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Procter & Gamble Eyeing the Potential Sale of CoverGirl and Max Factor

Images via and

Images via and

According to WWD, the likely sale of Procter & Gamble’s CoverGirl and Max Factor cosmetics brands was the topic of conversation this week at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores meeting. The sale, being handled by Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is said to be worth a total of $3 billion, but P&G is unsure whether it will sell its brands as a package deal. Names of power players in the industry like Revlon, Unilever and Coty were thrown around as potential buyers and it’s also speculated that Korean beauty brands might want a piece of the American cosmetics pie. 

A WWD source says that $2.2 billion is a reasonable asking price for a brand that is “fully mature and doing over $300 million EBITDA.” While CoverGirl has a dominant U.S. presence, its worldwide existence is lacking and Max Factor isn’t  sold stateside any longer. In addition, Euromonitor reported that CoverGirl’s market share in the states has fallen to 8.7 percent from 10.8 in the past five years. With P&G CEO A.G. Lafley looking to cut costs by selling the company’s beauty brands, chances are the brands will find a new home soon.

[via WWD]

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Zac Posen to Design New Delta Airlines Uniforms

Zac Posen Delta Airlines

Image: WENN

Delta Airlines flight attendants are getting a stylish new update, courtesy of Zac Posen. The designer has been tapped to create uniforms for the airline’s fleet, following in the footsteps of designers like Vivienne Westwood, who created stylish uniforms for Virgin Atlantic.

“I’m thrilled to partner with this classic American brand and look forward to collaborating with Delta employees to understand their wants and needs for the new collection,” Zac said in a statement. “Together, we will bring everyday elegance and style innovation to the ground and air alike while making employees look and feel their best.” Posen will be working and studying the Delta fleet to figure out what kinds of clothes he can create that are functional and fashionable to boot. According to Delta, Posen will be working with airline employees and testing uniform prototypes before putting out the final range of outfits. Because of this, the new uniforms aren’t expected to launch until 2018, so we still have a while before we see the results. 

These new uniforms are just an aspect of Delta’s overall rebranding. We personally think they should start with those darn baggage fees applied to flights within U.S. and Canada, but who knows? A better-dressed flight staff might lessen the blow of having to spend an extra $25 for a $350 flight to Los Angeles. Or not.

[via tFS inbox]

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Kristen Wiig Poses for Violet Grey, Shows up as Khaleesi on Jimmy Fallon

Kristen Wiig Violet Grey

Image: Ben Hassett courtesy Violet Grey

Kristen Wiig isn’t a talk show host, but she plays one in the movies. The actress stars in the upcoming film Welcome to Me, a movie about a woman who wins the lottery and uses the money to start her own talk show. She’s also filming Zoolander 2, the much-anticipated star-studded sequel to the cult comedy from the early aughts. Now, Violet Grey has tapped the comedian for the cover of its latest issue. Photographer Ben Hassett captures sultry images, revealing a darker, sexier side of the funny lady. For the accompanying feature, Wiig was interviewed by fellow actor Tim Robbins, who also has a role in Welcome to Me.

Though Wiig can credit much of her success to the fact that she’s such a riot, she does admit that audiences sometimes don’t get her when she’s being serious because they’re so used to seeing her be funny. “I always say people know you how they know you, and I think people know me probably from SNL and Bridesmaids,” she says. “I’ve done a couple of things that have been dramatic and sometimes I get frustrated because like…there was a scene I shot once where it was like, ‘Oh, this woman is so sad that she’s doing this thing,’ and when we screened it people laughed.”  (more…)

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Oprah Blasts Dr. Oz by Canceling His Radio Show

image: Getty

image: Getty

It hasn’t been a good past few months for the once-storied Dr. Oz. Things started to take a turn for the worse last summer when Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill slammed Oz for touting a weight loss supplement called green coffee bean extract. On his show, Oz called the extract “a magic weight loss cure for every body type.” In a hearing on weight loss scams and deceptive advertising for weight loss products, McCaskill remarked that the doctor’s “credibility is being maligned by fraudsters and frankly being threatened by the notion that anybody can take an itty-bitty pill to push fat out of their system.” Oz’s hyperbolic claims were, it turns out, based on just a single small study that later turned out to be bogus.

