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Christian Siriano and Verizon Wireless Debut the First-Ever #SocialImprint Garments

Image: courtesy Verizon

Image: Courtesy of Verizon

Fashion and tech are having a moment, and designers are scrambling to get in on the fun. Tory Burch collaborated with Fitbit on a stylish range of fitness accessories, Rebecca Minkoff just showed her own collection of tech wearables during Fashion Week and designers are already imagining the concepts for Apple Watch wrist bands. Verizon Wireless is getting in on the action, too, teaming with buzzy designer Christian Siriano to marry tech and fashion in a truly unique way.

Siriano’s pieces may not be able to take your pulse or track the miles you run, but they will tell you what people were talking about during last week’s Fashion Rocks TV special. Verizon and Siriano have created the very first #socialimprint dress, created with the help of TV viewers commenting and sharing content from the Fashion Rocks broadcast on social media. Verizon assigned a color and a pattern to the top eight trending conversations in music and fashion to produce a pattern that was printed onto cloth and handed over to Siriano to work his magic. “I just thought it was a really cool idea, something really new,” Siriano said about the project. “Social media is such a big part of all of our lives now and I felt like it’s a cool way to introduce something fashionable and wearable, but in a tech space that I’ve never really done.” 


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You Can Look Like a Moschino Barbie Doll RIGHT NOW

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

Tyra Banks may have done it first, but it’s not too late for any grown woman to achieve her dream of becoming a life-size Barbie. And monied fans of pink and frills are in luck because Moschino has put out a small capsule of its Spring 2015 collection, available for purchase today. 

You can choose from 28 pieces — including the outfit the Moschino Barbie doll was wearing — right now. You’ll find sweater dresses covered in a Barbie-esque Moschino print, a fun T-shirt dress with a paper doll rendering of Barbz, plus that really cool Barbie mirror iPhone case (we think we’ll be seeing a lot of that this season) and more. 

As you know, Moschino ain’t cheap, so we hope you paid your last credit card bill on time. The pink leather bag that’s shaped like a moto jacket is $1,695, and it’s NOT something we’d call a wardrobe staple!

Head over to Moschino to check out the capsule in full

[h/t Vogue]

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Kim Kardashian Really Wants to Be on Downton Abbey

Image: Mario Mistis/

Image: Mario Mistis/

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the small screen, but it sounds like the reality star is looking to flex the acting chops she’s picked up on the likely semi-scripted Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And where is Kimmy hoping to show off her skills as a thespian? Wheel of FortuneLove & Hip Hop Hollywood? In a dramatization on Snapped? No, silly, Kim has loftier goals than that.

The reality star is said to be interested in appearing on the critically-acclaimed series with real-life actors Downton Abbey because…she thinks it would be really cool to take selfies in period costume? Apparently, Kim told The Sun she’s a “big fan” of the period drama, saying, “I’d love to be on if they asked. I love things like that.” 

But can she act? As far as we’re concerned, Kim can do anything she wants. And we’d love to see her fake a working class British accent — obviously she would be cast as a servant to show her acting range. Kim is used to being rich! Plus, we’re curious to see what Kim would look like as a Welsh country bumpkin, trying to work an aerosol can for the first time. 

So, um…please someone make this happen STAT.

[The Sun via The Daily Mirror]

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Aww! Natasha Poly and Baby Daughter Make the Cover of Vogue Paris (Forum Buzz)

Cue the oohing and awwing as Natasha Poly and her baby daughter land the cover of Vogue Paris. Natasha and Aleksandra Christina posed for Mario Testino for the magazine’s October 2014 cover, which is based around the idea of families. Natasha is certainly part of the French Vogue family, scoring two covers this year, while this recent cover marks Natasha’s ninth for the French fashion bible. This time around, we see the 29-year-old Russian beauty with a blue mohair Gucci coat draped around her shoulders as she cradles her baby daughter. Cute, right?

Vogue Paris Oct 14 Natasha Poly


Our forum members cannot stop expressing their admiration for the cover. “I love it!! It has a classic painting ‘Virgin with Child’ feel to it!! And that Gucci coat is just phenomenal!” wrote ToniOrtega, kicking off the thread on a positive note.

“It really does look classic and Aleksandra looks adorable. Very reminiscent of the Givenchy shot of Mariacarla with her baby. So let’s see, this is the second Vogue Paris cover for Natasha in three months and the seventh(?) Vogue cover so far in 2014; she is iconic!” commented Nepenthes.

“Natasha is on a roll! I’m always a sucker for mother-child photos so this gets two thumbs up from me!” declared orchidee.

Also enthusiastic about the cover was MON, who posted, “Beautiful!!! The cover is so calming! I just love it. I know there have been covers already with pregnant women and women with their babies but this is something different. It’s vulnerable yet very protective. And I’m not even complaining with the fact that it’s Natasha again. The coat is beautiful, the colors are fantastic and the layout actually works. Surprised that Mario didn’t ruin this one. I cannot wait for the editorial.”

Not everyone liked what they saw, though. “Not working for me because Poly looks uncertain next to that baby, I mean she might as well be next to an alien object. Not to mention what an unflattering face angle that is for her. Testino takes stunning women and always manages to find a way to make them look their worst,” shared Miss Dalloway.

Await the contents of the issue and share your own opinion inside the thread here.

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Dear Fashion World: We Need to Talk About Your Brigitte Bardot Obsession

Brigitte Bardot

Just say no; Image: Getty

Dear Fashion World,

We need to have a little talk. Are you sitting down? OK, good. This won’t be easy, but it’s time we discussed your obsession with Brigitte Bardot. We get that you love beautiful icons — who doesn’t? Just look at Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Stunning! Lauren Bacall? Loved her. But we’re going to have to put our foot down with Bardot, no matter how gorgeous she was. And there’s a very good reason for this. She hates you.

Did you know that Bardot has been tried and convicted five times for inciting racial hatred against Muslims? It’s true. She claimed Muslims were “destroying our country by imposing their ways.” 

Did you also know she hates gays? In fact, according to The Guardian, in her book Un cri dans le silence, Bardot calls gays “fairground freaks.” Which makes us wonder: Why would anyone in our industry support someone who was anti-gay? Seems absurd when you think about it. 

But wait, there’s more! The aging former film star also dislikes teachers. Teachers. And she doesn’t dislike them because of random stories of abuse on the news. No, she hates them because of appearance. They have greasy hair and are unkempt, apparently. (We disagree, obvs.) We’re all for freedom of speech, but we can still choose those we hold up in adulation. Why put someone who despises so many on a pedestal? (more…)

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Stars Step Out for Brooks Brothers’ Sydney CBD Opening

America’s original clothier, Brooks Brothers, has finally set up shop in Sydney’s CBD, opening its Australian flagship store in Martin Place last night.

Photo: Tim Kindler/Brooks Brothers

Photo: Tim Kindler/Brooks Brothers

Guests like Ronan Keating and his partner, Storm UechtritzThe Bachelor‘s 2013 couple Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, and My Empirical Life blogger Tanja Gacic came along to celebrate in the two-storey, 389 sq m atrium space. (more…)

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