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Channel Ten Confirms Return of After The Final Rose, While Bachelor Pad and Bachelor In Paradise Are Being Considered

Sam Frost

Photo: Channel Ten

The overwhelming success of The Bachelorette is making Channel Ten rethink their approach towards the franchise for coming seasons.

Channel Ten’s head of entertainment and factual programs, Stephen Tate, told The Daily Telegraph that Sam Frost’s season has given them “great confidence”, which will not only see The Bachelorette be longer (this season was just five weeks) next time, but it will also include the cringeworthy live “After the Final Rose” episode.

Australia hasn’t included the episode since Tim Robards faced off to his exes, like Rochelle Emanuel-Smith, after he picked Anna Heinrich on Season 1. It went a little something like this: (more…)

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The Dressmaker Premiere Hits Sydney Soil

Following Melbourne’s Hemsworth-heavy premiere of The Dressmaker on Sunday, the new Aussie film has had its latest screening at Sydney’s Event Cinemas on George Street. See all the looks from last night’s red carpet below.

Erin Holland arrives ahead of the red carpet screening of 'The Dressmaker'

Photo: Getty

Erin Holland sported what is probably her sleekest look yet in a red pantsuit by Farage, sans top underneath for a slither of side-boob. We love the patent texture of her black-toe strap heels which add edgy sophistication, complemented by the on-point brows and combed-back hair. (more…)

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Gwen Stefani’s Urban Decay Makeup Palette Is Finally Here (and It’s Awesome)

Don’t freak out but something epic happened today on Instagram. With one stealthy social media post, Urban Decay announced it’s teaming up with none other than Gwen Stefani. Yes, the patron saint of cool girls everywhere is working with the coolest brand in makeup. That sound is the Internet shattering into a million pieces.

The collaboration yielded a 15 eyeshadow palette personally handpicked by Gwen. It features a surprisingly versatile range of colors from soft neutrals to bold shades of blue and bubblegum pink. We can already see Gwen wearing the blue shadow to match her new blue hair color in true rocker fashion. As for the nude shadows, what else would she wear with her signature cat eye and red lip? The colors boast names like “Harajuku,” “Punk,” and “Blonde” and come packaged with gold hardware and trendy black and white stripes. Could it be any more perfect?

Founder and Chief Creative Officer Wende Zomnir gushed on Instagram: “After countless hours of collaborating and talking makeup with Gwen Stefani, here it is! Gwen is a true makeup junkie and was so much fun to work with to create this palette! #UDxGwen.” Shop the new UDxGwen Palette starting November 22, just in time for the holiday season.

[via BuzzFeed]

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Watch: Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge Demonstrates History’s Best and Worst Makeup Trends

Believe it or not, there was a time in the history of makeup when contouring was not a thing. I know, I know: what did they do instead? Well, according to makeup artist and Face Paint: The Story of Makeup author Lisa Eldridge, that answer varied over time. Eldridge takes us through 5,000 years of makeup in 7 minutes, shedding light on how culture informed the reigning beauty trends of each era. 

In early Egyptian society, makeup was experimental and worn daily by men and women of all classes. Obvious makeup was frowned upon in the classic Greek period (a woman’s main role was to be virtuous and stay in the house) so they wore a light dusting of white powder on the skin, a hint of color on cheeks and defined unibrows. Heavy blush distinguished the aristocracy from the middle class in the mid-18th century and flappers at the close of the 19th century preferred dark eyes and small rosebud mouths.

Women’s empowerment in the 20th century gave us the freedom to experiment with makeup as we see fit and helped usher in today’s YouTube guru culture. Contouring doesn’t make the cut (that’s totally 21st century!) but we do see flashes of 60s mod, 80s neon and 90s grunge as Lisa takes us through the remaining decades.

Watch Lisa model 5,000 years of makeup trends in her video above.

[via hellogiggles]

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Kylie Jenner Says She’s Over Her Full Lips — But Not Before Telling Us How to Get Them

What’s a girl to do after her lip injections rile up the media, horrify her mom and spark a dangerous social media challenge? She breezily decides she’s over them, if said girl is Kylie Jenner. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner made the dramatic announcement on her app, signaling the end of her manufactured plump pout. “You know what’s weird? I’ve been into small lips lately. Like, I want them to look small,” she told viewers. Say it isn’t so.

This shocking reveal couldn’t have come at a less convenient time as Kylie was in the middle of filming a tutorial on how to make your lips appear bigger. #Awkward. To her credit, makeup artist Joyce Bonnelli went through with the lesson, revealing three lip-plumping tips for the hordes of people who still want to emulate Kylie’s abandoned pout:

  1. Put a dark line of foundation a bit above the upper lip to form a shadow.
  2. Brush a dab of highlighter in the cupid’s bow.
  3. Apply a lip conditioner to the whole mouth from the center to the outer edges.

Subscribe to her app for the full video.

[via Glamour]