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Fashion Blogger Aley Greenblo Booted First Night on The Bachelor

If you were watching The Bachelor last night, you might have spotted a familiar face. Fashion blogger and model Aley Greenblo stepped out as one of the six “date crashers,” and, as expected, had a target on her back the minute she walked through the door.

Aley is a fashion blogger for Tickled Pink, fashion columnist for Latte Life newspaper, founder and co-owner of Alphie & Eve Blogger’s Collective and has modelled for the likes of online retailer Showpo. Her impressive portfolio has just one thing missing — a man. But after last night’s rose ceremony, any chance of the 25-year-old ending up with The Bachelor‘s Blake Garvey was shot to hell.

When Blake ran out of roses, Aley was one of two intruders left empty-handed. She took it on the chin, though, no embarrassing tears or regrettable outbursts. We don’t think any real damage was caused to her fashion career, and at least she stunned in a Pallas Couture dress, Novo shoes and Salsuli jewellery.

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Should Bondi Hipsters Have Been Picked as Finalists for CLEO’s Bachelor of the Year?

You’re either going to love or hate who CLEO magazine have included in its Top 30 Bachelors for 2014. Bondi Hipsters Dom Nader and Adrian Archer — real nahms Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshie — have been featured in a behind-the-scenes teaser video for this year’s list, with the full lineup to be announced on Monday.

Repping a totes-underground Mickey Mouse muscle-bearing singlet and pink sequined-crown sweater, complete with leaning-against-the-wall blue-steel poses, the boys, who make a mockery of Sydney-based hipsters, looked fully farshun in their photoshoot with CLEO.

And while we can’t deny that boys are amazeballs and comfortably sitting in our YouTube Favourites, the closet feminist within us can’t help that the pair are all wrong for the magazines highly acclaimed competition.

Their pick-up lines seem to always result in an over-the-top club pash or an always-romantic portaloo session mid-festival, regardless of the negging tactics which, more often than not, border on harassment. Funny? Sometimes. Rude? Always. Example-setters? Definitely not. We’re not sure CLEO did their research on this one.

That being said, there’s a reason Adrian has the busiest digits in Bondi, and we’re sure it’s for more reasons than his totes-hipster beard and specs-wearing sidekick. They could easily be the healthiest guys in the Eastern Suburbs, opting for organic and gluten-free, snacking on celery, or trading up bacon for field mushrooms whenever they can.

Did we mention they get all their cool threads from General Pants? So dreamy. If any of you single ladies shop at Target, though, look elsewhere because the boys hate Tar-jay. Our tips? Start using words like presh, deets, sitch and babes, or catch the 333 from Bondi Beach to Circular Quay for a fighting chance with the eco-conscious fellows.

Whether they are a good pick of not for a magazine targeted towards impressionable 18-24 year-old girls, we know we’ll be picking up a copy of CLEO‘s September issue come Monday. If the teaser video is anything to go by, Dom and Adrian are going to look fab. We hear there’s around 29 other babes to feast our eyes on too.

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Farfetch is Looking for the Next ‘Superstore’ Boutique

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Farfetch is on the hunt to find the best new boutique in the world, and the site needs your help. The e-tailer has pooled a panel of fashionable influencers and tastemakers (like Harley Viera-Newton, Nick Wooster and Hypebeast‘s Kevin Ma, to name a few) to handpick six emerging boutiques around the world to find this year’s “Superstore.” The public will vote to determine which shop will walk away with the honor, and one voter will be picked to travel to the winning boutique, armed with $1,500 spending money. You can cast your ballot at the Farfetch website, but the contest will also spill over to the e-tailer’s Instagram, which today put up its first post in relation to the competition. 

Nominees include Seoul’s Koon With A View, Cape Town’s Merchants on Long, Shanghai’s Alter boutique, Mahani in Dubai, Restir in Tokyo and Common People in Mexico City. 

