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Link Buzz: Balenciaga Commits to Wearable Clothes; Hair Trimming Emergencies

  • Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere pledges to start making clothes that will look good on all women, even the ones that don't look like models. [Fashionologie]
  • Mila Kunis' reaction to seeing Wolf Blitzer is: "Oh, my god. There's Wolf Blitzer!" Seems perfectly appropriate. [GirlsTalkinSmack]
  • Jessica Biel wears a head-to-toe Isabel Marant look because it looked great and she was feeling too lazy to have her own sense of style. [FabSugar]
  • Yves Saint Laurent's driver-cum-lover might have stolen 300 of the late designer's sometimes erotic sketches. I don't know why this story is so boring to me, but maybe because other fashion news outlets are trying way too hard to make it sound interesting and sexy. [Fashionologie]
  • Will trimming your hair make it grow faster? Click through for the answer to this and all your other burning hair-trimming dilemmas. [BellaSugar]

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Miranda Kerr: The Angel We Love to Hate?

RUSSH got unashamedly patriotic for its lastest “homegrown issue,” enlisting one of Australia’s most recognisable faces to front October/November’s cover. Editor in Chief Jess Blanch dedicates the issue to everything the great southern land has to offer beyond Vegemite and other such clichés and, as both Jess and our forums agree, undoubtedly one of the best things Australia has to offer beyond vegemite is Miranda Kerr.

But it’s not only down under that Miranda is still in high demand. Last year in Paris, Miranda joined her younger Australian counterparts by working overtime on the ready-to-wear runways. The then-28-year-old kicked off her comeback in the Lanvin show before walking a string of important runways including Chanel, Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Loewe, Christian Dior, and Viktor & Rolf, showing she can pull off a ruffled metallic ball gown just as effectively as she can a pair of corseted undies à la Russh issue 48. Though this time around she took a break to amp up her workout routine in preparation for the next Victoria's Secret runway show. 

Since winning Dolly magazine’s annual modelling competition at the age of 13 Miranda has become more widely known for wearing a $2.5 million diamond-encrusted Fantasy bra than she is for being bred in the antipodes. And she’s not widely known for her smarts either, especially after having been quite effectively ripped to shreds by Amy Odell and Jada Yuan in an article for New York Magazine last year that caused baffling Miranda quotes such as "a rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose" to circulate around the Internet faster than one of Kanye West's sporadic Twitter rants.  

But at the end of the day, Miranda is a model. It's her job to look fantastic in anything she puts on, whether it's her David Jones Ambassador hat or a baggy AC/DC shirt and heavy leather tassles, and no one can deny she fails in that respect. So whether you love her or hate her, it seems she's here to stay — and in the context of Gillian Wilkins’ perpetually awesome styling, that can definitely be a good thing. 

Image B.Dowling/

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X Factor UK’s First Live Shows and Not One Image Overhaul in Sight!

The X Factor is one of the UK’s biggest talent shows, and after waiting for what seemed like forever, its live shows finally graced our screens again at the weekend. New undiscovered singing talent aside, like every other year, we mainly watch it just to see who the best styled judge or contestant is! This year’s judging panel consists of popstars Tulisa Contostavlos and Nicole Scherzinger, and if you’ve managed to catch either of the two live shows that aired at the weekend, you’ll agree that so far, it’s Nicole who’s leading in the style wars as her outfits overshadowed Tulisa’s both nights running!

The contestants
One of the most exciting parts of the live shows is the unveiling of the contestants’ new looks, but this season, rather than giving all of its contestants a dramatic image overhaul, X Factor HQ has decided to let them develop their own personal styles. Below (from left) are three of our favourite contestants, Lucy Spraggan, Ella Henderson,  and Jade Ellis with their mentor judge Tulisa, and you can be the judge as to whether or not the no-makeover method was the right choice!

And here’s how the contestants' own styles were accentuated for their performances last weekend:

Ella Henderson
Throughout the audition and boot camp stages, Ella played it safe with girly floral dresses and simple asymmetric tops, topped off with a Victorella roll in her hair, which is fast becoming her trademark look, as she’s rarely seen without it. Unlike other years, whereby contestants were subjected to drastic hair cuts or dye jobs, Ella maintained her Victorella roll for the live performances, and her hair was simply teased into waves to update the look. Her girly style was tweaked to channel prom queen rock chic with an embroidered lace dress by Ted Baker and black flatforms by Chocker shoes.

Jade Ellis
Jade’s look most often has that East London vibe, and this kind of feel was kept as she rocked glam grunge for her performances in an LBD by Forever Unique, one oversized Moschino crucifix earring, and a pair of red boots by Office.

Lucy Spraggan
As for Lucy, who is typically most comfortable in laid back jeans and a T-shirt, she was pretty much allowed to keep her casual vibe, and performed in a dip-dyed shirt, black jeans, and red sneakers. Obviously, it wouldn’t be the most sought-after look of the night to emulate, but it definitely suited her.