Even more shocking than a prominent doctor hawking weight loss pills was the news that broke just a few month later. The BMJ, a British medical journal, found that less than half of the on-air recommendations on The Dr. Oz Show were supported by scientific evidence. Then, earlier this month, 10 doctors sent a letter to the dean of Columbia University’s department of surgery requesting that Oz be removed from his position as vice chairman. They claimed in their letter that “he has manifested an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain.” A new poll shows over 1,000 doctors feel the same way.

Now Oprah, the woman who gave Oz the spotlight to begin with, has weighed in by canceling his radio show. The Daily Dose With Dr. Oz, a “radio minute” produced by Oprah’s Harpo Productions, will end May 29. While the radio show is only a small part of the doctor’s empire, it may only be the beginning of his fall from grace.

For his part, Oz has denied receiving any personal gain for any of the things he has promoted and purports that many of his accusers have their own agendas, which in all likelihood is true (for one, some of doctors who signed the Columbia testimonial have vested ties to GMOs and Oz is a well-known advocate for GMO labeling). It’s also worth noting that many of the recommendations Oz highlights on his show are innocuous and related to things like cooking and workout demos. As Bill Gifford pointed out in The New York Times“Do we really need double-blind clinical trials of Mr. DiSpirito’s recipes? Must The Bra Book be submitted for peer review?”

There really is no excuse for hawking a diet pill without credible scientific evidence to back it, but is this misstep worth bringing down a whole empire that has sprouted conversations about health and wellness that may have otherwise never taken place? One thing is for sure, when it comes to medical advice, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. 

[via Daily News]

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‘Dad Bod’ Is the New Ripped Bod, Apparently

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Ripped Tyson Beckford and David Beckham types beware. The new standard of “hot” male physique that apparently is making all the gals go crazy is the “dad bod,” the doughy, undefined build of a man who is comfortably married, probably has kids and is definitely not trying to get himself, as Protein World might say, “beach body” ready. 

McKenzie Peterson from Clemson University penned a piece for The Odyssey in which she explains the appeal of this distinguished male figure. “The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. The dad bod says, “I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time. It’s not an overweight guy, but it isn’t one with washboard abs, either.” She says the dad bod is the look many frat guys are embracing, and so are the ladies. Peterson argues the softer form of a man without a 6-pack is less intimidating to women, especially those who are already insecure about their own bodies.

The topic of the dad bod has become a hot one on social media, garnering mixed reactions from men and women alike. While there are those who are staunchly pro dad bod, others wonder if a 21-year-old with a softer physique will be able to maintain the desired doughiness for female suitors as he ages. (more…)

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Roberto Cavalli Company Bought by Clessidra

Roberto Cavalli Clessidra

Image: Getty

For months we’ve been hearing about a potential sale of the Roberto Cavalli brand and now it looks like the Italian fashion house has found a buyer. WWD reports that Clessidra SGR will purchase 90 percent of the company, while Cavalli himself will keep the remaining 10 percent stake.

“I am extremely satisfied to have signed this agreement with an Italian partner which, I am sure, will further develop what I have built in a lifetime,” Cavalli said in a statement. “Clessidra will provide financial, managerial and human resources that will allow the company to grow further and face the challenges of the ever-evolving luxury market.”

The house has also named a new CEO, Renato Semerari, and Francesco Trapani will enter into a chairman role. Between this and Peter Dundas’ return to the label, it looks as if the house of Cavalli is entering a new era. Clessidra’s investments include Camfin, which has holdings in Pirelli, fine jewelry brand Buccellati, casualwear brand Harmont & Blaine and more.

[via Reuters, WWD]

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