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Top Model Gemma Ward Gives Birth to a Girl

Gemma Ward (2011) / Image: Getty

Gemma Ward (2011) / Image: Getty

Congratulations are in order to Australian model Gemma Ward and her partner David Letts, who just became new parents to a baby girl. The news was first reported by The West yesterday at 5 p.m. Australian time and has since been confirmed by comment from IMG Australia to Frockwriter

From Ward's agency: "Although IMG doesn't comment on their client's personal life, we are so thrilled for Gemma and her new family and wish them well and much happiness."

The news also appeared on Nicole Trunfio's Instagram, with a photo showing Ward breastfeeding her child. The caption read, "Congratulations to my beautiful incredible friend @glouisew and her man @lettsy2106 for welcoming this little angel into the world!!!!" (The Instagram post has since been deleted, but you can see it on Vogue Australia's website.) 

In November, The Daily Telegraph reported that Ward and Letts had traveled to Hawaii for the birth of their child.


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InStyle January 2014: It’s Britney!



If you've just woken up from a months-long Ambien trip, let me fill you in on Britney Spears' latest doings: The pop star recently turned 32 years old, released a new album (to mostly terrible reviews) and is gearing up for the debut of her Las Vegas residency. Also, her song "Work Bitch" played as the soundtrack at the Prada Spring 2014 runway show (Miuccia Prada has the Midas Touch for cultural relevance). Yes, the formerly fallen star has emerged from her twenties as a confident, powerful woman. Your inner 6th grader must be so proud. Put on your flared jeans, baby — Britney Spears is back!

In that vein, here she is on the cover of InStyle's January 2014 Issue, wearing Dior. "This Is YOUR Year!" reads the accompanying caption, speaking at once to the viewer and to Britney herself, who appears happy, smiling and slathered in Photoshop effects. Our year, indeed. 

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Christy Turlington is 90s Perfection on UK Harper’s Bazaar January 2014 (Forum Buzz)

image scanned by vogue28

image scanned by vogue28

If the already released January covers are any indication for what direction magazines will be following in the new year, then it’s safe to assume we will finally see more models covering major magazines again. In addition to Joan Smalls on US Elle and Cara Delevingne on UK Vogue, we also got an ever-so-beautiful Christy Turlington appearing on UK Harper’s Bazaar. One of the original supermodels, Turlington delivers a “perfect 90s cover,” according to tFS forum member Srdjan. Photographer Alexi Lubomirski shot two covers with Ms. Turlington for this issue, a black/white cover for subscribers (pictured above) and another one for the newsstand version of the magazine (pictured below).

Opinions on the tFS forums on both covers were divided.

“One of my all time favorites, and it still feels good to see her name on the covers of magazines! THIS is how you open the year, gorgeous effortless shot of her for [the subscribers cover],” commented Miss Dalloway

“Christy looks stunning! Interesting play with shadows and lighting on the subscribers cover,” added mikel

image credit:

image credit:

But vogue28, who received the subscribers cover, was one of the few members who preferred the newsstand version. He wrote, “Must admit that I'm not terribly fond of the subs cover. The lighting looks horrendous and makes Turlington's skin color look completely inaccurate. It's crossed the line of being something different for me. The newsstand cover, however, is glorious. I'll definitely be heading out and picking up a newsstand copy.”

I think Christy looks gorgeous on both cover, but the classic 90s feel of the newsstand edition is what really wins me over here. Which cover do you prefer?

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Throwback Thursday: Tim Blanks Remembers John Galliano’s Spectacular Dior Couture Spring 1998 Show

Image: Getty

This photo has nothing to do with Dior’s Spring 1998 Couture show, but I like it anyway. / Image: Getty

In today's installment of his 'Throwback Thursday' video series for, Tim Blanks revisits his favorite fashion show evvvver — John Galliano's presentation for Dior's Spring 1998 Couture collection. The spectacular designs, inspired by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes and the Marchesa Luisa Casati, were shown in a similarly spectacular … fashion, at the Palais Garnier opera house in Paris.

"When you look up 'fashion show' in the dictionary," writes Blanks, "this is the show that should be there." Watch: 

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50 Holiday Gift Guides to Give the Holiday Gift Guide Enthusiast In Your Life

This holiday gift guides guide is my gift to you. 

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

  1. For style-conscious pets 
  2. For fulfilling your favorite gamer's holiday dreams
  3. For tech-savvy audiophiles
  4. For eco-shoppers
  5. For someone who wants/needs a standing desk
  6. For the Red Raiders fan in your life
  7. For gifts that give back
  8. For athletes who like gadgets
  9. For stylish men
  10. For Walking Dead fans
  11. For finicky foodies
  12. For Lauren Conrad's friends and family
  13. For people who live in San Diego
  14. For writers
  15. For 'Internet' users
  16. For sensitive Baby Boomers
  17. For foodies who won't judge you for being a cheapskate
  18. For Austin art scene aficionados
  19. For nieces and nephews
  20. For geeks
  21. For cooks
  22. For cigar smokers
  23. For someone you want to splurge on
  24. For people who still buy CDs
  25. For bookworms
  26. For people who watch TV
  27. For runners
  28. For Mr. Uncomplicated
  29. For weirdos
  30. For 'Castle' fans
  31. For party animals
  32. For future laptop owners
  33. For digital photographers
  34. For people who read science books
  35. For sad Knicks fans
  36. For people who won't realize their gift comes from Bartell Drugs
  37. For people who might appreciate recieving a map
  38. For Chicago residents
  39. For local beer and wine drinkers
  40. For pop music fans
  41. For sporty females who ski
  42. For your Gleek
  43. For (yoga) squatters
  44. For your four-legged friends
  45. For techno junkies
  46. For the gardening guru
  47. For the insomniac
  48. For pretty-headed people living in cold climates
  49. For your new boyfriend
  50. For the tFS reader

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Link Buzz: Joan Smalls Named ‘World’s Top Model’ By Elle; Jay Z Tries On Veganism

  • Image: ELLE

    Image: ELLE

    Another model lands a major January fashion magazine cover: Joan Smalls for Elle. [Fashionologie]
  • Happy birthday Tyra Banks! Because I know you're reading, here are some GIFts for you. [FabSugar]
  • Lindsay Lohan is dating Liam Neeson's 18-year-old son. Allegedly. [PageSix]
  • DIY your cheek stain, because otherwise you'd have to take the subway to Sephora. [BellaSugar]
  • H&M is getting into activewear which meeeeaaaans Lululemon has a big bad new competitor. [WWD — subscription required]
  • Investors are calling for Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries to resign. [Fashionista]
  • Jay Z is going on a "spirtual" 22-day journey into the land of veganism. Or as he prefers to call it, "plant based!!" [LifeAndTimes]

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