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Kate Upton as You’ve Never Seen Her Before on W Korea (Forum Buzz)

We’re so used to seeing Kate Upton vamp it up on the likes of Vogue Italia and even U.S. Vogue gave her a makeover to remember, but now it’s W Korea‘s turn to profile the 23-year-old American beauty. Our forums have been pretty excited about the Korean edition of W, especially after Lara Stone‘s jaw-dropping cover for September. Still riding a wave of success, the magazine serves Kate as you’ve never seen her before, captured by Norman Jean Roy. Styled by Anya Ziourova, hair tended to by Bryce Scarlett and with Kate’s makeup applied by Yumi Lee, we’re actually quite amazed by the end result.

W Korea October 2015 Kate Upton by Norman Jean Roy


Members of our forums were pleasantly surprised with the shoot. “Oh it’s quite nice, probably the best I’ve seen of her so far,” hailed KateTheGreatest the moment the first cover (above) dropped.

“I actually like it! Hmm W Korea seems to be trying more than Vogue Korea,” said a satisfied MON. (more…)

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Balmain Designer Olivier Rousteing on Why Diversity Is So Important

Olivier Rouseting Bow

Image: WENN

Olivier Rousteing is passionate about diversity and as guest editor for CNN Style, he’s elaborating on why the cause is so important to him. From the beginning of his tenure at Balmain, Rousteing realized that for many people, it wasn’t his talent or his experience that was the most remarkable thing about him getting the job – it was his blackness.

“When the press announced that I was the new creative director for Balmain, the thing that was most shocking for a lot of people was not my age (I was 26 at the time) but my color, and that really surprised me. Suddenly there was all these stories about me being the first black designer in a luxury, heritage fashion house. Sometimes the fashion crowd think they’re really modern and avant-garde, but I think the system can also be quite old fashioned,” he wrote. “I’m proud today to speak about a world where you walk down the street and see so much diversity, different people, different colors, different races. It’s what I want to try to express in my catwalk, in my casting.”

Report: New York Fashion Week Is Gradually Becoming More Diverse ]

And he’s right. For an industry that touts itself as being forward-thinking, there seem to be a lot of people who are still content to live in a homogenous world that simply doesn’t exist. Rousteing wants to show the industry that there is a big world out there and in it, people (surprise!) look different from each other. “I have the chance to express way more than that: my vision of the world and diversity. It’s always been part of my life, part of my blood and mind, but it’s a topic that you can really express when you’ve grown up and you know who you are. I want to reach people that dream big and that’s why, for me, diversity is such an important topic. It’s something that is part of me and something that I will always fight for.”

[via CNN]


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Blake Lively Is Closing Lifestyle Site Preserve

Blake Lively

Image: WENN

It’s been just over a year since Blake Lively launched her lifestyle website peddling various artisanal goodies but all good things must come to an end – even those things that you put a lot of money and work into. Ah, remember that time Vogue featured Lively on its August issue last year in anticipation of the Preserve launch? Well, now it seems the Preserve brand is about to become a mere memory immortalized by the fashion magazine.

10 Times Blake Lively Gave Us Total Outfit Envy ]

Vogue reports that Lively has decided to close Preserve down, as it is not fitting her vision for the site. “It’s not making a difference in people’s lives, whether superficially or in a meaningful way,” she said. “Our goal has always been to touch millennials through storytelling, and the idea is to create a shoppable lifestyle. And that’s not to say to turn everything into commerce, but to make things easier: This is a thing that I created with my own two hands and this is how you can do it, or this is something that I found on my adventures and travels and this is how you can have it. It’s about creating a level of ease for the people who identify with us. We’ve focused in so much that it’s actually very simple, it’s very clean, it’s very direct.”


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Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss Go Nude for Vogue Paris

Vogue Paris is celebrating its 95th anniversary with a slew of supermodels and Kendall Jenner, but no celebratory fashion shoot would be complete without a little nudity. Cover stars Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss both take their clothes off in the issue, because there is no better way to celebrate a birthday than in one’s birthday suit.

We see Kate lying down on a couch, an image reminiscent of that famous Calvin Klein ad from the 90s – and the woman (photographed by Mert and Marcus) is looking better than ever.  (more…)

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Kim Kardashian Had No Idea Kanye Wanted to Run for President, Can’t Wait to Redecorate the White House

We were all surprised when Kanye West announced at the VMAs that he was planning to run for president, but probably none so surprised as Kim Kardashian, who says she was caught off guard by her husband’s newfound political aspirations – and we would think she would have known about them before because hello, she’s married to the guy. 


A photo with the selfie queen! And @KimKardashian! Don’t miss tomorrow.

A photo posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on

“That was news to me. It was not a discussion in our household,” she said on the Ellen show. Though she had no idea her husband was going to up and try to run for office, like a good wife she is backing his new goals. And why wouldn’t she? Becoming the FLOTUS would make Kim Kardashian even more famous than she already is, and we know the Kardashian-Jenner machine is a slave to any prospect of increased overexposure. (more…)

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Damien Woolnough Lands Editor-In-Chief Spot at L’Officiel Australia

Photo: L'Officiel/Twitter

Photo: L’Officiel/Twitter

If you’re wanting to launch a localised edition of your magazine into Australia, glossy guru Damien Woolnough is perfect for the job.

After introducing ELLE to Australia alongside the fabulous Justin Cullen in 2013, Damien has now landed the editor-in-chief position for L’Officiel Australia, a French fashion and luxury magazine which launched down under with its January 2015 issue. He announced the news on Twitter this afternoon. (more…)