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Agender Fashionphiles Have a New Web Destination: You Do You

Fashion is all about doing you, but sometimes retailers won’t let you be great. Agender fashion is trending now, but there are those for which unisex fashion is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It’s why 37-year-old Christina Wilson created You Do You, an online destination about agender fashion, lifestyle and beauty. “We should all feel free to explore fashion and beauty and find what works for us, no matter how we identify,” Wilson told Mashable. “We just want to get rid of the gender binary system that is so prevalent in fashion, and in life; it seems outdated and silly at this point.” 


A photo posted by You Do You ( on

The site has fashion and beauty editorials catering to men and women at the same time. Fellas or ladies looking to enhance their natural looks can refer to a beauty editorial in which a model is made up in demure, tasteful makeup – a pale yellow gold lid, glowing skin and a sheer coral pout. In a fashion editorial, a pigtailed guy dons a skirt and is pictured squinting into space while holding a cordless phone to his ear. In another, a male and female model are outfitted in almost identical looks.


A photo posted by You Do You ( on

Wilson’s cohorts, creative director Logan Jackson and managing editor Casey Green, help bring her vision to life, creating a space where fans of unisex clothing and those who don’t necessarily wish to identify with one gender or another can have a place where their preference is treated as the norm. Of course, You Do You is hoping to expand in the future with more editorials and tips on how to approach unisex dressing.

“I think YDY is a good thing — not because I or Kristiina or Casey have the final say on anything in these industries, but because we wanted to invite people to this space so that they could illustrate something new and important,” Jackon said. “And maybe that will create a change.”

[via Mashable]

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We’re Already Loving Hillier Bartley’s First Collection

Katie Hillier Luella Bartley

Image: Getty

Since former Marc by Marc Jacobs creative directors Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley announced they would be launching a collection of their own, we’ve been patiently waiting to see what the duo would come up with. Now, the fruits of their labor are finally here – Matches Fashion has some of the collection in stock on its site. The range has a few of the playful touches you might expect from Hillier and Bartley, but this offering is far more grown-up.

“This is an intimate, quiet sort of label,” Hillier told Vogue. “Calm and modest—no excess and no fuss.” You’ll find plenty of high necks, bell sleeves and satiny, silky finishes. There is fringe galore and enough pussy bows to please those fans of primness. The outerwear is sensible, sometimes with a twist – we were particularly fond of the belted and tassel-tie coats, a leather bomber jacket and a classic, long button up wool coat. Of course, the collection isn’t without a bit of whimsy, found in adorable bunny-shaped clutches with hefty price points, ranging from $705 to $847.

The collection certainly does not disappoint and is an appealing effort from the pair who so expertly created clothes for a decidedly younger set during their tenure at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Check out a few of our favorite pieces from the range in the gallery below and head over to Matches to shop the collection. (more…)

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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 8 Low-Down: ‘This Is the Happiest I’ve Seen Him’

Photo: supplied

Photo: supplied

Well, it looks like my The Bachelor predictions were right on the money last night. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may want to check out my groundbreaking recap on Episode 7 where I may have done a Nina and spilt the beans. Seriously, this is where all the celebrities get their The Bachelor goss, including psychic Harry T.

Let’s get on with it. Osher gives the girls news that Sam really wants to spend more quality time with, ahem, Snezana. Sorry, I mean with the ladies, and there is no better way than to put the most competitive ladies together on a group date and take them go-karting.

Before the race even starts, Nina and Emily’s claws are out and this means war. Do they even know what the prize is? Who cares. This is going to be hilarious. (more…)

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Jennifer Lawrence Tops the List of Forbes’ Highest Paid Actresses

Jennifer Lawrence Highest Paid Actress

Image: WENN

They might not always make as much money as their male counterparts, but these actresses are doing a lot better than many of their thespian sistren according to Forbes, which just released its list of the highest-paid actresses.

Jennifer Lawrence tops the list, having raked in $52 million in the past year, an impressive sum considering she made less than her male costars in American Hustle. Scarlett Johansson came in second at $35.5 million while Melissa McCarthy rounded out the top three with her $23 million dollar takeaway.

