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Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama: Her 8 Best Looks of 2014


We hope you plan on cracking open the bubbly today in celebration of our First Lady’s 51st birthday. Last year, she celebrated her 50th with the best birthday party ever (Beyoncé was in attendance). We’ve since forgiven her for not inviting us to that fête (we’re really good at parties). How can we stay mad at someone who is smart, beautiful, driven and looks consistently fabulous? Michelle Obama spent last year serving us even more fabulous outfits, and we wager she will be just as fierce this year. So to honor the FLOTUS on her birthday, here are eight times she absolutely slayed us with her impeccable style in 2014. (more…)

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Link Buzz: WWD May Stop Publishing as Frequently, Wet Seal Goes Bankrupt

Image:  WWD

Image: WWD

  • Women’s Wear Daily might turn into Women’s Wear Weekly. [NYP]
  • Here’s what Wilhelmina models are reading in 2015. [XO Wilhelmina]
  • Ralph Lauren might be closing its Double RL & Co. store in Nolita. [Racked]
  • What better way to show your boo how much you love them than by treating them to a Kimye-themed dinner on Valentine’s Day? [People]
  • Wet Seal couldn’t hold out – the teen retailer has filed for bankruptcy. [WWD]
  •  Designers are on the hunt for a new venue to show their Fall 2015 collections now that they’ve been booted from the Highline. [Page Six
  • Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are engaged after only 6 months of dating. [Page Six]
  • Google will stop selling Google Glass to develop a product we can actually use. [NYT]

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Guess Which Fashion Insider Lounges Around in Wool Underwear

Nick Wooster,Peter Simonsson, The Woolmark Company Managing Director; Image: Courtesy

Nick Wooster and The White Briefs Creative Director Peter Simonsson. Image: Courtesy

His fans don’t call him Woost God for nothing. This week at Pitti Uomo, fashion influencer Nick Wooster debuted his new collaboration with Swedish apparel brand The White Briefs on a 100 percent Merino wool loungewear collection in partnership with The Woolmark Company. In one fell swoop, he managed to convince us that “wool loungewear” is not an oxymoron. 

“I have worked with Merino wool for years, so I always knew it was really versatile,” Wooster told us. “For this collection, it’s the luxuriousness that shines through. This really challenges old perceptions.”

“We see a lot of opportunity in the casual contemporary category for Merino wool,” added Stuart McCullough, The Woolmark Company Managing Director. “This collaboration will demonstrate the countless inherent properties of the fiber, including just how luxuriously soft yet functional it is for today’s man.”

Woolmark Presents The White Briefs Nick Wooster; Image: Courtesy

Woolmark Presents The White Briefs Nick Wooster; Image: Courtesy

The capsule collection is comprised of all your lounge-worthy essentialsgym shorts, robes, tank tops, sweatshirts and even underwearin a rich, neutral color palette of grey, black, olive and navy. “I’ve never come across [wool underwear] in the market. I love creating product that is innovative, so when Woolmark and The White Briefs approached me, I knew this would be something I could be passionate about,” Wooster said. 

In case you’re a little hesitant about wearing wool down there, Wooster assures us it’s kosher. “Merino wool is naturally breathable and has temperature-regulating capabilities,” he explained. “It keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot, allowing for maximum comfort no matter the environment.” We’re sold.

Woolmark Presents The White Briefs Nick Wooster” will be priced between $55 for briefs and $415 for robes and will be available for purchase August 2015. 

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5 Reasons Why it’s Awesome to Be in Karl Lagerfeld’s Entourage

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

As you may have suspected, being friends with Karl Lagerfeld is awesome. Not that we’d know from experience, but after reading The New York Times‘ profile on Brad Kroenig, male model, muse and member of the designer’s devastatingly good-looking entourage (which includes boxer and bodyguard Sebastien Jondeau), it sounds pretty friggin’ great. Here’s why:

You Get to Hang Out with Hot People All Day

Rule number one for getting into Lagerfeld’s crew? You must be attractive. “I hate ugly people,” Lagerfeld tells The New York Times. “Very depressing.” Indeed!

You Get Awesome Gifts

Lagerfeld loves to make sure his crew is on fleek at all times, so the designer lavishes his friends with fabulous gifts. On the way to Chanel’s Dubai show, Kaiser Karl had a present for Mr. Kroenig once he boarded the plane. “Lagerfeld rummaged in one of his many shopping bags and fished out a matching light blue Givenchy tank top and shirt with their tags still attached. ‘For Dubai,’ he said, handing them to Brad.” For Hudson, Brad’s young son and Chanel muse, Fendi purses.

