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Look, It’s Taylor Swift On the Cover of Wonderland

Last month, WWD reported that despite her ubiquitous presence on newsstands and the whole fact of her being a global pop sensation — when it comes down to the numbers, Taylor Swift's face doesn't sell magazines like hotcakes. Assuming that British culture magazine Wonderland secured a shoot and interview with the pop star more for the sake of its bottom line (and to broaden its appeal) than to be like, original, this cover may prove to be a disappointment. 

Or not! Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift, but this cover, photographed by Tung Walsh, is striking and fresh. It would catch my eye at the magazine store. I'd even pick it up and flip through it. (I probably wouldn't buy it but then, I'm stingy.) 

And as Honeycombchild noted in the Fashion Spot forums, the pop star might seem overexposed in the US, but this "marks only her third UK cover? Pop, InStyle and now Wonderland?" YoninahAliza points out that Swift also recently covered Marie Claire UK.


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Link Buzz: National Beyonce Day; Robert Pattinson’s Dior Ad is Sexy

  • In honor of National Beyonce Day (which was yesterday and is not actually a real national holiday…yet) here are a million times (okay: forty times) Beyonce's been on the cover of a magazine. [Fashionologie]
  • Also, here's her new Pepsi commerical. [BellaSugar]
  • Here's what it's like to have Michelle Smith create a special one-of-a-kind Milly handbag for you. [FabSugar]
  • Emma Watson covered British GQ. Wow, they did not give her a lot of clothing to wear. [DailyStab]
  • Intermix is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special designer-y capsule collection. [SheFinds]
  • Kristen Stewart is apparently jealous because she thinks Robert Pattinson's not-yet released Dior ad is too sexy for the public. Anyone else setting a Google Alert for "Robert Pattinson" + "Dior"? [StyleBakeryTeen]
  • In really awesome, amazing news: a judge today ordered that the FDA provide unrestricted, over-the-counter access to the Morning-After Pill for all ages. [NYTimes]

Image via The Gentlewoman

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Will the MBFWA Runways Be a Little Less White This Year?

Charlee FraserLast week we rounded up five models who we’re excited to see make their Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia debut. One of those included half Italian and half indigenous Australian Elina Moscheni, repped by Viviens, who will be lending a little colour to a traditionally very white lineup of models.

While we were skeptical of claims that David Jones signing Perth stunner Jessica Gomes was a sign model diversity is finally being achieved, it appears the MBFWA runways at least will be a little less uniform this year. Viviens is just one agency whose books don’t flip smoothly from white girl next door to white girl next door, with their other recent signings including Courtney Eaton and African/Japanese newcomer Piyusha Yamaoka.

And with the release of eMg Models’ showcards, model polymath [frockwriter] has turned her discerning eye to indigenous Australian model Charlee Fraser (right) from Newcastle. For some reason, Charlee and her impossibly long neck escaped the gaze of model scouts for 18 years before she came to eMg’s attention by ‘Liking’ a photo of another model that the agency had posted to their Facebook page. 

At the moment, the only photos we can find of Charlee are via the Facebook pages of eMg and herself, but hopefully that will soon change because this girl seriously needs a thread. 

And hopefully casting directors take the bait. 

Image via eMg Models

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Western Canada Fashion Week in the Twittersphere

Those industrious folks at the Edmonton Journal who, I guess, could be thought of as the official news hound for Western Canada Fashion Week, has released a really cool, interactive bubble graph that explores all the tweets sent out during Western Canada Fashion Week.

Aside from the most obvious #fashion and #show, some of the most tweeted terms included #fantasy, #leather and the fashion favourite adjective, #fabulous. But what was it that had fashoinistas screaming the clichéd descriptors throughout the event?

One of the must-see shows was Malorie Urbanovitch, a MBSU finalist at World MasterCard Fashion Week last October, who went against the grain and hosted the first ever offsite fashion show at WCFW (held in the Mercer Building in Edmonton’s trendy Warehouse District).

