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Watch: Oscar de la Renta on Second Chances for John Gailliano; Feeling Sorry for Huma Abedin; Dressing Michelle Obama

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Oscar de la Renta, whose designs are currently on display as part of an exhibition at the Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas, appeared on CBS This Morning this er … morning, to talk about his career dressing America's First Ladies (and how he hopes to someday dress Michelle Obama), his relationship with John Galliano (the former Dior designer recently sat down for an hour-long interview with This Morning co-host Charlie Rose) and how fashion has evolved over the past few decades, in accordance with women's changing social roles and newfound economic independence.

On designing for First Ladies:

NORAH O'DONNELL: You have dressed every First Lady for half a century.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: Well, not all of them, but a few of them.

NORAH O'DONNELL: Not Mrs. Obama. Yes. Would you like to dress Mrs. Obama?

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: I would love to dress Mrs. Obama.  I think she is a very stylish lady, and I have seen that there are a lot of young designers that have deserved that chance. You know, only in this country do we pay so much attention to what the First Lady wears. Only in this country does the First Lady have such a public image about what she does. It doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

On John Galliano:

CHARLIE ROSE: You also befriended John Galliano after he ran into to controversy and gave him a chance to come work with you.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: Well Anna Wintour asked me if I would have John in my studio for three weeks and I said yes of course. I have known John for 30 years. Over 35 years. He’s a very talented man. And who has not done at one point in their life something bad? John has had a lot of issues — health issues, abuse — but I like John. He’s a great guy and I was happy that I gave him that second chance and I hope that he will survive all of this because he is an extremely talented man.

Women and fashion:

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: I always said to be a good designer you have to keep your eyes open, understand the woman, and who the consumer is. How her life is, her aspirations. You know, today is a very difficult time to be a designer because it’s the most exciting time. Never, never has there been a woman that controls her destiny as much as the woman today. You don’t have to go to your boyfriend, husband, or whoever and ask, “Can I buy that dress?” You are making your own choices.

The segment:

And then from a web extra, which didn't air on television, some remarks on Huma Abedin in light of new revelations about Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal:

NORAH O’DONNELL: Huma Abedin. You designed her wedding gown, and I know you’re very friendly with her. What do you think about what’s going on?

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: I feel very, very sorry for Huma, because I think she’s a wonderful, great girl. And I wasn’t sure they had spoken to anyone about it. She had never disclosed it with anyone.

NORAH O’DONNELL: Yes, it was the first time we heard her speak publicly, yesterday. She’s very private as you know

CHARLIE ROSE: You don’t think she’s even discussed it with people who you might expect her to talk about it with?

OSCAR DE LA RENTA: I don’t think she has. You know I think in life, people do deserve a second chance. A third and a fourth? I doubt it.

Transcript and video courtesy of CBS This Morning

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Chloé Fall 2013 Ad Campaign is Kind of Boresville (Forum Buzz)

Image via Chloe

Image via Chloe

Sure, Chloé’s Fall 2013 ad campaign featuring Tess Hellfeuer, Marique Schimmel and Esther Heesch is pretty and all, but there’s nothing really exciting about it. Forgive me for saying it, but the models look a bit ordinary in contrast to the usual otherworldly, aspirational types Chloé tends to cast in its campaigns. Seeing the girls in motion in the campaign video by Fabien Baron (which has now mysteriously gone private), helps a tad, but still. Despite Chloé's new Baylee bag being featured, I’m unmoved and I’m not alone in my lack of enthusiasm. 

“The models would be more fitting for See by Chloé. Not feeling this yet,” vanpersie remarked. There’s no maturity, no elegance, no knowing looks in these models’s eyes. They’re far too young for these clothes and this campaign and it shows.

Navyvelvetbowtie posted, “I think the casting is a bit odd, Tess and Esther have soft faces and in some parts of the video they look really alike. On the other hand, Marique has a really strong face and is slightly more androgynous, so it looks non-cohesive in the casting department. On the art direction, it looks quite boring, and doesn't look very appealing.”

“It seriously looks like it was ripped out of a department store catalog mailer, boring as hell,” HeatherAnne chimed in.

Are we being too harsh? Is there an adjective other than “boring” that you would use to describe this campaign? Comment below.

