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The Woolmark Prize Announces Nominees for 2015/16, Adds Separate U.K. Category

Woolmark Prize nominees 2015


Woolmark has begun to announce the nominees for this year’s International Woolmark Prize, but that’s not the only big news the competition has to offer.

The IWP is adding another region to its roster, singling out the U.K. and separating it from the European category. And no, this isn’t simply an effort to increase the number of winners hailing from Europe. According to managing director of the Woolmark Company Stuart McCullough, this new grouping is due to the U.K.’s importance in the wool market. “The decision to expand the International Woolmark Prize to six regions to include the British Isles was due to industry demands,” he said. “The U.K. is one of wool’s most tightly held markets. It is an important market from a trade and consumer perspective. It is also the most important market to inform global trends.”

Nominees include Thomas Tait, Phoebe English, Agi & Sam, Craig Green, Suket Dhir, Republic and more, which you can find listed on the Woolmark Prize website. The competition is divided into men’s and women’s categories and for the 2014/2015 season, U.S. labels Public School (menswear) and M.Patmos (womenswear) took home top honors. 

[via Vogue UK, the International Woolmark Prize]

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Condé Nast Announces Big Changes in Store for



There has been so much restructuring going on at Condé Nast that it’s hard to keep up. Last year, the publisher announced plans to reform Lucky magazine, which has teamed with BeachMint to create The Lucky Group. It sold much of its Fairchild Fashion Group holdings to Penske Media Corporation, getting rid of industry institution WWD and more recently NowManifest, which it originally retained after selling the Fairchild properties. But the changes at Condé will not stop there and rumor has it that we may soon be saying goodbye to a beloved online destination – at least in the way we know it. is getting a huge makeover and will serve as an e-commerce website while its editorial leg will be absorbed by American Vogue at Condé Nast has been keen to delve into the e-commerce market and is looking to as its opportunity to do so. The new site will carry luxury goods but will also include artwork, tech items, gifts and more. The hope is for the site to be an international luxury lifestyle shopping destination, which will launch in the U.K. this fall and expand into the U.S. at the beginning of 2016. Condé is also hoping to expand into Asia and other European countries as time goes on and is reportedly planning to invest $100 million in the venture, which will be headquartered in London.

The new is expected to be a competitor of other luxury destinations like Moda Operandi and Net-a-Porter. Condé Nast chairman and chief executive Jonathan Newhouse says seemed perfect for Condé to launch this new venture, thanks to its recognizable name.

It’s certainly the end of an era for, but it seems as if the website’s new makeover could prove to be a success for Condé Nast. After all, fashion people do love to shop.

[via Business of Fashion, WWD]

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Kristen Stewart Looks Better than Ever on UK Harper’s Bazaar’s June Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’re fully aware of the fact that Kristen Stewart is affiliated with Chanel. She’s the current face of the brand’s Spring 2015 eyewear collection and now she wears a fabulous Haute Couture creation by the iconic French fashion house on the cover of U.K. Harper’s Bazaar. Kristen visited the sandy beaches of Malibu for the magazine’s June 2015 cover shoot, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski with Miranda Almond on styling duties, and we couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

UK Harper's Bazaar June 2015 Kristen Stewart Alexi Lubomirski


After a preview of the cover was posted over the weekend, forum members are delighted. “Well she doesn’t look dead eye so that’s a win… And tbh it’s a perfectly lovely summer cover actually,” commented A.D.C.

“This is shockingly nice, and kind of ‘soft’ for someone like her. And yes, she is present. Once again UK Harper’s Bazaar extracts the best out of their cover girl,” Miss Dalloway echoed right away.

In agreement was MON: “This actually looks good!! She looks good and finally that lifeless stare works.”

Nothing but praise filtered through the thread as ThatGuyPaul continued, “That’s gorgeous. My only complaint is that I wish her hair was a tad more polished. This is probably her best cover to date!”

“Thank God as I really didn’t like the May cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK,” appreciated Fashionmagaddict, suggesting the magazine had improved this month.

“Lovely setting and styling. The layout works, her pose and expression work… usually her ‘romantic and soft’ covers never work but this one does. I’m looking forward to the couture special!” kokobombon anticipated.

Check out the subscriber’s cover and share your own opinion with us here.