But while we wait for more entries to be posted, we did a little sleuthing through each boutique’s Instagram account to see exactly what the fuss is about. From the looks of it, these boutiques are pretty major. Boasting wares from Vivienne Westwood, Oscar de la Renta, Hood By Air and more, each store has its own unique, stylish aesthetic, filled with finds that will make any fashionphile in the world go gaga. Below, the best products from each boutique’s Instagram account.

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Ruby Rose Won’t Be Wearing a Dress at Her Upcoming September Wedding

We all know by now that Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl are getting married. The pair publicly share their affections for one another, whether it’s making out onstage at this year’s Gay Pride Festival or posting pics of Phoebe’s engagement ring to Instagram, so we’re pretty clued in that these two are loved up and on their way to the altar.

We were even given a rough date this week, with Ruby writing to her Instagram, “And in September they shall be married.. despite all odds.. despite and because of,” with a photo of Phoebe lying next to her.

What we don’t know, however, is how the whole thing is going to go down. Where will they get married? Who will the guests be? And most importantly, what will the brides wear? Well, we can tell you what Ruby won’t be wearing, and that’s a wedding dress.

Ruby’s just posted a photo of herself in a white, strapless dress alongside Phoebe in a neon, off-the-shoulder number to her Instagram. But the photo wasn’t important because the pair just have their hands all over each other like every other social media post of theirs. The caption, on the other hand, was quite informative.

“That one time we did a shoot and it become 100 percent real that I would never wear a dress at my wedding hahaha,” Ruby wrote. We know the traditional wedding gown went out the window once Olivia Palermo rocked shorts and a sweater on her big day, and now we can’t help but wonder what Ruby will come up with.

We’ve probably been too busy brainstorming what Phoebe, who owns her own ethical clothing line called Faircloth & Supply, is going to whip up. Will Ruby play groom to Phoebe’s bride? All we can do is wait for the next clue to be given away. Knowing how adamant the two are about sharing details of their love life, something tells us we’ll get more crucial wedding info soon.

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POP’s New Cover with Grimes Looks Like an Instagram Screenshot (Forum Buzz)

POP magazine released one of its new covers for the Autumn/Winter 2014 edition today. And while it may look like an Instagram leak at first, it’s actually not — the concept of the cover was to look like a screenshot.

image credit: uniquemagazines via the tfs forums

Image Credit: uniquemagazines via the tfs forums

The unusual cover starring singer Grimes received mixed reactions on our forums.

“I’m not sure if the idea of Instagram is cool or just lazy. The cover itself looks pretty all over the place,” analyzed Koibito.

His was one of the more diplomatic responses, as most members failed to see any reason to compliment this cover. 

“Is this a joke?” asked [Piece Of Me].

But the cover did have some admirers. “Love it. It will be rather sweet to see this in some 10 years,” declared MulletProof.

And TREVOFASHIONISTO posted: “It’s definitely more interesting than a lot of other publications.”

This last statement reflects how I feel about the cover, too. There is no iconic photography here and the concept will probably look old fairly soon, but it sure is interesting now. And you have to admit, the corny comments section on the cover is pretty funny.

Alexa Chung is rumored to also have a cover for this issue. Follow the thread on the forums to see more of this issue soon. 

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Now You Can Drink Champagne from Kate Moss’ Breast

Image: FilmMagic/GettyImages

Image: FilmMagic/GettyImages

We’ve all seen Kate Moss‘ breasts. Her Calvin Klein ads made them famous. But we certainly haven’t seen her décolletage quite like this. The model’s teamed up with London’s 34 restaurant and artist Jane McAdam Freud to create a champagne glass (called a coupe) modeled after her left breast. Talk about your cup size!

The supermodel joins a storied tradition of glasses molded from breasts. The coupe is, after all, supposed to be based on the bust of none other than Marie Antoinette, according to The Telegraph.

Kate will be on hand to fete the new glass, which features her signature at the bottom, at the restaurant in October. “I was excited to participate in this project – what an honour to be alongside Marie Antoinette – she was a very intriguing and mischievous character,” she said in a statement. “Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe.” Indeed. 

Meanwhile, no word yet on a Lara Stone or Kate Upton version. 

[via The Telegraph]

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