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Take a Chance on Chanel’s New Fragrance Campaign (Forum Buzz)

We can guarantee you’ll want to spend the weekend bowling once you’ve seen Chanel‘s latest campaign. To coincide with the unveiling of the brand’s latest Chance Eau Vive fragrance (consisting of grapefruit and blood orange accord with jasmine and white musk), Chanel has unveiled the print campaign alongside its wonderfully playful commercial, ahead of the scent’s release today. Chanel tapped Jean-Paul Goude to capture both the print and film campaigns with a fabulously entertaining result. French beauty Rianne van Rompeay strikes out as the face of the scent, playing the role perfectly while using the bottle as a bowling ball.

Chanel Chance Eau Vive Ad Campaign Rianne van Rompaey by Jean-Paul Goude


The campaign was a treat for our forum members. “OMG! A new Chance and the images are fabulous!” raved gazebo.

“Very original, finally something new!” admired Emmanuelle in agreement.

Also full of appreciation was dior_couture1245: “Jean-Paul Goude just makes the best and most charming fragrance ads. He is a genius! The commercial is fabulous!”

Forum member Darri couldn’t wait to add, “Goodness, what a fun, silly, brie candy coated commercial. Love it!”

“It’s very French and cute but I don’t like what they did to Rianne’s hair. Her normal hair looks so much more gorgeous. However, I’m glad that she landed this big campaign, so good for her,” applauded Nomar.

A different attitude soon found its way into the thread. “From what archive did they pull this? It’s very old-fashioned,” disapproved Nymphaea.

Gábor wasn’t feeling it either and informed, “It looks just as bad in print.”

Check out the thread here and meet us at the bowling alley!

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Teresa Palmer Opens Up About ‘Turbulent’ Childhood

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Adelaide-native Teresa Palmer may have made her mark on Hollywood in films such as Warm Bodies and Bedtime Stories, but it’s her latest role in Dreams  that really hits close to home.

Working on the project with her real-life husband, Mark Webber, the short film created by Vs. magazine has the actress drawing inspiration from her troubled childhood growing up in public housing.

Teresa portrays a single mother/wannabe actress in the short film, strapped for cash and living in a trailer park near Los Angeles. Despite the production’s efforts to dress her down, Teresa’s natural beauty prominently shines through.

Directed by Guy Aroch, it may be worlds away from the glitterati of Hollywood, but it is still a reality for many and a reminder of Teresa’s past.  (more…)

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Fashion Bloggers Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Nicole Richie, Claw Hands and Problem Solving

Photo: E!

Photo: E!

Fashion Bloggers Season Two is now well under way, with Zanita WhittingtonSara DonaldsonAmanda ShadforthKate Waterhouse and Nadia Fairfax revealing more of their fascinating lives to us with every episode.

For episode two we got to see almost all of their claw hands in action, witnessed some problem-solving advice in the form of #FoodPorn, and had some beautiful cameos which made the show all the more riveting. 

Don’t stress if you missed it. We’ve got a full recap for you below. (more…)

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Iggy Azalea Is Releasing a Book

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Iggy Azalea is working on a book, but it isn’t your typical celebrity autobiography detailing the trials and tribulations of one’s incredibly interesting career and life. And that’s not because Iggy’s only 24, and should probably wait until she’s got a bit more life experience under her belt. It’s because the project will consist only of pictures.

“I guess you could say its a coffee table book,” Iggy announced on Twitter yesterday. The rapper’s friend, photographer Brock Fetch, has been working with Iggy on the project by taking the photos for the book.

Although it was meant to be a behind-the-scenes look at her Great Escape tour, which was cancelled last month thanks to the rapper’s “creative change of heart”, Iggy has decided to go full steam ahead with the literature-free work.

“Obviously the tour isnt happening but brock and i figured that shouldnt mean we stop documenting stuff. BTS of life not just the stage,” she explained. It’s looking like we can expect “old”, “authentic”, “candid” and “warm” shots in the book, with Iggy loving these types of photos because they “make you feel like you could close your eyes and be there”. (more…)

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Justin Bieber Casts His Usual Glance for L’Uomo Vogue

Justin Bieber is a big boy now and he is flaunting his big boy facial hair on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue. The singer was tapped for the magazine’s July/August issue, for which he was photographed by Francesco Carrozzini and styled by Karla Welch.

Justin bieber l'uomo vogue

Image: L’Uomo Vogue

For the cover image, Bieber serves a softer version of his trademark bewildered smolder, his forehead only slightly furrowed this time. Bieber posted a few images from the spread to his Instagram page, which show him doing basically the same pose but in different clothes, sometimes looking in a different direction. What a range this young man has!


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

In this particular spread, Bieber appears to be fully clothed (at least from the images we’ve seen), so for now, we can be thankful that at least we don’t have to see him in his underwear again

[h/t Complex]

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Blake Lively Wears Chanel on Harper’s Bazaar China (Forum Buzz)

Back in May, Allure delivered an effortlessly beautiful cover with Blake Lively and now Harper’s Bazaar China takes its best shot at the actress. Blake becomes the magazine’s July subject, posing for photographer Trunk Xu looking poised and elegant for the shot. It should come as no surprise that Blake wears Chanel , having formed a solid relationship with Karl Lagerfeld — remember the Chanel handbag campaign back in 2011? 

Harper's Bazaar China July 2015 Blake Lively by Trunk Xu


The cover leaves us with mixed feelings, however. “Wow, this looks good. Much better than American magazines (especially her last Marie Claire cover). Love what she’s wearing,” Benn98 raved.

“How disappointing, must be one of their worst cover images! She can look, and photograph so much better than this! Not to mention that bad hair, makeup, and open mouth expression in combination with the cheap looking background! It’s almost like a press junket photo!” Miss Dalloway replied as things started to go downhill.

MON wasn’t enthusiastic, either. “Oh my goodness, even The Hollywood Reporter can photograph better than this. That hair looks like a low quality dried up wig. That nose contour is all sorts of wrong. I dislike the green masthead but I wouldn’t blame them for trying to add color to a rather dead cover shot. Even her stare gives me nothing,” he complained.

Also unimpressed was gazebo: “She looks crippled. Her legs look disproportionately short and tiny.”

“That pose is awful and does not work at all, the photography is bad. Yes she looks beautiful with her face and hair but the styling, that cropping, the pose make it look super amateur or an outtake at best. The layout of that cover looks also quite weak,” disapproved Bertrando3.

A missed opportunity? Share your opinion here.

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