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Hana Jirickova Covers Vogue Ukraine’s October Edition (Forum Buzz)

The beautiful portrait shot of Karen Elson on Vogue Ukraine’s September cover is soon to shift from newsstands, making way for the magazine’s October 2014 issue. Hana Jirickova stars on the front cover, which was photographed by Nagi Sakai. The 23-year-old model from the Czech Republic wears a scarlet red off-the-shoulder dress from Dolce & Gabbana as she reclines romantically on a chair draped in a blue silk fabric, resembling a painting from the 18th century.

Vogue Ukraine October 2014 Hana Jirickova


Something else has caught the attention of our forum members, though. “This would’ve been nice if the model had decent hair instead of that dirty mop lookalike she has on,” commented MyNameIs.

“The hairstylist never made it to the shoot?” questioned MON, clearly not an admirer of the hairstylist’s work.

Also noticing the horrific hairstyle was Anna147, who writes, “She looks great, but I don’t like the hair at all… It’s ugly, doesn’t fit into the concept at all.” 

“Love the richness of the cover, the colors are beautiful, so what happened to poor Hana? Did they forget to finish her hair and makeup???” agreed justaguy.

“Horrible cover! I hate it!! What a horrible hair style and pose. Just No,” declared fashionlover2001.

On the other hand, Benn98 couldn’t contain his excitement: “The rise and rise of Hana! I’m not complaining. It’s an image for a cover, but the wine red offers a romantic mood here. The main editorial will probably be stronger. Vogue Ukraine rarely disappoints.”

“What a gorgeous cover! Hana looks fantastic, its charmingly picturesque,” posted Miss Dalloway, sharing a positive attitude toward the cover.

Are you a fan of the cover? See inside the thread and share your own opinion here.

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Karl Lagerfeld Proves He Is the Busiest Man in Fashion

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion freelancer extraordinaire, continues to do it all and is showing no signs of slowing. The designer is profiled in The Business of Fashion‘s “Polymaths & Multitaskers” print issue, and really, there is none better to chat with about multitasking than the designer-photographer-illustrator. The piece provides plenty of insight into just how much work the 81-year-old designer actually does and — spoiler alert — it’s a lot.

For Chanel alone, Lagerfeld is producing twice as many collections as traditional houses. “We live in a world where, for this kind of business, we have to be quick and fast,” he says. “My agreement [with Chanel], which is lifelong, says four collections a year: two couture and two ready-to-wear. In fact, I’m doing eight. Not that I ask for more money. But it was my idea that there should be six ready-to-wear [collections] because every two months, everything can be changed. Nobody else has that.”

But that’s not all. Lagerfeld also chats about his more immediate work commitments, which are still quite numerous. “Tomorrow I have to do photos, with the [couture] fittings, of course, and also sketches that I’m late with that I have promised to magazines and all kinds of things,” he admits. “Then I do the dossier de presse for Chanel couture. And before that I have to photograph Frank Gehry, the architect, for Harper’s Bazaar. And there’s also the work with Marc Newson that we are doing for Vuitton.”

He also revealed that he’s been tasked to photograph the designers for Louis Vuitton’s “Iconoclasts” collection — the one for which he also recreated the French fashion house’s famous “LV” logo — along with designers like Rei Kawakubo, who opted out of photos and requested to be sketched by Lagerfeld instead.

But in spite of his ability to do it all, Lagerfeld remains humble…or at least as humble as he can be. “I’m a kind of machine in a way, but it doesn’t really take me effort. I don’t have an ego problem. Most of the designers, especially the young ones, have ego problems. I couldn’t care less. The label is the label and I try what I can do.”

[via The Business of Fashion]

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Vivienne Westwood Opens Up About Abusive Relationship with Malcolm McLaren

Image: Redferns/Getty Images

Image: Redferns/Getty Images

Vivienne Westwood will soon release a memoir, and this weekend the 73-year-old designer released an excerpt from the tome in The Sunday Times. In it, we learn of her tumultuous relationship with Malcolm McLaren, former manager of punk rock group the Sex Pistols.

