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Goop Is Launching an Organic Beauty Line

Gwyneth Paltrow Juice Beauty

Image: WENN

When Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t selling eye roll-worthy clutches with names of rappers whose songs she probably didn’t become a “fan” of until she became BFF with Beyoncé, she is also out here trying to make sure our skin game is on point. The actress’ Goop lifestyle website has announced the launch of its own cosmetics range in collaboration with Juice Beauty.

Now, Gwyneth would never allow you to put any ol’ thing on your face, so of course the makeup and skincare line is made with organic ingredients. The California-based brand is teaming with the lifestyle site for a private-label range, Goop by Juice Beauty, due out in March. A look at Juice Beauty’s website gives an idea of what the product range might look like. There are plenty of anti-aging options in both the skincare and makeup categories, anti-acne items and several products made with green apples. 

Paltrow will also sit as Juice’s creative director for makeup, with her range of Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments hitting shelves in January. Juice Beauty’s items have a two-year shelf life due to the organic nature of their ingredients – something to keep in mind when you inevitably make your purchases.

In the meantime, we will be sitting here patiently waiting to see what Gwynnie comes up with for her latest project.

[via Fast Company]

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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 3 Low-Down: Gender Stereotypes, Mascara and First Kisses

Lisa Hyde

Photo supplied

And there we have it, another great night of The Bachelor! If you missed Episode 3, or just want to know how I’m feeling about the girls and the show, make sure you keep reading.

Tonight things kick off with the ladies all sitting together in the dining area, seeming to get along as they “casually” chat about how sad it was to see three girls leave the mansion at the last rose ceremony.

I would love to say “C’mon girls, you should be happy that the numbers are getting smaller,” but, the truth is, although you want to find love and be the last girl standing, it is actually really sad saying goodbye to people you have become close with.  (more…)

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Stats Confirm Aussies Totally Succumbed to Kim Kardashian’s Selfish Ways

Kim Kardashian book signing

Image: WENN

When news came out abut Kim Kardashian’s publishing project comprising wholly of selfies, many had a quiet (or loud) chuckle to each other about the 352-page vanity venture. But the reality TV queen is the one laughing now, with Australian sales of Selfish making us seriously question ourselves.

Yes, sales in the US were less than impressive, with Radar Online revealing only 32,000 copies were sold throughout the country (That’s just 0.8% of Kim’s social media fans, FYI). While we’d like to rightfully restore our faith in mankind with these stats, it turns out Aussies might be the ones who have to re-think our light reading preferences.

According to Nielsen (via Sydney Morning Herald), Aussies purchased 7,200 copies of the book, making the demand three times stronger than the US per capita. During the first week of release, Selfish was Dymocks’ number one biography title and ranked third overall. Yep, biography title.

A spokesperson from the Australian publisher of Selfish, Hardie Grant, said, “We sold out of our initial print run in Australia almost immediately, driven by her profile, the book publicity both here and abroad and her amazing social media presence.”

Congratulations, Kim. You win.

[Via Radar OnlineSydney Morning Herald]


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Behati Prinsloo’s Vogue Brazil Cover for August Is So 2005 (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Brazil has been gaining attention lately by tapping the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid for recent issues and now, we’re treated to a cover featuring Behati Prinsloo. Zee Nunes captured the Victoria’s Secret Angel wearing a flattering creation by Louis Vuitton for the title’s August cover. The Brazilian edition of Vogue may be heading in a new direction because this cover, in particular, reminds us of something from across the pond.

Vogue Brazil August 2015 Behati Prinsloo by Zee Nunes


“I’m getting British Vogue vibes,” shared A.D.C. the moment the cover surfaced.

“No! I’m sorry. What’s with all the different fonts and the hot pink? And I agree with A.D.C., it looks very much like British Vogue, albeit very inferior with a pouty girl,” replied Benn98 in agreement.

Sharing the same sentiments was Kite, who pointed out, “Looks like 2005 British Vogue.”

Forum member burbuja8910 felt the same way and responded, “Totally agree, also looks like a cover of Vogue Australia. Behati looks flawless.”

“The cover would be amazing WITHOUT those texts. They’re hideous, bad font choice,” phungnam96 declared.

