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If Ads Could Talk: Doutzen Kroes for H&M by Terry Richardson

Doutzen Kroes for HM

Doutzen Kroes for HM / via HM Facebook

Doutzen Kroes continues her streak of high-profile campaign appearances with a series of ads for H&M's 2013 High Summer collection, photographed by Terry Richardson. Her other clients this season alone include Tiffany & Co, L'Oreal, Miu Miu and Victoria's Secret.

Though this was Kroes' first-ever campaign for the Swedish retailer, she and Richardson have a longstanding working relationship: the photographer shot her January 2009 Harper's Bazaar cover, her 2010 US Vogue shoot and her Russian Vogue cover; from time to time, Kroes pops up in the black-and-white snapshots Terry dispatches from his studio. 

H&M marks Kroes and Richardson's first time collaborating on an ad project, but it's not the first time they've been brought together for a beachy shoot. US Vogue sent them to Miami (take me to Miami) and for Russian Vogue, although they shot in a bare-walled room (Terry's studio, possibly), Kroes was styled in swimwear (the word "SEX" was stenciled over her body on the cover image, to give you a sense of the taste level). The H&M campaign below feels like the most polished and mature of all these efforts, but that may just be that the clothing brand has more restrictive demands than a fashion magazine or related to in-house post-production Photoshopping, which often has a genericizing effect. 


Doutzen Kroes for HM / via HM Facebook

​"Modeling isn't just about standing there, looking pretty."


Doutzen Kroes for HM / via HM Facebook

"Sometimes you have to lie down. And the sun gets in your eyes."


Doutzen Kroes for HM / via HM Facebook

"This is not a comfortable position, but how else are you going to see my armpits?"


Doutzen Kroes for HM / via HM Facebook

"This is a dress. Crotch-blocking man-head not included with purchase."


Doutzen Kroes for HM / via HM Facebook

"Is this photo really going to help H&M sell this sheer scrap of dress?"


Bonus: Here are a bunch of short video clips for this campaign:

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Link Buzz: Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein; H&M CEO ‘Definitely Willing to Pay More’ Factory Wages

  • Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein

    Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein / via WWD

    Christy Turlington and Calvin Klein are back together. Mario Sorrenti and the model shot an underwear ad for the label in Puerto Rico. Calvin Klein hopes you're excited. I hope you've been sleeping well. Who's creepier, me or Calvin Klein? (That's supposed to be an easy one.) [WWD]
  • Are you wearing shorts? Would you like to be? In life, we rarely get exactly what we want, but dressy shorts are something that's attainable. [FabSugar]
  • Brad Pitt and Salvatore Ferragamo are hosting the inaugural Arts Center Gala. That's right, keep the jerks off the streets and in the galas. [Fashionologie]
  • Get the perfect smoky eye in 60 seconds, because they're coming for you. [BellaSugar]
  • The nice people at Beauty Snob are hanging out and drinking cocktails at Bergdorf Goodman tonight. You can go, but I'm sure you have something better to do. [BagSnob]
  • The new Saint Laurent Paris flagship: how I resent you though I barely know you. [Refinery29]
  • H&M's CEO on Bangladesh wages: "We're definitely willing to pay more." [HuffPo]

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Sneak Peek: Candice Swanepoel Covers Vogue Australia’s June 2013 Issue

Sneak Peek: Candice Swanepoel Covers Vogue Australia's June 2013 Issue

One necessary component of success in the brutal world of print publishing is continuity, and you can’t argue there’s much discrepancy between Miss Vogue’s Holly Rose Emery cover and the June 2013 issue of the magazine’s parent edition.

The impending cover of Vogue Australia’s annual body issue is fronted by a bronzed and impressively blow-waved Candice Swanepoel, who could be Holly’s older sister if she wasn’t South African. Actually neither of the cover girls are Australian, with Holly hailing from New Zealand, but they both do an excellent interpretation of ‘Bondi chic’.            

The Candice cover was styled by Katie Mossman shot by Victor Demarchelier in New York, exclusively for Vogue Australia. It’s out on May 20, and also features its cover star in a racy Catwoman in Paris-inspired shoot by Hans Feuer. Hopefully, 16-year-old Holly waits a few more years before getting involved with cleavage and latex. 


