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Karmen Pedaru Steals the Limelight in Gucci’s Resort 2013 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

From what we can see of Gucci’s Resort 2013 ad campaign thus far, unless you’re Karmen Pedaru, you may as well have not bothered to show up for the photo shoot because the Gucci team was going to blur you out anyway. While the effect is actually pretty cool and draws your eyes directly to Karmen (which I’m sure was the intention), who looks beachy and beautiful, you can’t help feeling bad for Baptiste Radufe and Joan Smalls whose faces are so hazy that they are virtually unrecognizable in the ads. I’m sure they still got paid a hefty wage though, so I don’t feel too bad for them.

Gucci Resort 2013

Melancholybaby called the ads “refreshing and appropriate for the Cruise season. Can't wait to see more (preferably with Joan visible),” he added.

Chanelcouture09 doesn’t really care to continue seeing Karmen in Gucci campaigns, but he did admit, “I think this is rather gorgeous and unlike the usual work of Mert & Marcus which is a welcomed surprise; I'm curious what the rest will look like.”

Gucci Resort 2013

We’ve got to see Joan’s unblurry face at some point, right? I have to believe that even if you’re Gucci, you don’t hire’s #1 ranked model just to obliterate her features in every image.

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.

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Hedi Slimane Is Still Losing Sleep Over “Catty” Horyn and Her Right to An Opinion; Or, Why the Open Letter Is Fashion Month’s Biggest Trend

The Spring 2013 shows just wrapped in Paris yesterday, and as everyone knows, the period which follows Fashion Month is typically one of reflection. As in, can we truly imagine ourselves wearing monochrome graphic prints next season? How "signature" can "signature sunglasses" really be? How do we incorporate the major runway trends of next season into our wardrobes today?

Big questions, all. And so since this is a time for us to consider which way the fashion winds are blowing, we shouldn't fail to observe the non-sartorial trends, which are often more significant than those visible on the runway. I'm talking, of course, about the Open Letter.

It all started when Oscar de la Renta took out a one-page ad in WWD calling Cathy Horyn of The New York Times a "stale three-day-old hamburger." Next, Hedi Slimane tweeted out another open letter (seemingly designed on Microsoft Paint) to Horyn. Then, Laura Craik of The Times of London wrote her own letter to Hedi Slimane, asking him to please stop acting crazy. As they say in fashion, three's a trend.

From Craik's letter to Slimane:

"Because the thing is, you can’t control everything. You just can’t … You can’t control people’s reactions. And I really hope you don’t want to try. If you were a suit, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that. But you’re not. You’re Hedi Slimane. All the things you seem to love and value — music, fun, sexiness — require freedom. You have yours. I have mine. Without it, we are nothing.

So please, don’t ban me from your next show, because I really want to see it. We all do. We like you, even though you treat us like a bitch."

Even though Slimane hasn't (yet?) written a second open letter in response, it appears, based on his Twitter feed, he's still feeling that sore, bitter Open Letter spirit.

Despite everyone's good advice to be quiet, put his head down, and just do his job really well, the new Saint Laurent designer wants a fight; even though Horyn refused to engage his criticisms and wouldn't bite when WWD asked for comment ("It’s just silly nonsense," was all she said), Slimane won't back down.

Last night he sent out two Tweets:

The perfect integrity of the NewYork Times, and its writers, is not precisely "just silly nonsense."

What is a "silly nonsense" to me is Catty Horyn still singing her tired bias tune for the nyt. This is an embarrassment for the newspaper.

Oh yes, The New York Times is precisely the party which should be most embarassed in all this.

Image via Hedi Slimane's Twitter

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Miranda Kerr Gets a Russh This October/November (Forum Buzz)

Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012

It was a no-brainer for Russh Magazine to put Aussie model Miranda Kerr on the cover of its “homegrown issue.” Photographer Hugh Lippe caught the model in a nonchalant, typically laid-back Aussie “no worries” kind of pose wearing nothing but a band tee and a fancy pair of laced-up undies. As usual, Russh made the right choice. The cover and accompanying editorial are effortlessly cool.

Aussie girl hexagon sun posted, “Russh has been on a cover roll for a long time now and this is no exception. Gorgeous! Perfect for the Australian Spring – natural and relaxed – and something about it is making me long for the summer holidays. Plus maybe it's my patriotic bias, but I'll always have a soft spot for Miranda. She looks wonderful here,” she added.