Images: Stuart Castle /

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Hey Twihards! K-Stew Is Reading All The Terrible Things You Say About Her Online

According to The Sun (which is more credible than your tabloid-obsessed Aunt Polly but less credible than Trash Cat, the stray who lives on my front stoop), Kristen Stewart is one of those self-Googling masochists. The actress is obsessed with pouring over all the terrible things people say about her online, which range from "Kristen Stewart is not the very best girlfriend to Robert Pattinson, but they're both very young — maybe their relationship has run its course?" to comments which are so vile and mean-spirited, simply existing on the same planet with them could make you lose faith in humanity. At least that explains why the actress always looks so miserable in photographs. (Look at that, I'm as horrible of a person as everyone else. Had to get a KStew dig into a post about KStew digs ruining KStew's life and self-esteem.)

One of Stewart and Pattinson's "pals" tells The Sun:

“Kristen is hooked on Googling herself and seeing all of the horrible stuff people write as a way of punishing herself. It’s not healthy and Robert has said it must stop. When Kristen searches results about the films or her name on Twitter she ends up focusing on all the wild, negative comments against her and it really gets her down. But Robert has told her she needs to stop torturing herself and move on.” 

Sad face times a million. Robert's right, get off Google! 

Image via

[via Earsucker]

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The MTA Debuts The First Fully Sponsored Metrocard Ever With a 20% Discount to The Gap

New Metrocard

Image via MTA

It's a brand new day and a brand new week and also a brand new astrological starscape: over the weekend, Saturn took its leave of Libra and moved into Scorpio, where it'll reside for the next three years. This is a moment of renewal, magic, wonder, progress, leaf-turning, changes, moon, werewolf, cycle, delta. If you're in doubt, there's some proof in your pocket. Today, the Metropolitan Transit Authority released a new Metrocard, replacing the card's iconic yellowy-gold face with an ad for The Gap.

Even though the MTA has long sold ad space on the back of transit cards, the fully sponsored card was seen by some as a sign of a new and grim world order — as proof that the city, having been bought out by corporations, no longer belongs to its people. And that's probably true and New York City is for sure on its way to being one big boring Barbie Dream House, but this Metrocard deal is not a bad one.

Fare hikes have been hiking up and up and up like a really determined hiker for the past few years, and the ad money will hopefully stall further progress. I'd normally say that a little extra cash in your wallet isn't worth a piece of your wild city soul, but the subway is already wallpapered with ads and also your soul probably doesn't give a shit because in exchange for carrying around a Gap-branded Metrocard, you get TWENTY PERCENT off at New York City stores. That's a steep discount, and my dresser drawers are in desperate need of a white tank top and some super-cozy wintry socks.

And apparently I'm not the only person with some holes in her wardrobe: after launching this morning at only ten locations (in stupid Manhattan, naturally), the new Metrocard is selling out. Ya, I will just say that as long as the MTA continues to deliver shopping deals, I will…oh, I probably won't do anything. But I will be happier about living here.

[via FashionETC]

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Vancouver Retail Star: Twigg & Hottie

With Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week just around the corner, I thought I'd take the opportunity to chat with local retailer Twigg & Hottie, experts in the art of harmonizing fashion and the environment.

Founded in 2003 by fashion aficionados and designers Glencora Twigg and Christine "Hottie" Hotton — adding Jessica Vaira in 2006 — their store is located at 3671 Main Street on 21st Avenue (the coolest shopping district in Vancouver).

As the trio tell me, their reason for setting up shop was simple. They wanted to "get our designs out into the world without having to beg another retailer to carry us and to help other independents get the same opportunity."

Those other independents range from We3 Designs, Prairie Underground, Second Denim, El Naturalista Shoes, TOMS shoes, Bronsino Leather, Birds of North America, Kdon by Kim Cathers, Ruelle, and Torn Clothing. But why do they believe shoppers should be conscious of purchasing sustainable fabrics and ecological fashions?

"We should all feel responsible to do what is in our power to lessen the human footprint on earth and keep it sparkling for generations to come. As a values based business we are always proud of what we sell and connect on a deep and authentic level with our customers."

Not every designer will make the cut for a coveted place in their store. Quality, versatility, comfort, construction and fit all play a key role in decision, though fit is the most vital element. I own a We3 shirt from Twigg & Hottie and can certainly vouch for its hugging embrace!

Of course, being run by three very strong women doesn't necessarily mean all creative and business decisions will be easy. Though the three maintain they get along "most of the time," they say keeping their egos in check and being honest and open to discussion is of utmost importance.

"We are strong but our strength comes from our willingness to be vulnerable.  Also we are all dogmatically committed to the same life values and to each other. We're like three wives."

Yes, they have the same agenda, but the same taste? I asked each what would be the most coveted clothing piece at the top of their holiday wish list. Jessica says a plaid Glencora skirt, Gertrude wishes for a Stein dress, and Christine craves a Merino wool cardigan.

Though the three have no plans to open any more stores, their New Year's resolution will see Twigg & Hottie expanding its wholesaling and branching into the ever popular pop-up shop domain. Eyes peeled!

Images via Twigg & Hottie

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