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Ashley Graham Channels Linda Evangelista for New York Magazine’s Wonderfully Kitschy Fall Issue

Fashion industry favorite Ashley Graham (who “prefers ‘curvy’ or ‘curve’ to ‘plus-size'”) is a regular fixture down at the newsstand. We’re more than halfway through 2017 and Ashley’s already graced the cover of British Vogue, joined Liu Wen, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Imaan Hammam, Adwoa Aboah and Vittoria Ceretti on American Vogue‘s March issue and, more recently, fronted British Harper’s Bazaar and American Glamour. For her latest cover coup, Ashley vamps it up on New York Magazine‘s annual Fall fashion issue, dated August 7. In the kitschy cover image, shot by Italian art provocateur Maurizio Cattelan and fashion photog Pierpaolo Ferrari, Ashley seamlessly channels her inner Linda Evangelista. The supermodel wears head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana (the leopard print coat being an archival piece from the Fall 1991 collection). Slay, Ashley, slay!

New York Magazine Fall Fashion 2017 : Ashley Graham by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari


Still, our forum members weren’t wholly impressed. “I’m still waiting for a knock out cover from Ashley,” wrote A.D.C upon seeing the cover. “She has a gorgeous face but I don’t think magazines know what to do with her,” she added.

“I find her poses very contrived. With this cover here it’s the OTT styling which immediately draws the attention, not her,” observed an underwhelmed Benn98.

Equally taken aback was Handbag Queen. “Whoa…leopard overdose on steroids!!” she shrieked.

Mepps wasn’t a fan of the leopard print overload either. “She’s such a beautiful woman, but that cover makes her look so hard. The animal prints don’t help,” he pointed out.

“The leopard print all over the wall. THE ROSE! Would’ve preferred it on a white backdrop at least. Great face though!” offered RedSmokeRise.

“Seems very 1991 to me, when you’d see supermodels in head-to-toe leopard print from Alaïa,” stated tigerrouge, nonplussed.

“Exactly, and I’m not complaining!” replied an enthusiastic vogue28, continuing: “I’d welcome a cover shot like this on Vogue Italia, even more so now, as opposed to the drab Lara Stone image we got this month.”

Mistress_f liked what she saw too, admitting: “Hey, I like it. It’s kitsch as hell, but that’s Cattelan and Ferrari’s thing, when it comes to photography. It’s different, and I’m sure the editorial will be a lot of fun.”

Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, add your own two cents here.

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Claudia Schiffer’s September 2017 Vogue Germany Cover May Be Her Worst Ever

Vogue Germany started 2017 off on a high, producing a string of mesmerizing covers. Sadly, towards the middle of the year, they let standards slip — dramatically. First came an unrecognizable Anna Ewers, followed by a trio of atrocious covers for August. Now, the German fashion bible’s done an outrageous disservice to Claudia Schiffer. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, the cover commemorates the supermodel’s monumental 30 years in the industry. A frizzy-haired Claudia wears Valentino in the unflattering cover image. Somehow, the title botched this ostensibly fail-safe cover choice. Its September 2017 issue falls flat, with the 90s super unintentionally reminding us that Halloween is just around the corner.

Vogue Germany September 2017 : Claudia Schiffer by Giampaolo Sgura


Our forum members weren’t afraid to call out the glossy. “Horrible, from the hair, the styling, the layout…” declared a far from dazzled KateTheGreatest.

“Good grief! Terrible cover, definitely ruined by the hair. Not a way to celebrate 30 years as a supermodel. I also realized that we actually haven’t seen Claudia in a while, can’t say I missed her,” added an underwhelmed Benn98.

“Halloween came a little early this year didn’t it? My only question is: is she a bad witch or a good witch? The blonde bird’s nest on her head makes it difficult to tell,” a pitiless GivenchyHomme pointed out.

Also appalled by the unfortunate photo was apple. “What a waste of Claudia. She deserves so much better than this. Why does this magazine keep on using Sgura?” he questioned.

Miss Dalloway felt similarly: “Oh my, HUH? This is possibly the worst cover, and worst shot of Claudia I have EVER seen! How could you run that for a fu**** September cover? Sgura might have his faults, but the man can take a good shot of a beautiful woman. This must be all [Christiane] Arp!!”

