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Questions “You” Should Ask Kristen Stewart at Her Balenciaga Live Interview

Next Thursday at 8 p.m., public apologizer Kristen Stewart will answer questions "submitted by you" live on the Balenciaga fragrance site, as part of her contract with the brand's Florabotanica scent. The interview will be exclusively about Stewart's "collaboration with Balenciaga," and don't worry — the fragrance company publicists will ensure the half-hour is exactly as boring as you'd expect by pre-selecting only bloodless questions and, if neccessary, "submitting" their own.

Since the interview will likely steer clear of any and all subjects unrelated to Balenciaga, I can't even encourage you to ask if Robert Pattinson leaves wet towels lying around (idk, I'd just be curious to see her answer that), but here are some KStew x Balenciaga questions that could lead to vaguely interesting answers:

  • What are the terms of your contract with Balenciaga?
  • What was the negotiation process like?
  • As a smoker, is it weird to represent a fragrance?

Actually, no. I don't care at all. I could go the rest of my life not knowing anything else about Kristen Stewart's Balenciaga contract, and I don't think I'd even notice.

Image via WENN

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Sephora Partners with Disney for a Cinderella-Inspired Beauty Collection, Guaranteed to Knock Your Glass Slippers Off

Go-to cosmetics treasure trove Sephora has recently unveiled its coveted Fall/Winter collection and is offering gifts for every size budget and stocking. For the big kid in us all, the brand has collaborated with Disney Consumer Products on a series of captivating beauty collections inspired by beloved Disney Princess characters entitled Disney Reigning Beauties.  Each of the limited-edition seasonal collections focuses on the individual style, personality, and story of one featured Disney Princess, bringing her to life in a beautiful way that inspires women to create their own princess moment.

This fall, Cinderella is being brought to life with a premiere collection that will sweep you off your glass slippered feet and release your inner princess with shades derived from the film’s rich color palette.

Amongst my favorite pieces is the elegant compact mirror (1: $24), which is adorned with a gold clock face overlay. The spellbinding Cinderella fragrance (2: $70) is also a treat, incorporating a complex floral and musky palette creating a delicate and youthful aroma fit for the belle of the ball. For cosmetic lovers, there's also the Reigning Beauties Collection lipsticks (3: $30), Sephora by OPI nail polish set (4: $30), and the Midnight Hour eyeshadow palette (5: $36).

Top Left: Prestige Luxe Brush Set, $150; Top Right: Sephora By OPI Tinsel Town Collectors Set, $59.
Bottom Left: Deco Daze Gold Gilded Case Brush Set, $70; 
Bottom Right: Sephora Collection Houndstooth Bags, $22 to $46.

But of course, no cosmetic lovers' collection would be complete without some high quality brushes, or cosmetics bag to keep all their beauty essentials pristine. The Deco Daze gold gilded case brush set (above) is an absolute must-buy, not only does it included seven high-quality brushes, but the case includes a long gold chain so it can double as a clutch.

Finally, for the girl who has everything but is always looking for more (who isn't?) treat her to a skincare or cosmetics gift set so she can enjoy old favourites and discover new ones. The Best of Hourglass (1: $68) set encompasses their best selling lip gloss, mascara, primer serum, and veil mineral primer (which I've only recently discovered, but being a self-proclaimed expert in primers, can definitely vouch for its flawless canvas). To take the day off, luxury skincare experts Boscia has a One Step Wonders (2: $74) gift set, which includes B.B. Cream (I had my doubts about B.B. Cream, but this offers great coverage), the best selling Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil, and their newest sensation, Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm.

And while you're hitting the shops this holiday season, don't forget to splurge on the most important person of all…yourself!

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Zimmermann Hits Mexico for a Scorching Hot Swim 2013 Campaign

Is it hot in here or is it just Zimmermann’s insanely smokin’ Swim Summer 2013 campaign? We’re going with the latter since it’s not even summer yet, and since the brand was also responsible for this slicked-up, sweaty photo series released in May.

This time around Zimmermann has enlisted the abs of Czech model Denisa Dvorakova and ditched the gymnasium for the hot sands of Tulum, Mexico. Dvorakova makes writhing around on wet sand wearing only the tiniest bits of fabric look like a way better idea than it actually is in practice, but it’s only after looking at these shots for the 15th time that you think about sand getting in places it probably shouldn’t.

Other things you might be thinking are whether or not Dvorakova is human, and how many pieces of new swimwear it’s reasonable to buy in one season. Once again designer Nicky Zimmermann has shown why she’s our queen of crazy prints and textures, combining her signature florals and a cool paisley print and jazzing them up further with ruffles and fringed cover-ups. Fancy laser-cut detailing knits this collection together with the beautiful mainline one Zimmermann showed at fashion week earlier this year.

Also deserving of massive props are photographer Benny Horne and stylist/co-creative director Tamila Purvis, who was responsible for the steamy styling of Resort 2012. This time she’s responsible for rubber-stamping our thoughts about purchasing at least three new pairs of bathers, since mixing and matching the buzzy separates is obviously the only way to go.  

