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Six Vogue Covers This Year: Arizona Muse is Vogue China’s August Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

Arizona Muse has landed her sixth Vogue cover of the year, scoring her third Vogue China cover since her modeling debut for the August 2014 issue. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier wearing a halter dress from Bottega Veneta with her hair styled in retro waves, Arizona’s energetic smile radiates through the lens.

Vogue China August 2014 Arizona Muse Patrick Demarchelier


Members of our forums aren’t so convinced with the model’s smile, though. “Seriously, enough of her and her big cheeseball smile,” commented HeatherAnne.

“Creepy smile and the same angle as always. You got an F again Vogue China,” agreed Bruce7Lee.

Starry was also in the same frame of mind and posted, “Classic Arizona pose. I used to like her a lot but now I find her versatility lacking.”

Not every forum member shared the same sentiments, though. “It’s nice to see a model with a great smile. You can only brood and pout so much. Arizona makes me realize how few models are asked to smile as much as she is—their look usually suffers while Arizona looks even better,” wrote an enthusiastic loladonna.

“I will never get tired of Arizona’s smile. Beautiful cover as always and it’s amazing how she consistently gets Vogue covers,” exclaimed Style Savvy.

Check out the thread for a couple more pictures of a glowing Arizona and join the discussion here.

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Forum Buzz: Rita Ora ‘Who?’ Stars in Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2014 Campaign

Image: Roberto Cavalli

Image: Roberto Cavalli

“I wish fashion were less tied to communication and stars. I can’t understand all these fashion companies spending millions to dress celebrities.” -Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli might not approve of designers using celebrities to sell their collections, but he’s made an exception for Rita Ora, who fronts his label’s latest campaign. We can only speculate why Rita is the one celebrity Cavalli doesn’t mind using…could it be because she hasn’t really been able to break into the American market? Perhaps.

And it is for this reason that several forum members are confused on the casting. Rita is definitely popular overseas, but she hasn’t had the same sort of stateside (perhaps even international) success, for instance, that her Roc Nation label mate, Rihanna, has enjoyed. Either way, Rita’s scored herself another campaign, and the rest are left to wonder why.

“I can’t imagine there being any positive reaction from this decision. Did they think this would help the brand at all?” Trevofashionisto wrote.

“What bothers me about this it’s not the fact that they chose a celebrity, but choosing the most irrelevant celebrity possible. No one cares about Rita or wants to dress like her so you could do better with a model who actually knows how to sell the clothes,” jmrmartinho. Well, ouch!

Luxx continued, “How popular is she? I feel like no one really cares about her existence on this side of the Atlantic, but can’t get a grasp on how successful her career actually is globally. The campaign is neither here nor there for me visually, she looks a bit like a poor man’s Rihanna in that shot.”

“Who?” LagerfeldBoy simply questioned.

Not everyone shared those sentiments — a few forum members actually liked the campaign. “Beautiful, the white hair with the blue dress, eye-catching,” Nymphaea said.

“I like it, I like her hair and the photos used. Rita is very pretty!” TeeVanity quipped.

Yeah…the comments were pretty harsh, but I think maxlinden summed up the general sentiments of our members: “The best thing about this campaign is this thread.”

Can’t lie, it’s a pretty entertaining thread.

Join the discussion over at our forums and add your two cents!

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Discover the Chiltern Firehouse, London’s Hottest Restaurant

If you’ve been living on Mars for the last couple of months, then perhaps you could be forgiven for not knowing what London’s Chiltern Firehouse is. It’s been popping up on a daily basis as we watch some of our favourite style icons leaving its exclusive doors each evening, making it nearly impossible to not know what it is.

Owned by André Balazs, this London Marylebone restaurant is fast being dubbed the Chiltern Fashionhouse by some of our favourite glossies due to the sheer volume of celebs it welcomes in their very best outfits.

Celebrities at the Chiltern Firehouse

Amongst the hundreds of prolific trendsetters hitting this hotspot, it’s counted members of the fashion elite like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Brit pop’s finest such as Lily Allen, royalty in the form of Princess Eugenie and even David Cameron’s wife Samantha as guests.

