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Andre Leon Talley Wears Uggs and Other Tidbits Learned in a Trapped Elevator at the Oscar de la Renta Show



Whilst Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2014 show yesterday was a cascade of luxurious femininity and calm sophistication, the swift exit made post-show by a number of top fashion editors was very, very far from calm as they found themselves trapped in the elevator leaving the 25th floor show destination for 50 minutes.

Whilst we obviously felt very concerned for the party at hand, there was also an inkling of Schadenfreude, for those who so often swan out of shows and are immediately whisked away in a car had found themselves so ultimately inconvenienced. THEN you find out that among the group was the wildly entertaining and outspoken former editor-at-large of Vogue, Andre Leon Talley. Suddenly, the whole affair becomes a farce and we thank our stars that Style Editor Sophie de Rosée from the UK's Telegraph newspaper was one of Andre's cohorts in the lift and recounted the whole affair for everyone to enjoy.

Writing for the newspaper today, Sophie regaled how the team of show-goers that included "WSJ's Meenal Mistry and Paula Knight, Le Figaro's Godfrey Deeny,'s Kate Davidson Hudson, the Telegraph Magazine's Daniela Agnelli and me [de Rosee] (and three more I have yet to identify), plus Jim the elevator man" became trapped after being the first to leave the Oscar de la Renta show. She then gives a hilarious account of Mr. Talley's actions, watching madness descend as he gets his head around a world with no mobile phone reception: 

"Can't you email someone?" Talley continues. No. There's no reception. "Maybe you could text someone?"

Of course, panic situations help you learn more about people and at 35 minutes, 4 seconds after Andre had already threatened to strip, the group find out he "is wearing Uggs, which he says he's been wearing for three years, but no one noticed." If there is any report worth reading this Fashion Week, it is definitely this one and it will make you love Andre Leon Talley more than you ever did before.

Read the whole story on the Telegraph here.

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Denis Gagnon Spring 2014 Peers Into a Retro-Future of Shimmer and Volume

I’m generally envious of people who live in Montreal. That ooh-la-la European culture, the sexy French accent and the unique style that even celebrities can’t help but notice. Now there’s yet another reason to start apartment hunting in the Quebec capital — Denis Gagnon’s chic boutique.

Known for his “couture” approach to leather, precise cuts and talent to create airy and spectacular silk pieces, Denis Gagnon is an icon on the Montreal fashion scene, a maestro of his treasure trove store located on rue Saint-Paul O.

Denis Gagnon 1

For Spring 2014, Gagnon has assembled a collection of streamlined tuxedo jackets, satin trenches and beautiful Art Deco pleated skirts that ask for nothing other than to be twirled around. Iridescent fabrics and abstract prints (almost like dragged paint) set apart statement pieces as we peer into a retro-future of shimmer and volume. It’s all rather athletic-looking, which is typical in keeping with trends of late, as fashion and fitness fuse for cuts and colours that are both complementary and contradictory in a good way.

Denis Gagnon 2

“It has continuity with the last collection, but it’s a summer collection," Denis Gagnon told Cult Montreal of the 36 ensembles that make up his Spring 2014 line. "This one is fresher, there’s more light. It’s a collection that’s fresh, dynamic and happy. We want it to be sexy, wearable and accessible, but at a reasonable price.”

I would have to agree with the “reasonable” comment given that the coveted skirts are only priced at $325. The fabulous beige coats meanwhile come in at double that, but still, the wearability of such pieces is timeless. The name “Denis Gagnon” is synonymous with innovation and modernity, so I feel like his collection is almost future proof.

Images via

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Pop Portraits of Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and Donatella Versace by Takashi Murakami for Harper’s Bazaar

Just landed in our inbox: selections from a new series spotlighting iconic designers with exclusive portraits created by the artist Takashi Murakami for Harper's Bazaar

"I have been referred to as the Asian Warhol for some time now," Murakami says. "Portraits are the quintessential work of Warhol, so in building a career worthy of the moniker, this was one genre I would eventually have to tackle…Warhol's portraits were done using Polaroid cameras and photo reproduction methods, giving them a very raw feel. I have captured that same rawness using computers and the Internet. I was sent photographs of each subject and then added effects and composited them with images from my work."

Below, see the Tashified versions of Marc Jacobs, Donatella Versace and Karl Lagerfeld. And to see more, head over to Harper's Bazaar




All images courtesy Harper's Bazaar

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Rodarte’s Star Wars-Inspired Collection: 11 Ways to Say, WTF?

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

The Rodarte Fall 2014 runway show has just taken place. Thoughts, feelings, complaints, compliments, concerns? I'm sure you have some!

