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Marc Jacobs Proves Kendall Jenner Is Indeed a Supermodel in His Latest Ad


KENDALL, Supermodel I will always remember the first time I met Kendall during castings for our Fall 2014 fashion show. Katie Grand invited her to come by the studio for a brief introduction before she was photographed for the model boards. At the time, I knew very little about Kendall… As history now has it, her very first fashion show was for Marc Jacobs Fall 2014. Kendall has since been a part of every show along with being featured in our Spring ’15 ad campaign (also shot by David Sims). It goes without saying that Kendall has gone on to establish an incredible career for herself and every bit of it is a testament to her hard work, passion and desire. During castings for Fall ’16, due to the enormous height of the boots we designed, we had to make certain that each girl was able to walk (and walk safely). Kendall slid those boots on and walked around the studio as if she was in a pair of running shoes: statuesque, confident and just as enthusiastic and excited to be doing the show as if it was her first one. For me, it is the ability of a model to effortlessly transform into a look and character that makes her so appealing and inspiring. Photographed by David Sims for our Fall ’16 ad as a Goth Goddess is the sweet, kind and ultimate professional, Kendall Jenner.

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Marc Jacobs is known for campaigns that take a stand on contemporary issues. His Spring 2016 spread was inspired by the same-sex marriage ruling, his recent collaboration with Miley Cyrus and Marilyn Minter funneled funding into Planned Parenthood and his Fall 2016 ad campaign celebrates the strength of the LGBTQ community and “is a reminder to question and challenge normal and to continue exploring and pushing boundaries.”


COURTNEY, R(evolution) With my abundance of respect for Courtney Love’s musical contributions to grunge/rock culture and her status as this sort of, Grunge Goddess, it was her mesmerizing and extraordinarily moving portrayal of Althea in the film, The People vs Larry Flynt that simultaneously broke my heart and won my love. While I hadn’t yet met Courtney during my time as Creative Director at Perry Ellis, it was her then style that had a great influence on that now infamous “grunge collection” show in 1992. Courtney and I (and a then 2 or 3 year old Frances Bean) first met at dinner with Anna Sui in 1994 at Bar Six in NYC. I remember being quite taken by her deep, thorough knowledge of and voracious appetite for fashion and music. There has always been a genuine allure about Courtney that I continue to admire. The way she’d scream her lyrics from that gash of a red mouth to the hard rocking, wailing sounds of Hole. She was then and remains now, for me, the ultimate divine mess in a dress. Gone but no where near forgotten is the girl-woman Goddess of Grunge in her too small tattered dresses, the little girl barrette in her messy, scattered hair and beaten up brocade 1960’s evening shoes. It’s a long distance from the now iconic kinder-whore Courtney photographed by Juergen Teller for I-D magazine in 1994 to the movie star glamour of the powerfully aloof and infinitely present Courtney, photographed here by David Sims for our Fall ’16 campaign.

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Yesterday, the star-studded, gothic portrait series, which aptly features icons like Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love and Genesis P-Orridge, added the likes of Kendall Jenner to its ranks. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star turned fashion favorite is virtually unrecognizable with bleached eyebrows, towering platform boots, teased hair and dark, smoky eye makeup. (Perhaps this is the getup she should’ve worn on her Hollywood Tours escapade?) Photographer David Sims masterfully captured this new side of Kendall who, unlike the aforementioned subculture legends, likely had to delve deep within herself to unleash her inner vampire. (more…)

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We’d Like to #SaySomethingNice About Amazon Fashion’s New Body Positive Campaign

It’s practically a given that with creative expression comes criticism. To those who insert themselves into fashion industry, a tough skin is considered part of the gig. Each season, those at the pinnacle of the fashion pyramid trot out their hard work for the world to judge and we sit ready to critique the fruits of their noble efforts. If not for popular opinion, how would we know what’s praiseworthy and what’s a pass? How would Zara know what to manufacture?

Amazon Fashion’s latest European campaign takes issue with the industry — and people’s —innate tendency to judge. “Instagram alone has more than 82 million #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts. Sadly, criticizing and ridiculing people for what they wear, known as ‘outfit shaming,’ is also becoming more common. 55 percent of women feel they have been judged before on social media about their fashion choices,” reads the campaign’s press release.

