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Ksenija Lukich to Host E! Australia’s Brand New Pop Culture Show

Ksenija Lukich

Photo: Getty

Life has been a whirlwind for model-turned-presenter Ksenija Lukich ever since she landed the coveted E! Australia host role just over a year ago. She hardly misses a red carpet or an international celeb while they’re in town, and she’s recently been announced as the Aussie host for new popular culture entertainment show The Hype, starting this week.

Sydney Confidential reports that this is the first full-length program produced out of Australia for America’s E!, hosted by Ksenija in Sydney and Dominic Bowden in LA. 

Episodes will include a mix of celebrity interviews, gossip, social media trends and local and international fashion. The pilot features Aussie faves Hugh Jackman and Bindi Irwin. (more…)

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We Tried It: Can This $2 App Really Help You Stay Stress-Free?

Images courtesy of Pause

Images courtesy of Pause

Stress, it happens to the best of us. And thanks to new app Pause, you can take a break (or a pause) from the daily stresses of life. The App is the result of a collaboration between UsTwo and Peng Cheng, designer and founder of Danish mental wellness company PauseAble. Cheng created the app as a way to personally manage his own stress and depression.

And after learning that it was only $1.99 (because that’s way cheaper than a therapist or spa day!), we decided to try it out firsthand. The 10-minute process goes like this. You start by following a blob that resembles a lava lamp with your fingertip. The goal is to follow it around as slowly as possible until it gradually gets bigger. If you move the blob too fast, it will yell at you. Okay, not really, but it’s a sign that you need to slow down the pace. We started without listening to the app’s spa-like serene music, which is way less effective. The music actually forces you to tune out the real world and really focus (try it with headphones).  (more…)

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Kate Moss and Anna Ewers Just Made History with David Yurman (Forum Buzz)

As the mainline Fall 2015 campaigns taught us, brands like to stick to their guns in terms of creativity, but David Yurman just switched things up with its Holiday 2015 campaign. Since starring in her first ad back in 2004, Kate Moss makes a welcome return as the face of the brand and is joined by German bombshell Anna Ewers. But the casting isn’t what has us talking. The luxury jewelry company decided to shoot the recently released campaign in full color, shying away from its signature black and white aesthetic. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Kate and Anna each star in their own separate images styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele showcasing some of Yurman’s finest new pieces.

David Yurman Holiday 2015 Anna Ewers and Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus


Is change always for the better? “Anna looks the same as she does on the cover of Vogue Paris August 2015,” pointed out testinofan.

“You’re right, but why book Anna when she’s styled/shot to resemble Kate? Her smile is very cute, and actually brings a fresh vibe to David Yurman,” Benn98 replied. (more…)

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ATT All 90s Kids: Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys Rumored to Reunite for 2016 Tour

“Backstreet’s back alright”—and this time, with the Spice Girls. Rumor has it that the two 90s bands will join forces for the ultimate tour in 2016. “The Spice Girls tour has been this idea bouncing around for the past year and a half, and it’s something we’re still talking about,” Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. And it just so happens to be the Spice Girls’ 20th anniversary, so it’s perfect timing. And yes, it’s true, the Backstreet’s Back album is officially 18 years old. #longlivethe90s.

The Backstreet Boys

Image: Getty

According to Daily Star, “The Spices are expected to tour the States minus Victoria Beckham, 41, who wants to concentrate on her fashion career.” Beckham recently debuted her Spring 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week and seems to have her hands full being a designer, mother and wife (to the hottest guy in the world).

[ The Spice Girls Did It First: 90s Fashion Trends We’re Still Wearing ]

The Daily Star also speculated that all five Spice Girls will “partake in a UK celebration before the US tour” and that “Sporty (Mel C), Baby, and Scary have all admitted discussions are under way for a reunion.” They’re planning to use this as an opportunity to relaunch their individual careers. Mel told the reporter, “I’ve been working on the record on/off for a couple years but it’s really building momentum now so I’m very excited about it. I don’t want to give away too much.” (more…)

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Gigi Hadid #Wokeuplikethis on the Vogue Netherlands Cover (Forum Buzz)

She’s racking up quite the number of Vogue covers lately, having already starred on the Brazilian, Spanish and Australian editions of the Condé Nast title. Now Gigi Hadid adds her fourth solo cover to her ever-growing portfolio, gracing the recently released November edition of Vogue Netherlands. Photographed by Alique, the Maybelline brand ambassador and current face of Balmain wears Chanel, sporting a minimal amount of makeup and rocking a disheveled hairstyle.

Vogue Netherlands November 2015 Gigi Hadid by Alique


Has Dutch Vogue done Gigi a disservice? Apparently so. “Crikey, the text overload paired with the messy styling and hair isn’t a good sight. I feel like they’ve toned the different fonts down over the past few months, but now they’re back to their old tricks,” shared a dismayed Benn98.

“This is really bad and she’s giving us her best blank face,” contributed KateTheGreatest.

Sharing the same underwhelming sentiments was SpeakThatJDunn: “Absolute mess. She looks like she stumbled in drunk, fell on the floor, and they snapped a quick pic on her way back up.”

Yet things started to look up as Miss Dalloway confessed, “This shouldn’t work, but it totally does for me and I like it!”

“Surprisingly I like this. Maybe it’s the styling plus the hair which are doing her favors. She doesn’t look as bad as she usually does on print, we’ve honestly seen worse from her,” reasoned a pleasantly surprised khyrk.

RanThe agreed, commenting, “I really like this! Gigi has always been my favorite out of the so called ‘it’ girls! The expression is little blank, but it works!”

Check out some previews of Gigi’s cover story and drop us a comment here.

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Sam Frost Continues to Be the Poster Girl for Realistic Expectations, Shares Makeup-Free Selfie

Sam Frost is one real cookie, and by cookie we obviously mean woman. Not wanting young girls to get an unrealistic expectation of beauty, The Bachelorette has shared a makeup-free selfie on her Instagram to encourage us all to love ourselves, flaws and all. Naw. 

Sam says the photo is in response to her followers who comment on her photos or send her direct messages about how they look up to and want to be as pretty as her. While she admits it is “lovely and adorable”, she wanted to show them the everyday version of herself, rather than who we see on magazine covers and on our television screens.

“This is the every day me… no filter, no edits, dark circles, messy hair, break outs, uneven skin tone [sic],” she wrote alongside the natural photo of herself. “And I wouldn’t change anything about myself!” (more…)