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Meghan Collison is Above and Beyond on Vogue Italia’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia October 2013 - Meghan Collison photographed by Steven Meisel

Say what you want about Vogue Italia, but it’s one of the few fashion magazines out there that dares to be different, whether you like it or not. The October issue features model Meghan Collison in an image by Steven Meisel in which her face stands out startlingly clear in the midst of some sort of underwater effect. Some forum members thought the cover went “Above and Beyond” as the caption suggested, while others thought the magazine had sunk to new depths.

MulletProof posted that this is “easily the best cover VI has put out this year,” and she wasn't the only one who thought so.

“What a fantastic cover, love everything about this,” Miss Dalloway commented. “The effect like she is underwater, except for her face, looks great, and she has the face to pull it off.”

“Nice to see some innovation on a cover for a change,” HeatherAnne wrote. “I can only do with so many beach backdrops, plain studio backdrops, etc.”

KissMiss was among those who just didn’t get it. “OMG! This looks awful… they need to get a new photoshop team… whatever they tried to achieve, it did not work,” he decided.

Mistress_f called the cover shot “amazingly weird,” a phrase that I think bridges the gap between those who love and hate this cover. “Amazingly weird” can be interpreted however you want it to be, and I’m going to say that in this case, amazingly weird is a good thing.

Image: Vogue Italia

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Zadig and Voltaire’s New Paris Hotel Won’t Accomodate “Chinese Tourists”

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, especially when it's a racist spade. Zadig and Voltaire may be a cool-ish young French label and they may be opening what's sure to be a cool-ish young hotel on the Left Bank, but that doesn't change the fact that founder Thierry Gillier said this really racist thing to a WWD reporter:

"This was a project dear to our hearts. It will be a slightly private hotel, not open to everybody, with 40 rooms. We are going to select guests. It won't be open to Chinese tourists, for example. There is a lot of demand in Paris — many people are looking for quiet hotels with a certain privacy."

Way to discriminate against an entire nationality! That's the thing about fashion: everyone's always patting themselves on the back for being so forward-looking, but the prevailing attitudes are stupidly retrograde. 

Gillier must have realized that he misspoke, because just a couple hours ago, WWD amended the original quote, replacing "Chinese tourists" with "busloads of tourists." (The original version was reported by a couple different outlets, including, prior to the change.) WWD never fails to impress with its unwavering adherence to preserving its relationships with major brands. No wonder it's fashion's newsspaper of record. 

Zading and Voltaire Fall 2012 ad via TFS Forums

[h/t FashionETC]

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What Anna Wintour and Kristen Stewart Talked About Front Row at the Balenciaga Show

You know, I've been wanting to talk to you.

You could have texted. I heard you and Lady Gaga text all the time.

I've just been very busy. We have this big project with Glee

Right, very important stuff. Nepotism is so time consuming.

And how's the Twilight press tour been treating you?


I know it seems right now like you're the only person that's ever felt, but my hair hasn't always been so tidy and bobbed. It's seen unruly days of its own.

Oh come on, you expect me to believe you've ever, in your entire life, left the house without brushing your hair and dousing it in, like, a bottle of hairspray?

Just because I didn't release a statement …

That's low.

Can it, the show's starting. But this conversation isn't over…


Image via WENN

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Things That Might Have Been in Deborah Needleman’s T Magazine Offer Package

Ever since Sally Singer turned on her heel and was pushed out due to lousy ad sales walked out of the T Magazine offices in August, everyone's been all like, "Is Deborah Needleman going to take her place?" The former EIC of the now-defunct but much beloved interiors publication, Domino, Needleman has spent the past two years editing The Wall Street Journal's style publication, WSJ, which has seen "mad ad growth" as the kids don't say, under her leadership, and it seemed like The New York Times so, so badly wanted her to pick up the pieces at T. Just a week ago, WWD reported that The Times had offered the T Magazine job to Needleman twice, and she'd turned them down both times.

I guess the third time really is the charm, because today's WWD reports that all of T Magazine's nagging paid off, and Needleman's jumping from WSJ's ship to T's immediately.

Speculation about what was in Needleman's Times offer is really … you know, speculation-y. The entire universe is just like, a giant Deborah Needleman love fest. Everywhere I go, people are all, "I love Deborah Needleman." "Oh, I LOVE Deborah Needleman." "You know who I love? Deborah Needleman." So much love in the world!

And so, considering all this love and also considering what a battle it was for The Times to hire her, her T Magazine package likely included something she couldn't refuse. Some possibilities:

  • Immortality.
  • Eternal bliss.
  • Photokinesis.
  • A fountain of youth.
  • A genie in a bottle.
  • A philosopher's stone.
  • A goblet of fire.
  • The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Sweet dreams.
  • No GIFs, ever.

Image via Getty

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Daphne Guinness Is Going to Pay for All Those Baths She’s Been Taking

There are lots of advantages to owning real estate, I'm guessing, but socialite Daphne Guinness could likely tell you all about the drawbacks. After buying her $15 million Fifth Avenue apartment in 2008, she proceeded to flood her downstairs neighbors three times with an overflowing bathtub, resulting in a legal battle which has lasted two years.

Even though Guinness offered to pay for damages, her neighbors Karim and Tina Samii did not take the floods in stride. They dropped a $1 million lawsuit, charging her with "emotional distress" and even attempting to legally bar her from bathing, ever again. If you're the kind of person that looks up to Daphne for her weird/amazing sense of style and high society antics, you'll likely admire her even more, now that you know she's so bad/good at taking baths, someone tried to make it illegal for her to soak in a tub.

This lawsuit business has been going on since 2010. In two years you can take a lot of awkward elevator rides and it must have been pretty unbearable, because the Irish-dry-stout heiress tried to sell her apartment earlier this year — at an over $1 million loss. (She quietly delisted four months ago and futher details haven't been made available.) The suit was finally settled, and fairly, it seems. Guinness won't have to pay $1 million dollars for causing a filthy rich couple "emotional distress" on account of some bathroom flooding, and she will also not be legally barred from bathing — although she will have to pay damages. The exact sum will be established at a later hearing.

So the moral of the story is: owning real estate is a serious headache. Sometimes it's lawsuits and tense encounters in the lobby and people trying to make it illegal for you to take a bath. I find the rental life far more satisfying: the tub's way too creepy for baths to ever be an appealing possibility (no spillage issues), the only time I hear from my neighbor is when I hear him having sex through the walls (that kind of closeness "breeds compassion," in the words of Lady Gaga), and I don't even have a lobby. Or an elevator. Downgrade, ladies and gentlemen. Simplify your lives.

Image via

[via NYPost]


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Lara Stone Covers Vogue Brazil’s October Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Brazil October 2012 - Lara Stone photographed by Mario Testino

Being neither Brazilian nor Peruvian, Lara Stone may seem like an odd choice for the cover of a Peruvian-themed issue of Brazilian Vogue, but if you’re like me, upon seeing the Mario Testino-photographed cover you’ll think, “So what? Lara looks good, the cover works, who cares?”

Gossiping thought “a different model would have worked better” but most forum members see it my way.

Justaguy posted, “Love this cover! Simple shot of Lara who's styled beautifully and I like the multicolored masthead. Fits perfectly with the Peruvian theme.”

“A cover like this is hard to pull off, but they managed to make it look interesting, and fun,” Miss Dalloway complimented.

MulletProof wrote, “Not feeling the ironed hair but other than that, I'm always up for Peruvian inspiration, and Lara's face is all kinds of amazing there.”

So, are we all crazy or is Lara actually pulling off this Peruvian look?

Image: Vogue Brazil

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