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Gossip Girl Designer Eric Daman is Century 21′s New Spokesman and Guest Stylist

Eric Daman and Leighton Meester

Eric Daman and Leighton Meester / via Getty

Eric Daman was one of the first celebrity stylists. The Emmy-award winning costume designer got his start working with Patricia Field on Sex and the City before graduating to his own show, Gossip GirlHis success at the CW series led to another project, The Carrie Diaries. (I've been pretending the new series, which just got renewed for its second season, doesn't exist, but it has fans. I've seen some on Tumblr.)  

Throughout Gossip Girl's loooong run, Daman's work styling outfits for the show launched countless standalone blogs dedicated to Blair and Serena's weekly wardrobe changes. On general interest fashion sites (like this one) shopping roundups either inspired by or explicitly recreating Gossip Girl outfits were a reliable crowdpleaser when the show was on air (sometimes, even in the off-season). For such a crummy series (sorry, but it's true: Gossip Girl had plotlines so convoluted it was insulting and no real sense of humor — or heart), people were obsessed with it. I watched all six seasons. 

Hoping to capitalize on Daman's vast appeal, Century 21 tapped Daman as their new spokesman and brand ambassador, as part of the discount retailer's guest stylist series (which launched last Fall with television personality George Kotsiopoulos). Century 21 is a cult shopping destination the way Target is a cult shopping destination — light on the "cult," heavy on the hype. The department store does have some high-quality designer pieces at crazy-deep discounts, but you have to contend with a swamp of near-crap and a competing swarm of bargain hunters (the downtown Manhattan location on the weekends is not for the faint of heart). 

Still, Daman might be a moderately famous, successful person, but he still feels like an "of the people" fashion fanboy. His approach to fashion is energetic, fun and pointedly accessible to regular girls, a perfect fit for Century 21's savvy-is-chic brand. 


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More Cara Delevingne: She Posed Nude for a Marc Jacobs Skin Cancer Research Campaign

Cara Delevingne for Marc Jacobs

Cara Delevingne for Marc Jacobs / via Instagram

Cara Delevingne is the latest celebrity to lend her naked body to Marc Jacobs for his "Protect the Skin You're In" clothing campaign, which has been raising money for skin cancer research since 2006. We'd all do well to be a little more critical of the "shopping as activism" model, but in this case, all proceeds (typically it's just some) from the sale of the $35 tees are donated to the NYU Cancer Institute at Langone Medical Center. So, two worthy causes: 1) Promote skin cancer awareness and help contribute to finding a cure, 2) boost Cara's international celebrity. 

Wanting to wear a designer T-shirt with a naked supermodel on the front of it is probably driven by motives more impure than wanting to help fund a cancer research institute. Still there are worse ways to satisfy your celebrity fandom; the "Protect the Skin You're In" campaign demonstrates a solid commitment to the cause from the brand. Other designers might do a shirt like this as a one-off and only donate partial proceeds to charity. The campaign's Facebook page lists the names of 45 celebrities that have previously participated: These tees have seen everyone from Chloe Sevigny to Naomi Campbell, making the line appeal to a range of cultural types — everyone from hormone-addled bros to dorky fashion girls could find a version of the item they'd like to own.  

The shirts are manufactured with 100% cotton. I've reached out to Marc Jacobs for more information about where these T-shirts are made and how they're sourced and will let you know what I find out.


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Cara Delevingne Got Her Finger Tattooed (Forum Buzz)


Apparently, Cara Delevingne is a lion fan. So much so, that she got one tattooed on her index finger.

Cara-Delevingne-finger-tattoo-2“My first tattoo!! Lions rule! Thank you so much @bangbangnyc @badgirlriri,” she tweeted.

Tattoo-fiend Rihanna got a shout out for recommending her favorite tattoo parlor, Bang Bang Tattoos in New York, where Cara went to get inked.

“Ummm… no,” Legolas posted. He’s clearly not feeling Cara’s new finger embellishment.

“That's quite a prominent place to get a tattoo, considering she's a model,” sarahswonderland commented. “I guess it'll either become a part of her image or get covered up, although I'm not sure how. But it's very her.”

LegsXI wrote: “I am surprised by this tattoo, it’s very THERE, and she is a model.”

Cara wouldn’t be the first model to sport a prominent tattoo (though I have doubts about just how prominent it actually looks in real life). See Freja Beha ErichsenCatherine McNeilCarolyn MurphyErin Wasson… I could go on for days. Makeup works wonders and clients can easily have her cover the tattoo up if they prefer. And if makeup doesn’t work? There’s always Photoshop.


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