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Fan Bingbing was the only non-American to make the list amassing $21 million. Bingbing is also the only nonwhite woman on the list. Amanda Seyfried is a newcomer with her $8 million fortune and Sandra Bullock finds herself on the tail end of the list after topping it last year, going from $51 million to $8 million – which is still significantly better than our $0 million.

Browse through the full list over at Forbes to see who else made the cut.

[via Forbes]

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‘Karl’s Brain Is Greater than All the Computers in the World’ and Other Choice Quotes from Harper’s Bazaar’s Profile on Sebastien Jondeau

Karl Lagerfeld Sebastien Jondeau

Image: WENN

By now, we know that if you’re in Karl Lagerfeld’s entourage, you’re living good. Jet setting, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, getting free threads and being texted random pictures of Choupette Lagerfeld. It is a life anyone would be privileged to live. Harper’s Bazaar just published a “day-in-the-life”-type story on Lagerfeld’s hunky private secretary, Sebastien Jondeau, who has come a long way from his days in the hood working in his stepfather’s antique furniture store. Of course, the interview was not without its juicy details on the inner workings of what goes on at Lagerfeld HQ, Jondeau’s favorite hang out spots and, of course, a bit of tea about the most important person in Lagerfeld’s squad, Mlle. Choupette.

Below, some highlights from the thoroughly entertaining profile:

On using his cell phone:

“I keep my phone a meter from my head, as it’s not good for the brain to have it too close.”

On where you can find him in NYC: 

“When I’m in New York at the Mercer, I eat breakfast in the lobby after my training.”

On his facial hair: 

“My beard is going white now—I’m starting to look like Santa.”

On his relationship with Jenna Courtin-Clarins:

“We both travel so much, so we don’t see each other a lot. At least we have some mystery.”

On how he met Karl:

“I’ve worked for Karl for more than 16 years, since I was 23, but I’ve known him since I was 15. My stepfather ran an 18th-century furniture business that I worked for sometimes, and Karl was a big collector. I was always asking Karl questions. He knows everything, and he was so much cooler than I was. I wasn’t stupid, but I was curious. I came from a place in life where you don’t really know that much. I did silly, bad things when I was young; I have so many stories. I became close with Karl because I was funnier than the other guys. I did my job, but I asked questions, and he liked that.”

On Karl’s ponytail:

“No, Karl’s hair doesn’t fly out of his ponytail in a convertible. It doesn’t move!”

On giving back to his homies:

“I give things to my friends from the hood. They don’t have the money to buy a suit, but they look good, and they love it.”

On Karl’s intelligence:

“Karl’s brain is greater than all the computers in the world. Sometimes I think, ‘What the fuck? How does he do all of this?'”

On being thankful:

“Of course, I don’t live in the hood anymore. I live in a nice place in Paris. I am so lucky, you know? I never forget.”

[via Harper’s Bazaar]

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And the TotalBeauty Awards 2015 Winners Are…

The results are in! has announced the winners of its annual beauty awards. After combing through and testing over 2,500 products and looking over the more than 1,500 ballots cast, they’ve decided this year’s best in beauty. From acne creams to heat stylers, TotalBeauty editors and readers offered their picks for the crème de la crème in beauty products.

Brands also got a chance to duke it out and scoop up the coveted TotalBeauty stamp of approval. On the editor side, Dolce & Gabbana took home the prize for best prestige brand while Benefit cosmetics nabbed the readers’ choice in the same category. CoverGirl came out on top for the editors’ favorite drugstore brand and L’Oreal Paris took it home for readers. The editors crowned Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush as the best in its category while the readers were all about the Nars blush offerings. For curly-haired gals, Shea Moisture’s holy grail Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie got a thumbs up from readers, while the editors threw support behind Pureology Curl Complete’s Curl Extend Treatment Styler.

Check out the full list of winners over at TotalBeauty and see if any of your favorite brands, tools or products made the cut this year.