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The Jeremy Scott Movie Trailer Is Here

Jeremy Scott is the people’s designer. Or at least, according to the title of his docu-film hitting theaters he is. The trailer for Jeremy Scott: the People’s Designer has hit the Internet and we finally get to see a bit of the anticipated film that follows the designer as he creates work for both his namesake brand and the Moschino label.

Naturally, the film is chock-full of testimonials from Scott’s crew of celebrity fans, including Katy Perry, A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus. The movie covers Scott’s journey from being the weird kid from Kansas City with runway dreams to one of the top designers in the industry today. 

“He knows who he is, first and foremost and his clothes have a narrative, his clothes have their own story,” Perry said of her friend, who also created the eye-popping looks for her Superbowl halftime performance earlier this year. Jeremy Scott: the People’s Designer is set to hit theaters September 18, smack-dab in the middle of fashion month. How appropriate.

Check out the trailer in the video above.

[h/t Pret-a-Reporter]

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Taraji P. Henson Gets the Mert and Marcus Treatment on W’s Sexy August Cover (Forum Buzz)

W magazine just keeps knocking it out of the park! First Jane Fonda’s amazing June/July 2015 cover and now Taraji P. Henson stars on the August issue. Talk about giving us exactly what we want. Already on the cover of Allure, Taraji gets the Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott treatment, appearing as sultry as ever wearing a simple white tee teamed with a pair of blue jeans — and the actress couldn’t look any sexier.

W Magazine August 2015 Taraji P. Henson by Mert & Marcus


Forum members were full of praise from the get-go. “Absolutely love this! Seems to be influenced by some older shots of Diana Ross but it’s still quite refreshing even for Mert and Marcus,” praised GERGIN.

“Gorgeous, love the casual styling for the cover, love her face and the accompanying photos are stunning,” Miss Dalloway added.

Also full of enthusiasm was Luxx: “This is So. Damn. Good. Taraji has been working in Hollywood since the 90s so it is great to see her get her moment.”

HeatherAnne loved the end result also, announcing, “Love the womanly sensuality that has been missing in fashion since Roitfeld left. Not that Carine invented it, but she definitely propelled it and there’s been a lack of it in the industry since her outing at Vogue Paris.”

“This looks beautiful! I’m not familiar with Taraji but she’s killing it here!” raved Nepenthes.

JoCaderone even went so far as to scream, “BEST COVER this year for me! BOW DOWN to the QUEEN COOKIE.”

Wanna show the cover some love? Post us a comment and check out Taraji’s fantastic feature here.

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Gigi and Bella Hadid Look ‘Hooker Chic’ on V Magazine’s Fall Preview Cover (Forum Buzz)

Over the past week, V Magazine has been teasing us with previews and tidbits from its upcoming issue and now the wait is over as the magazine unveils its Fall Preview 2015 issue, featuring Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella as smoldering cover girls. Captured by Steven Klein, the siblings vamp it up wearing furs, lingerie and skyscraper heels as they battle it out while posing in front of a flashy automobile. Impressed?

V Magazine Fall Preview 2015 Gigi & Bella Hadid by Steven Klein


Our forum members weren’t exactly jumping for joy. “Can’t even recognize Gigi on the cover. What an odd shot to be on the cover,” exclaimed jeffandtheworld the moment the cover surfaced.

“That makeup is so harsh. What even? They look like drag queens and Bella’s bulge does not help the situation at all. And Gigi’s hair/wig looks tired,” assessed an uninspired MON.

Wolkfolk was quick to show his disapproval, too, writing, “I feel a bit uncomfortable looking at these shots. I feel like they are and look too young for the whole hooker-chic look.”

Also underwhelmed was KissMiss: “Gosh, Steven used to be a good photographer… his recent work looks very tacky…”

“I don’t mind the idea of it but I don’t think it works well as a cover shot. The composition is kind of awkward,” posted MyNameIs, as we just started coming around to the idea.

“I actually love this!” enthused Oxymore, sharing an entirely different opinion on the thread.

Benn98 agreed and replied, “Me too, it’s tawdry and messy, but most of all, it’s models! Gigi looks unrecognizable with the aggressive makeup and Bella’s crotch looks a bit suspect on the cover, but this is quite a surprise.”

V Magazine Fall Preview 2015 Gigi & Bella Hadid by Steven Klein


See even more of Gigi and Bella inside our thread here.

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Watch What Happens When This Guy Wears 3-Inch Heels All Day

Any woman can tell you that though high heels make our legs look fantastic, they are no picnic on our feet. Whether you’re wearing a single-soled pump or you have a little more help with a platform heel, if you stand or walk around in heels long enough, they’re gonna hurt. BroBible‘s Brandon Cohen has heard women gripe about having to wear heels a lot and wanted to see what all the whining was about, mostly “to prove that girls are huge complainers.” He decided to film himself wearing 3-inch heels for a whole day and the results were what any woman would expect.

As Brandon leaves his apartment and walks to his elevator, the pain kicks in. “I’m already in so much pain, it’s astounding,” he said. Oh, Brandon, but your day has barely started! Cameras follow Brandon as he teeters to his car, through the office and through shopping malls where gawking bystanders take pictures of him and snicker at the sight of a man in high heels. Walking down the stairs proves to be a particular challenge for Brandon, as does just about everything, including existing in public without the constant fear of being judged. Hmm, sounds strangely familiar.

All in all, Brandon learns that women aren’t simply whiners. Heels suck, but we do give him props for wearing them for over 10 hours, which is something even we wouldn’t imagine doing without bringing along an extra pair of flats.

Watch Brandon’s day in high heels in the video above.

[via BroBible]

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Emma Stone’s WSJ Cover Is Just OK (Forum Buzz)

We’re forever appreciative of magazines that create original and visually-stimulating content time after time. WSJ has cemented itself as an innovator, its covers and features being a regular topic of discussion on our forums. The magazine’s July/August cover star Emma Stone practically gets a make-under on location in Malibu as she snuggles up outdoors with a turtleneck sweater and a blanket before Angelo Pennetta‘s lens, styled by Francesca Burns.

WSJ Magazine July/August 2015 Emma Stone by Angelo Penetta


As usual, forum members couldn’t wait to see what WSJ had for us this time around. “I feel like making the mistake of watching Aloha just accelerated the process of finding her one of the most obnoxious actresses right now. Nice haircut and kudos to her colorist, but that’s about it,” shared an underwhelmed MulletProof.

“This magazine resorts to 2 types of styling: earthy hippie/strong California vibe and minimal/throw on a cozy sweater. It’s getting tiresome,” expressed HeatherAnne.

Benn98 replied, “Especially when you add Angelo Pennetta to the mix. The cover looks like The Times Travel magazine, and I like it for that reason. Nothing else interests me.”

Mixed feelings seemed to be the overall theme in the thread. “The cover is very pretty, but the editorial looks like a story from Teen Vogue,” compared burbuja8910 the moment Emma’s cover story surfaced.

“I like the cover but the ed falls flat,” agreed Cosmic Voices.

Sharing the same sentiments was justaguy: “Nice cover, but the edit’s not really working too well.”

Make your mind up about Emma’s pictures once you’ve taken a peek inside our thread here. Don’t forget to drop us a comment!

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