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Did Vogue Pull Its Miley Cyrus Cover After the VMAs Debacle?



It's been a long week (and I mean, emotionally), so let's cap off this Friday afternoon with something salacious. According to a fairly obvious blind item which was posted on LaineyGossip, it's possible that Vogue pulled its Miley Cyrus cover following her VMAs debacle. 

Part of the item

"It’s an opportunity that’s been withheld from some of the most famous women in the world. It’s considered a major honour – to make the cover, THAT cover, a cover her predecessors had achieved and one that was being offered to her just as she was moving forward with the next stage in her career. It was to be a big deal.

The photo shoot happened. Everyone was happy with the pictures.

[But then, following the VMAs controversy], [t]hey’ve told her that they are reconsidering her cover but that she’ll still show up in the pages, just not on the front page."

The phrase, "THAT cover," doesn't seem fitting for any magazine besides Vogue, but as LUXXX put it in the tFS Forum thread, "The bigger question is, why would Anna [Wintour] put her on the cover?"

loladonna replied, saying the move wouldn't have come as a surprise: "When Miley started popping up in Vogue post-Met gala I sensed a Vogue cover on the horizon. They seemed real high on her—at least before her VMA twerk-and-foam finger debacle."

I'm borderline convinced. Miley still seems too accessible or unglamorous for Vogue; she's more a young starlet than a big star. The rumor might have been more persuasive if the magazine in question was more in tune with pop culture, like Harper's Bazaar (especially because last month, the pop star straight up told the publication's executive editor, on-camera, that she wanted to be on the cover — 6:33 in the video).

As a sidenote: I hated seeing Miley's twerky tongue as much as anyone, but if you remember her first true controversy — in 2008, when she was 15, the Disney actress shot an over-sexed spread with Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair — it's hard not to feel compassionate towards her. Young women are taught that being sexy will get them attention and protection from other people, but then they're punished when they display their sexuality in the wrong way. That effect is magnified many times over in the case of someone like Miley, who hasn't been able to go out in public without being scrutinized for practically her entire adolescence. Of course she's a little bit of a mess; if she weren't, she'd be a monster. 

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New Loves and Old Favorites at TIFF’s Essentials Lounge


September is a truly magical time in Toronto. It can be a little hectic, exhausting and stressful, but those beads of sweat just add to the enchantment, making your face glow with an air of mystical sparkle. Or so I like to tell myself during the Toronto International Film Festival.

If you can put up with crowds, lineups and copious cocktails, then TIFF is the best possible opportunity for you to stargaze and check out some amazing films before they get released to the general masses. But if, like me, you need a little help navigating your way through the festival, then EGPR’s annual TIFF Essentials Lounge has again come to the rescue with a selection of the best products to get red carpet ready (and, more importantly, recovered). You see, each year, the savvy publicists at EGPR invite select media to stock up on essential items that will help them through the week. Hence the name, the Essentials Lounge – it just makes sense right?

This year, the haul exceeded all expectations with skincare sessions provided by Elizabeth Grant (and delivered by Elizabeth Grant’s granddaughter no less); hair by Aveda, with national creative director and celebrity stylist, Kristjan Hayden, providing consultations, styling and expert tips; makeup by Hard Candy’s well-armed glam squad; tootsies primped and cradled by Micro Pedi and Sorel; eyelashes by Winks Boutique; and silhouettes shaped by Calvin Klein underwear.


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London Fashion Week Introduces the Somerset House Pop Up

We can’t believe that London Fashion Week kicks off again next week! It seems like only yesterday that we were dashing from show to show, but we’re definitely not complaining about the return of our favourite bi-annual fashion event.


To add to our pre-Fashion Week excitement, Somerset House (the central hub for Fashion Week) is set to hosting its very own store. The pop up shop will include gorgeous pieces from some pretty cool Fashion Insiders, which includes Bella Freud, Markus Lupfer and Zoe Jordan. The interior of the shop has been designed by set designer Robert Storey, so you can expect a trip through its doors to be almost as exciting as pilfering through its fashionable offerings.

Design and merchandise aside, the pop up will also play host to fashionable interviews, guest appearances, musical performances (we can’t wait to see which leading artists will be playing) and more excitingly, flash sales. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to enter the shop during London fashion Week if you’re a ticket holder. 

London Fashion Week starts September 13, so be sure to check out all of our real-time coverage right here.

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Phillip Lim For Target Pop Up: Not For The Claustrophobic

image: Neil Rasmus/

image: Neil Rasmus/

Without a doubt, the most hotly anticipated happening on day one of New York Fashion Week was an exhibit and shopping event held in celebration of the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collaboration. As luck would have it, I was invited to check out Target's latest beauty offerings an hour before the show — and boy was I glad I did.

photo 1

For starters, I've long been a fan of Pixi. Over a decade ago they were stocked at Henri Bendel before going to Sephora. Then, abruptly, they were nowhere to be found aside from their London store. Fast forward a few years and they've slashed their prices and landed at Target. They're one of the retailer's best beauty brands (beeline for their pencils) and as you can tell from the image above the collection is ample.

photo 2

Following the beauty event, at 7 p.m. on the dot, all of the beauty editor and bloggers were escorted to the main shopping event — no checking in or waiting in line to get in (trust me, the line to get into this event was not one you wanted to be on!). For better or worse, I was too busy playing with makeup to realize everyone had already left so I ran to catch up, only to land in the wrong elevator and ultimately following the wrong PR person into the green room where Solange and Jessica Alba were hanging out… I've made worse mistakes! They both looked gorgeous and relaxed in head-to-toe Phillip Lim for Target (Solange in a blazer and leopard piece and Alba in one of the graphic comic tops).

