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WATCH: The ‘Zoolander 2’ Trailer Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Zoolander 2 Trailer


The Zoolander 2 trailer was released overnight and, heck, it’s a doozy, living up to every expectation we had since it was first announced at Valentino’s Paris Fashion Week show earlier this year, complete with an epic walk-off between Han-Solo and Boo-Lander.

Tapping into a modern modelling landscape, Derek’s “biggest model in the world” title has been dethroned by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays an androgynous model named “All”, but a new-found irrelevance is not the biggest problem he and his nemesis-turned-BFF Hansel face.

There is a serial killer on the loose, murdering “the most beautiful people in the world” like Justin Bieber, Usher, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, who all take their last breath with Derek’s famous Blue Steel pucker.

To help get to the bottom of it, Interpol agent Montana Grosso, played by Penelope Cruz, asks Derek and Hansel to “infiltrate the world of high fashion”, which sees them run into the likes of a hardly recognisable Kristen Wiig and a surprising new look from Will Ferrel’s Mugatu.

Rather than giving too much away, watch the action-packed video for yourself above.

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New ‘Mean Girls’ App Pits Users Against Regina George

Mean Girls Video Game

Courtesy: Pocket Gems

On Wednesdays, we wear pink…and play the new Mean Girls interactive mobile game. Our favorite cult classic (next to Clueless) inspired a video game dubbed “Mean Girls: Senior Year.” The brainchild of Pocket Gems, the game features original characters from the movie like Cady, Regina and the Plastics.

Glenn Cocco Is a Real Person and 4 Other Things We Didn’t Know About ‘Mean Girls’ ]

Users can join the classic Mean Girls saga by creating an original character, a Senior who transfers to North Shore High School. The character has high hopes of attending their dream college but one mighty force stands in the way: Regina George. The college only accepts one student per year and Regina has her cold heart set on the same school. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Regina George. (more…)

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Claire Danes and Allure Deliver the Goods for December (Forum Buzz)

Our forums would never have guessed in a million years that we’d be dependent on Allure to deliver a festive, glamorous and all-around gorgeous cover for the month of December. It has been evident in each and every thread that we were yearning for something stylish and Claire Danes gives us just what we desire. Shot by Sebastian Kim with styling from Paul Cavaco throughout, the Homeland actress looks sensational wearing a blue silk Lanvin dress and we’re completely sold.

US Allure December 2015 Claire Danes by Sebastian Kim


Our forums were left shouting from the rooftops. “Oh she actually looks good, usually they have worse covers! Plus I love seeing her on the cover,” shared a pleasantly surprised KateTheGreatest.

“Claire Danes looks super glamorous, totally love the cover!” echoed marsnoop2.

Nymphaea was in the mood for some glamour too, writing, “Stunning Claire, great cover! Feels very pure.”

In agreement was Oxymore, hailing, “Really nice cover, I love it!”

Also over the moon with the outcome was MON: “For the first time, an Allure cover that will definitely stand out! Stunning!”

“I love this cover. This is much better than Vogue… Claire looks gorgeous and I love the lip color that pops on the cover,” admired TaylorBinque.

“I’ll take all of it. But given the change of editorship, I get the feeling this magazine is now an endangered species,” voiced a concerned tigerrouge after news broke that the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells has left the position after a 24-year tenure.

Are you impressed with Allure‘s December cover? Share your opinion with us here.

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Gisele Bündchen Is Back for Chanel N°5’s Holiday Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Last year, Chanel gave us a fabulous campaign with Gisele Bündchen, introducing the Brazilian bombshell as the face of the iconic N°5 fragrance. For Christmas 2015, Chanel has unveiled a brand new set of images to help shift bottles of the legendary scent (like the fashion house even needs to). Once again photographed by Patrick Demarchelier with Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele on styling duties, Gisele wears a fabulously festive red dress (occasionally teamed with a tweed beanie) as she joyfully cradles an oversized version of the bottle.

Chanel No. 5 Christmas 2015 Campaign : Gisele Bündchen by Patrick Demarchelier


Despite our love for Gisele, the images still received some scrutiny in the forums. “I love Chanel and I like Gisele but for me the two don’t work together. I don’t feel like she brings something to Chanel. Her Spring 2015 campaign was great and this is also great but it’s almost too perfect and quite lifeless,” slammed Lola701.

“I agree, I love Gisele and Chanel as a brand but their collaboration it just doesn’t work for me. She is a versatile model and can do so many things effortlessly, but she is so not Chanel,” echoed Sweet rus. (more…)

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Katy Perry Brings Back the #LeftShark in a New Line of Holiday Onesies

Katy Perry

Photo: WENN

Your Christmas morning outfit is covered, thanks to Katy Perry. In collaboration with Beloved, she designed a 6-piece collection of festive onesies just in time for the holidays. The designs are fun and kitschy in true Katy Perry fashion.

Katy Perry Beloved Onesie

Katy Perry x Beloved Mr. Claus Belovesie, $129.95

We particularly love the Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus onesies (and their unintentionally terrifying faces) and the Ginger Bread onesies cleverly named “Ginger Bae” and “Ginger Boo.” (more…)

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People Magazine Crowns David Beckham the Sexiest Man Alive — and We Couldn’t Agree More


And PEOPLE’s #SexiestManAlive for 2015 is… @DAVIDBECKHAM! @marchomstudio

A photo posted by People Magazine (@peoplemag) on

Wouldn’t you know People Magazine actually got it right this year? They chose none other than David Beckham as 2015’s Sexiest Man Alive. Though this honor is overdue, we couldn’t be more pleased with their selection. Beckham is disarmingly handsome (and seems to get hotter as he ages) but he’s also a devoted husband to Victoria and a loving father of four. What’s sexier than a man who values family?

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The soccer icon has long been a heartthrob: he graciously poses shirtless each season for H&M campaigns and he is one of the original purveyors of the man bun trend. Best of all, he’s humble. “I never feel that I’m an attractive, sexy person,” he told People. “I mean I like to wear nice clothes and nice suits and look and feel good, but I don’t ever think of myself that way.” How is this possible?

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Victoria Beckham didn’t seem surprised. “She said, ‘Congratulations!'” Beckham shared, adding, “I would hope that she feels this way about me all the time anyway!” Of course she does. (Newsflash: we all do).

[via People Magazine]