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Scott Eastwood and Edie Campbell Land Hugo Boss Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Hugo Boss' latest advertising campaign has been released. Lensed by Dutch duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, the ads star model Edie Campbell and actor Scott Eastwood (yes, son of Hollywood legend Clint!). Photographed in a studio against a classic dark grey background, this is designer Jason Wu's first campaign for the German fashion house. The womenswear ads are printed in color whilst the menswear campaign is black and white.

Ad Campaign Hugo Boss F/W 14.15 Edie & Scott


Ad Campaign Hugo Boss F/W 14.15 Edie & Scott


Forum members aren't so certain about the campaign, however. "Love the cast but this is a bit boring. Clothes look great though," commented anlabe32.

"Not enough oomph but overall an okay campaign," shared TeeVanity.

Justaguy shared the majority sentiment: "Good casting and perfect Fall/Winter feel, but it feels a bit lackluster. It's almost like Scott's shots needed more movement to mirror Edie or something."

"This campaign is not extraordinary, but still it's okay. I love Edie and I think they wanted to try something new with her and the jumping motion. It doesn't really fit the image I had of Hugo Boss. However I love the styling!" wrote Emmaneulle.

Check out the thread for the full campaign and join the discussion here.

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Diane Kruger ‘Is So Beautiful’ on Vogue Germany’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

Like a breath of fresh air, Diane Kruger shows us some emotion on the cover of Vogue Germany. Camilla Akrans photographed the actress wearing a sequined top and skirt from Hugo Boss, for the July 2014 cover. Franco Gobbi gave Kruger a slicked back hairstyle, and minimal makeup was applied by Wendy Rowe using Chanel cosmetics. I think the cover shot is very refreshing and members of theFashionSpot forums agree..

Vogue Germany July 2014 Diane Kruger Camilla Akrans


"I quite like it. She looks gorgeous and the expression and layout are fun imo," writes kokobombon.

Emmanuelle was impressed: "Nice! Diane Kruger is so beautiful. I like the way they played with the letters of Vogue, that looks cool. I love the sorbet colors. When I look at the pic without text, I'm a bit disturbed by the placement of her legs, but it's still great."

TeeVanity also showed enthusiasm and wrote, "Yeah, I like it too. Diane is cute, chic and fun cover."

Although it wasn't all smooth sailing on the forums. "I don't like Diane, I think she is a bit too overexposed lately for no particular reason. Well, she's always been. The cover itself is alright. A bit tacky," commented la veronika.

Kanna expected more: "To me, Diane is boring all the time. The cover is horrible, not that I don't like the figure, but the layout is awful. I expected more when I saw Åkrans in the title."

Await the contents of the issue within the thread and post your own opinion here.

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‘Black Widow’ Patrizia Reggiani Wants a Job at Gucci

Gucci runway model

Image: SIPA/

Entitlement is a curious thing. It deludes even the most undeserving into thinking they're owed something, no matter what they did or who they are. Such is the case for Patrizia Reggiani, AKA the Black Widow, who is being released from her 16-year prison sentence for ordering a 1995 hit on her late husband, Maurizio Gucci, heir to the Gucci fortune. Reggiani was imprisoned back in 1998 and now that she's soon to be a free woman, she thinks that the good people at Gucci should give her a job. Wait, what?

For the past three years, Reggiani's been allowed one day a week on the outside, to work in a Milan jewelry store. But her professional goals seem to extend beyond the shopgirl life. “I dream of returning to Gucci. I still feel like a Gucci–in fact, the most Gucci of all,” she told the La Repubblica. “I have the qualifications–for years I went shopping around the world. I came from the world of jewels and it is to that world that I want to return.” Hmm… probably should have thought about that before you paid a hit man to whack your ex-husband.

We're guessing Gucci has no plans to add her to its staff–you know, bad blood and all. Still, Reggiani thinks they should give her a chance, since she didn't *really* mean for her ex-husband to be murdered and totally didn't order that hit. “It’s true that speaking with certain people, I said, in a rash outburst, 'I wish Maurizio would die,’ she clarified, "But I never imagined that the scenario would come true. Nor did I want it to. I never ordered the murder.” Sure. You just ordered the guy to fire a few warning shots in the late Maurizio Gucci's direction. riight

[h/t Telegraph]

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Teen and Tween Designers are Getting Their Own ‘Project Runway,’ Hosted by Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano Project Runway

Image: Getty

Big news for America's most acne-prone design talent: teen and tween designers are getting their own fashion reality competition on Lifetime. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has ordered up the new series, Threads, from the producers of Project Runway. The series will be hosted by reality TV star Vanessa Simmons and Project Runway alum Christian Siriano

Lifetime is also developing a dental extreme makeover show (Smile), a hairstylist show (Worst Stylist Ever) and a docu-series from Gene Simmons (Ugly Models).

This confirms my theory that reality television exists to prove that the idea of progress is a comforting myth, and not the fulcrum of our civilization. 

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Watch: In 1939, Designers Predict the Clothing of the Future

Like a true neurotic, fashion is constantly looking back at its own past and repeating it, but designers are equally fascinated with what's coming next. The video above satisfies both urges. 

In this 1939 newsreel, American designers predict the clothing of the future, imagining what women would wear in the year 2000. Although some were false forecasts (the convertible dress has sadly not yet become a wardrobe staple), other predictions were surprisingly accurate. One designer created a dress made out of "transparent knit" (a.k.a mesh) probably worn, the announcer says, "to catch the males."

And although skirts have hardly disappeared "entirely" as another designer predicted, the white jumpsuit included in the video looks surprisingly modern. So does the styling, which consists of a pair of "cantilever heels" (wedges) and a wide belt. (However, the designer thought the belt would be more than merely decorative, with a technological component that would "adapt the body to climactic changes." We are obviously not there yet.)


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Link Buzz: Bags for Beauty Junkies; Are You Obsessed with Designer Labels?

Breakups to Makeup Etsy

Image: Instagram/BreakupsToMakeup

  • If you consider yourself a beauty junkie, you might want to check out the Etsy shop Breakups to Makeup, which offers cute T-shirts and clutches emblazoned with clever makeup-related quotes. [BellaSugar]
  • Speaking of T-shirts, the Wall Street Journal profiles the holy grail of retail: the so-called perfect tee. [WSJ]
  • Suzy Menkes writes a column on the prohibitive college costs, pointing out that a young Alexander McQueen never could have attended fashion school today. [Vogue]
  • A maternity retailer is selling a shirt for pregnant women that reads, "Wake Me Up When I'm Skinny." Offensive and inappropriate? Yep, probably. [Jezebel]
  • Chloe Sevigny explains your Nineties obsession. [ELLE]
  • Zara's designer copycat strategy is really paying off. [NYTimes]
  • Are you obsessed with designer labels? You probably don't need to take a quiz to answer that question, but should you want to, here you go. [FabSugar]


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