“Say Something Nice” features international style bloggers like Susie Lau, Camille Charriere, Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, Masha Sedgwick, Freddie Harrel, Gala Gonzalez, Clementine Desseaux (also known for her modeling work) and Hana Tajima (also a renowned fashion designer). Each influencer looks into what seems to be their laptop camera and shares a time when they felt judged for their appearance — both body- and style-wise. (more…)

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Irina Shayk Shows ‘Zero Versatility’ on Vogue Japan’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

Poor Irina Shayk can’t catch a break. Our feisty forum members have critiqued just about every magazine cover and ad campaign she’s added to her ever-growing portfolio. She looked “awful in every way” on Numéro, failed to impress fronting Vogue Turkey and now does exactly the same on the cover of Vogue Japan. We took a first look at the title’s August 2016 edition earlier this week, which features the Russian bombshell in head-to-toe Prada while posing before the lens of Japanese Vogue regular Giampaolo Sgura. But styled by Anna Dello Russo, the cover failed to make an impression and certainly didn’t inspire the majority.

Vogue Japan August 2016 : Irina Shayk by Giampaolo Sgura


“At a stretch I can deal with everything from the neck down, but I don’t know what was on the stylist’s memo here. Ticket conductor meets gay sailor? I’m still not sold on Irina. Reminds me too much of Adriana Lima. Just like the latter, it seems her people are desperately trying to market her as this versatile type of girl, which she’s not,” immediately complained Benn98.

“I feel like most any other model would’ve made this cover work better,” added a far from impressed littlekiki. (more…)

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These Flowery Jelly Lipsticks Are Taking Over Instagram

Image: Kailijumei

Image: Kailijumei

Turns out the It beauty items of the week aren’t Kylie Jenner’s Americana-inspired Lip Kits or Glossier’s much-promoted glitter-free highlighting agents. Instead, the award goes to Chinese beauty brand Kailijumei Cosmetics’ line of jelly-infused lipsticks.


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Why, you ask? Each tube’s gold-flecked, clear bullet holds a tiny flower inside, so you’re essentially applying Beauty and the Beast’s enchanted rose onto your pout. They’re every little spunky-bookworm-who-wouldn’t-mind-being-twirled-around-in-a-golden-dress’ dream come true. To up the nostalgia factor even further, the line of sheer balms changes color based on the temperature of your lips. (more…)

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V Magazine’s Killer Covers With the Cast of ‘The Neon Demon’ Thrill Forum Members (Forum Buzz)

It’s fair to say that V Magazine has lost its flair over recent months, having managed to make Britney Spears look unrecognizable and the ever-gorgeous Charlize Theron look lifeless on the cover of its last offering. But now the publication seems back in full form with its Fall Preview 2016 edition featuring the stars of the highly-anticipated The Neon Demon. Steven Klein captured Elle Fanning, Bella Heathcote and Abbey Lee Kershaw, who all manage to deliver the goods. 

V #102 Fall Preview 2016 : Elle Fanning, Bella Heathcote & Abbey Lee by Steven Klein


Forum members were quick to applaud V Magazine‘s efforts. “This is the V that I love! That first cover is absolutely amazing. One of the most inspired covers I’ve seen not only from them, but everywhere. Stunning,” applauded MON.

“This is indeed spectacular, and creates just the right amount of anticipation! Just wished Klein expanded a bit more with the direction, but all three girls killed it here. Very impressed with Elle and Bella, holding their own next to Abbey,” Benn98 added in amazement. (more…)

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This Korean Makeup Artist’s Surreal Creations Are Better Than Photoshop

Remember that shot in Garden State where Zach Braff stares at us slash his bathroom mirror with those intensely vacant eyes, camouflaged against the room’s wallpaper by that questionable button-down? Or Gotye and Kimbra’s music video for possibly the most heart-wrenching, overplayed song of 2011? Well, now South Korean makeup artist Dain Yoon is channeling those same illusionary effects, but with much more entrancing results. (Snapchat copycats, move along.)

Yoon, a senior at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, uses watercolors and makeup to transform her facial features and body parts into mind-bending works of art. From Baroque wall clocks to cloudy skies, Yoon blends herself into her surroundings with incredible skill — and without the use of Photoshop. She also dabbles in performance art, once disguising her entire form as a garden wall. The 22-year-old’s mind-boggling talents have earned her over 29,000 Instagram followers to date. (more…)

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