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Link Buzz: Jared Leto by Terry Richardson for Candy; Marc Jacobs and Kidult Skirmish

Jared Leto for Candy by Terry Richardson


  • Jared Leto for Candy by Terry Richardson. I vote wide-eyed love. [Forums]
  • Street style from the men's shows because this Wednesday is superior to other Wednesdays. [FabSugar]
  • Chloe Sevigny has never been underrated. This is not something she has in common with tangerine lipstick. [BellaSugar]
  • Newly-minted actress Natalia Vodianova wants to play Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream. [Fashionologie]
  • "Mommy, tell me the story of Brooke Shields' early career again while we walk in the sand." – Quinoa [My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter, h/t Fashionista]
  • The Period Store is a monthly delivery service. The "discreet box" is packed with "period products, monthly 5×7 inspirational art work, gourmet sweet of the month, 2 tea bags and 3 medicine packs." (The service has a blog called "The Periodical.") For that special guy in your life. [SheFinds]
  • Marc Jacobs and Kidult are skirmishing again and I only barely care. You try. [Telegraph]
  • Maybe you just need to listen to Natalie Imbruglia's Torn over and over and over again, all day. Maybe. [YouTube]

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Here’s Karlie Kloss on the Cover of Vogue Thailand’s July 2013 Music Issue [Updated]

Image: Vogue Thailand

Image: Vogue Thailand

We expected to have to wait a couple more days to see Vogue Thailand's July 2013 Music Issue cover featuring Karlie Kloss, but happily enough, we've received it ahead of schedule. Here it is! Kloss might not seem like the most obvious candidate to cover a music issue, but she was recently spotted shooting on the streets of New York with Daft Punk (the styling of that shoot does not appear to resemble the Vogue Thailand cover or what we've seen of the editorial, which were photographed by David Bellemere in New York City).

[Update, 6/27: The publication confirms that Kloss is wearing Ralph Lauren and says that the Daft Punk shoot is not related to Vogue Thailand's issue.]


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The Lovely Bar Paly is Guest Instagramming for tFS This Week

Image: Bar Paly

Image: Bar Paly

This week, we're delighted to have the lovely Bar Paly as our first-ever guest Instagrammer. The Russian-born Israeli model is sensational-looking, duh, but she also happens to be very sweet, with a chic, playful sense of style. And her hair is so perfect, I think I should just give up and shave mine off. 

For Paly, this has been a banner year: the model appeared in the Roman Coppola film A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, alongside Jason SchwartzmanBill Murray and Patricia Arquette; she had a role in the Michael Bay blockbuster Pain & Gain, which stars Mark Wahlberg and The Rock; finally, she's in the forthcoming Non-Stop, with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.

She's a busy lady! So, keep up with her on the tFS Instagram this week at @theFashionSpotOfficial. 

(And don't forget to follow her personal account @BarPaly, because on the Internet, love means never letting go.)


The Buzz Latest News

Confirmed: Karlie Kloss On the Cover of Vogue Thailand’s July Music Issue [Sneak Peek]

Image: Vogue Thailand

Image: Vogue Thailand

Vogue Thailand confirms a rumor we've seen floating around the tFS Forums: model Karlie Kloss is on the cover of the new publication's July 2013 Music issue, photographed by David Bellemere in New York City. In this sneak peek, she's wearing a leather paneled dress from Altuzarra's Fall 2013 collection (pictured on the runway here).

This is Vogue Thailand's sixth issue. We'll have the cover for you on June 28. 

[Update: Here it is!]


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Kate Moss and Saskia de Brauw Go Punk in New Versace Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit: via the tFS Forums

Image Credit: via the tFS Forums

One of the more controversial efforts of the season, Versace’s punk collection — referred to as “Vunk” — was destined to get a campaign just as saucy as the clothes in the collection. Ironically, the only racy picture to have been released yet does not even show the clothes. Supermodel Kate Moss is seen posing nude, only covering herself with three handbags. The campaign also stars Dutch stunner Saskia de Brauw and male models Travis Smith, Dominik Bauer and Matt Trethe. Matt Trethe is the only new addition to the roster of models featured in Versace campaigns, with the other ones all having been in recent campaigns for the brand already.