After last season's bizarre LA streetwear-inspired collection, the Mulleavy sisters took their line in a new direction, to a galaxy far, far away. Five long, flowy gowns printed with Star Wars film stills (no, kidding you I am not) were among the final looks of the collection. (In the first half, the designers appeared to be channeling the ladies of Grey Gardens, as one Forum member hilariously observed.) The response has been… I don't know. Quippy:

LOL no I won't. :D 

So, fashion ladies say "nah" to Star Wars-inspired finery. Ok. But that's not how everyone sees it. For example, Weird Space News (yep, just clicked 'Follow' on that account) thinks these runway looks are, as we say in fashun, beyond.

Even some tFSers liked them:

LolaSvelt: "From what I've seen, at least there are a few nice pieces. (I kind of like the Star Wars dresses. :ninja:) The same couldn't have been said for their last few collections."

SimpleElegance: "STAR WARS?? I love it! I would never wear it, but I love it. Overall, this was very different for them and interesting to say the least."

Mr-Dale: "I jumped off my seat when I saw those Star Wars printed gowns! I used to be a total Star Wars nerd in my early teen so you'll have to forgive me for that. They feel quite random, unless you're a Star Wars nerd and recognize the silhouettes in those cutout coat looks with the wool sweaters and turtlenecks. Very reminiscent of the choice apparel for the Rebellion in the original trilogy!"

Although of course in fashion (as in life), sometimes luv is complicated. 

As Phuel put it: "I think I love them just for having he balls to throw such ugliness out there."

Vandekamp: "The light blue C-3PO dress is actually gorgeous. If only it didn't have the [Star Wars] print. Same goes for the look before and after it."

But other people are like, "What? No."

Scott: "There are some interesting ideas in this and I have to be honest, I really kind of enjoy those cutout jackets. But the culminating presentation to me is what's so poor and detracting. It looks like a bad Anna Sui collection ultimately. And those Star Wars prints are hilariously gimmicky….I would have much rather see them take a path similarly to what [Nicolas] Ghesquiere did with Balenciaga in the late 90s, with that influence…..not so literal. It would be nice to see them edit their ideas a bit more…I dunno if they're beginning to get sucked into their own hype but I remember when they could produce more concise concepts better than what they have for the past several seasons."

Fee de foret: "They had nowhere to go but up after last season's disaster IMO. This isn't perfect or even great, but there's some interesting ideas in here. Not seeing what Star Wars has to do with anything though."

Actually, yes. What does Star Wars have to do with anything? Unclear. Also: What should I have for dinner? Someone please assist. Thank you. Good night.

Related: Rodarte’s Controversial Spring 2014 Collection is Available for Pre-Order on Moda Operandi

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Celebrate London Fashion Week with Sadie Williams’ Barbie Collaboration

It’s the calm before the storm as London Fashion Week begins this Friday, and if the prospect of seeing some of our favourite designers unveil the trends we’ll no doubt be testing out next season wasn’t enough, we’ve discovered that Selfridges will be selling limited-edition Barbie dolls.

Are we too old to be getting excited about Barbie dolls? Well, who cares if officially we’re no longer their target market when they come kitted out in bespoke outfits created by designer Sadie Williams? Encapsulating her signature design style, the cute little outfits will look just like they've fallen right off her latest runway.

Sadie Williams 1Sadie Williams 2

The Barbie collection was inspired by graphic Amish quilts and paintings by Frank Stella, with the aim of creating princessy tomboys. Bold, vibrant and shimmering, the resulting pieces are going to make you wish you were actually a couple of inches high in order to fit into them.

So if you head over to Selfridges on Friday, February 14, you can snap up your very own limited-edition designer Barbie for £120. Now be honest, would you really complain if you got one of these little beauties for Valentine’s Day? Didn’t think so!

Images: Imax Tree 

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Lara Stone Covers Vogue Paris: Daring or Disappointing? (Forum Buzz)

It's here: the latest cover of Vogue Paris. Lara Stone fronts the March issue, photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

I'm always up for seeing something different on fashion magazines, but I'm not a fan of this particular direction. I like magazine covers to be coherent and fluid between each issue and this cover fails to complement previous Vogue Paris covers. For me, it's almost too daring and is very disappointing.



Overall, the cover is pleasing most tFS members, such as Avogadro who enthusiastically commented, "O-M-G!!!!!!!!! I have already known that it would be Lara who got the cover but this is totally not what I expect!! This is so unique and amazing!!".

JennaaMonroe said, "PERFECTION. Vogue Paris can never go wrong with Lara!"

"Major Mocking Jay, the Girl on Fire thing going on here! Absolutely love it!!" commented Mr-Dale.

Anlabe32 commented, "She's back!!!!!!" and went on to add, "Not sure what to think of the red shade, but not an ugly cover either. Can't wait to see the content."

Miss Dalloway posted, "If the layout was better, and more 'modern' looking, this would be perfection for me. But I still enjoy it, and think its a damn good cover!"

I must admit that I do get used to covers which I don't admire straight away, after a few days, so only time will tell whether I officially like this or not. Here's to the wait for the content surfacing online!

Why don't you get involved in the discussion? Click here.


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