photo 3

I then made my way into the event which was already packed with people just a few minutes into the three-hour frame (see rack above at about 7:15 p.m.). Shoppers were literally grabbing as much as their arms could carry — bags and men's shoes were particularly popular. I spotted the baby blue pants I was hoping to snag (the one and only pair in my size!), grabbed them and proceeded to wait 45 minutes to pay. It's not for nothing that the crowd of editors and notables (I spotted Sonia Kashuk and Katie Lee Joel with about a half dozen pieces each) were clamoring for pieces. The prices are very low (lower than H&M designer collaborations) and the quality is impressive (I still, years later, wear pieces from the Alexander McQueen and Zac Posen collaborations).

photo 4

It wasn't all shopping, however. While one side of the room was lined with racks, the other was broadcasting the longest interactive cinemagraph ever made. Designed to reflect the collection's day to night quality, when you followed the various spots projected, you saw a montage that went from pajamas to party dresses via images from shoots in Dallas, Toronto, Chicago and Miami.

Set your alarms and shop this collection early on September 15 — not for nothing were hundreds (a thousand?) editors, bloggers and celebrities stocking up by the truckload.

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5 Minutes with Mr. Gif, IMG’s Fashion Week Collaborator: ‘Everyone Needs GIFs’

Five Minutes on G-Chat with IMG Models Collaborator Mr. Gif: ‘Everyone Needs GIFs’

According to its website and everything else the Internet knows about the NYC-based artist collective, Mr. GIF is the joint effort of two men named Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo. But when I asked, over Gchat, which of the two I was speaking with, my correspondent told me, very enigmatically, that he* had no idea what I was talking about. 

"I don't know who that is. This is Mr. Gif," he said, before passing along his cell phone number (for me to use later tonight, if I need help crashing the Tumblr party). 

Along with several other popular blogs tapped to collaborate with select designers, Mr. Gif has just released its contribution to Tumblr's NYFW initiative: a GIF series showcasing IMG's newcomer crop of models. 

I spoke with one of them or both of them (or possibly an impersonator?) earlier this afternoon, about what it's like to do offbeat art projects for big corporate brands and whether or not the GIF is forever**. 

theFashionSpot: Your IMG collaboration is mesmerizing. 

Mr. Gif: Oh thanks. Glad you dig it. Did you see the whole set? 

tFS: I think so, it's this? 

MG: Yup yup. Its actually gonna be in a Milk Studio gallery tonight — there's a Tumblr photo gallery that starts at 5. This stuff will be up but a little different: it's going to be in 3D, so we'll be handing out special glasses. 

tFS: The GIFs are already pretty creepy.

MG: Yah they are, ha. People say that a lot. We like creepy.

tFS: I like creepy too. Were you concerned with how IMG would respond to the creepiness?

MG: A little. They had some guidelines in the beginning of the process so we knew what we couldn't do. A lot of the girls (and boys) are very young and new in the industry, so that was one thing to keep in mind. But other than that, it was fun snapping all the GIFs and IMG has been pretty easy-peasy with everything.

tFS: And you just wrapped up another collaboration with Evian, right? Why do you think all these big brands want to sponsor weird art GIFs? 

MG: It's great. Everyone needs GIFs. Well not everyone. There are just some brands that don't need GIFs. But the clients usually come to us just wanting GIFs with no real ideas, and that's when it works best. You get to build the idea from scratch and that is what we're always after.  

tFS: GIFs have been having "a moment" for awhile now, do you think their popularity will ever decline? 

MG: Maybe, who knows. We try not to think that far ahead. What we do know though, is the art of the repeating image will always be something. Especially since everyone literally carries a screen in their pocket these days. Just walk down Times Square and you'll notice how many static billboards they've replaced with screens. Right now all they throw into the screens are commercials on mute — a GIF would be much more effective. And neato. 

(See all the Mr.Gif x IMG Models x Tumblr GIFs here.)

5 Minutes with Mr. Gif, IMG’s Fashion Week Collaborator: ‘Everyone Needs GIFs’

Update: Following a heated debate with my editor about whether it's pronounced 'gif' with a hard 'g' or 'jif' like the peanut butter, we asked Mr. Gif to share his expert opinion.

 "We say, say it like you learned it. But the inventor says 'jif,'" he told us.

*One of those rare cases when assuming a male pronoun is justified. 

**This interview has been edited for formatting and clarity. 

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Link Buzz: Margiela Collaborates on High-Tops with Converse; Is the ‘Democratization’ of Fashion One Big Lie?

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

  • Maison Martin Margiela will be collaborating on high-tops with Converse, because fashion sneakers are the best kind of brand dilution. [Fashionologie]
  • Saint Laurent derby shoes: It's not like you have anything else going for you, be honest. [FabSugar]
  • All the beyooteeful people on Instagram you could ever want to follow. [BellaSugar]
  • And here, all the NYFW livestreaming your heart desires. [SheFinds]
  • Pleaz read: "It seems the so-called democratization of fashion may have done what all democracies inevitably do: cultivated an even stronger ruling class of elitists." [BullettMedia]
  • On a related note: some believe fashion week still matters. [HuffPoStyle]
  • Eric Wilson is not one of them. [NYTimes]
  • What a great Internet, so sweet of it to excerpt Simon Doonan's new book. Always thinking of me. :) [Slate]
  • Tamagotchi has announced it's launching an apparel brand and I believe I'm supposed to be excited about it except I'm not, due to the fact that I'm no longer ten years old or a complete idiot. [WWD]

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