“Not good. I see Cruella de Vil vibes. Honestly, the hair could have been really cool, but it looks awful here. It doesn’t go with the leather dress, and the pose is also not helping. Not to mention her expression. Sadly, a waste of Claudia!” fumed Valentine27.

“Ugh I’ve been waiting for a Claudia comeback and this is what I get? She deserves so much better. She’s probably the super that has aged the best, even better than Christy [Turlington]!! And her body is to die for so this is just wrong on so many levels,” ranted A.D.C.

Await more (if you haven’t seen enough already) from the issue and join the conversation here.

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Kristen Stewart Channels Coco Chanel on the September Cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK

We half-expected to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the September cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK (given that she’s had the honor for three years running). Breaking Rosie’s cover streak, Bazaar welcomes back actress and modern-day Chanel muse Kristen Stewart for its fall fashion issue. Lensed by Tom Craig, the atmospheric photos were captured at Coco Chanel’s lavishly decorated 31 Rue Cambon apartment in Paris, which still houses the original Chanel boutique. Kristen wears an array of dreamy couture looks from the iconic French fashion house for both the newsstand (below) and subscribers’ cover. Her fresh blonde buzz cut provides a punky counterpoint to the ultra-feminine designs.

UK Harper's Bazaar September 2017 : Kristen Stewart by Tom Craig


Immediately, Kristen’s daring hairstyle sparked debate amongst our forum members. “I love everything… but the hair,” stated tigerrouge, setting the tone for the comments to follow.

“Girl what’s with that hair? Also horribly retouched, doesn’t even look like her,” added an appalled Conbothsides.

Handbag Queen echoed these sentiments: “Having a hard time seeing past her horrible haircut. Not a good look on her!”

“I’m with everyone else it seems, I could handle her appearance on the cover of a magazine if it was indeed a great image, but the hair. I hate it,” proclaimed honeycombchild.

“I like the mirror shot but I completely agree with everyone else about the hair,” wrote Nomar.

That said, not everyone was so quick to turn their nose up at Bazaar‘s latest. “I like the pink and Kristen always photographs really well IMO,” injected YourMonster.

“Even with the horrid haircut she looks beautiful. Both covers are great actually,” Zposen attested.

“Love both covers. Kristen looks great!” wrote an enthusiastic Nepenthes.

Another positive vote came courtesy of Happycanadian: “Count me among the group that absolutely loves these covers. Especially the newsstand cover — I think it’s simply stunning. One of my favorite covers of the year, probably.”

UK Harper's Bazaar September 2017 : Kristen Stewart by Tom Craig


See more from Kristen’s cover shoot and add your own two cents here.

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Cameron Russell Looks ‘Awkward’ and Caught-Off-Guard on Porter’s Fall 2017 Cover

We hate to admit it, but Porter just hasn’t been doing it for us lately. The magazine’s made some very disappointing cover choices as of late. Even Doutzen KroesImaan Hammam and a majestic elephant couldn’t save the glossy’s Summer Escape issue. Prior to that, Bella Hadid’s cover, shot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, came under fire because, well, Terry Richardson. And the title has yet to redeem itself. The glossy’s Fall 2017 issue stars an awkward-looking Cameron Russell. Vogue favorite Cass Bird appears to have caught the model-turned-activist (who wears a feathered Calvin Klein dress) mid-pose. Sigh. We anxiously await the day Porter resumes its winning streak.

Porter #22 Fall 2017 : Cameron Russell by Cass Bird


Our forum members did not hesitate to call the magazine out — again. “I’m not a fan of this at all. Weird expression. Porter has totally gone off the boil lately,” remarked honeycombchild.

“I suppose this counts as a bad shot of Cameron, if such a thing could exist. She looks like she’s been caught mid-conversation outdoors on a windy day,” tigerrouge chimed in.

“Very behind-the-scenes. I never expect of Porter to deliver an epic studio-shot cover, but please try a little. Maybe their policy is to make it look easygoing and spontaneous, but it never works for me,” added Srdjan.

Also unimpressed with the cover was one Miss Dalloway: “Porter is doing worse and worse covers, how are you gonna do Cameron so bad? I will never get how these magazines having such beautiful, and super photogenic models, and just not getting it right!”

“Bring back Inez & Vinoodh,” pleaded DutchHomme, suggesting that Cass Bird simply can’t deliver the goods.