Urbanovitch's collection was all about soft pleats; neutral shades of cream, grey and teal; silk slips and knee-high socks. Of course, she also has her ready-to-wear line, to which she could potentially be adding handbags (!!) in the near future.

Another designer to gain social media buzz was Nicole Campre, who won WCFW's emerging designer competition in the spring of 2012. Campre blossomed from fashion underdog to fighting bull with her Fall 2013 collection that included regal gold and maroon fabrics, faux leather panelling, long maxis and chunky knits wrapped around the waist.

Though WCFW has experienced its fair share of growing pains, it's clear that this season has gained more traction — social media or otherwise —however, many detractors would still argue that Canada would be better placed to lob all its eggs in one basket and entertain one single fashion week. What do you think?

Image via Edmonton Journal

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Dries Van Noten Says He Reads tFS to See What People Think of His Collections

In an industry where many media outlets censor themselves to maintain relationships with advertising clients and PR departments, the tFS Forums have ruffled a few feathers over the years. Critics have sometimes accused community members of being uninformed and brash, unaware of how they might be affecting the feelings of real people, and unconcerned with the lasting, Googlable nature of off-the-cuff Internet posts. (Many instances of this criticism — and its counter-criticism — have, of course, been documented in the Forums.) Fashion industry professionals at the top of their game are often so unaccustomed to negative feedback that last Fall, for example, a top designer literally took out an ad because he thought a fashion critic said something mean about him. Can you imagine behavior like that ever being tolerated by another creative community? Considering how, as a whole, the tFS Forums are populated by thoughtful, funny and engaged members and run by a team of hyper-vigilant, ever-devoted moderators according to a strict set of standards, you'd think most designers (or stylists or models) could tolerate some constructive criticism — and even the handful of low blows. 

The extent to which fashion producers are supportive of active discussion and honest feedback on their work, in the Forums or anywhere else, is (at the very least) a gauge of their maturity. On this score (and on many others, but we'll leave that for some other post), Dries Van Noten is a shining star. 

In a video interview with French fashion blogger (or as the Parisians say, blogueuseGarance Doré which went online today, the Belgian designer talks about reading tFS after showing his collections: "I go on [The] Fashion Spot to see how people react. All these things for me, it's part of the modern times, so why not?"

Plenty of models (like Coco Rocha) and stylists (like Edward Enninful) have long admitted to reading their own threads, but I think this is the first time a big-D Designer has come out as caring about what the Internet peons think. Anyway, clearly he's charming and also the antithesis of a hack.

Watch! (His comments about tFS are at the 8:20 mark.)

[via — originally spotted by EnModeArtiste]

Disclaimer: Obviously I work for The Fashion Spot. 

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Asda’s G21 Talent Collection: Supporting Emerging Design Talent

The British retailing giant Asda is a firm supporter of emerging design talent, and is a regular official supporter of the Graduate Fashion Week initiative. Its links with the event means that they source the very best designers of tomorrow immediately upon graduation, and ensure that they are on hand to offer them all of the support and guidance that they will need in order to have a successful career in fashion.

Asda has just launched the G21 Talent Collection, which features the work of five emerging designers that Asda was able to choose subsequent to its GFW links. The plan is to change the five designers each year, and therefore continuously give the best of new design talent the chance to show off exactly what they can do.

The G21 Talent Collection aims to bring the feel of the catwalk to the high street, and most excitingly, as it’s Asda, the whole collection is available at low bargain prices. Its launch has just begun to filter through to their site with work from graduate designers Chloe Jones, Claire Acton and Susanna Yi.

Each of the designers demonstrate their different signatures, so the G21 Talent Collection makes for quite the varied shop for the customer. For instance, Claire Acton is (above left) channelling her Sixties love child with bold graphic prints and Sixties silhouettes, and has designed a particularly cool statement tee featuring a face that definitely resembles iconic supermodel Twiggy.

Ying’s pieces (above right) are also set to be an utter sell-out, as her use of digital graphic prints on blouses and trousers emulates something that wouldn’t look out of place amongst high fashion McQueen pieces. Plus, with tempting price tags ranging between £10 and £16, it really is a hard one to resist.

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