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Louise Van De Vorst Is Pregnant

Major Aussie model Louise Van de Vorst has announced she and 30-year-old actor Jaime Robbie Reyne are having a baby, sharing a nude shot of her growing bump on Instagram over the weekend.

“We’re having a baby!” the 27-year-old model wrote alongside the black-and-white snap, where she can be seen holding flowers over the lady parts.

Louise, who has been popularly described as “alien-chic”, has quite the high-profile dating history. She dated singer Daniel Johns for almost four years until 2012, and was engaged to professional surfer Nathan Webster in 2013.

Jaime has been engaged to Louise since July, and shared his excitement of their pregnancy news on Instagram as well. “My baby’s having my baby!!! Love you forever @louisevandevorst,” he wrote.


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Kylie Jenner Shows Support for Aussie Designer Who Battled Depression

Kylie Jenner

Photo courtesy of H&M

If you’re one of Kylie Jenner‘s 40 million-plus Instagram followers (there’s no point denying it), you would have noticed she’s been using her influence for the greater good with her #IAmMoreThan series, sharing inspiring stories from everyday people.

Aspiring Aussie fashion designer Paris Marchant is the latest story shared on Kylie’s social media platform, with the Dungog teen opening up about leaving school in Year 9 to deal with her depression. “The demons were real and at the time I really did not want to be alive,” part of the heartbreaking post read. (more…)

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Taylor Swift To Perform Intimate Gig On Australia’s Hamilton Island

Taylor Swift

Photo: WENN

We’re sure it’s nice to be one of hundreds of thousands of other people watching Taylor Swift at a sold-out arena, but we reckon it’d be much nicer, and more audibly pleasing, in an intimate setting.

Radio station Nova thinks so too, and thus they will be hosting a private gig for 100 lucky fans on Hamilton Island amid Taylor’s “1989” national tour next month. 

We are proud to announce the BIGGEST RED ROOM EVER! #NovasRedRoom DETAILS:

Posted by Nova 106.9 on Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Daily Telegraph reports that Tay-Tay will play a mix of her biggest hits in a stripped-back performance, with the event being hosted by Kent “Smallzy” Small. (more…)

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Students Protest Germaine Greer Lecture Over Her Comments on Caitlyn Jenner and Transgender Community

Germaine Greer is nothing if not controversial, and the Australian-born feminist regularly raises an eyebrow or eleven when it comes to her views on certain topics and issues.

But this time it seems she has really overstepped her mark, with Cardiff University students now petitioning to have her guest lecture cancelled after hearing her thoughts on the transgender community.

Germaine, who once asked Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop if she would #FreeTheNipple for the Bali Nine, recently claimed that transgender women do not “look like, sound like, or behave like women,” and strongly suggested that Caitlyn Jenner transitioned simply to get a piece of the Kardashian-Jenner women’s attention cake. (more…)

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‘South Park’ Mocks Gigi Hadid and Lena Dunham in Body Shaming Episode

South Park Plus Size Models

Courtesy: Comedy Central

South Park jumps at the chance to address the topics du jour with its famously crude humor. This week, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker turned their attention toward body shaming in the age of social media. They didn’t partake in the trolling — well, not exactly — but instead suggested that over-sharing online and only expecting positivity in return is naive and unrealistic. They made their point in typical satirical fashion.

On the show, Butters is asked to filter negative comments for Eric Cartman, who we see shaking violently from the trauma of reading body shaming comments. Butters’ response? “Eric should get off of social media” and “maybe you shouldn’t have put your body” online. Butters eventually agrees to filter through Eric’s comments, and his client list grows to include plus-size models and the cartoon version of Demi Lovato, among others. (more…)

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Drew Barrymore and InStyle’s New Redesign Leave Us Disappointed (Forum Buzz)

Are we about to see a whole lotta change on the November covers? InStyle certainly decided to switch things up this month, shying away from its signature white background and opting to select a shot of Drew Barrymore posing before a baby pink backdrop. Also gone is the magazine’s signature block masthead (à la Taylor Swift’s cover back in 2014 that we detested). Photographed by Jan Welters and styled by Melissa Rubini, Drew wears a Valentino dress, but lets her gorgeously styled hair do the talking in the cover image.

US InStyle November 2015 Drew Barrymore by Jan Welters


Our forum members weren’t a happy bunch. “Oh no,” cried jal718 the moment the cover dropped, expressing his horror with a simple comment.

“I’m definitely not liking the pink background…I liked the white background they always had,” stated a disapproving Handbag Queen soon after.

Echoing the underwhelming sentiments was Benn98, “Eek, I don’t like it. The pink backdrop doesn’t work for them and the layout looks like one of their spin-off titles. I like Drew but I don’t understand why she got this. I recall reading somewhere that she amassed the most fashion covers during the 00-10 actress craze, even more than Nicole [Kidman], Renée [Zellweger], Gwyneth [Paltrow] etc.”

“Why did they use this layout again???” asked a dumbfounded GlamorousBoy.

While InStyle‘s November cover may be a little tiresome, the content is sure to stimulate some interest, featuring the likes of Naomi Campbell, Helen Mirren, Diane Lane and Elle Fanning. Check out the content and reignite discussion here. Make InStyle your weekend read; it’s on newsstands now.