Without a doubt, for anybody who’s anybody, it’s currently the latest place to be spotted at in London. And for those of us who can’t secure a dinner date there to do a little trendspotting, rest assured you’ll get to see the latest pap shots the very next day.


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Alexander Wang, H&M Tease Forthcoming Collection on Social Media

So, just expect to be flurried with sneak peeks, lookbooks and other morsels from Alexander Wang‘s forthcoming H&M collaboration. The collection doesn’t drop until November 6, but already both Wang and the folks at H&M are dishing out teasers of what to expect from the collection. Yesterday, H&M tweeted an image of a boxing glove keychain bearing the letters “AW.”

Wang Instagrammed the same image yesterday, and today added another of what could possibly be the bottom of a shoe or maybe the side of a quilted AW-branded bag. Either way, it’s not 100 percent clear what product we’re looking at in this new image, but it’s definitely helping to drum up some preliminary hype around the collection.

We’ll be watching both his and H&M’s social media accounts carefully for more sneak peeks!

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Introducing Ellen DeGeneres: Lifestyle Brand



There's a lot of money to be made when you're one of the most popular talk show hosts in America. Just ask Oprah Winfrey, or any of the other brands that have landed on her "Favorite Things" lists over the years. And it looks like Ellen DeGeneres is trying to tap into that kind of moneymaking situation. The talk show hostess announced that she will be launching E.D., a lifestyle brand, which she intends on keeping in business for a long time.

Ellen has enlisted the help of Burch Creative Capital boss J. Christopher Burch (aka Tory Burch's ex-husband) to help launch this new endeavor. She's stocked her brand's board with several industry bigwigs, including former president and CEO of Isaac Mizrahi, Marisa Gardini, Michael Francis, former global chief marketing officer for Target and Janet Grove, former Macy's Merchandising Group CEO. 

As with any long-term business commitment, E.D. is starting small with plans for rapid expansion. The brand will debut with a holiday gift collection featuring candles, mugs, pillows and ornaments. A set of pajamas and slippers will be the only available apparel from that range. Come spring, a full launch will be underway. The line will offer menswear and womenswear along with accessories for humans and pets at accessible prices. E.D. will be distributed through partner stores, though the brand is working hard to be able to deliver e-commerce through its own site this spring. 

Oh, and if you thought that this project was about Ellen slapping her name on a moneymaking opportunity, J. Christopher Burch is very clear that this is simply not the case.

“Ellen will drive the design and merchandise process,” he told WWD. “I’m fortunate to be creative and have a little bit of business sense, but in this case, it’s Ellen’s vision. We’re here as collaborating partners to make sure we accomplish her vision through sourcing, through all of the different things needed [to develop a brand].”

Look out for E.D. in late October/early November, distributing online through a retail partner. Can't wait to see what Ellen has to offer!

[via WWD]

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Miranda Kerr Takes the Streets of New York in Sexy Monochrome and Gold

Miranda Kerr is never shy of a monochromatic palette, but somehow her sex appeal was off the Richter scale as she strolled through the streets of New York City yesterday in a basic, yet alluring, getup. The 31-year-old leggy model took advantage of her best assets with careful attention to detail of the fit, cut and texture of her outfit.

Miranda Kerr New York Street Style

Photo: NCP/Star Max/GC Images

With the plunging neckline of her slightly see-through singlet, Miranda drew attention to a visible triangle bralette underneath and her fitted, high-waisted jeans showed off her ridiculously amazing figure. The gold accessories, including a plaited choker necklace and a chunky watch, polished off the world-famous model's slick look, as well as her suave leather boots and handbag.

And even though Miranda has the body that could make an animal onesie look stylish, it seems the credit for this outfit could belong elsewhere. Stylists-to-the-stars Chloé & Marie-Lou Bartoli posted the photo of Kerr to their Instagram, so we're thinking they're the culprits for this monochrome magic on the streets on Manhattan.

But if Miranda's seemingly effortless ensemble is anything to go by, monochrome just got a whole lot less boring. Just incorporate some swanky gold accessories, red nail polish and tough leather pieces to get a hold of this smoking hot style in no time. Don't forget the slicked back hair and black shades to let everyone know you're a woman about business. Is that a KORA Organics product we spy peeping out of her bag? We bet the Bartoli sisters aren't responsible for that one.


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