You Get the Hookup for Modeling Jobs

Why would Lagerfeld keep so many hot guys around him if he wasn’t going to photograph them? The 35-year-old Brad attributes his continued career in modeling to Lagerfeld’s patronage: “Brad has become the beneficiary of Lagerfeld’s productivity, appearing on his runways and in his ads. That Brad continues to work well into his 30s is due in no small part to having Lagerfeld as his champion. ‘If I never met Karl, there’s no way I’d still be modeling,’ he said.”

You Can Fly in the Same Kind of Plane Oprah Owns 

Lagerfeld’s private plane is the same model as billionaire Oprah Winfrey. To quote rapper Drake, “That’s luxury, dawg.”

Access to Exclusive Choupette Photos

Since Brad is tight with Lagerfeld, the BFFs text back and forth all the time. And what, pray tell, does Lagerfeld talk about in these texts? Brad’s wife spills: “We’ll text him photos of the kids, he’ll text us photos of Choupette.”  

In conclusion, Brad Kroenig, you have the best life ever. And please forward us some photos of Choupette. We know you have them.

[via NYT]

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Why the Very Notion of Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Weed Is Lame

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

If Bethenny Frankel is anything, it’s a smart businesswoman and she’s using her savvy to cash in on the growing marijuana industry, now that recreational use of the plant is legal in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon. To add to her Skinnygirl brand, Bethenny is reportedly planning to release a type of marijuana that sources tell Us Weekly “will be a specially engineered strain of pot designed to not give you the munchies.”

While this may sound like a boon to weight-conscious stoners, or weight-conscious people who use marijuana infrequently, something about this seems a bit troubling. As the pot economy grows, these marketing ploys are naturally going to crop up, but this kind of “keep your girlish figure while toking” is just so not…chill. By creating this particular strand for the Skinnygirl label, Bethenny could be adding an unnecessary burden on female smokers that takes some of the fun out of getting high. It puts a negative message on something that’s supposed to be fun and communal — not about maintaining some kind of ideal weight. 

Besides, it’s not like weed necessarily makes you fat. A study done by researchers from the University of Nebraska, the Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center showed that pot smokers tend to have better cholesterol and smaller waistlines than people who don’t smoke…and yes, that’s with the munchies. The study also found that smokers’ bodies better regulate insulin, which could be why they are less likely to have diabetes. A study done by the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that obesity levels within the pot smoking community decrease by a third compared to non-smokers. 

Also, marijuana already contains appetite-suppressing chemicals. In 2005, researchers investigated tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a chemical in cannabis that keeps you from getting hungry. In 2014, British scientists got together to determine if the power of THCV and cannabidiol (or CBD, also found in weed) could be harnessed to help manage obesity and diabetes. 

So as far as staying slim and trim goes, it’s pretty much a nonissue when it comes to smokers. Besides, weed gives you the ability to eat a whole sleeve of Oreos without feeling sick to your stomach afterward and that’s something that should be celebrated, not eliminated and wrapped up into one big body-shaming marketing ploy.

Give me munchies or give me death.

[via Us Weekly, Atlantic, High Times]

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Juicy Couture’s Spring 2015 Ad Campaign Is Everything It Should Be (Forum Buzz)

You have to applaud the fashion companies that truly understand their customers and the brand’s identity. That’s why it’s understandable that Juicy Couture’s new ad campaign is everything it should be…and more! Juicy Couture tapped Edita Vilkeviciute to star in the Spring 2015 fashion spots with the model posing poolside wearing Juicy’s latest clothing collection consisting of mostly pink (obviously) dresses, jackets, skirts and pants. Behind the lens is Hans Feurer, who captured Edita on location in Los Angeles in a bid to emulate the line’s core customer. Not only was Feurer the perfect choice to shoot the images, stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele made the perfect addition to Juicy’s new dream team.

Ad Campaign Juicy Couture Spring 2015 Edita Vilkeviciute


OK, we admit the images don’t exactly push the boundaries of fashion photography or advertising, but Juicy Couture really stays true to its brand aesthetic. Nevertheless, the real question remains: Are our forum members impressed?

“Tacky, what a waste of Feurer,” discredited burbuja8910 within moments of the campaign surfacing earlier this week.

Benn98 soon responded: “Absolutely!! Reminds me of Adriana’s editorial for Vogue Paris under Carine. Of course this is much better because Edita looks so hot and youthful here. I know it’s JC, but it seems like they’re going more overboard each season.”

“Déjà vu – the 80s are back,” disapproved CATO.

Also not totally impressed was kokobombon: “You hired Feurer, make him shoot in the beach or somewhere with nature around! The clothes are tacky as usual but Edita looks like a glamazon.”

Ad Campaign Juicy Couture Spring 2015 Edita Vilkeviciute


See inside the thread for Juicy Couture’s full Spring 2015 campaign and let us know what you think here. Viva la Juicy!

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