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Link Buzz: Rihanna Gets a New Haircut; ELLE UK Tries to ‘Rebrand’ Feminism

  • Image: Instagram / BadGirlRiRi

    Image: Instagram / BadGirlRiRi

    ​Hello, Rihanna's new hair. I'm sure our time together will be short but memorable. [BellaSugar]
  • "We want to be an ageless, raceless, weightless agency," says IMG. [Cosmo]
  • I still believe that a Hunger Games-inspired clothing collection misses the whole point, but Net-a-Porter begs to differ and we're all, after all, entitled to our own opinions. [FabSugar]
  • Ashley Olsen was elected to the CFDA board because obviously she deserves it. [Vogue UK]
  • Elle UK staffers pose with "I'm a woman…" selfies as part of the glossy's November project to 'rebrand' feminism. It's one of the more interesting pro-feminism initiatives I've seen, in large part because the mag tapped both a traditional ad agency and a pretty radical ad-free UK-based feminist publication, the Feminist Times (which posted a corresponding editorial contesting the entire premise of the partnership, proposing feminism be debranded instead). [Elle UK, Feminist Times]

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Preview: Mango Replaces Miranda Kerr with Daria Werbowy for Spring 2014

Mango has announced that it's swapping models: Daria Werbowy will replace Miranda Kerr as the face of the brand's Spring 2014 campaign. 

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

"As part of our policy of collaborating with celebrities from the world of fashion, Mango has decided to collaborate with one of top fashion models of the moment," says Ninona Vila, MNG by MANGO’s PR Manager. "In choosing a model of the stature of Daria Werbowy, our aim is not only to highlight our brand values, but also the importance of the quality and design of the garments in the new collection."

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

Werbowy has just appeared in another fast fashion campaign, repping Isabel Marant's H&M collaboration, but she is perhaps best known for her work on Marant's eponymous label and for Phoebe Philo's Céline. No model is better associated with a certain kind of slouchy Parisian chic (articulated by Marant and Philo's designs), one of today's most aspired-to aesthetics — and one which fast fashion brands have copied relentlessly.

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

I'm guessing that's what Mango means when it talks about a renewed emphasis on quality and design — these are the hallmarks of designers like Marant and Philo, who eschew luxury logomania for boyish, sophisticated cuts and exquisite but understated materials, typically in muted tones. 

In the past, the Spanish retailer has been associated with more conventional ideas about femininity and aspirational taste: the Mango lady is all ruffles and animal prints, curves and smiles. The preview photos we received from the brand's Spring 2014 ads, featuring Werbowy and photographed by Josh Olins have a decidedly understated, minimalist feel. The 29-year-old model's hair is beachy and blowing in the wind (machine); she's styled in neutral-colored staples, posing against an expansive background of tan beachy sand. Mango expects the full ads to drop in February 2014. 

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

Image: G. Ascencio for Mango

I've asked Mango for further comment about the brand's new direction and will report back when I get word. 


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Toronto Tailor Unveils Bullet-proof Suit for Budding Bonds (and Gangsters)

Bulletproof Suit

I think Toronto Life first picked up on this story a little over a week ago, but now Toronto tailor Michael Nguyen, owner of Garrison Bespoke on Wellington St. East, is making headlines around the world for his bullet-proof suit.

Yes, you read that correctly as Mr. Nguyen recently unveiled a three-piece suit lined with the same carbon nanotube technology worn by U.S. troops in Iraq! “At Garrison, we take pride in building relationships and trust with each and every one of our clients,” boasts the company website. “That’s why, this year, it was crucial that we offer our clients a bullet-proof suit to keep them safe during their travels to dangerous places for work. We wanted to create a lightweight garment that not only looks professional, but can also act as reliable body armor. The idea was to create a stylish and discreet alternative to wearing a bulky bullet proof vest underneath a suit.”

Each bespoke outfit takes an average of 160 hours to make from start to finish, with the end result comprising of nanotubes in the fabric hardening to block force from penetrating through. This ultimately makes the garment 30 times stronger than steel and 50 times lighter than Kevlar with the ability to protect the wearer from, not just bullets, but also knife attacks.

