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Watch: Justin Bieber Parodies His Own Calvin Klein Commercial

Can’t wait for the Justin Bieber roast on Comedy Central on March 30? Neither can Justin, apparently. The singer, paying homage to the SNL parody of his Calvin Klein ad, decided to do one himself. Yes, a parody of a parody. The video features Justin as himself and comedian Jeffrey Ross in a blond wig as Lara Stone

The video opens with Justin banging away on the drums before slowly revealing Jeffrey as the young singer’s co-star. Jeffrey caresses a visibly repulsed Justin, whispering not-so-sweet nothings into his ear as the fan blows his wig to and fro. And while we understand this is purely for comedy, something about seeing Justin even acting as if he is in distress is just so entertaining. Savor it.

Lara is a professional, but we’ve got to give it up for Jeffrey because he is really working his smize in this clip. And for you Beliebers, yes, Justin is shirtless in this one too, so um, enjoy that, we guess. 

Check out the hilarious spot above.

[h/t Jezebel]

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Farfetch Is Now Worth a Billion Dollars

Farfetch website

Image: Farfetch

Farfetch, the online retail destination peddling contemporary and high-end wares from international boutiques, just got a huge cash injection – an $86 million dollar one.

Thanks to the money the e-tailer managed to raise from a smattering of investors including Condé Nast, Farfetch has become a “unicorn,” aka a privately-owned startup worth a billion dollars. Included in the league of unicorns are companies like Air BnB, Uber, Spotify and Pinterest – all of which analysts predict could be poised for public offerings, due to the enormous value of their companies. Farfetch is one of the few fashion-related unicorns out there today.

According to Business of Fashion, Farfetch will be using the money to help grow international versions of its website, as well as new office locations.

[via Business of Fashion]

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Dreams Really Do Come True: Jeremy Meeks Scores a Modeling Contract

It was love at first sight when the world first laid eyes on Jeremy Meeks (aka Prison Bae) in June. Meeks initially garnered Internet-wide attention after the Stockton, California Police Department posted his mugshot to Facebook.

Anyone with two eyes could see: The guy is hot. Like Givenchy campaign hot. As Internet memes of faux campaigns featuring Meeks began to pop up, the question was, how long until he scored the modeling contract he obviously deserves? How long would the world be deprived of that chiseled jawline and ice-blue eyes gazing down at us from billboards?

Folks, the day has finally come. Meeks is still in prison serving time for illegal possession of a firearm, but he’s just been signed to White Cross Management, a Los Angeles and New York City-based firm that manages models, musicians, actors, songwriters, hairstylists and more.

Meeks’ headshot, or rather mugshot because that’s what they used, is already up in the men’s talent section of the website. The 6-foot-1-inch hunk is listed as a model/actor, so we’re guessing that Meeks is also being shopped around for film roles. 

Meeks may be released early from prison in November, so let’s hope he stays on his best behavior because the runway is calling his name, and we are all hoping he will answer.

[h/t Telegraph

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L’Oréal Paris Names Luma Grothe as Spokesperson



Brazilian model Luma Grothe has been named L’Oréal Paris’ newest spokesperson. The social media-loving model took to Instagram to announce the news today and tells WWD, “I am very proud to represent such an inspirational brand. To me, ‘Because you’re worth it’ is even more than a legendary slogan I grew up with. It’s a motto that continues to resonate in my generation. L’Oréal Paris has always been promoting beauty in all its diversity and showing women that self-confidence is the key of well-being.” Luma, who is part German, Japanese and African, joins fellow models Karlie Kloss, Lara Stone, Liya Kebede and Barbara Palvin, who all also serve as faces for L’Oréal Paris.

Cyril Chapuy, L’Oréal Paris brand global president, tells WWD, “Luma’s magnetic charisma combined with her dazzling, deep emerald eyes made her the trendiest up-and-coming model. She is the poster girl of a modern and multicultural vision of beauty, and we are so pleased to welcome her to the L’Oréal Paris family.”


I’m so happy to say that @lorealparisofficial will be my new family now we are all gonna be worth It together!

A video posted by Luma Grothe (@thelumagrothe) on

[via WWD]

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Get Your Hands on Karl Lagerfeld’s Karl is Kolor Sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld is throwing some shade — and that’s the way we like it. Today, the designer is launching his sunglasses capsule collection, Karl is Kolor, just in time for Paris Fashion Week. If you’ll recall, the collection for Lagerfeld’s namesake brand was first announced in January with Spring 2015 campaign images starring Kendall Jenner, alongside fellow models Ming Xi, Sasha Luss and Baptiste Giabiconi. (You can watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot above.) The Karl is Kolor sunglasses retail for $226 and are available only at Karl Lagerfeld boutiques. Go ahead, drop it like it’s hot.

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The 5 Best Takeaways from Karl Lagerfeld’s Interview with The New York Times

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld; Image: SIPA/

Karl Lagerfeld may be one of the most recognizable characters in fashion, but he’s also one of the most quotable. In the past, the creative director of Chanel and Fendi has gifted us with one hilarious gem after another about everything from short men (“Don’t trust them; they are mean, and they want to kill you.”) to tattoos (“It’s like living in a Pucci dress full-time.”).

Recently, the designer sat down with The New York Times at Fendi headquarters in Rome to talk about Haute Fourrure, his furry feline Choupette and prompting Hervé Léger to change his name. In case you missed it, here are the top five takeaways to sink your teeth into.

On selfies: “I don’t do selfies. But other people do, and they all want to do selfies with me. No, no, no. Thank God, Sébastien, my assistant, he’s mean to the people in the street, mean and rude. I’m a nice person.”

On creativity: “The ideas come when you work. I work a lot for the garbage can. I have huge bins next [to me], for whatever I do, 95 percent goes to the bin.”

On retirement: “No. I would die on the spot. Chanel died in the middle of a collection when she was in her nearly 90s. I have time!”

On pulling from the archives: “When people start to think that what they did in the past is perhaps even better than what they do now, they should stop. Lots of my colleagues, they have archives, they look at their dresses like they were Rembrandts! Please, forget about it.”

On working with women: “I’m not crazy to discuss fashion with men. I couldn’t care less about their opinion.” 

[via The New York Times]

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