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Conan O’Brien Talks to Joe Galliano About His Brother’s “Hasidic Outfit” Controversy

No one's saying Bridget Foley's take on the recent controversy surrounding John Galliano's possibly Hasidic-inspired outfit wasn't thoughtful and informative, but of course her contribution was limited simply because, unlike Conan O'Brien, she didn't land an exclusive with the former Dior designer's brother, Joe Galliano

I don't know what Conan's got on Joe, but the less-famous Galliano has (presumably) refused to grant interviews to anyone else, making TBS's Team Coco the premier destination for all your Joe Galliano infotainment needs. 

The Frenchman appeared on the program in a segment to show off the newest additions to his chapeau stockpile and talk about his brother's recent media scrape. 


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Daria Werbowy Covers Vogue Ukraine’s Debut Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Ukraine March 2013 - Daria Werbowy

There have been quite a few new editions of Vogue cropping up as of late, but this debut issue of Vogue Ukraine for March 2013 somehow feels the most promising. Daria Werbowy fronts the issue in a look from Prada’s Spring 2013 collection, and a new publication really couldn’t ask for a better cover model (though I may be biased – I heart Daria forever).

“Wowza! That cover looks amazing!” Elfinkova exclaimed.

“Wow, yes, that looks very good!” Psylocke agreed. “Love the styling and the clean layout. Daria is a great choice for the debut issue, obviously (I know, I know, everyone wanted Snejana Onopka). Makes me very excited for the content, it looks absolutely promising!”

I’ll spare you the additional chorus of fawning adoration in the forums (though this cover deserves it). Ukrainians can look forward to interviews with Daria, Yelena Yemchuk, Sofia Rotaru, Asia Mhitarian, Milla Jovovich, and Sonya Delone.

This looks like a promising start, and let’s hope the content can match the cover.

Image: twitter/@Fashionweek_TV

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Lais Ribeiro Fronts Tom Ford’s Sahara Noir Fragrance Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Tom Ford Sahara Noir fragrance ad - Lais Ribeiro

Tom Ford tapped Lais Ribeiro to front the campaign for his Sahara Noir fragrance, and I’m so glad he did. Something about her languid pose and the way she looks in that sultry makeup just feels right.

“WOW. EPIC campaign, Lais is superb!” miguelalmeida exclaimed.

“Lais is apparently perfect for Tom Ford, gorgeous,” Maximilian S posted.

As great as this ad is, there were some detractors in the forums.

“Lais is so beautiful but she really looks sleepy,” Vladita commented. Those are just your classic “bedroom eyes,” no?

Jacque Marcel wrote, “Up the nose shots are never flattering,” but I think when you’re Lais, any type of shot is flattering.

I can probably find a rebuttal for every argument against this ad. Tom Ford has done plenty of things wrong lately (see his Fall 2013 collection), but this ad campaign isn’t one of them.


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Cameron Diaz? Is That You on Interview Russia? (Forum Buzz)

Interview Russia March 2013 - Cameron DiazInterview Russia March 2013 - Cameron Diaz

Interview seems to be making a habit of making their cover stars unrecognizable (see Heidi Klum on Interview Germany for example) and the latest “victim” is Cameron Diaz on the magazine’s Russian edition. In both black and white and in color, Cameron drew comparisons to a bevy of other women she looked more like than herself. Maybe not the best use of her star power?

“She looks more like Jessica Chastain,” jmrmartinho decided. “The first cover is good, the other one is awful.”

“I’m not crazy about either cover but that second one is just scary,” lelaid agreed.

LizzyF thought, “She looks like Debbie Harry,” while VogueDisciple93 “thought it was a cleaned up Courtney Love.”

Vogue28 threw Heidi Mount’s name into the mix, and Psylocke laughed at all the comparisons, saying, “I was convinced when I looked at the first shot that it was May Andersen. How odd! I find both covers creative and fun, I don't mind that it's impossible to tell it's Cameron.”

I kind of don’t mind that I can’t tell it’s Cameron either to be honest. The covers are kind of edgy and different, and I’d rather see something like this than another typical glamour shot. So, as far as I’m concerned, Interview can just keep on keeping on with their unrecognizable cover girls.


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5 Things I Didn’t Write About Today

  • T Magazine's Deborah Needleman pledges to make the publication more diverse in the future. That's great news and I trust Needleman more than the average fashion editor, but people are always promising to be better and I've found that having zero expectations w/r/t progress is the optimal way of going through life. [NYTimes]
  • French contemporary brand Comptoir des Cotonniers is partnering with the Paris-based label, Calla. Toronto-born designer Calla Haynes is talented, but Comptoir des Cotonniers is overpriced factory manufactured trendbait masquerading as quality clothing. [WWD]
  • You might have noticed that Fashionologie, FabSugar and ShopStyle have all folded into the same site. Here's an interview with the owners of PopSugar on the subject of the rebranding. [Fashionista]
  • Rihanna worked with MAC on some cosmetics collections because her collaboration with River Island turned out so well. [WWD]
  • Details is launching a blogger network, pulling together a platform which will attract an audience of 10 million. [WWD]

Image via WWD

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Link Buzz: Bloggers Respond to Suzy Menkes; A Tabloid Suggests Kanye Bought Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

  • Bloggers respond to Suzy Menkes' takedown of bloggers because I don't know what she thought would happen. [Fashionologie]
  • Milan Fashion Week is kicking off and lots of famous people are attending shows wearing outfits you've never seen them wear before. [FabSugar]
  • This list of ten things you should do the night before your wedding includes checking into your honeymoon flight, watching a funny movie, using the bathroom if you feel like you need to. [SheFinds]
  • If you want to know how to do Anna Sui's Fall 2013 beauty look, I can't help you except by posting a link to a video tutorial directly after this sentence. [BellaSugar]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker covered Harper's Bazaar China because she's a famous lady. [EarSucker]
  • Star says Kim Kardashian was paid $22 million dollars to get pregnant, which would essentially make her a surrogate for herself. Or something. I'm chewing on it. [HaveUHeard]

Image by Bridget Fleming for The Fashion Spot

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