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H&M’s New Denim Collection Is Made Out of Recycled Clothing

Images: Courtesy H&M

Images: Courtesy H&M

H&M is further dedicating itself to sustainability with its latest clothing collection. The retailer is taking the old clothing amassed from its Garment Collecting project and creating new clothes in a program called “Close the Loop,” due to hit stores September 7.

H&M has created a denim line with recycled cotton and organic cotton, dishing up a selection that includes a jumpsuit, jackets, button downs and overalls. For kids, a hoodie complete with tiny ears rounds out the offering. The “Close the Loop” collection will offer 16 denim styles for men, women and kids. 

H&M explained its objective for the project in a press release published on its website. “H&M wants to create a closed loop for its textiles, in which the fabrics from unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, by limiting waste that goes to landfill and saving on natural resources used in the production of fabric.”

H&M has proven to be a leader in fast fashion when it comes to sustainability. Every year, it releases a report on the environmental impact of the company, complete with goals on how to diminish the adverse effects the clothing manufacturing process has on the environment.

Check out images from the collection in the slideshow below. (more…)

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According to Science, This Is the Most Important Part of Your Face

model with nice eyebrows

image: Imaxtree

Turns out, making sure your eyebrows are, as the kids say, “on fleek” is more important than you think. Researchers have found that your brows are actually some of the most important features of your face, and not just because they keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. Eyebrows are a great indicator of emotional expression, which is why they are so crucial in our day-to-day interactions.

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According to Yahoo Health, eyebrows are “critical for emotional expression, as well as facial recognition, we’re all subconsciously cued in to each other’s brows: how and when they move and what they look like. As a result, we place a lot of stock in changes to their shape, color, and size.” Eyebrows also help folks recognize people, as a study by assistant professor of psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Canada Javid Sadr found in 2003. Sadr showed participants 25 images of celebrities with eyes and no brows and another 25 with brows and no eyes. People were better able to identify the celebrities by the shape of their brows. 

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So next time somebody asks you why you’re so obsessed with Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, tell them you can’t help it – science made you that way.

[via Yahoo Health]

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Link Buzz: How Paulina Porizkova Feels About Today’s Models, Brace Yourselves for This Dope Star Wars Jewelry Line

Paulina porizkova

Image: WENN

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V Magazine Gets in Bed with Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr and More

Simply the best Miranda Kerr

Image: Sebastian Faena for V magazine

Who doesn’t like to ogle women lying in bed posing suggestively? Inside its Fall Issue, magazine is delivering just that, tapping models Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Joan Smalls, Anja Rubik and Amber Valletta to pose for Sebastian Faena’s lens. The editorial, titled Simply the Best, plays on Linda Evangelista’s famous quote about not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.

The models are photographed in what V describes as their “natural states,” which in this case means in fishnet bodysuits and lacy lingerie. 

V Issue 97 hits newsstands September 10, but in the meantime, enjoy a preview in the slideshow below. (more…)

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Agender Fashionphiles Have a New Web Destination: You Do You

Fashion is all about doing you, but sometimes retailers won’t let you be great. Agender fashion is trending now, but there are those for which unisex fashion is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It’s why 37-year-old Christina Wilson created You Do You, an online destination about agender fashion, lifestyle and beauty. “We should all feel free to explore fashion and beauty and find what works for us, no matter how we identify,” Wilson told Mashable. “We just want to get rid of the gender binary system that is so prevalent in fashion, and in life; it seems outdated and silly at this point.” 


A photo posted by You Do You ( on

The site has fashion and beauty editorials catering to men and women at the same time. Fellas or ladies looking to enhance their natural looks can refer to a beauty editorial in which a model is made up in demure, tasteful makeup – a pale yellow gold lid, glowing skin and a sheer coral pout. In a fashion editorial, a pigtailed guy dons a skirt and is pictured squinting into space while holding a cordless phone to his ear. In another, a male and female model are outfitted in almost identical looks.


A photo posted by You Do You ( on

Wilson’s cohorts, creative director Logan Jackson and managing editor Casey Green, help bring her vision to life, creating a space where fans of unisex clothing and those who don’t necessarily wish to identify with one gender or another can have a place where their preference is treated as the norm. Of course, You Do You is hoping to expand in the future with more editorials and tips on how to approach unisex dressing.

“I think YDY is a good thing — not because I or Kristiina or Casey have the final say on anything in these industries, but because we wanted to invite people to this space so that they could illustrate something new and important,” Jackon said. “And maybe that will create a change.”

[via Mashable]

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We’re Already Loving Hillier Bartley’s First Collection

Katie Hillier Luella Bartley

Image: Getty

Since former Marc by Marc Jacobs creative directors Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley announced they would be launching a collection of their own, we’ve been patiently waiting to see what the duo would come up with. Now, the fruits of their labor are finally here – Matches Fashion has some of the collection in stock on its site. The range has a few of the playful touches you might expect from Hillier and Bartley, but this offering is far more grown-up.

“This is an intimate, quiet sort of label,” Hillier told Vogue. “Calm and modest—no excess and no fuss.” You’ll find plenty of high necks, bell sleeves and satiny, silky finishes. There is fringe galore and enough pussy bows to please those fans of primness. The outerwear is sensible, sometimes with a twist – we were particularly fond of the belted and tassel-tie coats, a leather bomber jacket and a classic, long button up wool coat. Of course, the collection isn’t without a bit of whimsy, found in adorable bunny-shaped clutches with hefty price points, ranging from $705 to $847.

The collection certainly does not disappoint and is an appealing effort from the pair who so expertly created clothes for a decidedly younger set during their tenure at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Check out a few of our favorite pieces from the range in the gallery below and head over to Matches to shop the collection. (more…)