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Watch: DVF Had the Best Response When Victoria Beckham Asked Her for Career Advice

When we think about women who have it all, Victoria Beckham’s name usually comes to mind. She’s got a wildly successful and critically acclaimed clothing line, great style, a smoking hot husband and four beautiful children. But like most working mothers who love their jobs, she’s got to find a balance between her family and her work life.

“It wasn’t until they first came to the show a few seasons ago that they actually realized that mommy does have a proper job,” she told Vanessa Friedman in a video for The New York Times. Victoria mentioned that sometimes she has to work late hours, which makes her miss her children before their bedtimes, especially in the days leading up to Fashion Week. She turned to industry vet and mother Diane von Furstenberg for advice, asking the designer if she ever felt guilty when she had to be away from her little ones in the name of fashion. “Never,” Victoria said DVF replied.

Watch the clip above to see Victoria at work in her South London studio.

[via NYT]

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Kendall, Cara and Binx Go Sci-Fi for Cover of Garage (Forum Buzz)

Here’s hoping Kendall Jenner actually sells magazines because she’s landed yet another cover, this time for Garage‘s Spring 2015 issue. The 19-year-old, who’s gaining respect from industry insiders, joins Cara Delevingne, Lara Stone, Joan Smalls and Binx Walton, who are each handed their own individual cover. Phil Poynter captured the beauties wearing headphones, resembling something from outer space with suspiciously flawless complexions.

Garage Spring 2015 Kendall Jenner


Has the magazine done enough to interest our forum members? “This is probably the best that Kendall has ever looked (eye expression wise), but she just does not deserve to be included with that group,” comments marsnoop2.

VersaceVixen009 shared the same feelings, “This is probably the best work Kendall has done. Hers and Lara’s are the best. Binx’s looks awful, it’s such an unflattering angle and it’s clear her cheekbones were retouched to appear more sculpted.”

“Joan and Lara are my favs! But I have to say that Kendall looks good, thanks god she’s not sleeping as usual!” said thatsfierce.

JessRubik echoed the same sentiments and wrote, “Love Joan and Lara! And I can’t believe I’m saying this but Kendall looks good too.”

Yet not everyone was feeling it. Mistress f hissed, “Oh come on, Kendall here too?” Adding, “Anyway, Lara’s and Joan’s covers are the best. Hopefully I’ll get one of those two.” 

“I love that they all look like mutants in a girl group. So much work has been done to these girls in terms of retouching though. Kendall’s eyes have clearly been shaped to look more intense,” TREVOFASHIONISTO suggested.

Are you a fan? Check out all the covers for yourself inside our thread here and voice your own opinion.

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Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing Poses Nude for Têtu Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Lately, it has become the norm for cover stars to bare all for magazines and Olivier Rousteing is the latest to take the plunge and pose nude, for Têtu’s March 2015 issue. The publication never attracts attention on our forums but with a subject like Rousteing on the cover, we’re going to add our two cents. The Balmain creative director poses sans clothes for a classic studio sitting for photographers André Atangana and François Rousseau. Rousteing isn’t the first designer to pose nude, however. He joins the illustrious Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford, who have both been photographed in their birthday suits.

Tetu March 2015 Olivier Rousteing


You had best believe our forum members are going to tell it like it is. “I used to be so attracted to him, but he seems so full of himself. This cover proves my theory,” TREVOFASHIONISTO commented within moments of the cover surfacing. 

“I think exactly the same thing about him. He is so ‘me, myself and I,'” replied GivenchyAddict.

Benn98 didn’t sound too impressed either and said, “Ever since someone on here mentioned that he sinks his cheeks to get that Johnny Depp-look, it’s the first thing I look for nowadays.”

Forum member Lola701 soon attempted to shift the mood. “He is beautiful! Too bad he can’t stop talking about the Kardashians. Good cover. He is very exposed but I think he is one of the future superstars. I don’t like his work but he is good looking,” she complimented.

