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Adidas, Pharrell and a Bevy of Artists Reimagine the Superstar Sneaker

Adidas Superstar sneakers are getting an artsy makeover thanks to a new mass collaboration between Pharrell Williams and a group of artists. The much-loved producer and fashionisto has partnered with photographer and director Cass Bird, architect Zaha Hadid, artist Todd James and Japanese artist Mr. on a mass collaboration in which each puts their personal spin on the Adidas Superstar Supershell sneaker. 

For the 10-piece “Artwork” collection, the artists dreamed up one design each to place on the shoe’s toe shell while Pharrell himself came up with the remaining six designs. Each shoe comes in either black or white. Playful florals, smiling anime characters and some good old fashioned photography decorate the shell caps, bringing a dope spin on the classic Adidas shoe. Part of the limited-edition range is already up on the Adidas Originals website, marked with a “coming soon” tag, with prices ranging from $100 to $120 – not a bad price for a pair of fly kicks. 

Watch Pharrell talk the collection in the video above.

[via Hypebeast]

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This Body-Positive Photo Shoot Proves American Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

American Beauty

Image: courtesy Carey Fruth

Photographer Carey Fruth is capturing what it truly means to be beautiful in America with a new photo series highlighting the diversity of American beauty. Taking inspiration from the famous scene in 1999’s American Beauty – the one where Kevin Spacey’s character fantasizes about his daughter’s BFF – Fruth gathered 14 women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities to pose in a bed of lilac petals to show that American beauty comes in more than one form. It’s not just the white, blonde, thin option we’ve been presented with in popular culture. You can find it in ordinary and not-so-ordinary women, even those who deviate from the mainstream’s narrow standard of what is attractive.

The women Fruth chose to pose for the project are from all walks of life though she says many are women she met through body positive and burlesque communities in San Francisco. Though she says her project is to celebrate the diversity of beauty in America, she does realize that her pictures can attract criticism. “I know that a lot of people may say that I am just perpetuating the obsession with women’s appearance, especially because I am creating imagery inspired by images whose audience was originally the male gaze,” she said in a statement. “However, for me, I see it as a way to take back the power. My models get to choose how sultry they want to be, they get to decide who sees their images. And I think by showing these women that they can be gorgeous bombshells whenever they want gives them a sense of freedom.”

Check out all the images from the gorgeous photo series in the slideshow below. (more…)

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Katy Perry ‘Looks Like a Psychopath’ on Vogue Japan’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

She’s been doing the rounds in the fashion industry lately, having been crowned the new face of Moschino’s Fall 2015 collection, and now Katy Perry is unveiled as Vogue Japan‘s September 2015 cover star. The “Teenage Dream” singer stands before the magazine’s signature white background while playing with the straps of her pink embroidered Prada dress and our forums are not a bunch of happy bunnies.

Vogue Japan September 2015 Katy Perry


“She looks like a psychopath. I don’t get Vogue Japan’s choices for their cover stars recently. It’s slowly starting to go downhill,” declared a horrified Style Savvy.

“Well September already started on a down note,” added A.D.C.

Also underwhelmed was MON: “Vogue Japan is dying. I no longer see the prestige.”

Oxymore asked, “Katy Perry? Really?”

“She really should stop the Kris Jenner hairstyle,” suggested MDNA.

“What is Mitsuko [Watanabe] playing at? This is the third celebrity cover in 2015. Probably model covers are no longer selling for them? The actual shot doesn’t look good mainly because of her expression, but I’m a sucker for that Prada,” Benn98 said.

Forum member Kite certainly wasn’t feeling it, ranting, “This is awful. The Photoshopping has really altered the shape of the dress too, like she’s probably not even wearing it! I detest her. I detest this.”

Are you a fan of Katy’s new Vogue cover? Share your opinion here.

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And Just Like That, Kate Middleton’s Issa Engagment Dress Is Sold Out Again

Kate Middleton engagement

Image: WENN

If you’re still kicking yourself for missing your chance to buy the dress that Kate Middleton wore for her engagement photos, you’ll be doing so again today. Harvey Nichols capitalized on the dress’ popularity by selling a re-issue of the silken navy blue Phylis wrap dress from Issa. And almost as soon as it was made available, it sold out online.

This should come as little surprise considering the ever-enduring Kate Middleton effect. Pretty much anything the Duchess of Cambridge wears winds up getting scooped up by the women who want to dress like her. Though Middleton’s actual fashion sense has been questioned by a few skeptical members of the fashion industry, you can’t deny the woman has some pull when it comes to clothing. 

[ See Kate Middleton’s 10 Most Memorable Maternity Style Moments ]

The simple navy frock was selling for £575 (around $894), but you really can’t put a price on looking like Kate Middleton, now can you? Those fans of the dress who missed out on scooping it up this time will just have to wait to see if Harvey Nichols (or any other store for that matter) will be merciful and release the dress once again. 

[via Grazia]

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Demi Lovato Is Coming to Australia Next Month

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato is coming to Australia this August for a whirlwind promo visit. This will be Demi’s second time down under, following her first-ever visit in April earlier this year for her “Demi World Tour”.

The 22-year-old will be in town to promote her current single, “Cool for the Summer”, which reached #1 on iTunes in over 37 countries.

It’s the debut single from Demi’s forthcoming fifth studio album due later this year, and her first with Safehouse Records, a venture she launched with partners Nick Jonas and music executive Phil McIntyre.

Demi’s schedule and date of arrival is yet to be confirmed, but she is expected to land any time from August 10 and will only be hanging around for a couple of days. (more…)

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Jennifer Kate Heads Back Down Under After a Strong International Focus

Jennifer Kate

Photo: Josephine Willcox for theFashionSpot

Aussie label Jennifer Kate will return to domestic wholesaling after a successful 12 months building its international presence.

Jennifer Kate’s founder and head designer, Jennifer McCloy, told Ragtrader, “Our success in the US has been a huge driver for us – we have strong relationships with a number of retailers there which we will continue to build upon.”

Jennifer also noted that key international clients quadrupled their orders for Spring 2015, the same collection shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia earlier this year. (more…)