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After Being Attacked in Milan, Gigi Hadid Wants Women Everywhere to Know They Have the Right to Defend Themselves

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Last week, reporter Vitalii Sediuk, notorious for pulling bizarre, often violent, celebrity-baiting stunts, creeped out the world when he grabbed Gigi Hadid as she exited the Max Mara show during Milan Fashion Week.

Thanks to Gigi’s superior boxing skills, the slight model successfully fought off Sediuk, who’d grabbed her and picked her up against her will. “Who the fuck are you, you piece of shit?” Hadid yelled, chasing after him as he ran off to escape her expertly aimed elbow jabs.

As Lena Dunham wrote in today’s Lenny Letter, the paparazzi footage of the event “is equal measures upsetting and empowering. It is chilling to watch, in real time, the ownership a stranger seems to feel toward a body he considers public domain. But it’s also stirring: in one swift movement, without the aid of her bodyguards, Gigi makes it clear that she will not be made to feel like anyone’s property.” (more…)

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Watch: Kevin Hart and David Beckham Star in a Hilarious Buddy Comedy for H&M

Today in the world of news that meets the female gaze: David Beckham has returned for another aesthetically pleasing H&M short. We know what you’re thinking: Nope, this isn’t new footage of Becks racing through Los Angeles clad only in briefs. On the bright side, Brooklyn’s dad is joined by comedy legend Kevin Hart, his co-star in last September’s Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham campaign.

This time around, the fully dressed duo is hitting the road to Vegas to round up investors for “I, Beckham: The Musical” (in which Hart will play Beckham, natch). Cue the hysterical hijinks. Hart attempts to sing, David (and the audience) is horrified. The “hot bod brothers” get pulled over for a busted taillight, the cop wants to be BFFs. Kevin takes a wrong turn, the guys wind up in Mexico. They camp out for the night, the athlete narrowly saves Kevin from a deadly snake. Yadda yadda yadda…the pair ends up walking to Nevada with a coyote in tow.

“I loved shooting the first campaign with Kevin for H&M so much; we just had to do a sequel,” Beckham said in a press release for the Fall 2016 campaign. “This time we’ve pushed the story even further. I hope everyone likes it, we certainly enjoyed filming it.” The idea of the soccer legend fangirling over Hart is almost as adorable as the Fredrik Bond-lensed promo itself. (more…)

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Alicia Vikander Looks Miserable on Porter’s Winter 2016 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Since its launch, our forums have applauded Porter for consistently delivering daring, innovative and powerful covers and content. But it appears as though the title has let standards slip ever so slightly with its latest offerings. For Porter’s Winter 2016 edition, actress Alicia Vikander follows in the footsteps of Emma Watson, Sienna Miller and Jessica Chastain as the magazine’s newest cover star. Photographed by Ryan McGinley, Alicia smolders in the cover shot sporting a killer smoky eye — but our forum members weren’t all too impressed.

Porter #17 Winter 2016 : Alicia Vikander by Ryan McGinley


A certain element of the shot didn’t go well with the majority. “The last few Porter magazine covers are not that good anymore. I used to love every single Porter magazine cover but those days are over,” stated DutchHomme.

“Oh she looks miserable! Was she on a date with Michael Fassbender?!” asked a disapproving t-rex. (more…)

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Watch: Lupita Nyong’o Drops an Epic Rap Video to Celebrate Her Latest #Win

Introducing my alter ego TROUBLEMAKER. Lyrics: @robynhoodfanz Director: @katiecm @queenofkatwemovie #3million

A video posted by Lupita Nyong’o (@lupitanyongo) on

In Jay Electronica and Jay Z’s 2014 single “We Made It,” Bey’s bae says he’s “On [his] Lupita Nyong’o / Stuntin’ on stage, after 12 Years A Slave.” Cut to 2016 and Lupita Nyong’o is on her Jay Z, dropping a badass black-and-white rap video under her alter ego Troublemaker.

The Yale graduate, Oscar winner, one-time Tony nominee, former face of Miu Miu, second African woman to cover Vogue, Tiffany & Co. Fall 2016 campaign star and WildAid Global Elephant Ambassador has a very long list of talents and accomplishments, her most recent being hitting the 3 million follower mark on Instagram.

To celebrate, the actress slash director slash karaoke pro (we imagine) took to the social media channel to show that not only does she appreciate her loving fans (“shoutout to the villagers hit three million!”), she can also spit some serious bars. (more…)

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Khloé Kardashian Is Launching a Body-Positive Denim Brand, Because She Gets the Struggle

On September 21, it had been four months (practically to the day) since Kocktails With Khloé went off the air. In Kardashian business venture years, that’s nearly an eternity. A new Khloé-helmed kollaboration was imminent. So, it came as no surprise when the youngest (fully) Kardashian sister, New York Times bestselling author and fitness aficionado took to Instagram (natch) to announce the launch of her new clothing brand.

Dubbed “Good American” (perhaps a jab at American fashion designers’ tendency to alienate plus-size consumers?), Khloé’s denim-centric line will cater to curvy women who typically have difficulty finding jeans that accommodate their natural gifts. The line will be available in sizes 0 to 24 and offer three silhouettes: Good Legs (skinny), Good Cuts (boyfriend) and Good Waist (high-rise). In addition to jeans, the inaugural collection will feature basics such as bodysuits, tees and sweatshirts — in other words, the kind of tops Khlo likes to pair with her derrière-defining denim. (more…)

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A New Study Suggests Selfies Are the Key to Happiness

Past research has linked an affinity for selfies to narcissism and psychopathy. Now, a new study published in Psychology of Well-Being suggests that partaking in social media’s most ubiquitous means of personal representation actually enhances your emotional well-being. (Honestly, the two findings don’t seem totally mutually exclusive.)

The more recent, wholesome study on selfies took place over a period of four weeks. During this time, 41 participants — college students enrolled at a public university on the West Coast — were asked to download an app on their smartphone that would track their levels of happiness via five daily mood surveys: one in the morning, three during the course of the afternoon, one in the evening.

The coeds were divided into three groups. The first (“selfie”) group was asked to take a smiling selfie everyday, based on the theory that maintaining a positive facial expression — even a superficial one — can decrease stress. The second (“personal”) group was asked to photograph something that made them happy, since taking time to savor the “good things in life” is also a proven mood-booster. The third (“other”) group was asked to snap a picture of something they thought another person would appreciate and send the photo to that person, on the basis that providing emotional support is chicken soup for our own souls. For each group, one week of the observation period acted as a control, allowing the researchers to establish each participant’s baseline affect. (more…)

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