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Rihanna Scores a Christian Dior Campaign

Rihanna Grammys 2015

Image: WENN

Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard are about to have some company now that Christian Dior‘s added a new celebrity to its roster of ambassadors. The French fashion house has nabbed Rihanna to star in its Secret Garden print and film campaigns, shot by Steven Klein at Versailles. 

Rihanna’s been having a pretty good week. She was just named the most streamed female artist on Spotify by male and female users (beating out even the likes of Beyoncé). The U.K. Daily Star notes that RiRi is the first black woman to serve as the face of Dior, which is actually crazy, but you know — better late than never.

Images of Rihanna allegedly shooting the campaign have leaked on Facebook, picturing the singer in a silver sequined turtleneck dress. We can’t wait to see the campaign in full and are thrilled that Dior is finally adding a little diversity to its roster of spokespeople.

[via WWD, UK Daily Star]

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Norman Parkinson Photography Coming to Charlotte Tilbury for Her Line’s First Collaboration



It was only a matter of time before Charlotte Tilbury dove into the beauty collaboration game with her namesake line — and she’s doing so in a very unique way. Rather than release new products or have someone be the face of her brand, Tilbury is paying homage to Norman Parkinson by featuring his work on her products. The makeup master teamed up with Parkinson’s family for a collection that will honor the photographer’s famous work, including the iconic Jerry Hall portraits he took for the cover of Vogue‘s May 1975 issue that’s a favorite of Tilbury’s.

“I have always been fascinated and inspired by the incredible work of Norman Parkinson. He is a legendary photographer that, in the fashion world, we turn to again and again as a reference and an inspiration — his work is on every moodboard,” says Tilbury of her admiration for the legend. “His grandson Jake is a close friend of mine and approached me with the opportunity to visit the Parkinson archive. After visiting the gallery of 750,000 negatives and 3,000 original prints, we came up with the idea of creating a limited-edition line in homage to his grandfather’s incredible body of work. I’m so proud of how each piece looks — like covetable vintage compacts that you can be proud to use in public,” she explains. (more…)

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Discover JumpFromPaper’s 2-D Cartoon-Style Bags

Is it live or is it Photoshop? That’s the question these unique bags from JumpFromPaper are provoking all over Instagram.

The Taiwanese-founded brand creates innovative 3-D bags that appear to resemble a 2-D cartoon, and its campaign shots look like they’ve been digitally mastered. So much so, that you’ll find it hard to believe that what you’re seeing is a real-life bag and not a quirky doodle that’s been added onto the photograph later.

The brand aims to design bags that encourage people’s imaginations to go wild, while fulfilling their childhood fantasies, and there’s no denying that it’s doing just that. In addition to infusing your outfits with a touch of cool, these bags also have your practical needs sorted. The collection covers everything from classic crossbody bags to on-trend backpacks and handy grabs or purses. Plus, they won’t break the bank, with prices starting at around £20 for a purse.

You can shop the current collection at Let the accusations of Photoshopping your Instagram photos begin!

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Kerry Washington Lands the Cover of Marie Claire’s April Issue (Forum Buzz)

With such an incredibly beautiful cover subject, why is it that magazines can’t seem to get it right with Kerry Washington? InStyle was accused of lightening her skin tone on its March cover, Allure‘s idea of not piling the actress with a face full of makeup fell completely flat and now, Marie Claire comes under scrutiny by our forum members for its April 2015 cover. The Scandal star poses for Tesh for a simple portrait — so what’s the problem here? Leave it to our forum members to point out the cover’s failure to do Kerry justice.

US Marie Claire April 2015 Kerry Washington Tesh


“You can barely see her through the text! So ridiculous,” commented Moofins within seconds of the cover surfacing on our forums. This doesn’t sound too good.

“My god! Can’t they make at least ONE good cover with this woman?!! I hope she gets W and they do her beauty justice, what is this? The cropping is a disaster, the text layout is eating her, and her face expression is so uncertain,” Miss Dalloway soon noted.

Sharing the same sentiments was lelaid: “Seriously. She’s an incredibly beautiful woman yet they never pick a good shot of her for the cover!”

As the cover informs us, Lena Dunham interviewed Kerry for the issue. “I really hate it when celebs interview other celebs. It feels so contrived and like a public relations stunt. It’s Kerry’s time, go away Lena,” said MON.

GivenchyHomme changed the tone of the thread. “She actually looks like herself! No skin lightening or excessive retouching. That’s commendable.”

“Oh they wouldn’t dare to mess around with her tone after the InStyle outrage. This could almost be an ‘au naturel’ cover. She’s really a beautiful woman, I just don’t understand why it never gets captured on covers. There’s something ‘off’ here, I just cannot pinpoint it right away,” Benn98 fired back.

Be sure to share your own opinion of Marie Claire‘s April 2015 cover here.

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Reed Krakoff (the Brand) Is Taking a Break

Reed Krakoff

Image: WENN

Ladies and gents, clutch your Reed Krakoff bags tight because it may be a while before we see anything new from the label. The designer has announced that he will be suspending production, so that the company can do a little recalibrating.

Not only will Reed Krakoff stop design and production, but it will also shut down its Madison Avenue location. “The company will suspend all future design and production, while continuing to operate its Greene Street and Woodbury Commons stores, as well as the e-commerce site. In addition, the company is reviewing all strategic options for the brand, which may include production and distribution partnerships or a sale of the business and the brand,” the label said in a statement.

Krakoff won’t be shuttering his brand entirely, but sources say the label is looking for help from investors. New products are said to be on deck, but it looks like we won’t be seeing much of that until Reed Krakoff stabilizes.

[via WWD]

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Patricia Arquette Gets That Wage Equality Speech Right This Time

Patricia Arquette U.N. Women

Image: WENN

Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette made quite a rousing speech as she accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress, calling for equal pay for women. Her words gave Meryl Streep a case of the “yaas,” but her comments afterward had people up in arms. In a backstage interview, Patricia elaborated on her speech. “People think we have equal rights; we don’t,” she said. “Until we pass a constitutional amendment, we won’t have anything changed. It’s time for all women in America and all the men who love women and all the gay people and people of color that we’ve all fought for to fight for us now.”

Those comments gave many people pause — surely, Ms. Arquette must know that women of color have to fight for wage equality, especially since they are paid even less than white women. And, uh, we’re pretty sure there are gay women (and men!) affected by wage inequality, too, so we’re not sure what she was trying to get at with that particular statement.

But on Tuesday at UN Women’s Planet 50-50 by 2030, the actress took the stage to clarify some of her words, and offer a more comprehensive version of what she was trying to say. (more…)

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