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Designers and Their Muses for the David Jones White Carpet

Margaret Zhang Michael Lo Sordo

Photo: Caroline McCredie/ Getty

Like Cara Delevingne to Karl Lagerfeld or Kate Moss to John Galliano, plenty of well-known designers have that special someone who inspires their creativity. This year, David Jones did things a little differently for its Spring 2014 fashion launch, asking the stylish suppliers to bring along their muses to the prestigious event.

We weren’t surprised to see Australia’s answer to Cara, Bambi Northwood Blyth, in the mix, along with Nicole Pollard, Rachel Rutt and Ollie Henderson serving as guests to the department store’s top designers. It wasn’t just high-fashion models that seem to spark inspiration for the labels, though, with bloggers, actresses, TV presenters and fashion editors also chosen to walk alongside the designers on the prestigious white carpet.

See our gallery below to see who the country’s best designers like Lover, Alice McCall and Christopher Esber look to for inspiration. Some seem fitting decisions, while others seem a little more strategic. Because why wouldn’t you choose someone with an insane social media following to accompany you to one of Australia’s biggest fashion events?

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Link Buzz: Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight Over Miranda Kerr, Janelle Monáe’s ‘Electric Lady’ Music Video is Everything

Images:  Nikki Nelson/, WENN

Images:  Nikki Nelson/, WENN

  • Janelle Monáe finally released the sorority-themed music video for Electric Lady, and it’s making us want to go back to college. [Jezebel]
  • Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom allegedly got into a fight over Miranda Kerr in Ibiza–and Bloom came out, fisticuffs swinging. Who knew Legolas had it in him? [Page Six]
  • What’s a selfie with more than one person? An usie. Nah, we’re not into the name either. [AP]
  • For Peanuts‘ 65th anniversary, Snoopy‘s getting a high-fashion update courtesy of Isabel Marant, Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein and more. [WWD]
  • Robin Givhan is confused by the Spanx jean is. Is it a jean? A jegging? A denim torture device? [Washington Post]
  • Paris’ nude models are going on strike due to low wages and virtually no employment protection under the government. [Daily Beast]
  • This girl has the perfect solution for all those photos of you and your ex–replace his (or her) head with Beyoncé’s. [beyoncify my boyfriend]
  • Beyoncé takes to Instagram to combat divorce rumors with an adorable photo of her family. [@beyonce]
  • Scarlett Johansson has short hair now. [Defamer]

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WATCH: Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne Get Tatted Up for ‘Well Dunn’

Image: Life + Times

Image: Life + Times

Will the young, rich and famous ever tire of Cara Delevingne? Probably not anytime soon. The Vogue UK cover girl and every celebrity’s favorite partying buddy makes a guest appearance on Jourdan Dunn‘s Life + Times e-series, Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn. While episodes usually feature Jourdan whipping up some sort of delicious-looking meal, this time around, she’s taking a break from the kitchen to dine out with her bud Cara.

The pair has a “chance encounter” in the street before heading over to NoLIta Thai food spot Uncle Boons, where they munch on betel leaf wraps and banana blossom salad. This is Cara’s first appearance on Jourdan’s show, strange, considering they’re both really good friends and Cara’s always a good draw for publicity — just ask any of her 6 million-plus Instagram followers. Better late than never, we guess.

The two finish up their meal, but not before Cara shows off the tats she’d gotten done the night before: A bird on the inside of her index finger, and the words “Breathe Deep” on her right bicep — both done in white. She also gave us a view of her famous “Made in England” tattoo on the bottom of her foot and…OH MY WORD, THIS GIRL DID NOT JUST PUT HER BARE FOOT ON A RESTAURANT TABLE. Where are her manners?

Following this pearl-clutching incident, the pair head over to a hotel room where tattoo artist to the stars Bang Bang is waiting, armed with a needle and Google Glass. The two models settle on Double Ds (because of their last names — and they wish they had double D bosoms) on their hips, which you might recognize as the ones they both Instagrammed back in early June.

Watch the pair get inked and listen to Cara sweetly sing “God Save the Queen” through the pain below.