Swim 2013 is dropping in stores and online this week. 

Images via

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Know the Issues: Mitt Romney Thinks Pink and Red Dresses Are Everything

If you hadn't realized that the presidential election is creeping up on us, you must be one of those undecided low-information voters we've been hearing about. Right now you're the center of so much attention, and I'm sure that's very flattering for you, but sooner or later you're going to have to make a decision.

Now, there are several ways you can go about the hard work of making up your mind, but here's the best way: 1) figure out what's important to you and 2) find out where each of the candidates stands. Now, since you're on a fashion website, I'm just going to assume that style is really important to you. The importantest. Unfortunately, both candidates and their respective parties have failed to outline a stance on fashion as part of their platform, and as far as I know, neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney has ever discussed his taste in womenswear.

However, Michelle Obama has publicly worn clothes for many years now, and we can probably assume that her spouse supports her choices. So let's talk record: Mobama favors emerging American designers and projects fashion forward elegance. It's hard to take issue with her style, although of course some (like petulant child Oscar de la Renta) have found ways to criticize her.

On the other hand, the American public is only starting to get to know Ann Romney's style: we took note of her (maybe pointed) decision to wear an ODLR skirt suit to the Republican Party Convention, but we've only just discovered that she's obsessed with the Boston-based designer Alfred Fiandaca. She wears practically nothing else.

In an interview with WWD, Fiandaca shared some vital information about Ann's philosophy of style: she has no qualms about wearing pieces from past collections and she'll even wear the same item multiple times. What a hero!

Unfortunately, some other details have emerged which raise serious red flags: Fiandaca has revealed that Ann Romney takes style advice from her husband and "definitely dresses for him," which sounds like it could maybe be adorable (if you're endeared to traditional gender roles) until you hear about his taste in womenswear:

"Mitt likes her to wear red and pink, to have a defined waist and to show her figure because he’s very proud of her."

That sound you just heard was me gagging. If you're still undecided after reading to the end of this, the election next month is obviously the least of your problems.

Image via Getty

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Brad Pitt’s Voice May Lull You Into Purchasing Chanel No. 5 (Forum Buzz)

Brad PittIt’s no secret that Brad Pitt is being paid A LOT to lend himself to Chanel as the latest face of its iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume. It seems so unorthodox to employ a man to represent a women’s perfume, but maybe it’s not so crazy… if you’ve got a handsome man telling you he loves the way this perfume smells, wouldn’t you potentially be more inclined to buy it? If anyone can do this, it’s Brad Pitt.

Since Chanel likes to tease, they’ve released three short clips on its YouTube page in which the actor asks rhetorical questions. Fragrance ads tend to be oblique, so the questions don't come as much of a surprise. The clips are not much to go on, but they will have to hold us over until October 15 when the first commercial with Pitt will air.

Saan found them amusing: “What is up with those questions? It's making me question my life and get depressed as hell,” she wrote initially. “The [offical commercial] better be accompanied by some eye sexing the camera.”

She later added: “Ok, after a few more listens this is starting get hilarious. I hope they're aiming for a Siri-like app with those voice recordings where you get a chance to know what it's like to have a conversation with Brad Pitt,” she joked.

How awesome would that be?

Videos via Chanel’s YouTube

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Brad Pitt Covers Interview’s October/November Issue (Forum Buzz)

Brad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven Klein

Brad Pitt features in Interview’s latest issue in a cover and editorial shot by Steven Klein, who presumably followed a directive not to Photoshop the images (as Brad has notably requested in the past when on the cover of W). Brad appears in the images, wrinkles, pores, and all, styed in various looks by Ludivine Poiblanc. It’s refreshing to see an actor, imperfections and all, looking like an actual human being, but overall, forum members were not particularly impressed.

Brad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven Klein

“I am not a Brad Pitt fan,” Luxx prefaced. “However, he can look better than this. Considerably better. I am shocked they chose that for the cover – he looks like a wizened zombie version of himself. The pictures of him with the pistol are far more flattering. I mean maybe they were going for shrunken and shriveled, but dear god he looks like an extra from The Walking Dead on that cover,” she critiqued.

Brad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven Klein

“I like the shots in his editorial,” justaguy conceded, “but on the cover, he just looks dirty.”

Style Savvy went so far as to say, “That is the most hideous he's ever looked.”

All is not lost for Brad though, |PerfectTonight| got what he was going for. “One word… Amazing! Raw, personal, versatile and introspective,” he described.

Brad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven Klein

Miss Dalloway also got on board. “Love it, all of it. The different looks, the seemingly very little airbrushing…” she posted.

As preoccupied as the world seems to be with how handsome Brad Pitt is, he seems to be more preoccupied with trying to make us forget it.

Brad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven KleinBrad Pitt - Interview October/November 2012 - Photographed by Steven Klein

Images: Interview Magazine

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