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Iman’s First Trip to America Was Totally Illegal

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Fashion is a force so strong that some people are willing to break the law for it. Just ask Iman, who admits her first time in America may not have been a completely legal visit. The legendary supermodel admitted to The Cut that as a youngster, still under the tender age of 18, she fibbed in order to get a passport to be able to enter the United States. “To leave Kenya to come to the United States, to get a passport, you had to be 18,” she said. “So I lied and said I was 19 to get the passport, because [otherwise] I had to have permission from my parents, and my parents would never have let me come.”

But like all of us who went behind our parents’ back as teenagers, she couldn’t keep the secret of her big, illegal trip to America safe from her parents. “You know how they found out? I was in Newsweek a week later. It’s the only magazine my father reads, and the next thing, he’s reading, and there’s a picture of me in New York, [saying,] ‘She’s the hottest model now.’” Oops! Hard to keep a secret when your teenage rebellion unwittingly makes you one of the most in-demand faces in the industry. 

[via The Cut]

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Stars Shine Bright for Moët & Chandon Event

Australian models, presenters and actresses hit Sydney’s Roslyn Packer Theatre last night, April 8, for the launch of Moët & Chandon’s Grand Vintage Rosé 2006, stepping out in shimmering lurex, wet-look leather and textured jacquard. Check out the shiny looks below.

Jesinta Campbell

Photo: Getty

Jesinta Campbell enlisted the help of her sister stylist, Aleysha Campbell, to put together this divine look. The model and presenter wore a metallic Salvatore Ferragamo midi dress with knot-front detail, teamed with a Viktoria Novak head crown and minimal two-strap heels. As always, Jesinta’s engagement ring was the perfect addition to this dazzling get-up. (more…)

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Link Buzz: Khloe Kardashian Is Working on an App, Karlie Kloss Just Invested in a Trendy Eco-Friendly Brand

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

  • James Corden is hosting the CFDA Awards. [Telegraph]
  • Condé Nast College opens its doors in Shanghai. [BoF]
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just did a nude photoshoot for Violet Gray. [Us]
  • If you didn’t think washing instructions on clothing could be offensive, then you haven’t seen this garment tag. [Paper]
  • You know what the world doesn’t have enough of? Kardashian-related apps. Good thing Khloe Kardashian is here to right this terrible wrong. [People]
  • Christie Brinkley injured herself trying to save a bird. [Vogue UK]
  • Uniqlo is opening up more stores. [Racked]
  • Karlie Kloss just invested some of her hard earned cash in Reformation. [Forbes

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Dove Wants Women to Own Their Beauty in Latest Campaign

Dove’s latest in female empowerment-focused campaign encourages women to own the fact that they’re beautiful. The beauty brand has launched a campaign that challenges women to confront the way they percieve themselves. At buildings in San Francisco, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and London, Dove put the words “Beautiful” and “Average” above the entrances to see which door women would choose to walk through. 

Dove interviewed some of the women to find out why they decided to walk though the doors they chose. Naturally, a significant amount of women picked the “average” door, a few pointing to the fact that they didn’t think the word “beautiful” describes them. One women said she went through the average door because for her, beautiful seemed “too far away out of reach.”

Another woman wondered if she chose “average” based on what society tells her is beautiful, as opposed to her personal feelings about how she looks. A few women needed encouragement from family members and friends to go through the beautiful door.

Once again, Dove’s campaign gives us some insight into how women see themselves and how damaging society’s notions and norms can be on the psyche of the average woman. Dove hopes that this campaign will help women be more conscious about how they perceive themselves. “Beauty is a choice available to all of us every day. However, it’s a simple truth that women all over the world don’t feel able to see themselves as beautiful,” the brand says on its dedicated tumblr. “Mindfulness is a way of helping us all think more positively about ourselves by learning to appreciate our own unique beauty.”

[via Dove YouTube

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Montreal-Based Brand Pursebox Launches Duty-Free Shopping Site


Lancaster Paris Savana Crossbody Bag, $248; Image: Courtesy of Pursebox

Hey, Canadian shoppers: Tired of crazy duties and not enough online selection? Us, too. Pursebox just launched in La Belle Province to help bridge the gap between you and your favourite carryalls. The idea? To help bring Canadian and international brands to Northern home turf faster and easier. Because fashion doesn’t always have to be a pain, right?

Pursebox—officially launching on April 15—is promising “world-class brands without the import fees” and has brands like Lancaster Paris, Annabel Ingall and more stocking its e-shelves. Now, to shoppers addicted to clicking their way to top fashion items or who live far away from urban cities across the country, this is huge.


Annabel Ingall Jojo Crossbody Bag, $359; Image: Courtesy of Pursebox

“When looking for a quality leather purse at an accessible price, Canadians don’t always know where to go,” says Ania Kuskowski, president of Pursebox.

And even if they do, they have to pay a premium for brand-name bags and the haute shipping that comes with it. On top of elevating the Canadian e-commerce market, Pursebox is promising to eliminate annoying duties on delivery and complicated cross-border returns.

“We’ve created an online destination where they can enjoy the latest purse trends without paying thousands of dollars for them. It’s a hub for purse-lovers,” explains Kuskowski.

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Did Kelly Osbourne Throw Shade to Giuliana Rancic on Twitter?

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Earlier this week, Giuliana Rancic came forward to finally explain what really happened when she made that tasteless joke about Zendaya’s hair at the Oscars on an episode of Fashion Police. Both Rancic and the show experienced backlash from fans and also from now ex-cast members like Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin. Rancic said her “patchouli oil or weed” joke was cut for time, and her references to hippie culture, like making peace signs and using the word “bohemian,” were edited out and that is the reason why the joke appeared to be so offensive.

Kelly Osbourne allegedly isn’t buying it. Osbourne has been a vocal player in this recent Fashion Police debacle, so when eagle-eyed Twitter users spotted what they believe to be a subtweet aimed at Rancic, they took the bait.

On Monday, Osbourne tweeted “Liars ALWAYS get caught,” which considering the timing of the tweet – happening just a few hours after Rancic’s interview on the Today Show aired – seems a little shady. Of course, unless Osbourne herself comes out to confirm that yes, the tweet was aimed at Rancic we can’t be 100% sure it was directed at her, but needless to say, the timing of the tweet is really quite curious.

There are rumors that Osbourne told Rancic during the taping that the joke was not a good idea, but she insisted on telling it anyway. According to Kathy Griffin, the joke was written by someone else, and not Rancic herself. 

All we know is that this entire thing is a mess.

[via Us]

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