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TheFashionSpot’s ‘Cover Challenge Thread’ is Finally Back! (Forum Buzz)

Doing much this weekend? Got a spare couple of hours on your hands? Why don’t you come join the fun in theFashionSpot‘s Cover Challenge Thread? One of the forum’s most loved threads is finally back after a hiatus and it’s better than ever. Come on…I know you’d just love to redesign some of your favorite (or least favorite) magazine covers or even create a cover out of a beloved fashion image.

Cover Challenge Thread Revival on tFS


The thread, which was started back in 2008, gives members a chance to design and recreate a magazine cover of their choice each week, participating and engaging in some healthy competition while they’re at it. Each week a theme is selected by the winner of the previous round and this week’s round is the theme of “The REDESIGN,” chosen by MON. The aim is to think of a magazine and then redesign it. Think outside-the-box. Do not limit yourself to just changing the fonts and the amount of text included. Play with the masthead, create a new layout or, better yet, create a new logo (change the fonts for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc!). It’s even better if it doesn’t look like how it looks today. The twist? Should you place a second entry, the second entry has to be exactly the same as your first entry (layout and creativity wise to show consistency). This is to see if your redesign really works or if it just worked on the first cover image you used.

So come on over to the revived Cover Challenge thread and participate, or just post a message of encouragement and check out entries already posted by our creative forum members. You never know…your entry just might win. Good luck!


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Anja Rubik’s Latest Vogue Cover is ‘Very 80s, But in the Best Possible Way’ (Forum Buzz)

Anja Rubik is no stranger to Vogue covers and this month marks her sixth cover of German Vogue. For its August 2014 issue, the magazine enlisted Camilla Akrans to capture the Polish model wearing a curly hairstyle and a chunky baby blue knit teamed with a white shirt underneath. Styled by Nicola Knels, the shoot was inspired by Kim Basinger‘s hit movie 9 1/2 Weeks, with Anja portraying the blond actress to perfection inside the issue.

Vogue Germany August 2014 Anja Rubik Camilla Akrans


Our forum members have mixed feelings regarding the cover and accompanying cover story. “WOW, very 80s but in the BEST possible way, and even though I hate when text touches the masthead, HATE IT, love this cover!” writes Miss Dalloway.

“I’m not a fan of Camilla Akrans’ soft focus/high key style, but this ed (which obviously isn’t soft focus/high key at all!) is simply PHENOMENAL,” added Zorka, who has kindly provided the thread with digital HQ’s of the entire issue.

Wolkfolk was also in favor of the cover: “Fantastic cover and great editorials. Anja looks stunning here and I love the styling in all the eds.”

Not all members were interested, though. “Everything bores me to death. It’s so bland and not eye-catching; the only pic I like is the b&w shot of Hilary,” commented an unimpressed Bertrando3.

A.D.C. feels that another publication has done the concept better: “Anja’s shoot looks a bit like J. Lo‘s recent one for Billboard but J. Lo did it better IMO.”

View the thread for the fashion stories inside the issue and join the discussion here.

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Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton Star in ‘Totally Random’ Boxing-Themed Chanel Fall 2014 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Chanel‘s Fall 2014 supermarket-themed show went over well with audiences and on social media. Who could forget the week our Instagram feeds were littered with those images of Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls playing in a shopping cart from a million different angles? We thought we’d see something similar for the campaign, but it looks like Karl Lagerfeld decided to go in a different direction, taking models Binx Walton and Cara Delevingne to the boxing ring instead. Wait, what?


To say our forum members were disappointed with the change in theme would be an understatement.

“The boxing club is totally random,” LylaScans wrote. “Next will be Prada in a rock-climbing venue and Givenchy in a Pret-a-Manger toilet.”

“After such a fun concept of a show we get this garbage as a campaign?? Using a shot of the models shopping in the supermarket during the show would have been 100x better than this,” commented shanhug.

Several others simply don’t think Cara and Binx fit the bill for the ‘Chanel girl': “Karl needs to get Freja back and deliver that magic he used to deliver with her during her Chanel campaigns reign,” TeeVanity offered. “I am absolutely disappointed with this. We got a Chanel supermarket theme for the collection showing and this is what the campaign looks like? I am annoyed they fade Baptiste and Jarrod in the background, might as well hire extras!”

“This looks like a ‘Lindsey Lohan for Ungaro’ campaign,” Vitamine W put it simply.

Though the reaction was overwhelmingly negative, there were still a few people who liked the images. AlonsoJonathan seemed a little more optimistic about the campaign: “Nice ad. Cara looks good, I wanna see more of this! Looks very simple, yet elegant I like it so far!”

