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Johnny Weir on His Personal Style and Wearing Too Much Cologne as a Teen

It is always a delight to see Johnny Weir, the stylish two-time Olympic figure skater with a penchant for the theatrical. Whether he’s hitting the Kentucky Derby in an eye-popping floral headpiece or adding a bit of bling to the lapel of his suit jacket, Weir is not one to shy away from fashion and definitely loves to take risks with his outfits. We had to know what inspires his looks and last night, Weir revealed all to us as he made his way down the Fragrance Foundation Awards red carpet.

“I love beautiful things. I love to feel great when I’m out. I buy things and work with designers that I know will do that for me,” he told us, noting that his sartorial proclivities come from a place many of us who didn’t grow up rich can relate to. “I am from a lower middle class family and I worked my whole life to be able to buy these beautiful things that I’m able to wear. I want [my clothes] to reflect hard work, to reflect beauty and the art of what fashion is. I like to do things a little bit differently.”

Johnny Weir

Image: WENN

And he certainly does. Last night, Weir made his grand entrance in a rubber top by young Malaysian designer Moto Guo, shorts by Mikio Sakabe and a pair of Chanel wedges with a cut-out at the heel housing a pearl ornament. He topped off his look with an Hermès bag. “I have touch-up materials, my phone, mints, I have a bottle of water and Haribo peaches,” Weir dished to us when we asked him what he could be carrying in such a large bag. With all those effects, we think he chose his carryall wisely – after all, there’s nothing like a few delicious Haribo peaches to get you through a long awards show.

Fragrance was the theme of the evening and Weir harkened back to some aromatic memories of his own, namely growing up with the smell of his mother’s perfume filling the house every morning. “I always love to remember my mother getting ready for work. I was still in bed, and she was going to wake us up any minute to go to school. The smell of her makeup, the smell of the Youth Dew fragrance by Estée Lauder she’s worn for years – that scent of my mother preparing to start her day will stay with me forever.” 

He also reminisced about the very first fragrance he owned, Obsession by Calvin Klein. “I was just a little 13-year-old dude and it was too strong and masculine then, and it still is.”

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Can This Algorithm Calculate Style?

Susie Bubble

Image: Imaxtree

What do computer nerds know about fashion, you ask? Maybe a little more than you think. A pair of computer scientists, Raquel Urtasun and Sanja Fidler, have developed an algorithm that promises to make your #OOTD postings that much more stylish. “Our goal is to learn and predict how fashionable a person looks on a photograph and suggest subtle improvements the user could make to improve her/his appeal,” they write in a paper describing how their magic formula works. 

The algorithm breaks down a photo of someone in an outfit, taking into consideration a few factors, including the kind of garments the wearer has on, the wearer’s physical characteristics and what setting the person is in, as well as the “fashionability” of the image and the country/city the wearer is in. If such data is available, they also factor in how many “likes” a photo has.

To help create the formula, the pair collected 144,169 posts from Urtasun and Fidler agree that fashionability is subjective – it varies depending on the person, where that person happens to live, etc. But their algorithm focuses more on what generally seems to be popular among those who consume fashion and live for #OOTD posts. If anything, their formula will allow people to be able to tweak their shared images in order to cater to a mainstream ideal of what is attractive, though fashion die-hards can argue that real fashionistas say screw all that and march to their own beat.

Quartz notes that the algorithm can be useful in helping companies analyze trends, which, given the parameters by which the formula calculates the fashion factor, makes perfect sense. Still, we can’t count on such equations to measure “fashionability” outside the generic realm. “Whether a person on a photograph is truly fashionable is probably best decided by fashion experts. It is also to some extent a matter of personal taste, and probably even depends on the nationality and the gender of the viewer,” Urtasun and Fidler’s paper reads. 

Of course, there are a few kinks to work out – Fidler and Urtasun hope to diversify the selection of images and branch out to other sources in order to get a calculation more reflective of trends. But so far, it seems the pair have been able to, at the very least, create a new tool for people to use in order to determine what is cool to the general public. It will never be a replacement for the keen eye of a fashion editor, but it will likely help at least a few people figure out how to improve their #OOTD posts.

