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Beyoncé Wasn’t Interviewed for Her Vogue Cover Story

Beyoncé fans were giddy with excitement to hear their dear queen bee was chosen to cover Vogue‘s September issue. It’s an honor any model or celebrity would be thrilled to have, but when you’re Beyoncé and you already have the world’s undying love and devotion, a Vogue cover is just par for the course. And it seems the queen bee is so over being adored, that she wouldn’t even bless the fashion bible with so much as an interview for the story.

Beyonce vogue september issue

Image: Vogue

You read that right. According to The New York Times, Bey is the first celebrity to appear on the cover in the past five years without submitting to an interview. The accompanying piece on Bey in this month’s issue is a mere think piece about the singer’s star power.

And no, it’s not a snub to Vogue. Beyoncé hasn’t really been directly answering questions for quite some time. “At some imperceptible point around 2013 to 2014, she appears to have stopped giving face-to-face interviews. A member of her team told a reporter in May that despite numerous appearances, she had not answered a direct question in more than a year,” the Times says. “Her publicist declined to clarify this stance. (When Beyoncé does answer questions, it tends to be in writing or, for TV, taped.)”

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It is quite disappointing that fans won’t be able to hear from Beyoncé in this latest issue of Vogue, but it is a testament to her celebrity that she can turn down an interview with the most important fashion magazine in the world and still be its cover girl. That’s a power only Beyoncé could wield, folks.

[via NYT]

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Grown-Up Barbie Fans Are Going to Love Sophia Webster’s New Shoe Collaboration

Sophia Webster Barbie

Image: courtesy Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster is the latest designer to get inspired by Barbie. The peddler of whimsical footwear has teamed up with the iconic doll for a collaboration that (no surprises here) is very pink and very girly.

Webster created the perfect shoe collection for grown-up Barbie fans with deep pockets and hyper-feminine proclivities. On tap, you will find her speech bubble flats with pink straps and the words “Barbie” and “Doll” written in the recognizable Barbie font, slip-on sneakers printed with the Barbie B, a Barbie-fied take on her famous butterfly wing sandals in pink and silver, and more. The shoes (available both for women and girls) are set to hit Webster’s website August 27, but prepare yourself for even more Barbie-related fare from the designer. According to Vogue UK, Webster is coming out with her own limited-edition Barbie Doll, which will be outfitted in a pair of Sophia Webster Riko hi-top glitter sneakers.


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Exclusive: JETS Launches Activewear

Photo courtesy of JETS

Photo courtesy of JETS

JETS has already made quite its mark in the swimwear department with sleek yet wearable swimsuits, and now the Aussie label is leaping into activewear with the same sharp-shooting and luxe aesthetic in mind. (more…)

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WATCH: Bonds Celebrates 100 Years with Iggy Azalea


Iconic Aussie underwear brand Bonds celebrated its 100th anniversary at Cafe Sydney on Wednesday, August 19, and, with Iggy Azalea as the special guest, our finest stepped out to commemorate the milestone.

We caught up with the arrivals to find out why Bonds has become such a household name over the past century, their own personal top tips for buying the perfect pair of underwear, and any undies-related horror stories they might have.

Check out all the action for yourself below. (more…)

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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 7 Low-Down: ‘I’ve Cracked The Bachelor Code’

Lisa Hyde WHO party

Photo: Getty

There has been so much talk in the media regarding The Bachelor this week, all around whether or not the show is just a hoax. If I received a dollar for every interview where I was asked if Heather is a paid actress or if Sarah left her boyfriend for the show, let’s just say I would be rich!

Moving forward, Emily finally got the single date she was waiting for and by the expression on her face, it looks like she doesn’t give a shit — well that is what the other ladies think anyway!

I see Emily as a little more reserved, perhaps more mature than the others. I kind of like how she doesn’t go completely gaga over Sam, as it actually comes across as more genuine. (more…)

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Link Buzz: eBay Already Has the All-Black Yeezy Boost 350; the Most Popular Emoji in Your State

Yeezy Boost Black

Image: eBay

  • Further proving that love is dead, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have ended their 11-year relationship. [Glamour]
  • The much-anticipated all-black Yeezy Boost 350 is supposed to hit shelves August 22, but you can buy it now on eBay…if you’re willing to overpay. Happy shopping! [eBay]
  • Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter. [Page Six]
  • Of course Kylie Jenner is coming out with her own lipstick. [@kyliejenner]
  • People are taking really inappropriate photos with Nicki Minaj’s wax statue, so Madame Tussauds is redesigning the set around it. We think the venue should redesign the whole statue, but what do we know. [The Independent]
  • Heidi Klum doesn’t know why Donald Trump is even talking about her, thinks all women are 10s. [Us Weekly]
  • Real Housewives is getting its very first transgender cast member. [Page Six]
  • Here are the most popular emojis by state. [E!]
  • Jessica Simpson is delving into activewear. [WWD]