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The Oscar de la Renta Fall Campaign is Flawless and Fantastic (Forum Buzz)


Image Credit: Facebook ODLR

Oscar de la Renta released the new campaign for the Fall/Winter collection via the brand’s Instagram account this week and the images turn out to be quite the success among tFS forum members. With a team consisting of U.S. Vogue regulars — photographer Norman Jean Roy, stylist Alex White, make-up artist Gucci Westman and hair stylist Orlando Pita – the campaign obviously resembles some typical Vogue editorials, which doesn’t take away from the fact that the campaign is striking and beautiful. Unlike in recent seasons where top models Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss starred in Oscar de la Renta campaigns, the cast features less famous models this time. Kate Bogucharskaia and Patrycja Gardygaijlo are both new additions to the roster of OdlR campaign girls, whereas Iris van Berne was already cast for the brand’s “Something Blue” fragrance campaign earlier this year.

Forum member Bruce7Lee  called the campaign “flawless,” Greenway described it as “absolutely gorgeous”  and anlabe32 found it “fantastic.”

“Best AD in this season! Love it very much!” wrote Verhangenheit

His opinion was shared by fashionlover2001 who commented, “IMO, this is one of the best campaigns of this season. Love!”


Image Credit: Facebook OdlR

Nepenthes also praised the campaign and added, “Beautiful campaign. I love the set, the styling and the whole mood!”

Albeit responses to the campaign were mostly positive, some members pointed out that the models lacked depth and looked too young to be convincing in the Oscar de la Renta gowns in this campaign. 

Valentine27, however, analyzed, “Ravishingly beautiful. I'm definitely putting this one in my favorite campaigns of the season. Nice background which makes the clothes and the colors look even better. I find the casting a bit boring though, I agree with people saying that they might be too young to pull it off but honestly, this is so well executed that I can forget about that.”

Indeed, this campaign is done so beautifully and the strong colors flatter the dresses so well that the models wearing them are not the most prominent part of the campaign anyway. The feminine elegance, the strong contrasts and great use of accessories make this campaign one of the standouts of the season, and I can only agree that this is pretty fantastic!

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Meet Marla: Fiorelli Launches First Real Leather Collection in Ten Years

Fiorelli has been a high street favourite for years. We mean, what’s not to love about being able to buy designer-looking handbags at affordable prices? Each season, Firoelli manages to nail the latest catwalk-inspired trends and leave us feeling like we need, rather than just want, one of its latest collection, and this season they’ve gone and done it again in the form of the gorgeous Marla grab bag.

Fiorelli has decided to launch a real leather collection, and the Marla bag is the first bag of choice to kick off the new range. Plus, it’s the first time that the brand has released a leather range in ten years, which makes it all the more exciting, and the launch just so happens to tie in with their birthday celebrations. 

It has to be said that the Marla has won us over — not only is the reptilian effect perfectly on trend for this season but it’s also just the right size to hit the shops with. It’s got style and functionality all wrapped into one, and we can see why it’s already being dubbed the work-to-weekend staple.

Marla burgundy

Marla is available in burgundy or a more classic black for £149. You can view the collection and many more gorgeous pieces on their websiteKeep your eyes peeled for what key shapes will be launching next as part of the real leather collection.

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Toronto Premium Outlets Grand Opening on August 1

Toronto Premium Outlet 1

This is a high priority bargain alert, and it's not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill! If you're one of the many high-fashion lovers living on a low-budget wage, then you'll be pleased to hear about the new Toronto Premium Outlets, a luxury outlet mall at 13850 Steeles Ave. W. in Halton Hills (about an hour’s drive from downtown) that's set to open on August 1. That's next week!

So what's in store, or rather, what's in outlet at this new, colossal shopping space? Well, during its "first phase" it will house over 85 retailers including Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein (featuring 8,000 square feet of apparel), Coach, Cole Haan, Hugo Boss, J.Crew, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Restoration Hardware and many more (you can find a full list here).

General manager Megan Johnson says Toronto Premium Outlets will dramatically change the shopping landscape in Ontario, offering their goods at up to 65% off in the 350,000 square-foot space: “It’s exciting because for the first time in Canada, shoppers will have an impressive collection of outlet stores close to home. And not only will the centre serve area residents but will serve as a destination for area visitors. We are looking forward to our centre having a positive impact for the area.”

Of course, many of you are likely to be most excited about Canada's first Hudson Bay Outlet store, which will also open August 1 and act as the central party-piece to the shopping centre's launch event. Hudson's Bay made the decision to carry purely clearance merchandise in its outlets after a successful run with bargain buys at sister store Lord & Taylor in the United States. The Canadian retailer has also found success with their hr2 stores, which carry more budget-priced brands to meet the pockets of us peasant folk who can't afford to shop at The Room.

Intrigued? So am I. While there's still no word on what kind of merch will be available at the Hudson's Bay Outlet, there's sure to be a bargain to be found amidst the discounted stripes and even more brands shilling shiny things when the outlet announces its "second phase" of retailers. Watch this space for more info when available.  


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