline Stuart, the Brisbane-born teen with down syndrome, who gained an impressive online following after sharing her inspiring journey to becoming a successful fashion model. She has continued to challenge the limitations faced by those living with disabilities, and the hard work has been paying off, as the bubbly redhead has announced not one, but two, modelling gigs in the space of a week. (more…)

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A Radiant Natalie Portman Fronts the August Issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Forum Buzz)

Magazines think they’re doing us a favor by producing double issues, but on our forums, we only think of it as another whole month we have to wait for the next cover reveal. The August 2015 edition of Harper’s Bazaar dropped earlier today featuring a beautiful and radiant Natalie Portman, who suddenly feels like a refreshing cover subject for the American title. The Norman Jean Roy shoot certainly feels like a breath of fresh air as the actress warms her skin under natural sunlight wearing a pink Prada number on the newsstand cover (left), while showcasing a full-length gown on the cover for subscribers (right).

US Harper's Bazaar August 2015 Natalie Portman by Norman Jean Roy


Forum members immediately began to sing Bazaar‘s praises. “Stunning! Best Bazaar covers this year,” zoom announced right away.

“This is all I expect from Bazaar. Easy, simple, glamour. Give me lovely looking girls and settings and I’ll forgive them for no longer producing iconic work,” added A.D.C.

“It’s lovely, but what sort of weird shadow is going on, in the newsstand shot?” asked tigerrouge as the attitude started to go south.

Also noticing the blunder was MON: “This is above their standards. She looks beautiful, but what on earth is up with that shadow? Is this a studio shot edited to look like an outdoor shot? The shadow is beyond laughable. Anyway, the subscribers cover is fabulous! Although it doesn’t look realistic, it’s just so elegant.”

Forum member honeycombchild wasn’t so forgiving, either. “The fake shadow on the newsstand is awful. Shame, could have been beautiful. The subscribers shot is a great idea but to be picky, she should have been dropped further down into the composition I feel,” he noted.

“Both covers are stunning, surprisingly,” Style Savvy shared as things got back on track.

Which do you prefer? Join the conversation here.

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