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A Gleeful Arizona Muse Covers Vogue Spain’s March Issue (Forum Buzz)

It's not every month we get to see a smiling model on the cover of a fashion magazine, so it's during times like this where I revel in the fact that we have an energetic expression from the cover subject. Vogue Spain has enlisted Arizona Muse to cover its  March issue, photographed by Cuneyt Akeroglu. Arizona wears a sequined dress from Prada's Spring 2014 collection.




tFS members took to the thread to voice their concern regarding Arizona's smile. "I hate it when she puts on such a fake smile, so so so unappealing," said Avagadro

Kokbombon also agreed, "What is that psycho fake smile?!"

"Ugh she looks so forced, such an ungraceful pose and I hate that fake smile," exclaimed Nepenthes

There were very few members who admired the cover, however Miss Dalloway commented, "I see nothing remotely fake about her smile, and how can anyone claim it is, is beyond me. It's exactly like any of her smiles you see in post shows interviews, etc. And she has a great one!"

Why don't you have your say? Do you like the cover?  Click here to visit the thread. #TeamArizona

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LFW: A GirlInMenswear Wins the British Fashion Council’s Blogger Award

During London Fashion Week, we were invited along to brunch with the Dazed Group and the British Fashion Council to discuss independent publishing and fashion blogging.

The event saw Jefferson Hack, the Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Dazed & Confused, award the blog GirlInMenswear with the British Fashion Council’s Blogger Award to the best-in-class editor of the BFC’s accredited fashion bloggers. And as the winning blog’s strap line explains, it’s not just for girls and it’s not just about menswear, but it is definitely worth a peek if you’re looking for some rather clever outfit inspiration.

gim 2

The editor of GirlInMenswear, Sophia Marinho, won the exciting opportunity to work as a guest contributor across The Dazed Group’s platforms, which also includes its latest Indie venture OtherMode.

Events such as these are very close to Hack’s heart, as he’s pioneered indie publishing throughout his career, and so he also took the opportunity to treat us to an interview with his fellow industry pioneer Diane Pernet, an original fashion blogger, and of course, founder of A Shaded View On Fashion. She was amongst the first journalists to embrace the power of the Internet, helping her to become a world-renowned fashion critic and video journalist.

What did we take away from Pernet’s interview? In an era where digital is booming and we’re almost becoming saturated with new interactive social mediums, it’s time for designers and brands alike to forget their fears and explore these opportunities even further. It’s this kind of innovative, fearless attitude which has of course helped her own career to thrive over the years. And you can’t get straighter to the point than with her advice that "if you really want to do something, try it, and if you fail, do something else."

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Now That Kendall Jenner Walked the Runway for Giles, Is a Full-Blown Fashion Career Inevitable?

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

Kendall Jenner just followed her Marc Jacobs debut with another runway appearance, this one at Giles in London. As Jenner explained in a backstage interview with Grazia Daily, she was selected for both shows by stylist and LOVE editor Katie Grand: "She's amazing. She's been a great person to be around and I really appreciate her supporting me.

Although Jenner's Kardashian klan status makes it easy to discount her fashion week performances as stunt casting on the part of publicity-hungry brands (to be fair, the sheer top she wore on the runway at Marc Jacobs doesn't offer much evidence to the contrary), it's worth remembering that the 18-year-old is represented by one of New York's top modeling agencies, The Society — a new division of Elite Paris which focuses on long-term branding. The Society doesn't sign stunt fodder, and by all accounts, Jenner is serious about having a fashion career. “The second time [I met Jenner], we got chatting and I was surprised how intent she was about modeling — just like all the other girls,” Katie Grand told Fashionista.

If representation weren't enough of a reason to take Jenner's fashion aspirations seriously, her newly-solidified position as a Grand golden girl should be. As the London Evening Standard reportedly once put it, "What Katie does—and Katie says—is as influential as it gets." 

And as a powerful social media following increasingly becomes a factor in a model's ability to win lucrative contracts (we heard that one Australian model lost out on a blue-chip fashion campaign to Cara Delevingne solely on the basis of social media metrics), Jenner's 8.7 million Instagram following won't hurt her chances of success.

Another thing that happened at the yesterday's Giles show? Delevingne filmed an Instagram video selfie from the runway; she has 4.3 million followers.

Related: Watch: Model Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds (Next) Tells Us About Her Lifelong Obsession with Alexander McQueen / Watch: Next Model Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds Talks Miley Cyrus, Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand (Forum Buzz)

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Miuccia Prada Becomes Co-CEO of Prada

With Milan Fashion Week preparations in full swing, you might think that Miuccia Prada would be taking on less, when she in fact is doing the total opposite. It has been announced that the designer has moved up the business ladder of Prada spA, stepping down from her position as company chair person to join her husband Patrizio Bertelli as co-CEO of the Italian fashion brand. 

prada piece 620

Miuccia Prada with her award at last years British Fashion Awards (image: GETTY)

Ms Prada will still hold onto the title of creative director, and whilst she will not take on any new responsibilities, this move will make herself her own boss, which is a dreamy prospect when it comes to appraisals we imagine. Her previous position will be filled by former deputy chairman, Carlo Mazzi. 

Whilst it sounds like a bold move, it has been noted by Reuters that "this is just a formal move" in order to comply with Hong Kong trading laws, and with a company as multinational as Prada it is understandable that changes like this are to be made. It was also noted that Prada had seen a 9 percent rise in profit in the past 12 months so no doubt the joint CEOs will continue to push for success in 2014. According to a statement released by the brand, Miuccia "will concentrate on the day-to-day management of the business by devoting her time to guiding the further development of the group, mainly in the creative design and brands communications activities."

Prada had humble beginnings when Miuccia's grandfather, Mario, established the brand in 1913. It was Miuccia who after taking over the brand in 1978 along with her husband Bertelli, turned it around and into the globally recognized brand that it is today, introducing womenswear in 1989. 

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Anja Rubik’s Latest Cover of Vogue Russia: Tasteful or Tasteless?

Anja Rubik's latest cover of Vogue Russia has caused quite the stir on the forum this week. The March cover features Anja wearing a jumpsuit from Frida Giannini's latest Gucci collection and was lensed by Patrick Demarchelier, with styling by Olga Dunina.



Anja's bare breast hasn't gone down well with most tFS members, with TREVOFASHIONISTO posting, "Gorgeous colors, but I don't think the one boob is necessary."

Bertrando3 shared the same sentiments, "Anja is always nude somewhere anyways… But ya on the cover of Vogue, I don't like it."

"Nudity on the cover, can newsstands display this? I mean, without a plastic bag or something like that…" said kokobombon

Creative expressed a different enthusiasm  towards the cover, and went on to admire how Victoria Davydova (the editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia) has the freedom to publish whatever she desires for the magazine, "Not the biggest Anja fan, but she looks so young and beautiful here, and her breasts are cute. Also, nice to see that some editors are free enough to do what they want."

"I don't get everyone's issue about Anja's exposed breast. Shirtless men are featured on covers all the time and no one's complaining. Why is it such a big deal? The problem here is not Anja's breasts. It's society's perception of the female body." said Nepenthes

Personally, I don't have a problem with the cover. This isn't the first time and won't be the last time we see an exposed breast on a fashion magazine.


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