Even if Miranda’s not your cup of tea, she may yet win you over. “Another nice cover by Russh,” ChristyLeReveur had to admit. “Although I am not a big fan of Miranda, this looks good.”

You know what else looks good? The fashion spread in which Miranda appears styled by fashion editor Gillian Wilkins in pieces from Australian labels and stores:

Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012Miranda Kerr photographed by Hugh Lippe - Russh Magazine October/November 2012

Images: Russh Magazine.

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Link Buzz: SJP Covers Elle; Are Kimye Breaking Up?

  • Sarah Jessica Parker was on the cover of Elle's Women in Hollywood issue because someone at Elle has no sense of imagination. [DailyStab]
  • Rachel Bilson's HAIR will win the world over. [BellaSugar]
  • And jewel tones will win your closet over. [FabSugar]
  • A bunch of Russians got dressed in Salvatore Ferragamo's Fall 2012 collection because Salvatore Ferragamo is hoping Russians will buy items from its Fall 2012 collection. [Fashionologie]
  • Drew Barrymore had a baby, baby, baby named Olive and I really like to eat olive bagels. [RightCelebrity]
  • Kate Middleton is so down-to-earth she'll even wear the same dress twice like some kind of middle class hero. [SheFinds]
  • Oh no are Kimye breaking up like everyone always knew they would? [CelebDirtyLaundry]

Image via DailyStab

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Lady Gaga Wears Elizabeth Hurley’s Iconic Versace Safety Pin Dress [PHOTOS]

I'd bet there are lots of perks to being friends with Donatella Versace, and if your name starts with Lady and ends with Gaga, digging through the Versace archives is one of them.

So on the way to meet her BFF for lunch in Milan, Lady Gaga stepped out of her hotel wearing "That Dress" which catapulted Elizabeth Hurley to fame at the Four Weddings and a Funeral premiere in 1994.

Created by Gianni Versace and given to Hurley on loan, the safety pin dress is one of only 14 individual dresses that's merited its own Wikipedia page, probably because it reveals a lot of skin and people were even pervier in the Nineties than they are today.

I think there's no doubt that Elizabeth Hurley wins the world wearing this, but shut up, Lady Gaga looks great too.

Images via and Getty

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Kim Kardashian Shows the Love for Aussie Designers

Kim Kardashian wears a printed dress from Michael Lo Sordo

Kanye West may not exactly have the critics in raptures over in Paris, but here in Australia, his contribution to the fashion industry has been considerably more positive. More specifically, we mean his discerning approach to the wardrobe of girlfriend Kim Kardashian. On a recent trip down under, Kim turned her ample and usually black-clad curves into a walking billboard for local designers including Josh Goot and Michael Lo Sordo, and we bet she had more than a little assistance with the selection process.

While in Melbourne at a VIP event for QuickTrim, Kim did her best endorsing work for the Kardashian-certified weight loss program in a printed dress from the collection Michael Lo Sordo showed at MBFWA back in May. Letting the symmetrical Rorschach print do the talking with minimal accessories and a pair of white Gianvito Rossi pumps, Kim had fans and spambots alike going nuts for the dress over on her blog. Her Melbourne fans were equally wowed by the news that she was obsessed with Tim Tams (a recommended supplement for the QuickTrim diet?)

Next up, Kim decided to make an attempt at selecting clothes without the help of Kanye by doing a spot of shopping on Chapel Street. This time she sported a look straight out of Josh Goot’s S/S 2012/13 collection, a matching baroque-printed black tank, peplum and pencil skirt. Her own well-structured silhouette makes Kim a prime customer for Goot’s strong aesthetic, though we would have loved to see her bust out some neoprene.

And while Goot was obviously a tip-off from Kanye (Goot’s girlfriend Christine Centenera is pretty tight with the sartorially shrewd rapper, having styled both of his previous runway attempts), it seems Kim can be trusted on her own when it comes to choosing monochrome. While on Chapel Street she picked up a top and pair of pants from Sass and Bide, which she donned for her grand arrival in LAX. Perhaps she was sending sneaky mirror Twitpics to Kanye for approval? 

Images: Getty and LIFEwithBIRD's Twitter

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