Mert & Marcus have once again been appointed as the photographers, albeit tFS forum member GivenchyHomme argued that Steven Meisel would have been a better choice to shoot this. He said, “Why not just book Meisel for a Meisel-esque shoot? He would have elevated this and gave it life. Boring. And isn't it a little soon to copy a concept that Prada did just barely last season?”

Testinofan shared an equally negative opinion on the campaign: “OMG big disaster here, the campaign looks very amateur, a lookbook, the photoshop in Kate's face is very awful!!! And the campaign has much of Avedon, Meisel ,Testino’s [previous] campaigns but [it] looks very Inez & Vinoodh. I think M&M need to stop copying.”

“Very Avedon but the clothes add a modern touch. Bravo!” added Elfinkova, who also admitted that he loved Kate Moss as a brunette and liked the pose and styling in the menswear shot with the grey coat.

VogueDisciple93 also liked Kate’s shot the best, because “she makes a great brunette” and “it doesn't have any of the vile clothes in it."


StoneSkipper found the womenswear shots to be the weakest link in the campaign. He wrote, “The menswear doesn't bother me so much, but the girls… It's like they sucked the soul out of both of them. Look how lifeless they look. *shudder*.”

Heavy Photoshop, to the extent where it makes the models look borderline unreal, will most likely always be a trademark of Mert & Marcus’ photography, but I can’t say I am offended by it here all that much. The minimal makeup and brown hair give Kate Moss a more natural look in spite of the heavy retouching. And Saskia de Brauw just proves once again that she is one of the most interesting and versatile models of the recent years, looking absolutely convincing as a Versace punk. The concept of the campaign may not be groundbreaking, but with this cast and this extravagant collection, this campaign was bound to be a hit and it certainly does not make me shudder!

The Buzz Forum Buzz

Amanda Murphy Looks Like a Movie Star in The New Prada Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit: Instagram @kegrand

Image Credit: Instagram @kegrand

Always one of the most anticipated campaigns of the season, the release of a new Prada campaign is guaranteed to get tFS members excited. Lensed per usual by Steven Meisel, the campaign is supposedly only starring one model this season, “new face” Amanda Murphy. This casting choice doesn’t come as a surprise to some as the American model already opened and closed the last Prada runway show and was seen in film sequences that were playing in the background at the show. The 24-year old model first appeared on the scene in 2008 and had not been seen in any major work prior to being booked for several decent Pre-Fall 2013 shows, which led to casting director Ashley Brokaw booking her for the Proenza Schouler and the Prada shows in the Fall 2013 runway season. With many forum members being unfamiliar with the model, the opinions on her look in the Prada campaign were divided. 

“Amanda looks like a movie star, which is appropriate given the cinematographic nature of the collection,” commented HeatherAnne

Teaars agreed about Amanda looking like a movie star and TREVOFASHIONISTO also noted that her face looked “so cinematic.”  

And Fiercification added, “I am seriously falling in love with this girl, she has such a unique, commanding presence. This is the hottest she's ever looked, from any perspective you look at it. Love the late 60s, early 70s glam movie star look I get from the campaign so far. Glorious.”

Other members stated the opposite. 5 8 6 wrote, “She looks beautiful and she suits the collection's mood perfectly, but I'm a little bit disappointed especially because the fashion show was so great that I was expecting something more dramatic and cinematic from Meisel.”  

This less enthusiastic view was also supported by Elfinkova who didn’t understand the praise for Amanda and said that she looked “like a corpse bride” and Kallu who found that the model looked “boring” and “not good.” 

It is true that the runway show had a very cinematic feeling to it and that this could have been translated into a campaign wonderfully. But even if the whole campaign should be kept as minimal as this first shot, this is so alluring and striking that I have no complaints. Amanda looks like a timeless beauty here and with her intense stare she has won me over. With more shots expected to arrive soon, this campaign is sure to keep the tFS forums buzzing for a while!

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