The first pic is nice. Cara makes things look cool and covetable,” JeanAvril wrote.

But the positive feedback pretty much stops there. Guess you can’t win ‘em all…

Are you feeling Chanel’s latest? Or is it a total disaster? Sound off and join the discussion in our forums.


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Hot Belgian Soccer Fan’s L’Oréal Contract Has Already Been Dropped

Image: Getty Images Sport

Image: Getty Images Sport

Almost as soon as her dreams of international supermodeldom began to come to fruition, Axelle Despiegelaere‘s modeling days have been cut short. This week, the Internet made one big fuss over the young Belgian beauty, who scored a L’Oréal contract after a photograph of her at a World Cup soccer match went viral. Axelle was featured in a “hair tutorial” YouTube video for the brand’s social media outlets and we thought that we’d be seeing more of the 17-year-old’s face for future campaigns. But according to the folks at L’Oréal, we won’t.

Just like that, the French beauty brand has dropped the soccer fan. L’Oréal says that after the video, Axelle’s contract was fulfilled, as she was only tapped to do the social media video — not represent the brand on a regular basis.

But a few people think that Axelle was dropped because of an outcry over an image she posted to her now-deleted Facebook fan page, depicting her kneeling next to what appears to be a dead gazelle, brandishing a rifle. “Hunting is not a matter of life or death…it’s more important than that,” she captioned the photo. “This was about 1 year ago…ready to hunt Americans today haha.” The image garnered angry comments from people who were offended by her “hunt Americans” remark.

L’Oréal wouldn’t say if it let Axelle go because of the photo, but we know for sure that unless the company offers her another contract, it’s the last we’ll be seeing of her…at least until some other brand scoops her up (the NRA perhaps?).

[via The Independent]

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Witchery Picks Strapping Non-Models for Its Latest Campaign

Witchery X Oliver Grand


For the very first time, Australian retail chain Witchery has tapped not just one, but three non-model talents to front its July men’s campaign. Through a partnership with men’s luxury lifestyle blog Oliver Grand by Jesse Arifien and Gabrielle Weller, the campaign will feature three “real” men, who are each extremely talented and stylish, gracing its shop windows and social media channels until July 24.

AFL footballer Jimmy Bartel, architect and interior designer Nick Tobias and the man with the curly moustache, hair guru Richard Kavanagh, were the chosen ones for the campaign, all being leaders in their fields. They all have very different concepts of style, too, so if you’ve got a man in your life who needs a bit of a styling boost, maybe he could take some inspiration from this mixed bunch.

Jimmy loves versatile pieces and basics, Nick loves to look neat and groomed for his architectural commitments and Richard, who looks to Marc Jacobs as his style icon, values originality and self-expression. Models or not, these three iconic Australian men are pretty easy on the eye. If you’ve already raked in a favourite guy, you can read more about that strapping fellow, or each and every member of the attractive trio, over on the Witchery blog.


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Jeans for Genes Celebrates 21 Years With a Fashion Blogger Countdown


Jeans for Genes Day 2014

IMAGES: Harper & Harley, Spin Dizzy Fall, Oracle Fox

On August 1, Jeans for Genes is turning 21 and celebrating over two decades of raising much-needed funds for research into childhood diseases. To get the party started before the official date rolls around, the organisation is looking to a mixture of top Australian bloggers, responsible for blogs like Harper & Harley, Oracle Fox and K is for Kani, to garner support for Jeans for Genes Day 2014.

Since one in 20 children is born with a birth defect or genetic disease, Jeans for Genes, along with the Children’s Medical Research Institute, aims to improve the lives of children everywhere. Enter the first Friday of August every year, dubbed Jeans for Genes Day.

The official 21-day countdown has already begun, with Chloe Hill, fashion market editor of InStyle Australia and founder of fashion blog By Chill,  taking part in the 21 Days of Denim challenge by posting a white and denim outfit to her blog. Each day we will see a new blogger follow Chloe’s lead and show their support for the #21daysofJ4G campaign, and you can keep track of each and every stylish denim outfit as it happens here.

We’re hoping for someone to tackle double-denim, rock some drop-crotch boyfriend jeans and take denim from casual to sophisticated with wet-look jeans and a chambray top. With 20 days still to go, we’re thinking we’ll see a whole lot more than just that.

The good news is, even if we’re not a top-notch fashion blogger, we can still get on board with the countdown by sharing the #21daysofJ4G love on Instagram. It is the season for denim after all, so why not get some happy snaps of you and your friends in any remotely denim getup and support a great cause?

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