[Life + Times]

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Doutzen Kroes Welcomes Baby Girl Myllena Mae

Doutzen Kroes has had quite an exhausting day. The Victoria’s Secret model spent the morning giving birth to her second child, daughter Myllena Mae. Doutzen took to Instagram to share the first image of her baby girl, surrounded by husband Sunnery James and her three-year-old son, Phyllon

The model captioned the sweet snap, “A miracle saw the light of day this morning. Welcome Myllena Mae❤️ Mommy, Daddy and big brother Phyllon are super proud!” Just yesterday, she posted an image of herself and Dutch actress Lieke van Lexmond, also pregnant, with their bellies adorably touching each other. Who knew that Doutzen’s little bun would be out of its oven the very next day?!

Doutzen’s daughter is adorable indeed, but don’t expect to see her following in her mother’s footsteps anytime soon. Doutzen told Page Six that she doesn’t want her daughter to model and would instead prefer if she took a different career path: “Instead of saying, ‘You’re so beautiful,’ I’ll say, ‘You’re smart,’ so she’ll have different aspirations in life than beauty and modeling.”

“Though I love my job, I’m not changing the world,” the new model mom added. “I’d love for her to study and to have different aspirations. We need to teach girls they can become presidents, and it’s not about beauty all the time.”

Sounds like little Miss Myllena’s got a bright future ahead. Congratulations to Doutzen and her family!

[h/t Modelina

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Rita Ora Says She Struggled to Master an American Accent for Her ‘Fifty Shades’ Role

Image: Sean Thorton/

Image: Sean Thorton/

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is rolling out with plenty of buzz — so much so that its trailer, which just debuted last week, has already become the most watched trailer on YouTube this year. Needless to say, the movie is poised to be a giant hit. But while folks debate on whether or not Jamie Dornan looks better with or without a beard (Team Scruff, stand up), there are other things in the movie to consider. Perhaps the most pressing: How does Rita Ora do in her minor role as Christian Grey’s sister? 

Access Hollywood sat down with the British pop singer to discuss her first movie role, which according to Rita, was no easy task. The actress dished to Billy Bush that she was put through eight callbacks, only to go on set having barely mastered an American accent. Rita says it was “incredibly difficult” to get down.

“I’m not going to do it for you now because it took me…I had to have someone in my ear on set telling me what to say before I said it because I was honestly like, so nervous, I forgot everything that I learned.”

While we suspect that Rita’s involvement in the movie was purely for publicity purposes, given the fact that the film already has a built-in fan base thanks to the best-selling novel it’s based on, perhaps the casting directors could have chosen, I don’t know, someone who actually can do an American accent and doesn’t need to be fed lines? We’re sure Rita is great in her role, and obviously as an overseas pop star and fashion darling, her presence in the movie is good PR. But perhaps someone who could do the job without that much prompting might have been more fit?

Anyway, we’re curious to see her performance, but mostly, we’re pumped for the kinky scenes between Jamie and Dakota Johnson.

Watch Rita talk about her role below:

[via Access Hollywood]

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Cheyenne Tozzi Talks About Her Modelling Family in GQ South Africa’s August Issue

Cheyenne Tozzi looks incredible in GQ South Africa’s August issue, with the men’s mag aptly referring to the blonde babe as “The Hot Aussie.” For the cover, the Cronulla-born model strikes a hands-through-the-hair pose in a revealing black one-piece swimsuit, oddly teamed with thigh-high lace stockings that are hardly fit for the water.

For her interview with GQ, she opens up about modelling from a young age and hailing from a family of long-legged beauties destined for the industry. “I grew up surrounded by models, photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists – all kinds of creatives, really,” Cheyenne explained, telling the glossy that they fronted high-fashion mags like Vogue. “My mum and my aunts all modelled.”

But the family member that Cheyenne is most regularly linked to would have to be her older sister Tahyna Tozzi. Best known for her role in Blue Water High back in the day, Cheyenne admits that working alongside her big sis was actually really good. “My sister and I had a fun time when we were growing up shooting campaigns for iconic Australian brands like Billabong, David Jones and Mambo,” Cheyenne told GQ.

To find out more about Cheyenne’s modelling career and see some extra steamy pics, head over to GQ‘s site.

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