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Kirsten Dunst Is Surrounded by Flowers on UK Harper’s Bazaar (Forum Buzz)

The British version of Harper's Bazaar released its latest cover this week featuring Kirsten Dunst, photographed by Bazaar regular, David Slijper. The actress is wearing a cady, crystal and beaded dress by Miu Miu.

Kirsten Dunst on cover of UK Harper's Bazaar May 2014


Members of theFashionSpot took an instant liking to the cover with Srdjan kicking off the discussion: "I can't believe it!!! Oh this made my day!!! Thank you, thank you for posting this! Very stunning, springy, optimistic. I love Kirsten very much."

TaylorBinque suggested the presence of Kirsten was long overdue and wrote, "Finally. As a fan of Kirsten Dunst, this makes my day."

"An unexpected choice of the delightful variety! She looks absolutely divine," posted HeatherAnne.

KINGofVERSAILLES also shared the same positive attitude: "This is the loveliest celeb cover I've seen in a while. I love the slightly ethereal vibe, May flowers, appropriate amount of text, and you can't go wrong with Kirsten."

Check out the thread, take a look at the exclusive cover for subscribers and join in the discussion here.

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First Look at Kate Moss (in Kate Moss x Topshop) on the Cover of May Harper’s Bazaar

Kate Moss shows off her latest designs for British retailer Topshop on the May 2014 cover of US Harper's Bazaar. The model was photographed by Terry Richardson. The newsstand cover shows Moss wearing a black jacket ($240) and for the subscriber's cover, she dons a silver sequin dress ($500).

Moss also appears on the cover of British Vogue this month wearing pieces from her Topshop collection. You can pre-order three items from Kate Moss x Topshop on Harper's Bazaar's website, April 9, here.

Kate Moss on cover of Harper's Bazaar by Terry Richardson


Kate Moss on cover of Harper's Bazaar by Terry Richardson

What do you think of these covers? Have they made your day? They have mine. Don't forget to join the discussion here.

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Kate Moss Appears on Cover of British Vogue for the 35th Time, Unveiling Her New Collection for Topshop

Yes, you read that right, the radiant Kate Moss has graced the cover of the most covetable magazine, Vogue, for the 35th time, looking effortless as ever whilst proving to everyone that she is far more than just a (very) pretty face.

Kate Moss on cover of British Vogue

(image: Craig McDean, British Vogue)

Not only has she modelled for the cover but is showcasing her work as a stylist in her second shoot for the British title as their contributing fashion editor, as well as unveiling her hotly anticipated forthcoming collection for Topshop, which has not been seen anywhere until now. We have to admit, it is is a pretty impressive presentation of work, all in one issue.

Next to the headline "The Great British Model Takeover," Moss is looking her usual nonchalant self on the cover shot by Craig McDean, spinning around in a silver tasselled lurex jacket from her upcoming Topshop collection, her first in three years. The jacket was created to replace one that she lost, so clearly Moss' designs are very personal. 

Freja Beha Erichsen styled by Kate Moss, British Vogue

Freja Beha Erichsen styled by Kate Moss, British Vogue (image: Criag McDean, British Vogue)

Within the issue, Moss has given an even bigger sneak peek into the collection with her shoot featuring the queen of laidback luxury, Freja Beha Erichsen. The image released today shows Erichsen in true Kate Moss style, teaming up floral chiffon with a raffia woven waistcoat, an embroidered leather bustier and denim hot pants with blanket-stitching and eyelet details. If this is anything to go by, the rest of the collection is going be on everyone’s summer shopping list.

You can see the whole shoot in the May issue, which is out on Monday April 7. Kate Moss' latest collection for Topshop will be in stores and online in May.

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If Other Women Look at You Funny When You Eat Bread, You Just Might Be a Victim of ‘Bread Shaming’

BREAD SHAMING. This the story of a brave fashion writer who dared speak truth to anti-carbism, the greatest threat to female friendship since the dawn of internalized sexism.

Portrait of a Young Woman Eating Bread / Image: Getty

Portrait of a Young Woman Eating Bread / Image: Getty

"Aimee Blaut is astonished. The Stockholm-based editor of The Formula has just handed me half a Balthazar croissant, and in two seconds, I’ve scarfed it down. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but Blaut’s perfect red lips have formed a shocked “O” shape—the same kind of are-you-kidding-me expression that came with Prabal Guring’s streaker.

