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Renegade Collective Unveils Four Game-Changing Cover Stars

Photo courtesy of Renegade Collective

Photo courtesy of Renegade Collective

Entrepreneurial magazine Renegade Collective is always ready to shake things up in print media, and the split cover concept for Issue #25 is no exception.

Looking to local Australian talent who are making serious waves internationally, editor-in-chief Lisa Messenger wanted to shine the spotlight on the new breed of creatives, who you may not know by face, but you will definitely know by their work.

First up is Eleanor Pendleton, aka the queen of beauty media and founder of e-mag GRITTYpretty, who has been reviving the beauty landscape online by working with some of the industry’s greats like Chanel and Elizabeth Arden, plus the likes of Jessica Hart and Margaret Zhang. (more…)

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WATCH: Sam Frost Meets the Bachelors, Cackles Ridiculously Throughout

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

The Bachelorette is premiering in two weeks and we can’t even, because we’re pretty sure that Channel 10 has saved all of its budget for this one. Seriously, have you seen the dates Sam Wood has been taking the girls on his season? Case and point.

Sam Frost, who was left humiliated like no other by Blake Garvey last season, looks like she’s in for one heck of a ride, if the “international model”, “pro soccer player”, “musician”, “construction worker”  and someone who can only be described as “bird man” are anything to go by. (more…)

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Ashley and Jessica Hart Open Up About Loss, Sisterhood and that Gap

Jessica Hart Ashley Hart

Photo: Channel 9

Sisters Ashley and Jessica Hart might pose for different areas of the cut-throat modelling industry, but the pair share so many of the same memories, experiences and bonds which will forever bind them together. 

In an interview for 60 Minutes, the girls acknowledged that the people they have become today is thanks to their mum, Rae, who waited until she was pregnant with Ashley to leave a difficult relationship with the girls’ father.

“She knew she was going to be a single mother, so she waited until she was pregnant [with Ashley] before she left my father so that we would always have each other,” Jessica explained. “I can’t imagine life without her,” Jessica continued. (more…)

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Link Buzz: Kanye West Covers The New Yorker, Beyoncé Gets Birthday Bangs

Kanye West New Yorker Cover

Image: Courtesy of The New Yorker

  • The CFDA reminds the fashion set to follow health initiative guidelines this Fashion Week. [WWD]
  • Beyoncé gets bangs just in time for her 34th birthday. [E!]
  • At 50, Tom Ford is exactly the man he thought he would be. [Mr Porter]
  • This amazing woman surfs in dresses and high heels like it ain’t no thang. [The Huffington Post]
  • Emily Ratajkowski is so tired of folks asking her about that “Blurred Lines” music video. [E!]
  • Kanye West’s 2020 presidential campaign announcement gets him the cover of The New Yorker. [The New Yorker]
  • Here’s Angelina Jolie at 25 crying in an acting class. [PopSugar]
  • Sustainable swimwear is becoming a thing. [Fortune]
  • Here’s how lingerie has changed over the past century. [The Huffington Post]

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Suki Waterhouse Tries to Eat Her Hair on the Cover of Vogue Thailand (Forum Buzz)

She hasn’t exactly had a groundbreaking cover of Vogue since failing to impress on both Vogue Turkey and Vogue Korea. Now, Vogue Thailand tries its hand at photographing Suki Waterhouse and assigns her the all-important cover for September 2015. The regular face and brand ambassador of Burberry strikes a pose with photographer Marcin Tyszka, delivering us a close-up cover shot as she stares down the lens. The 23-year-old serves up some good hair and we would expect no less after Suki was recently announced as a brand ambassador of Redken.

But according to our forum members, Suki’s hair is far from inspiring. “That looks like a cheap wig,” slammed Wintergreen.

“Messy. What’s with the pose? It looks like Suki’s trying to get a bite of her hair. Never really got her appeal either,” added jescajade.

MON certainly wasn’t a fan and went so far as to state, “Probably the worst year for September covers and this is not an exception. White text on that hair? Really? The fashion issue also need not be mentioned because every Vogue issue is a fashion issue.”

[ September Issues: All the Covers We Loved and Hated ]

Also disappointed was KissMiss, commenting, “Potentially the funniest cover ever. What’s with her mouth? Was she yawning, they snapped it and then the camera ran out of memory?”

“It would have been better if she wasn’t looking at the camera. She really can’t model to save her life. Who decided to put the text in these colors? You can barely see it because of her hair. Suki can’t do close-ups,” said a horrified Aizanara.

Are you impressed by Vogue Thailand’s seemingly best efforts this month? Sound off in our thread here.

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This Machine-Learning Algorithm Can Predict the Next Top Model

Computers are now claiming to do what Tyra Banks was never able to: predict which fresh faces will become top models. Jaehyuk Park and a group of researchers at the Indiana University in Bloomington have used a machine-learning algorithm to determine which models are more likely to be fashion’s next big stars.

So, how did they manage to do it? The group gathered data of 431 female models, including how many runways each had appeared on, their number of Instagram followers and likes, as well as measurements and the agencies with which they may or may not be signed. What they found was quite telling. “Various factors positively correlate with runway popularity—for example, tall models are more popular and each additional centimeter of height more than doubles their chances of walking a runway,” an article in Technology Review explains. “Being on the books of a top agency is an even more important factor which increases the chances of appearing on a runway by a factor of ten. Rather predictably, factors such as larger dress, hips, and shoe size all negatively correlate with success while waist size is not correlated either way. Social media turns out to be important too but not always in obvious ways. More comments on an Instagram account correlates with higher chances of walking a runway. But strangely, having more ‘likes’ reduces the chances by around 10 percent.”

After getting all this information, the team took things a step further and used the machine-learning algorithm to help figure out which models we would be most likely to see on future runways, taking a sample of 15 models. “The best algorithm correctly identified six of the eight models who would go on to become popular on the runway. Our framework successfully predicts most of the new popular models who appeared in 2015.”

But before you get too excited, there are some problems with the findings. They don’t take into account that some runway appearances are more coveted than others, though it did find that having a strong Instagram following seems to be a more important factor in the success of a model than being at a top agency.

Still, this provides interesting insight into what a top model makes and further proves the idea that if you want to be a successful model these days, you’ve got to make sure your Instagram account is on point.

[via This  Review]