[via Quartz]   

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Zoe Saldana Stars on a Lackluster InStyle Cover (Forum Buzz)

InStyle failed to impress with its Mindy Kailing cover  and now tries to win us over with the July 2015 issue. Zoe Saldana graces the cover of the magazine’s newest offering, wearing a dress by Dolce & Gabbana as she flashes an energetic smile and plays with her hair for photographer Paul Maffi. But forum members slammed the image for its lackluster styling, hair and makeup. 

US InStyle July 2015 Zoe Salanda by Paul Marfi


MON was the first forum member to get the discussion started. “Something is awfully wrong about that cover. Not to be mean but she looks tired like she’s saying ‘I haven’t had enough sleep but I have to smile for this magazine.’ Also, that lipstick looks fake! Photoshop some more!” he complained.

“I could not write it better,” laughed GlamorousBoy in agreement.

“What bothers me most is the lack of production values. It really looks like they dropped by her place and shot this in a rush. The dress is unremarkable, hair is too simple for a cover. This wouldn’t look out of place on Easy Living. She just doesn’t look polished enough for my liking,” added an underwhelmed Benn98.

US InStyle July 2015 Zoe Saldana by Paul Marfi


“Zoe’s ed is actually pretty good. Nothing outstanding but it’s cozy, she’s lovely and I really like the softness these pics convey,” admired Aby, the moment Saldana’s cover story surfaced.

But Benn98 wasn’t having any of it and returned to the thread, voicing, “Cannot bear to look at Zoe Saldana’s edit. She’s not the most captivating subject. There’s literally no styling and the photography is just lazy and contrived. I hope this won’t be the new direction for future editorials. Bring [Giampaolo] Sgura back!!” he cried.

Check it out for yourself and join the discussion here.

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Former Mulberry Creative Director Emma Hill Is Launching a New Line

Emma Hill


Emma Hill, Mulberry’s ex-creative director is back and this time, she’s blessing us with the bounty of her accessories. Hill has announced the launch of a new label, Hill & Friends, an accessories label that will make its big debut come September during London Fashion Week.

Good news for Hill fans – you won’t have to wait much longer to get your hands on the new line either. According to WWD, though the Spring 2016 line will show during LFW, Hill will also offer a capsule collection of pieces that will be available for purchase the very next day on its website and on Net-a-Porter.

Hill partnered with former Mulberry brand director Georgia Fendley for the project and promises that the company is still growing, letting aspirations of moving into ready-to-wear be known. They are also looking to open retail locations in London and New York.

We can’t wait to see what Hill has in store for her latest line. Summer just started, but September simply can’t come soon enough.

[via WWD

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New ‘Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey’ Novel from E.L. James Selling Like Hotcakes

E.L. James surprised Fifty Shades of Grey fans two weeks ago when she announced a soon-to-be-released new book in the series, this time told from Christian Grey’s point of view. Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian retells the story of the relationship between the title character and Anastasia Steele, set over a period of time from May 9, 2011 to June 9, 2011.

It is already the #1 Kindle order for 2015 and folks are going off on social media about the newly-released tome. 

While some fans are gushing over the new installation of the Grey saga, others are a bit more skeptical about the book and are not holding back on letting folks know how they really feel about E.L. James’ latest. Twitter user @estherannaa is livetweeting reading the entire book (where do people even get all this free time?) and her commentary is nothing short of hilarious. If you don’t have time to read the book yourself, her tweets will help you get the gist of the tale.

Happy reading, y’all.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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Pia Miller is The Iconic’s New Lifestyle Ambassador

Pia Miller x The Iconic
Model, mum and actress Pia Miller is putting her incredibly fit bod to good use, now that she’s been picked as The Iconic’s new-season sports and lifestyle ambassador.

Pia Miller x The Iconic

The role sees 31-year-old Pia curate this season’s best fitness looks and dish her top tips for leading a fit and healthy lifestyle throughout winter. These are pointers we wouldn’t mind hearing, considering the mother-of-two is able to juggle family life, a busy career and a healthy and active lifestyle so well.

Pia Miller x The Iconic
“The more I look after myself and make healthy choices the better I feel,” Pia said in a news release. “I find that combining regular workouts with healthy eating choices is incredibly important as it keeps my immune system strong. I also find it’s important to take time off and rest. Sleep is key to my recovery and maintaining endurance and motivation.”

To check out more tricks of the trade courtesy of Pia, head over to The Iconic.

Photos courtesy of The Iconic

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