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Prabal Gurung Launches Relief Fund for Nepal Earthquake


URGENT!! Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. Donate & spread the message. Every dollar counts. #repost #PrayForNepal #HelpNepal For the link, click on bio. Hundreds of people have been killed by a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015. There is widespread devastation across Nepal. The death toll, approaching 1,000, continues to rise as search and rescue efforts are underway in Kathmandu and across the country. People are still trapped under collapsed buildings in Kathmandu, and there is no way to accurately guess how many are in need throughout the other cities and thousands of villages at this time. The immediate need on the ground is for medical support, search and rescue, emergency shelters and food and water among many other things. As the days, weeks and months go by and after the humanitarian needs are addressed, Nepal will need to begin the healing and rebuilding process. The magnitude of the damage is still being assessed, but hundreds of buildings have collapsed including many homes and many of Nepal’s ancient and iconic temples and monuments. Your donations will go through my organization, Shikshya Foundation Nepal (, and we will distribute 100% of the funds accordingly based on the latest needs on the ground. Please donate generously and spread the word. We will continue to provide updates and information regarding the allocation of funds. Thank you all for your support.

A photo posted by Prabal Gurung (@prabalgurung) on

People are swiftly striving to help the victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal this weekend. This includes designer Prabal Gurung, who is raising money to help those affected by the disaster with the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

The Singapore-born Gurung was raised in Kathmandu, so the swiftness with which he started this fundraiser should come as no surprise, as the BBC says the earthquake is believed to have killed at least 3,617 people and left over 6,500 injured.  Both numbers have a potential to rise as rescue efforts continue in the region.

Celebrities and fashion folk alike have been getting the word out about Gurung’s fund on social media, with the CFDA having already donated 10,000 to the fund. “The immediate need on the ground is for medical support, search and rescue, emergency shelters and food and water among many other things,” Gurung wrote in an Instagram post. “As the days, weeks and months go by and after the humanitarian needs are addressed, Nepal will need to begin the healing and rebuilding process. The magnitude of the damage is still being assessed, but hundreds of buildings have collapsed including many homes and many of Nepal’s ancient and iconic temples and monuments.”

If you want to help make a difference, you can donate to Gurung’s fund here. This incident has been nothing short of a tragedy, but we hope that with the help of relief efforts, everyone who was affected by the earthquake can have a bit of normalcy back in their lives.

Watch Gurung talk about the earthquake and why he felt compelled to help in the video below:

[via BBC, @PrabalGurung]

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Protein World Model Renee Somerfield Speaks Out Over “Beach Body” Controversy

Protein World’s “Are you beach body ready” advertisements in London’s underground have caused quite the uproar as of late, and Australian model Renee Somerfield, who stars in the campaign, has been caught in the middle of it.

Renee is incredibly toned, and when her figure was positioned aside the question, “Are you beach body ready?”, people started questioning the company, and themselves. What does “beach body ready” even mean? If I don’t look like her am I not “ready” for summer and all that goes with it? While people were feeling infuriated with Protein World for suggesting such ideas, Renee found herself in the crossfire.

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK, self-professed vegan Renee reminded everyone that she has feelings too. “I am a real person behind the image,” the 23-year-old explained. “I think nearly every ad campaign you have ever seen is open to interpretation. But saying the ad is body shaming by body shaming the image is very contradictory,” she added, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

The Sydney-born model also slams the idea that you need to look like her, abs and all, to be “beach body ready” as the Protein World ad suggests. “I agree that ALL bodies are ‘beach body ready’. Skinny, curvy, muscular, petite, tall, short, young and old. Confidence is beautiful no matter what size you are…. Your reflection doesn’t define your worth,” she explained to The Huffington Post UK. (more…)

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Customers Boycott Bonds for Using Iggy Azalea in New Campaign


Breaking (internet) news: Introducing the new fancy face of Bonds… Iggy Azalea! She’s an Aussie girl, a global…

Posted by BONDS on Saturday, 25 April 2015

Australian underwear brand Bonds has tapped another home-grown talent to celebrate its 100th year, looking to none other than Iggy Azalea as an ambassador for its latest campaign. The news was announced over the weekend via Iggy’s and Bonds’ social media platforms, but the decision seems to be dividing the internet.

“As a great role model for women and a long-time fan of Bonds, who grew up wearing Bonds hoodies and undies, Iggy’s down-to-earth attitude makes her the perfect fit for Bonds,” the company wrote to its blog.

But not everyone feels the same way. In fact, some angry Bonds customers on Facebook are threatening to boycott the company altogether.

“I thought Bonds were classier than that….I’ll never buy your product again,” user Martin Murdoch claimed. Kye Sakellariou is also unimpressed. “WOW i bought some tanks just today, I’ll be returning them for a refund now that I know you give her money. gross,” he wrote. Terri Lee also added her two cents, saying, “She has destroyed bonds name for me.” (more…)

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