Handbag Queen wasn’t overjoyed either. “Lucky people who get to decide on the content of a magazine cover are probably paid tons of money and are well respected for their artistic talents. Sometimes I just don’t understand their ‘vision’. This is one of those times,” she commented.

See what else Porter‘s newest edition has to offer — including Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner’s digital cover — and join the conversation here.

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Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk Join The Weeknd on Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Uneventful’ September Cover

All the major fashion glossies are currently unveiling their extra-weighty, much-hyped September offerings. You know what that means: the unspoken competition for September cover of the year is well underway. Once again, Harper’s Bazaar US asked the venerable Carine Roitfeld to style its annual Bazaar Icons cover shoot. This time around, the man of the hour is not Kanye West, but fellow musical artist The Weeknd (née Abel Makkonen Tesfaye). The Brigitte Lacombe-lensed cover also stars top models Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk. The black-lipped, green-eyed beauties flank Tesfaye on either side.

US Harper's Bazaar September 2017 : The Weeknd, Adriana & Irina by Brigitte Lacombe


Our forum members have mixed feelings about Bazaar‘s latest. “What a random cover trio! But at least it’s something different for them. He looks the best though,” observed Miss Dalloway.

“It’s sad when the non-model looks the best,” echoed a disappointed wendylorene.

“Trainwreck!! Oh my God, this is so uneventful. None of the girls look like themselves on the cover, and they can drape as many bombshells on The Weeknd, he’s never be appealing. I’m all for something new, but with this guy they’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel,” complained an unimpressed Benn98.

Also not feeling it was MON, who pointed out: “Vogue had Zayn with Gigi. Bazaar has The Weeknd with models. Stop using women for props. If you want a man for the cover, do it!”

Mepps couldn’t agree more. “The Weeknd? I don’t dislike him, but this cover is so reductive. Why is the man being flanked by two women, as if he’s the center of attention? It just doesn’t look like an image shot by Brigitte Lacombe. Both Adriana and Irina look like goth witches,” he heckled.

“I just genuinely don’t like seeing men on a September issue unless the focus is more towards the women on the cover which isn’t the case here. Couldn’t they have saved the music issue for another month?” asked GERGIN.

“Interesting trio indeed, but what an awkward setting. The crop is awkward, the posing is awkward and the models don’t even look like themselves. Unfortunate,” added ax80.

US Harper's Bazaar September 2017 : The Weeknd, Adriana & Irina by Brigitte Lacombe


See more from Carine Roitfeld’s annual Bazaar Icons portfolio and join the conversation here.

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Selena Gomez Covers InStyle’s All-Important September Issue Looking Not Quite Herself

Laura Brown’s feet are now firmly under the desk at InStyle HQ and she continues to flourish as editor-in-chief of the monthly glossy. On Brown’s watch, Nicole Kidman, Victoria BeckhamBella Hadid and Karlie Kloss have joined the ranks of InStyle cover girls. For the title’s all-important September 2017 issue, Brown went all-out, securing pop queen Selena Gomez. The “Fetish” singer — who currently boasts a staggering 124 million Instagram followers (and counting..) — is sure to bring the issue some attention. Photographed by Phil Poynter and dressed in Coach (the brand’s Fall 2017 campaign star continues to make good on her multi-million dollar contract), Gomez stuns in the flawless cover image. The key word being “flawless.”

US InStyle September 2017 : Selena Gomez by Phil Poynter


“Oh wow, they really Photoshopped her face beyond recognition,” pointed out a startled fiqary upon seeing the cover for the first time.

“Nothing can make this chick look older than 17. I just can’t get her appeal…” wrote a completely disinterested ThatDudeOverTher.

Echoing his sentiments was vogue28, who stipulated: “I don’t loathe it but Selena Gomez has certainly photographed better before (like on the cover of Vogue by Mert & Marcus). The Photoshop here is a little excessive, looks like they’ve been messing with Selena’s face shape and complexion.”

“They altered her nose completely,” observed a far from impressed liv4beauty.

Nor was MON willing to show InStyle‘s latest some love. “Seventeen magazine? This layout is tragic!” he exclaimed in horror.

“I don’t mind it. Laura knows who her reader is/who they’re becoming so I’m sure this will sell well,” reasoned forum member YourMonster.

US InStyle September 2017 : Selena Gomez by Phil Poynter


Will you be rushing to the newsstand to grab a copy? See more from Selena’s cover story and share your opinion here.

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