“It has a British Vogue look to it but I love it,” said Urban Stylin as things started to shape up.

TeeVanity was quick to enlighten the thread by adding, “Behati is so cool, I love this.”

Could the cover have been better or did Vogue Brazil hit a home run once again? Join our discussion here.

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The Mirror Calls Rihanna’s Kadooment Day Costume ‘Raunchy’ in Epic Headline Fail

Yesterday, Rihanna made us more jealous than usual on Instagram, inundating our timelines with images of her getting ready for and celebrating at the Kadooment Day parade in her native Barbados as part of the annual Crop Over festivities. Of course, Riri was dressed to the nines as she played with the Zulu International Band in a bejeweled bra top and bottoms, neckwear, a feather headdress and matching wings. As always, she looked absolutely stunning. 


I @zuluinternational

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Rihanna’s outfit is typical of Crop Over and carnival costumes. There is always lots of bling, plenty of plumage and, of course, a generous amount of skin showing. That is the entire point of carnival – it’s a time to let loose and embrace your body (in fact, you see people of all body types in barely-there carnival outfits) while jumping and wining (which international publications are wrongly calling twerking) in the street to upbeat Caribbean tunes. But of course, what is a typical masquerading outfit to some is a vulgar look to others. The UK’s Mirror reported on Rihanna’s Kadooment Day look, calling it raunchy, pointing to the fact that only part of Rihanna’s derrière was covered. 

“When it comes to flashing the flesh, no one does it better than Rihanna,” writer Edward Roberts wrote. “A fact that the singer proved as she got kitted-up in a raunchy costume for Crop Over Festival in Barbados on Monday.” Ummm…raunchy? 

Sure, Rihanna’s outfit is skimpy, but besides the fact that ALL carnival costumes are like that, the term “raunchy” rubbed us the wrong way. Merriam-Webster defines the word as “slovenly, dirty… very smelly… obscene, smutty.” We’re confused as to how Riri’s outfit is more obscene than, say, something a Victoria’s Secret Angel might wear during the brand’s annual fashion show? It is a big deal for a Victoria’s Secret Angel to wear the coveted Fantasy Bra. Indeed, the Mirror noted that Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima “stun[ned]” in their respective Fantasy Bra looks, which were basically just as bare as Riri’s. For Rio’s annual Carnival, the Mirror reports on Gisele’s look, calling it simply a “bikini.”  Why is Rihanna degraded for wearing pretty much the same thing in an environment where it is completely acceptable? (more…)

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Even Karlie Kloss Can’t Save the Hideous Gucci Dress on Glamour’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

Models are a rarity on mainstream American fashion magazines nowadays but as the September issues continue to trickle out, Glamour hands its most important edition of the year to Karlie Kloss. After celebrating her 23rd birthday only yesterday, we suspect this will be a nice treat for the American beauty. The current face of Diane von Furstenberg was shot by Tom Munro doing her very best to model her way through a truly hideous Gucci dress. 

US Glamour September 2015 Karlie Kloss by Tom Munro


But can a model of Karlie’s stature convince our forum members? “How great is it that one of the most mainstream fashion magazines in America went for an American model? Must applaud them for this. Also, Glamour has been stepping it up of late. Their cover stars are real cultural forces, whether the actual shot may be good or not,” credited Benn98.

[ See: 10 Times Karlie Kloss Was Adorable on Instagram ]

“Beautiful colors. Beautiful girl. Beautiful editorial. Ugly dress,” exclaimed a horrified MON, suggesting the styling ruins the entire cover.

“Ugly Gucci dress, looks like a mop,” laughed Nymphaea who then went on to add, “Karlie looks nice, a bit heavy on the makeup though.”

Forum member GIVENCHYlover simply let us know: “I don’t like that dress!”

Narcyza shared the same sentiments, ranting, “I don’t like this red dress too. But her face here is just a disaster! Is it really Karlie? What awful airbrushing.”

Also noticing signs of evident retouching was mepps: “The extreme Photoshop on her face makes her look old and hard.”

Oh dear. Karlie’s colorful cover story might change your mind. See the story for yourself and share your opinion here.