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The Makeup Application at Issey Miyake Spring 2016 May Change Your Life

Well, that’s one way to apply makeup. Issey Miyake sent his models down the runway with a pretty dope makeup look this season – fresh faces punctuated by a pop, rather, a splatter of color at the corner of the eyes. It’s a fun and graphic look that was applied in a most unexpected way. 

Makeup artist Alex Box had the models lie down on the floor as she blew the MAC pigments onto their faces through a straw, instead of a brush. It’s not something we often see backstage, and it’s making us want to up our beauty game. 

So… who wants to help us achieve this look tonight? See all the runway looks in the slideshow below.

[via @prettyconnected]

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Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster Is Exactly What Your Skin Needs for Fall

Fall is officially here and as the temperature cools and the air gets drier, your skincare products are going to need to work harder for you in order to keep your skin looking fantastic.  Elizabeth Arden has you covered with the new SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster. This little miracle in a bottle will help restore and maintain the look of your skin’s surface layer, fortifying its natural ability to repair and renew and ultimately boosting the effectiveness of your other skincare products. You can use it before you apply any serum or moisturizer – it just adds the extra boost you need to ensure that your skin stays radiant. Try it with PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum for a powerhouse combination that works even better together.



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Hussein Chalayan’s Spring 2016 Clothes Disappeared

It’s always a tragedy when you get caught in the rain wearing expensive designer duds – especially when you’ve already got a pile of clothes waiting to be dry cleaned. But designer Hussein Chalayan has an unexpected solution.


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During his Spring 2016 show at Paris Fashion Week, models wearing white jackets stood in the middle of the runway under a shower head which doused them in water. In a snap, the jackets dissolved, revealing another look hidden underneath. The outerwear, according to a tweet sent out by Susie Bubble, was made of water-soluble paper. 

[ See all the Hussein Chalayan runway looks for Spring 2016 ]

Let’s just say, this is probably the most fashionable shower anyone has ever taken. 

[via @bryanboycom]

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Johnny Depp Is Worried about His Daughter Working in Fashion

Johnny Depp

Image: WENN

Fathers around the world often worry about the welfare of their teenage daughters, and Johnny Depp is no exception. The actor’s little girl is growing up right before his eyes and although he is happy for the success she’s enjoyed so far in the fashion industry, he admits that he is a little concerned for how quickly all these opportunities are coming for his 16-year-old. 

“To be honest, I’m quite worried,” he dished to Gala magazine. “I wasn’t expecting all this to happen to Lily-Rose, especially not at this age. But it’s her passion and she’s having fun.”

Lily-Rose caused quite a stir when she attended the Chanel Paris-Salzburg show in New York earlier this year, and now she’s a bonafide fashion “it” girl. So far she’s been photographed for Oyster magazine, starred in a music video, landed a campaign for Chanel eyewear and appeared in the latest issue of Vogue Paris. There is no place to go but up for Depp, so it’s no surprise her father would be, well, a dad and kind of nervous for her.

Don’t worry, Johnny. We have a feeling she’ll be just fine.

[via Telegraph]



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Tom Ford Features Lady Gaga in Spring 2016 Collection Video

Lady Gaga Tom Ford

Image: Tom Ford

To show his Spring 2016 collection, Tom Ford eschewed the fanfare and hubbub of a runway show and decided to shoot a video instead. The digital presentation, which features 32 looks, has a Soul Train feel to it. Models danced their way down the catwalk as they showcased Ford’s predictably glamorous offering, cheered on by a troupe of dapper runway regulars including Lucky Blue Smith

The video had one very special guest star – Lady Gaga, who showed off the garments with sass and intensity, looking quite petite next to the leggy models Ford cast for the Nick Knight-directed spot. “Instead of having a traditional show this season, I decided to try something new,” Ford told WWD. “I wanted to think about how to present a collection in a cinematic way that was designed from its inception to be presented online.”

The video is currently live on the Tom Ford website.

[via Tom Ford, WWD]

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It’s Not Just You: Losing Weight Is Much Harder Today Than It Was 30 Years Ago

In news that should come as a surprise to no one, staying fit these days is way harder than it was 30 years ago. A study in the Obesity Research & Clinical Practice showed that people today weigh more than their counterparts from the 1980s, despite maintaining a similar diet and exercise program.

“A given person, in 2006, eating the same amount of calories, taking in the same quantities of macronutrients like protein and fat, and exercising the same amount as a person of the same age did in 1988 would have a BMI that was about 2.3 points higher. In other words, people today are about 10 percent heavier than people were in the 1980s, even if they follow the exact same diet and exercise plans,” The Atlantic writes.

So what’s to blame? According to the study, it could possibly be the chemicals in our foods, changes in microbiomes that have happened over the last few decades and also the rise in prescription drug use. But the bottom line is, being a little heavier today may be something we can’t really control through diet and exercise alone.

It’s enough to make you want to give up and start growing your own food on your roof. 

[via Atlantic]