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Pharrell’s New Art Show Aims to Celebrate Women, Includes Graphic Work by Terry Richardson

Pharrell posing with Terry Richardson


Pharrell's new art show, GIRLS — which was named after his recently released album — has just opened at the Galerie Perrotin in Paris.

The exhibition aims to "celebrate women who are above all free, liberated by artists and their boundless, unfettered imagination" and includes several pieces of provocative feminist art which examine gender roles from a critical perspective, by artists such as Cindy Sherman, Marina Abramović, Yoko Ono and Sophie Calle.

However, as Sarah Moroz for The Guardian writes, the show is made "heartbreaking and absurd" by the inclusion of a photograph by Terry Richardson: "The image is a slice of girl shown from belly button to upper thigh, a chocolate heart dangling in front of her vagina with the words 'Eat Me' scrawled in pink. Even if one were to repress the allegations that the photographer is a loathsome sexual predator, the image is a baffling inclusion," she writes. 

[To be clear: although several women have come forward with allegations about Richardson's inappropriate and exploitative working methods, the photographer has never been charged.]

"[Richardson] has his own expression," Pharrell told The Guardian's Moroz when she confronted him. "What we were trying to accomplish with this project was to house many different facets of women. This was meant to be a democracy, where people could contribute their views as long as we didn't see it as being outside of what we were trying to do … We want people to talk about these issues; we want to spark conversation… Just because you're a good girl doesn't mean you don't have naughty thoughts."

Emmanuel Perrotin, the gallerist who co-curated the show later approached Moroz to tell her that the accusations against Richardson were all false. He also added: "I saw [Terry Richardson] on many occasions doing photoshoots, and it's a real big party all together; I promise you the woman part of the photoshoot doesn't look a victim of anything."

People have the right to make and display any work of art, but including a piece by Richardson in an art show explicitly dedicated to women's liberation, without being aware of the implications, is an embarrassment — and it raises serious questions about Pharrell and Perrotin's authority and judgment as curators. 

[Pharrell's art show 'celebrating women' tainted by a Terry Richardson nude — The Guardian]

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The Best Part of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Wedding is That It’s Finally Over

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally tied the knot in Florence, Italy this weekend and I am *thrilled* because I'm pretty sure this means that we can stop talking about the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple. The hype leading up to the marriage vows — compounded by their unexpected wedding-themed Vogue cover (another Kimye milestone we heard about ad nauseam right up until it actually happened) — has been tiring. Have we ever had a media event that was so banal but so all-encompassing? It has been impossible not to keep up with the Kardashian engagement.

And now that it's finally happened, this is all there is to show for it: a handful of Instagram photos of a happy, loving couple wearing pricy clothes. (Her gown was by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.) 

Kimye's was a wedding like any other and now that the deed is done, life can go on (for all of us). 

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Miranda Kerr’s Got a Lash-Curling Beauty Hack You’ve Gotta Know

Lucky magazine's June/July cover star is none other than Miranda Kerr, one of the busiest models working right now. She's juggling her Kora Organics skincare line, just finished up a collaboration designing teacups for Royal Albert, raising her three-year-old son Flynn, plus she's got billionaires brawling over her in the streets of Sydney. Must be exhausting! But as Kerr reveals in the interview, she's got a few tricks up her sleeve for staying as fabulous as she does every time she steps out. 


Image: Lucky

Her secret for curled lashes in a flash? A simple kitchen spoon. The model dished that when she needs to quickly add some texture to her lashes, she'll use the back of a spoon and "a flick of the wrist similar to what a florist would employ when using a pair of scissors to twirl a bit of ribbon."

In case you wanted to know how to do it, Michelle Phan's got a tutorial.

Read about Kerr's other beauty tips and more in the full story at Lucky. The June/July issue hits newsstands June.

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Gisele Bundchen’s Latest Gig is This Naked Lui Magazine Cover

Gisele Bundchen naked Lui Magazine


Following its Internet-busting May Issue cover, which featured a very topless Rihanna, Lui Magazine tapped Gisele Bundchen for the front of its June edition. Photographed by Mert & Marcus, the supermodel poses nude in a pool, straddling a giant inflatable red whale. Gisele looks bronzed and beautiful, of course, and the overall effect screams summer, but… what's up with the whale? Lui may be a lad magazine, but it's a creatively ambitious one. And inserting a red phallus substitute into a nude photo of Gisele — a.k.a. She Who Needs No Help In the Sex Appeal Department — seems like a lazy choice. 


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Clements Ribeiro’s Purrfect SS14 Collection

British born Suzanne Clements and Brazilian Inacio Ribeiro, the design duo behind the veteran London Fashion Week label Clements Ribeiro, have a fantastic way of subverting traditional fashion elements with a dash of wit to create fun-to-wear pieces. Their latest SS14 collection aims to reimagine tourists in Rio via a host of bold and beautiful prints adorning a tropical silhouette in which holiday-ready ruffles and hot swing skirts are key. Ferns and parrots infuse the prints with an exotic edge, in stark contrast to monochromatic wavy graphics that resemble the Copacabana pavement.


The overall feel of the collection is a mixture of retro tropical glamour with elements from the street savvy fashionista. Don’t just take our word for it though, watch a video of the collection here, but be warned, its tropical theme will have you exotic island dreaming for sure. 

The collection is filled with a plethora of summer must-haves, but there’s definitely one little cutie that has caught our eye: the kitsch swell cat design featured on a choice of T-shirt, baseball shirt or sweatshirt. The T-shirt (£84) would look great alongside a trendy leather skirt, to infuse your outfit with a fun twist. 

Images: Clements Ribeiro

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And the 2015 Met Gala Theme is…

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

This year's Charles James exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been running for only a few weeks, but it looks like the folks at the museum have already started thinking about next year's theme, for which they will look to the East. First reported by WWD, rumors are still swirling that next year's exhibit will focus on China

China is a country rich in history, art and culture–it will certainly be exciting to see what creations designers offer up for the show. Still, I can't shake the uh-oh feeling in my stomach I get each time I hear about the theme. Let's just say, sometimes, fashion people can be a little, uh, clueless when it comes to celebrating non-western cultures. I can't even count the times we've seen the fashion set twirling in blackface, tribal headdresses and Geisha garb like everything is peachy, while the rest of the Internet rages about cultural appropriation, racist imagery and the whitewashing or total erasure of people of color in "inspired" work.

I'm sure Anna Wintour won't take any foolishness at her party next year, but with images of people dressed in chains at last year's Disco Africa Halloween party dancing in my head, you really can't guarantee that someone won't do something in poor taste. Hopefully, that's something we won't have to worry about next year.

Don't mess this one up, guys.

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