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Beyoncé’s Apple Watch Is Fancier than Yours

Beyonce gold Apple Watch

Image: Beyoncé

The Apple Watch craze has begun. The device sold out in just a few hours when it was up for pre-order, though the rollout hasn’t exactly been smooth. The tech giant is said to be experiencing trouble shipping the orders, but that isn’t making the product any less of a success for Apple. An analyst is estimating that Apple Watch could be the company’s most profitable product, predicting that Apple will earn around $2 billion during the first two weeks of sales.

The Apple Watch already has its fair share of celebrity fans. Rapper Drake was spied at Coachella last week sporting the device. Pharrell and Katy Perry have taken to social media to show off their watches and Karl Lagerfeld was seen rocking a custom gold link bracelet version of the watch, which is estimated to be worth $25,000. Beyoncé is the latest celebrity to show off the piece and since she’s the queen bee and all, of course she has a version of the watch that is not available to us regular folk. 

The singer posted an image of herself wearing a questionable feathered headdress to her blog, with the pricey timepiece in plain view. We’re not surprised that people like Karl and Bey would have one of the priciest and most exclusive iterations of the watch. After all, both are legends in their own right – what better way to illustrate their importance than with a fancy-schmancy version of an already expensive but (for now) not totally necessary new-age device? 

[via Business Insider]

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Shane Warne and AnnaLynne McCord Strike Up Flirty Relationship

Shane Warne AnnaLynne McCord

Photos: WENN

When a man cheats on his missus, he deserves bad relationship karma for years to come. Somehow Aussie cricketer Shane Warne continues to be rewarded for his wrong-doings to now ex-wife, Simone Callaghan, landing Elizabeth Hurley, who he also allegedly cheated on, and now we think he could be striking something up with 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord.

We don’t make assumptions like this lightly, because we’d never want to give Shane any hope that the 27-year-old bombshell was interested unless there was good reason to suspect such a thing. Enter flirtatious tweets between the two, because 45-year-old Warney has upgraded since his devious text-messaging ways.

“Hope all good your way & you’re behaving this weekend hahaha…. See you soon !!!!!,” Shane tweeted to AnnaLynne on April 18, but she got her flirt on even harder in response. “#Behaving ? Me? Hardly! See you soon,” she wrote, offering a cheeky-face and kiss emoticon in the mix. (more…)

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Sia Hides Her Face Because Media Make Her Feel like “Prey”

Sia on Sunrise

Photo courtesy of Inertia

Sia graced us with her first Aussie TV performance in nearly five years on Sunrise this morning, revealing that she wears OTT wigs and masks because paparazzi make her feel like “prey”.

Following her performances of “Chandelier” and “Big Girls Cry” (below), where she wore an oversized blonde wig and a sparkly mask-style headpiece respectively, the Australian singer-songwriter asked presenter Samantha Armytage, “Would you like to spend your life feeling like prey? Probably not.” (more…)

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Margot Robbie Is in Line for a Live-Action Barbie Film

Margot Robbie Focus premiere

Photo: WENN

If you’re blonde and beautiful, prepare to be associated with Barbie. That’s the case for Margot Robbie, at least, with the team at Sony thinking she’d be the perfect real-life Barbie in a film about the iconic toy.

The news of Margot’s front-running role was leaked when Wikileaks published more than 170,000 emails, claimed to have been pulled from the company’s servers. “As far as who would play Barbie probably an ingenue. I like Margot Robbie, for instance. Or possibly a discovery,” Doug Belgrad, president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group, wrote back in March 2014. Producer Laurie MacDonald (Gladiator and Men In Black) also backed Margot for the job to former Sony boss Amy Pascal. “She is Barbie come to life- she’d be great,” she said.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the Australian actress was apparently keen for the role too despite her success landing roles in blockbusters like The Wolf of Wall Street and Focus.  “Bugliari and JP pitched Margot the idea for Barbie and she loved it! She’s free in October once she wraps Tarzan,” wrote Hannah Minghella, co-president of production at Columbia Pictures. Either Hannah was lying about Margot’s excitement for the role, or the 24-year-old is darn good at keeping a secret. Better at keeping secrets than Sony, anyway. (more…)

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Link Buzz: People Injure Their Lips for the #KylieJennerChallenge, Penélope Cruz to Appear in ‘Zoolander 2’

  • Folks on social media are taking the #KylieJennerChallenge, and the results are absolutely terrifying and painful-looking. [Twitter]
  • Some very stylish thieves just stole over $1 million in Hermes bags. [PurseBlog]
  • Maiyet names a new creative director. [NYT]
  • Penélope Cruz signed on to do Zoolander 2. [Variety]
  • Billy Zane will also be in Zoolander 2. [BuzzFeed]
  • Big Sean and Ariana Grande are no longer a couple. [Page Six]
  • Here is what Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s adorable new baby boy looks like. [@justintimberlake]

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YouTube’s Top Stars Are Making Ridiculous Amounts of Money Every Month

Your suspicions are true: All those hours you weasel away watching your favorite YouTube personalities do YouTube things is making them rich. Advertising Age got a hold of some of the numbers for YouTube’s most popular channels and turns out these vloggers are pulling in some serious bank. 

It’s enough to make you wonder why you even bothered going to college in the first place. Consider 8-year-old Charli, the star of what is believed to be YouTube’s biggest food channel, the over 330,000 follower-strong CharlisCraftyKitchen. Her channel is estimated to be pulling in about $127,777 in ad revenue every month, which we don’t need to tell you is more than a lot of people make in a year. Yuya, a beauty and style channel, enjoyed over 35 million views in March and is estimated to have earned $41,475 in revenue that month. 

It comes as no surprise that these vloggers would be doing so well. After all, Michelle Phan went from being the owner of a small YouTube beauty channel to a bona fide beauty entrepreneur with her own makeup brand. As for the rest of us, we’ll just keep watching and try not to be too jealous that a couple kids are making more money than us.

[via Advertising Age

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