'What?' I ask, lightly touching my mouth in search of leftover crumbs.

'I’ve never seen an American girl eat bread out in the open like that,' coughs Blaut. 'Not a fashion person in New York, anyway… or any of my friends in Miami…'

…Blaut launches into a half-hushed rant: 'You get dirty looks when you eat bread in front of stylish Americans,' she explains.”

It's true: In New York, it is considered quite gauche to consume buttery, flaky French pastries when offered to you by a friend over breakfast. If it were me, I would have snatched that croissant out of my Stockholm-based blogger friend's hand and mushed it up all over her face, greasing her skin with the pastry's buttery crust. 

In all seriousness, real friend's don't let friends miss out on delicious bread-related opportunities. Additionally, the only acceptable thing to say when you see another woman eating bread is: "Can I have some?" FURTHERMORE: If bread shaming is truly a big problem in your day-to-day, maybe it's because you're running your life like a Sex and the City parody. 

[Bread Shaming: Are You Doing It? - ELLE]


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How to Get the British Heritage Look: Barbour Collaborates with Land Rover

It’s no secret that London is filled with quite the eclectic mix of fashion trends and it’s not until you venture over to one of its areas such as Hampstead Heath that those flamboyant outfits disappear and instead you feel totally submerged within that genuine British heritage vibe. Welcome the gangs of dog walkers donning Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets, and yes, that’s exactly how you’ve seen Kate Middleton dressed so many times before.

The epitome of all things British heritage, Barbour has just announced an exciting new collaboration for A/W 2014 in the form of Land Rover — that’s right, the car maker. Together they debuting their first-ever clothing line quite simply called Barbour for Land Rover, catering to both men and women, with the choice between countryside or more urban offerings.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Great Tower Scout Camp

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Great Tower Scout Camp, Getty

Get ready for a host of traditional Barbour waxes or quilt finished jackets, as well as a surprising injection of luggage, and all with an update twist.

Prices are estimated to retail from around £249 upwards, and quite frankly, things couldn’t get anymore British feeling if you tried. If you can’t wait until its launch, however, you can still get your fashion fix with Barbour’s current offerings here


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Who is Issa Lish, Vogue Italia’s Stunning April Cover Girl? (Forum Buzz)

After the gorgeous cover of the April issue of Italian Vogue surfaced on the tFS forums yesterday, many members couldn't help being curious about the striking but fairly unknown cover model. Who is the exotic-looking model who appears to be a new Steven Meisel favorite?

Issa Lish at Anna Sui F/W 14.15 in New York (image credit: imaxtree)

Issa Lish at Anna Sui Fall 2014 in New York (image credit: imaxtree)

Issa Lish is Mexican and has her Japanese father to thank for her beautiful Asian features. She has been sporting her signature bold bangs since starting out as a model three years ago. For several seasons she was only seen walking smaller shows during Fashion Week in New York.

“Personally, I don't see a model in her but she could pull off some it girl,” pointed out forum member cologne_rocks in 2011. 

It wasn’t until she walked Saint Laurent in Spring 2014 that more people started paying attention to her. Later she walked Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 2014. When she opened the Anna Sui show in New York in the Fall 2014 runway season, astute fashion followers knew big things were to happen for this stunner. Steven Meisel is known to handpick girls for that show and it was obvious he had taken a liking to her. 

Issa Lish at Saint Laurent Spring 2014 and at Jean Paul Gaultier HC Spring 2014 (image credit:

Issa Lish at Saint Laurent Spring 2014 and at Jean Paul Gaultier HC Spring 2014 (image credit:

Forum member leblue15 perfectly summarized what is to come for this exotic beauty: 

“[The Vogue Italia cover] is amazing!! I'm sure it will [make big names take notice of her], a Vogue Italy cover always does that and her opening Anna Sui plus this cover makes her his new favorite. Steven Meisel has a lot of power in pushing a model career, he is a tastemaker and then everybody follows like sheep, so I'm sure others will start using her more. Let's not forget that she opened a Saint Laurent show so Hedi [Slimane] likes her and Jean Paul Gaultier likes her as well….she has it for a very good start. I like her look, she is not like a clone, she has a very distinctive look.”

Are you excited to see where Issa's career is heading? Check her thread on the forums for regular updates. 

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