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Cara Delevingne Designs for DKNY–And Wants You in the Campaign

Cara Delevingne can add "designer" to her list of accomplishments. The model/actress has teamed up with DKNY for a 15-piece capsule collection that will hit shelves in November. Delevingne's been working on the project for about a year, and it sounds like the range is an extension of the model's personal style. You'll find leather bomber jackets, sweat suits, tank tops and more, suitable for both genders. WWD says the line is a mostly unisex offering, priced between $70 and $735.

Delevingne's also on the hunt for models to pose with her for the collection's forthcoming campaign. And since she's working with over 5.5 million followers, her Instagram is the perfect place to recruit new faces. From now until Monday, if you're interested in entering, post a photo of yourself with the hashtag #CaraD4DKNY and #CaraWantsYou between now and June 16 for a chance to pose alongside Cara D.

This isn't Cara's first design collab. She just finished up a range for Mulberry, for which she designed an eponymous carryall. Something tells us this won't be her last collaboration either.

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Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women



In a discussion currently happening on Reddit, users are contributing their "pro" fashion tips for the opposite sex. Not surprisingly, a large portion of these self-elected experts are dispensing advice not for men (the more fashion-impaired gender, according to conventional wisdom), but for women. Oh wow thank you; there's a really big fashion tips deficit in the world right now, especially on the Internet, and it's been a struggle for females, because we cannot function if someone's not telling us what to wear. 

Except here's the thing: a lot of this "fashion advice" actually sounds pretty condescending, less like helpful guidance than condescending criticism. It's like the men of Reddit aren't actually fashion experts at all, but merely mansplainers  who love banging away on their keyboards and flaunting their sexism. Drat, no fashion advice for us. How disappointing.

Well you're here for a reason, and here it is. We've collected seven of the most annoying pieces of fashion advice doled out by the men of Reddit:

"The muffin top must stop!" says that_random_eskimo.

Thanks for your feedback, guy — but:

Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for WomenReddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for WomenReddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women [gifs]

"Even worse is an XL lady in a XS top with a small bra. The back fat looks like a pack of hotdogs vying and fighting for freedom," says the gallant revwhack. Hey buddy: I'll worry about my hot dogs and you worry about yours, okay?

Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women

"Stop shaving your eyebrows into weird, unnatural shapes. You look ridiculous," says the non-ridiculously named Jive_Turkey_Mofo

Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women

"Women – we really don't care all about all your bedazzled jewelry and fashion accessories looking like Cleopatra. We know it's just to impress other women. Just look nice and presentable," said ryuwins, who's missing the point.

Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women

From Ted_Denslow: "Ladies, please stop wearing colored contact lenses. They look absolutely ridiculous. It's like talking to a mannequin."

Ummm okay maybe, but talking to you is like talking to an asshole — so it's actually a pretty balanced situation if you think about it.

Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women

"Women – You have agency, be aware of that when you dress," says PecanPig, who enjoys shifting paradigms and blowing minds. 

Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women

"Don't cake your face with makeup. Always have it at a limit to enhance facial features and hide blemishes," says TheSweetLegend, who probably taught Michelle Phan everything she knows. 

Reddit’s Most Annoying Fashion Advice for Women

In other words, thanks but no thanks everyone! We'll take it from here… 

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Anti-Photoshopping Petition to Be Presented on Capitol Hill This Week

Image: Helena Rubinstein

Image: Helena Rubinstein

Seth Matlins is on a crusade, and the Photoshop gods are on his hit list. The former ad exec is taking his petition calling for government regulation of airbrushing in advertisements all the way to Capitol Hill. With the support of Congresswomen Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R, FL) and Lois Capps (D, CA), he will present the Truth in Advertising Act (over 20,000 signatures strong) at an event on Wednesday to put pressure on congress to do take action. The Federal Trade Comission will receive their own copies as well.

The petition says the extreme amount of Photoshoppping that's become commonplace these days fosters "false and unrealistic expectations of what our kids can and should look like." It's part of the reason young girls especially are so unhappy with their bodies, they argue. The petition says that 53% of 13-year-old girls say they're unhappy with their bodies, a number which jumps to 78% once those girls are 17. While they neglected to provide an actual source for these figures, the numbers don't seem at all unrealistic.

Matlins has been working on the Truth in Advertising Act for nearly three years, and as a former ad man, is well aware of how advertising affects consumers. "Beyond influencing what we buy, advertising sells attitudes, expectations, values and so-called norms,” he says.

We know too well how Photoshop can ravage an image of a person–erase their pores, chop off their limbs, even change them into a completely different person. Tom Ford recently came out to support the use of Photoshop in spreads and campaigns saying, "A photograph used for advertising is no longer a photograph of a person. It’s an image…it’s not meant to be the exact replica of the person." While Ford has a point, the problem is that these images aren't interpreted under the lens of artistic license when a teenage girl sees them in a magazine. The fact of the matter is, people actually think they're supposed to look that way, and that something is wrong with them if they don't. It doesn't seem as if it would stifle a designer or brand's vision if they were legally obligated to take that into consideration.

[via WWD]



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Coal Miner’s Daughter Capsule Collection x eBay Canada

Every fashion-conscious Torontonion knows about the Mirvish village (and Queen West) store, Coal Miner’s Daughter. The woman’s fashion boutique is the go-to store for those looking for primo Canadian clothing and jewelry as the store aims to stock no less than 80 percent local brands. Now they’re bringing those brands to eBay for yet another nifty collaboration with the Internet powerhouse.