“That’s hilarious. What a Photoshop fail. The neck looks so long and it’s as if they just copy/pasted his face on it, what a mess!” Thefrenchy added.

Don’t be afraid to join the discussion inside the thread here.

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BFFs Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Are Vogue’s March Cover Girls! (Forum Buzz)

The fashion world continues to amaze us, but we did kinda call it first. Earlier today our suspicions were confirmed as the forums were treated to a preview of the finished result of Vogue‘s March cover. BFFs Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are indeed on the front cover of Vogue‘s latest issue. Photographed by Mikael Jansson for the occasion, the pair pose sporting the same soft-waved hairstyle and wearing complementing ensembles as they lean on each other for the magazine’s latest installment of 604 pages! And there’s even a fun video to go with! This gives us something else to celebrate during NYFW. 

US Vogue March 2015 Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss


Forum members raced to the thread to see the cover and couldn’t wait to voice their views. “Omg. Wow. Yes,” simply proclaimed BonesAndOil, clearly happy with the outcome.

“YES! This is gorgeous, wow I’m so excited. And good for Karlie, two US Vogue covers in such a short space of time! Loving this,” LastNight responded.

“OMG… So happy for Karlie! And it looks beautiful!” complimented djowodjo30, sharing the same sentiments.

But not everyone was so ecstatic. “Of course, I’m not surprised. Gives me the feeling that they are more than just friends. Nothing excites me about this cover, just nice,” voiced Nymphaea.

Forum member dior_couture1245 wasn’t so fond, either and posted: “I really can’t stand these two. They’re so cheesy and they play that ditzy, goofy, BuzzFeed-made-for-gif behavior way too hard. They’re in the same camp with Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence, for me. None of them are aspirational or interesting.”

“This is so insipid, my god! It had the makings of being really great, but nope it failed completely! No dynamics, no energy, and two beautiful women who can look a million times better than this! Very disappointed!” Miss Dalloway slammed.

Will you be rushing out to the newsstands to pick up your copy of Vogue‘s March issue? Stay tuned for the official images here.

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Rats Reportedly Still Enjoying Vogue Magazine’s New Offices

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Say what you want about New York City rats, but you’ll never be able to say that they don’t have good taste. In fact, they may be the most stylish rats in the world. 

According to Page SixVogue‘s new offices at 1 World Trade Center still have that rodent problem, and the couture-loving critters aren’t giving up their residence at the magazine’s new headquarters so easily. Sources say that the rats are very bold and a few Vogue staffers found them scurrying under and on their desks. How did Anna Wintour handle the situation? Allegedly by saying, “I don’t want to hear about it.” 

A Vogue insider denied that the magazine’s offices are becoming a very chic rat city, assuring us that such an exchange between Wintour and her employees never happened. Right.

If Vogue‘s offices are indeed overrun with some unwelcome furry friends, we really don’t blame those rats for taking up residence there. If we were them, we’d definitely be posted in that sample closet. Can’t knock the hustle.

[via Page Six]

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Kanye West x Adidas Originals Season 1: We Hope You Like Body Stockings

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

After months of waiting, Kanye West finally revealed yesterday what he’s been working on with Adidas all this time. As affairs hosted by the rapper tend to be, the show was star-studded. FROW-goers included Beyoncé, Jay Z, Diddy, Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Alexander Wang, Hailey Baldwin, Russell Simmons and of course, assorted members of the Kardashian-Jenner collective: Kris, Khloé, Kendall, Kim and little North West (who was as displeased about the show’s 45-minute late start as many editors in attendance). 

In an interesting twist, Kylie Jenner was tapped to model in the show, as opposed to her buzzy big sis, Instagirl Kendall. Indeed, the front row was so major that a few big names were relegated to the second row — Justin Bieber was noticeably seated behind Kendall and Khloé, flanked by rappers 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Pusha T. Were they simply not chic enough for this particular FROW? Who knows. It would have been quite entertaining to see 2 Chainz and Anna Wintour sharing a pre-show laugh, but alas, such fantasies were dashed yesterday.


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