The designer reveals to the publication and the world that she and McLaren, who fathered her son Joe Corré, were in a relationship rife with violence. The turbulent relationship started, Westwood says, without much initiation from her side. She maintains that she was never really interested in McLaren, but he kept coming around so often, she didn’t know how to get rid of him. Things escalated when he got sick and needed a bed. “So I made him sleep in my bed in the daytime to get over a fever, and he stayed in there for days and then he wouldn’t get out,” she said. “And that was how we ended up having sex.” In spite of her not being too keen on McLaren, Westwood says she decided to be nice to him, which she thinks gave him the idea that she actually wanted a relationship. “I felt, you see, that somehow I’d been so kind to him that maybe he’d got the wrong idea, and it was my fault, and that I’d led him on without knowing.”

But it would be violence and abuse that colored the pair’s relationship. “I used to hit Malcolm,” Westwood admits. “One day he hit me back… He had this thing where he couldn’t leave the flat until he made me cry. He wanted to feel bad or something – he was trying to draw blood. It was simpler to give in; to give way to the tears so he would stop. Real tears have never come back for me. I haven’t cried properly since.”

It’s sad that Westwood didn’t feel like she could come forward all these years, but not surprising. Many victims of domestic violence don’t report their abusers. But with this particular issue at the forefront in the media these days, it’s becoming more important for stories like this to be told — hopefully Westwood’s experience can help another woman get out of a similar situation without it having to escalate.

Westwood’s self-titled book, co-written by the designer and Ian Kelly, is due to hit shelves October 9.

[The Sunday Times via The Independent, Vogue UK]

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Here’s What Kanye West Looks Like Teaching College Kids

Kanye West has been busy completing those 250 hours of community service he was hit with after putting the smackdown on a paparazzo last year. Of course, Kanye’s serving his hours in the most Kanye way possible: Teaching impressionable youth about fashion at Los Angeles Trade-Tech College, the same institution Rick Owens attended. 

Kanye’s been finding time in his busy schedule to complete his mandated hours, but we haven’t really seen any photos of Professor West dropping godlike knowledge on these kids — until now. The eagle-eyed folks over at Dazed spied these images of the rapper/designer/deity teaching his class. 

From what we can tell, the kids have a presentation due very soon, and they’d better get on it because, well, you don’t want to disappoint Kanye. It’s unclear exactly what topics the kids were discussing, as it seems they were busy taking pictures of their famous teacher. But we’re pretty sure the talk had something to do with being the Steve Jobs of some facet of the fashion industry. It is, after all, the topic the rapper is most qualified to profess on. (more…)

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John Malkovich Impersonates Jean Paul Gaultier, Warhol and More!

Sandro Miller, Pierre et Gilles / Jean Paul Gaultier (1990), 2014

Image: Sandro Miller

John Malkovich has proven that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. The actor has linked up with world-renowned portrait photographer and old pal Sandro Miller on a new art project to recreate iconic photographs that inspired Miller’s 30-year career.

The exhibit, entitled “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich,” features 35 images in which Malkovich gives us his best impersonations, from Annie Leibovitz’s snapshot of John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Andy Warhol‘s “Green Marilyn.” His depiction of Pablo Picasso is spot-on, and so is his haunting portrayal of Dorothea Lange‘s “Migrant Mother.” It’s worth a double-take, or three. Then there’s his hilarious transformation as the boyish Jean Paul Gaultier in the painted image by Pierre et Gilles, created in 1990 for the designer’s autobiographical photo novel, À Nous Deux la mode. Brilliant. How has this man not won an Oscar?

“Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich” will run from November 7, 2014 to January 31, 2015 at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.

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WAGs Steal the Show at the 2014 Brownlow Medal

In support of their sportsmen partners, our favourite WAGs have taken to the 2014 Brownlow Medal red carpet at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne. As always, the good, the bad, and the ugly were found in the show-stopping gowns for the big night.

Scroll through below to see the best and worst red carpet looks.

Rebecca Judd

Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty

Chris Judd‘s wife, fashion blogger and presenter Rebecca Judd, stunned in a layered J’Aton Couture gown with high-neck detail, presumably worn with her much-loved shapewear underneath.

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