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Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company May Not Be as Natural as It Claims, According to Lawsuit

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Jessica Alba’s Honest brand finds itself in a whole world of legal trouble after being slapped with a class action lawsuit asserting that the company’s claims of producing natural products are misleading. Honest was recently in the middle of a controversy over its sunscreen, which a few customers complained didn’t work properly. These same claims are being carried over into the lawsuit, along with assertations that some of Alba’s products have “synthetic” and “unnatural” ingredients. 

Customer Jonathan D. Rubin is suing the brand for at least $5 million. According to WWD, Rubin claims that several Honest products, like the dish soap, diapers, surface cleaner and more “actually contain synthetic chemicals such as Methylisothiazolinone and Phenoxyethanol, both synthetic preservatives, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, a synthetic surfactant, and Sodium Polycrylate, a petrochemical-based additive.”

The Honest Company recently reached a $1.7 billion valuation but since then, it seems that Honest has been plagued with controversy.

[via People, WWD]

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Christopher Kane Wins Top Honor at Scottish Fashion Awards

Christopher Kane

Image: WENN

Last night, Scotland’s best in fashion had their time to shine at the annual Scottish Fashion Awards. The cream of the fashion crop was honored at the ceremony last night, with Christopher Kane taking home the big prize, being crowned Designer of the Year. Of course, Kane wasn’t the only one to win big last night at the so-called “Scotland’s Fashion Oscars.” 

Topman recieved the International Designer of the Year prize for its Fall 2015 collection. Viva London’s Misha Hart, whom you might recognize from the Louis Vuitton, Giles and Burberry runways (and many more, of course), nabbed the honor for Model of the Year. U.K. pop band The Vamps’ Connor Ball took home the Fashion Icon trophy, the only award voted on by the public. Pringle of Scotland’s Massimo Nicosia and Katy Wallace got the Founder’s Award. Hunter Boots walked away with the prize for Accessory Designer of the Year and Barrie Knitwear is the Scottish Textile Brand/ Manufacturer of the Year.

You can check out the full list of winners over at the Scottish Fashion Awards website.

[h/t Telegraph via Scottish Fashion Awards]

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WATCH: Harry Styles Gets Grammatically Correct with Fan’s Sign at Concert

Harry Styles

Photo: Wenn

Cringeworthy texts full or abbreviations, typos and, (the worst) grammatical mistakes can very well be a deal-breaker. Rest assured, Harry Styles is not that guy.

Proving he’s not just a pretty face and totally has the smarts too, the One Direction babe borrowed a fan’s sign at a recent Philadelphia concert to fix the grammar. 

The sign read, “Hi Harry your so nice.” Cute idea, terrible execution. Harry, like any English-respecting human would, made his amendments with a permanent marker so it would correctly read, “you’re”. Seriously, we’re surprised he could even perform straight while looking at such blasphemy.  (more…)

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Lorna Jane Petitions Government to Recognise Her Active Nation Day

Gym wear extraordinaire Lorna Jane has launched a petition, basically asking the government to encourage us to get off our asses and move, nourish, believe.

You might’ve heard of founder Lorna Jane Clarkson’s little brainchild Active Nation Day, created in 2012 “to inspire women, their families, communities, cities and the world to live a more Active Life”.

Well, Lorna really wants the Australian government to encourage recognition, support and community awareness of her special day, and so she has put forward a petition to the Senate which will eventually see the date on the Australian, and possibly international, calendar. (more…)

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Ellery Invited to Show On-Schedule for Paris Fashion Week


Photo: Getty

Perth designer Kym Ellery has shown her signature billowing silhouettes during Paris Fashion Week for the past four seasons, but now she’s finally making her debut on the Chambre Syndicale’s official schedule.

WWD reports that 31-year-old Kym will showcase the Spring 2016 collection from her label, Ellery, on October 6 at 9.30 a.m., with the Paris venue still to be confirmed. “It feels a little surreal, but also like I’ve been given the green light to just go hard,” she told the publication.

Kym is the third Australian designer to show as part of Paris Fashion Week’s official schedule, following Collette Dinnigan and Martin Grant. 


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i-D Would Like You to Know It’s Always Been Committed to Diversity, Thank You Very Much

Willow Smith i-D

Image: i-D

More black women than usual have been featured on September magazine covers this year – and that’s a great thing. But one publication is taking issue over the media’s fawning about this fact. i-D published an essay by Steve Salter about the hub-bub over the September covers, mentioning that in the articles praising the month’s diversity, i-D‘s Willow Smith cover was referenced. While the shoutouts are nice and all, Salter takes issue with the magazine being lumped in with publications who don’t have the decorated history of regularly using people of color on its covers. 

“For me, in 2015, it’s both disheartening to see race referenced as a trend and linked so blatantly to commerce, especially when my own publication is thrown into the mix to support their arguments,” Salter writes. “I get it. The greater the volume of examples, the more powerful the argument. Right? No. Not if your argument strikes the very heart that pulses through the publication’s pages. Now, I could be deemed naive, biased even but by its very nature i-D has always pushed diversity and in every piece I’ve read, this has been grossly overlooked.”

Diversity Report: Fashion Magazine Covers Still Pretty White in 2014 ]

As we see time and time again, magazine covers overwhelmingly feature white women. Salter is correct in pointing our that i-D has a long tradition of using models from all kinds of racial backgrounds. Browsing through its cover archive shows exactly that. Sure, there are a ton of white models but there are also plenty black, brown and Asian people featured, and that’s something that should definitely be taken into account. As Salter put it, “For a feature to use your title to illustrate their argument and then shift the focus in a direction that it doesn’t fit, is irksome. Why not call out the titles who are actually guilty rather than whitewash i-D‘s past, present and future?”

[via i-D