To connect trend seekers to their next favourite finds and make homegrown fashion available across the country, eBay Canada is launching Boutiques on eBay, a seasonal capsule collective featuring exclusive pieces from local stores and independent designers. The first installment launches today, beginning with a venture with, yup you guessed it, Toronto’s beloved Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Coal Miner's Daughter x eBay Canada

Together they’re bringing an exclusive eight-piece collection to, featuring pieces from Canadian designers Jool Clothing, Haller, Sara Duke, 3rd Floor Studio, Norwegian Wood and Jordan de Ruiter that will be available until June 30. Everything will be locked in at fixed, buy-it-now prices, mostly under $90 and including free shipping across Canada.

"This collection was inspired by long summer days spent in the park, and embodies Coal Miner's Daughter's aura of fresh and feminine with a touch of sexy," says Krysten Caddy, co-owner of Coal Miner's Daughter. "While summer may be fleeting in Canada, the feeling around summer days can last longer with the handmade pieces from the collaboration."

There’s a sweet Bee Print Bustier by Jordan de Ruiter for $64, an Elin Multi-Way Dress by 3rd Floor Studio for $79, and a flouncy Half Circle Skirt by Sara Duke for $74. As part of the collection, there’s a one-of-a-kind design by Jordan de Ruiter – the Bee Print Alessandra Dress with black tulle – that will also be sold at auction starting at 99 cents on June 23, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Honey Council.

I really think this is a great idea to bring independent boutiques to wider markets, especially for shoppers that don’t necessarily live in big cities. It looks like Coal Miner’s Daughter will be the first of many to come, so which stores do you hope to see going under the proverbial-HTML-coded-hammer next?

Images via eBay Canada

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What Does Melbourne’s Luxury Boom Mean for Local Design?



Whether you see it as a dazzling Elysium of affordable floral blazers or a shining beacon of Australia’s betrayal of its own fashion market, Swedish chain H&M has been dominating Melbourne’s fashion scene since it announced its opening. Before that, it was Topshop pumping 40 collections a year out of South Yarra’s Jam Factory, and Zara still drawing crowds large enough to warrant a bouncer.

In order to keep up with the alarming number of trending fast fashion “must-haves” infiltrating the city each season, Melbourne must also be seeing a boom in the business of either oversized wardrobes or charity bins. But don’t think this is posing any great danger to Melbourne’s fancy-pants reputation: Apparently the city’s luxury market is growing just as fast.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Melbourne is now top-ranking in the global markets for French luxury brand Hermès. It ranks 17th for tableware sales and 24th for fashion jewelry sales among Hermès’ 300 stores around the word. “The Melbourne market is growing very fast and it is one of our most dynamic global cities for growth,” Hermès’ executive vice-president of distribution Florian Craen told the paper.

H&M isn’t the only colossal new fashion store on Bourke Street either. Three-story luxury behemoth Marais recent opened there too, housing labels including Céline, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Lanvin. Add to this a new Chanel beauty boutique in the Emporium last month, and Dolce & Gabbana and Paul Smith stores close by.

This could be swung as a positive for the Australian design scene. Surely people prepared to drop triple figures on dinner plates have the cash to spend on a Dion Lee blazer?

But while Chanel has certainly enjoyed a resurgence of cool over the last few years, most luxury brands blowing up down under carry more brand recognition than a Starbucks frappucino. Factor in that they’re ludicrously expensive by nature, and it’s probably not the cool young label-eschewing fashion set forking out for monograms.

At least young Melbourne's eye for quality does extend beyond coffee foam art. Two-year-old local label Strateas.Carlucci is making a name for itself, catching the eye of Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani and taking out the VAMFF National Designer Award for its use of quality leathers and “investment piece” palette. They might not be luring 20-somethings away from overseas chains, but they must be doing something right.  


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Erin O’Connor Poses Nude and Pregnant for Nick Knight

If you’re famous and pregnant, it seems like the only natural thing is to take all your clothes off and pose for a magazine cover, a la Demi Moore’s infamous Vanity Fair shoot.

While the likes of Jessica Simpson and Britney might not quite have mastered it, you can always rely on the supermodels to do it right — like Erin O’Connor, posing at 8 1/2 months pregnant for what looks to be an utterly beautiful shoot by Nick Knight for SHOWstudio in London.


image: instagram @showstudio_nick_knight

Knight instragrammed a cheeky snapshot of the new project yesterday with the caption, "The wonderful Erin O'Connor, 8 and half months pregnant. Beautiful [sic]," before going on to add, “I will be publishing a small portfolio of the images later this week on SHOWstudio. Thank you@ezzaoconnor xxx.” Erin then responded on the photo in the comments, thanking him and his wife Charlotte, who also runs SHOWstudio.

It is the 36-year-old model's first child with partner Steve Gibson, which she managed to keep a secret before attending the InStyle Magazine’s pre-BAFTA party in February with a rather sizeable bump and letting the world see for themselves. While we may have seen it before with Claudia Schiffer, Allesandra Ambrosia, Miranda Kerr and many more supermodels baring their bumps, Erin O'Connor brings a new ethereal quality to her image which will no doubt be enhanced by Nick Knight before the final images are released. 

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