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Adele’s New i-D Magazine Cover Is Super Gorgeous! (Forum Buzz)

Her name has been on everyone’s lips over the weekend after she unexpectedly announced the release of a new album and a brand new song. Now, in perfect timing, Adele stars on the just-dropped cover of i-D magazine‘s Winter 2015 issue. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, the “Someone Like You” singer makes her debut for the British publication and looks terrific in the captivating black and white cover image as she conceals one eye in true i-D fashion.

i-D Winter 2015 : Adele by Alasdair McLellan


“Goodness, she looks stunning! The best I’ve seen from Alasdair in some time. This vintage style hair and makeup really suits Adele. i-D was the last mag I thought would cover her,” expressed an amazed Benn98 the moment the cover surfaced.

“Gorgeous, I love that she is on this cover. Every magazine in the world is knocking on her door, and picking this one (I’m sure there will be more obvious ones coming) first, is refreshing,” noted an equally impressed Miss Dalloway.

Sharing the same sentiments was thiago:): “What a gorgeous woman! It feels so good seeing her face on magazine covers again.”

Also full of appreciation was Nymphaea, hailing, “Love it! Bring me more of Adele.”

Forum member honeycombchild agreed, too, adding, “This woman has such a beautiful face. She’s truly stunning and I welcome her on the cover of any magazine personally.”

“Why does fashion care about her??” asked gossiping, shifting the mood of the thread.

“I’d rather have a talented, chart-topping singer than some random with a curriculum in social media or some 14-year-old that has a fancy Tumblr account,” fired back mistress_f.

Are you a fan? Share your own opinion and join the conversation here.

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Disney Princesses Turn Horrifying in #HappilyNeverAfter Series

Disney is often seen as disempowering to women with its limiting standards of beauty and damsel-in-distress plot lines. Makeup artist Shonagh Scott turned the typical Disney narrative on its head by recreating princesses so raw and real they’re painful to look at.


Here is the 3rd of my 5 creepy Disney Princesses for the Velour Lashes Halloween Pop-Up Event! In my version of this ‘Happily Never After’ the Evil Queen’s poisoned Apple has caused a severe chemical burn to poor Snow’s face! If you would like to be in with a chance of winning the incredible ‘Velour Lash Book’ then head on over to their account @velourlashesofficial to see the rules on how to enter! Here I am wearing Velour Lashes in ‘Girl You Craazy’ you can get 15% off with my discount code ‘SHONAGHVELOUR’ #makeup #halloween #halloweenmakeup #velourlashes #HappilyNeverAfter #shonaghscott #showmemakeup #disneyprincess #snowwhite #snowwhitemakeup #poisonedapple #halloweenideas #sfx #VelourHalloween

A photo posted by Shonagh Scott – ShowMe MakeUp (@showmemakeup) on

The “Happily Never After” photo series finds Disney princesses grappling with abuse, domestic violence and severe injuries as their fairy tales turn gory. Snow White suffers from a chemical burn caused by a poisonous apple and Ariel’s voice box is viciously ripped out by the sea witch. Facing violence at the hands of their handsome princes, Belle’s cheek gets clawed after the Beast lashes out at her, and Cinderella trips while trying to escape her Prince and ends up with a glass heel stuck in her face. (more…)

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Louise Van De Vorst Is Pregnant

Major Aussie model Louise Van de Vorst has announced she and 30-year-old actor Jaime Robbie Reyne are having a baby, sharing a nude shot of her growing bump on Instagram over the weekend.

“We’re having a baby!” the 27-year-old model wrote alongside the black-and-white snap, where she can be seen holding flowers over the lady parts.

Louise, who has been popularly described as “alien-chic”, has quite the high-profile dating history. She dated singer Daniel Johns for almost four years until 2012, and was engaged to professional surfer Nathan Webster in 2013.

Jaime has been engaged to Louise since July, and shared his excitement of their pregnancy news on Instagram as well. “My baby’s having my baby!!! Love you forever @louisevandevorst,” he wrote.


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Kylie Jenner Shows Support for Aussie Designer Who Battled Depression

Kylie Jenner

Photo courtesy of H&M

If you’re one of Kylie Jenner‘s 40 million-plus Instagram followers (there’s no point denying it), you would have noticed she’s been using her influence for the greater good with her #IAmMoreThan series, sharing inspiring stories from everyday people.

Aspiring Aussie fashion designer Paris Marchant is the latest story shared on Kylie’s social media platform, with the Dungog teen opening up about leaving school in Year 9 to deal with her depression. “The demons were real and at the time I really did not want to be alive,” part of the heartbreaking post read. (more…)

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Taylor Swift To Perform Intimate Gig On Australia’s Hamilton Island

Taylor Swift

Photo: WENN

We’re sure it’s nice to be one of hundreds of thousands of other people watching Taylor Swift at a sold-out arena, but we reckon it’d be much nicer, and more audibly pleasing, in an intimate setting.

Radio station Nova thinks so too, and thus they will be hosting a private gig for 100 lucky fans on Hamilton Island amid Taylor’s “1989” national tour next month. 

We are proud to announce the BIGGEST RED ROOM EVER! #NovasRedRoom DETAILS:

Posted by Nova 106.9 on Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Daily Telegraph reports that Tay-Tay will play a mix of her biggest hits in a stripped-back performance, with the event being hosted by Kent “Smallzy” Small. (more…)

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Students Protest Germaine Greer Lecture Over Her Comments on Caitlyn Jenner and Transgender Community

Germaine Greer is nothing if not controversial, and the Australian-born feminist regularly raises an eyebrow or eleven when it comes to her views on certain topics and issues.

But this time it seems she has really overstepped her mark, with Cardiff University students now petitioning to have her guest lecture cancelled after hearing her thoughts on the transgender community.

Germaine, who once asked Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop if she would #FreeTheNipple for the Bali Nine, recently claimed that transgender women do not “look like, sound like, or behave like women,” and strongly suggested that Caitlyn Jenner transitioned simply to get a piece of the Kardashian-Jenner women’s attention cake. (more…)