Clearly you can’t put a price on safety, but Nguyen has gone and done it anyway with a sticker price of $20,000. It’s a little salty for your everyday business needs in the big city, but already this type of men’s clothing has built up a suave fanbase including President Barrack Obama (who reportedly wore a similar suit at his first inauguration). Now Nguyen claims he already has a waiting list of back orders from budding Bond business-types, but what are the chances that you’ll join them and shill out on your own bullet-proof three piece?

Image via Garrison Bespoke

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Marie Piovesan Stars on Vogue Ukraine’s Sophisticated December Cover (Forum Buzz)

image credit: glossynewsstand via the tfs forums

image credit: glossynewsstand via the tfs forums

French model Marie Piovesan has landed her second Vogue cover. On Vogue Ukraine’s December cover, shot by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, the 27-year-old model poses elegantly against a simple white background, wearing a Dior Fall 2013 dress, with the only festive elements being the opulent jewelry. Her quiet beauty is accentuated with bleached eyebrows and gorgeous makeup that gives her an aristocratic look. The sophisticated cover garnered a lot of praise among tFS forum members.

“Yet another magnificent cover from Vogue Ukraine. Marie looks incredibly elegant and poised! The hair and makeup is perfect and the styling is solid. The text is a bit messy but it doesn't take away from the beauty of the cover shot,” commented Nepenthes 

HeatherAnne applauded the model choice. She posted, “Marie is so regal and distinctive looking, this cover wouldn't have the same power without her, but with her it's magic.”

Teaars agreed, “Absolutely bewitching but still feminine and just plain arresting. Marie was a perfect choice for the cover. Vogue Ukraine is surely becoming the best Vogue edition in terms of the cover shots, art direction, and photographer/model selection.”

Vogue Ukraine is still considerably new. But they have had a great run with covers and editorials, and it looks like they have no intention to slow down. An impeccable cover, and a very deserved one for Marie.


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Vanessa Axente and Lindsey Wixson Land Holiday Beauty Campaigns (Forum Buzz)

image credit: via the tfs forums

image credit: via the tfs forums

It will not come as too much of a surprise that the unstoppable Vanessa Axente has scored a beauty campaign already. The Hungarian stunner is the newest face of the Chanel beauty line, starring in a Holiday ad, shot by Solve Sundsbo

“Vanessa looks gorgeous, she has a vintage appeal to her that I love,” commented TheoG in the tFS forums.  

“Congrats to her, but why so much Photoshop…? They made her nose quite smaller and hand is very unnatural…” wondered MyFavorite

To which teaars added, “Agreed about the vintage appeal, and also about the fact that they Photoshopped her fantastic, characteristic nose so much. But still I am super happy for her, never would have associated Vanessa with Chanel Beauty, I was thinking something more along the lines of YSL or Givenchy beauty, but no complaints here!”

image credit: fashiongonerogue via the tfs forums

image credit: fashiongonerogue via the tfs forums

Another tFS favorite who has landed her first major cosmetics campaign is Lindsey Wixson (she previously advertised Jill Stuart makeup). The quirky American model replaces Cara Delevingne as the face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

“I find myself actually liking this one,” wrote chanelh

So do I. Two gorgeous faces who are a perfect fit for a beauty campaigns. Refreshing and beautiful. Congratulations, Vanessa and Lindsey!


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Shop Beyonce’s Buzzy Australian Designer Picks

Not one to limit herself to anything ever, let alone skydiving and draping herself over Brunswick porches, Beyoncé has also beystowed her beylessing on a lucky quartet of antipodean designers. Apparently she was hitting up a few local boutiques too, and has now immortalized four buzzy local labels via the carefully curated ‘Hotlinks’ hall of fame on her Beyhive blog: Sydney’s Dion Lee and Emma Mulholland, and New Zealand’s NOM*d and Karen Walker. Mazel tov, guys.

Since it’s the goal of a large percent of the first world’s population to become as close to Beyoncé as is humanly possible, we’re guessing the websites of Lee, Mulholland, Walker and Nom*d have had a significant increase in traffic over the last few days. But miraculously, not all of Beyoncé’s hot picks are currently being peddled via eBay at a 1000% markup. See beylow for four ways to have your outfit given the inadvertent Beyoncé stamp of approval.


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