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Culturally Questionable Accessories Chanel Should Avoid in the Future

By now, we know the good people at the house of Chanel do not give two hoots if your'e offended by their exorbitantly-priced accessories. The French label offered the most tepid of non-apologies for the poorly-placed Native American-inspired headdress they sent down the runway for the Texas-themed Pre-Fall 2013 show. Now, Uncle Karl is back at it, adding quilted petrol can-shaped shoulder bags to the house's latest Cruise 2015 offerings, because MIDDLE EASTERN OIL. HAR DE HAR.

Sigh. As we mentioned yesterday, the bags are gimmicky at best, and culturally insensitive at worst. As Styleite points out, less than 7% of the United Arab Emirate's revenue actually comes from oil. The reference, then, is simplistic. Dubai has such a rich culture, surely Lagerfeld and his team would have been able to find a more relevant symbol to update with the Chanel touch. But this is fashion after all, and as we've come to learn, we can safely predict that this won't be the last time we'll see culturally questionable choices at a runway show. And since Karl likes to stage his shows in "exotic" locations, we wouldn't be surprised to see more side-eye worthy, interlocked C-emblazoned accessories in our future, for example…

  • Jamaica: a ganja baggie
  • Japan: a bento box trunk
  • China: rice paddy hats
  • Colombia: a crystal-embellished coke ring
  • Cuba: a cigar-shaped clutch
  • Mexico: a taco roll camping (or glamping, since it's Chanel) knapsack
  • Morocco: pearl-tasseled fez hats
  • Australia: koala fur coats

Here's a plea from us to you, Mr. Lagerfeld: quit while you're ahead. We appreciate your enthusiasm, and understand that you get inspired by the places you visit or choose to stage your shows. That's fine. In fact, that's awesome. But as a designer, it's your duty to think forward and think creatively–not rely on tired tropes and iconography that wind up undermining the very culture you're trying to celebrate. We get that the gas cans were put forth with a wink. But they came across more like a bad joke told by a drunk uncle at a family reunion, rather than a tongue-in-cheek commentary on wealth in the UAE.

All we're saying is, next time, dig deeper. And for goodness sake, maybe even take a look at this site if you're still not sure if you're stepping into problematic territory. 

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Bikini Body: This Repulsive/Amazing Swimsuit Depicts Human Intestines

torso swimsuit guts


Got guts? If so, then you might appreciate this swimsuit from Australian label Black Milk Clothing, which boasts an anatomically correct print of human innards. The limited-edition run of 'Dem Guts' is now almost completely sold out (only XXS sizes are available to purchase, but maybe you have a badass 11-year-old sister?), proving that there's a real market for hilariously repulsive medical illustration fashion prints. And to be honest, if my size were still available for purchase, I would buy it in a heartbeat. (Sorry.) [h/t HuffPo]

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The Business of Fashion Taps Victoria Beckham for Its ‘Companies & Culture Issue’ (Forum Buzz)

Victoria Beckham has landed herself yet another cover of a magazine. This time, the English fashion designer and businesswoman fronts the 'Companies & Culture' issue of Business of Fashion. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan (who also shot Victoria's UK Vogue February 2011 cover), Victoria is seen wearing a smart black tailored jacket worn over her shoulders, for a very strong and business-minded look — perfect, given the magazine.

The Business of Fashion Spring 2014 Victoria Beckham


The magazine also features industry figures such as Vogue China's Angelica Cheung, UK Elle's Lorraine Candy, Rick Owens and a whole host of other established companies. A large part of Beckham's article can be read within the thread here.

Forum member Chanelcouture09 is a fan of the issue, writing, "The content is amazingly insightful, wonderfully written and although not a very thick issue, well worth the money, there is no advertising at all which makes it much more straight to the point and enjoyable."

You can purchase your copy of Business of Fashion (either a print copy or a PDF download) via its website.

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Link Buzz: Kate Moss Photographed by Terry Richardson for World’s Most Boring Cover

Kate Moss Harpers Bazaar Germany Terry Richardson


  • "Absolutely meaningless cover. Simply bad." [Forums]
  • Photos from Cannes are only starting to come in, but we already know that Nicole Kidman's beauty look will be one of the bets. [BellaSugar]
  • Prince William hosted a fun(d)raiser attended by Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, Cate Blanchett and some other exciting peoplel. [Elle]
  • It appears that there's a really nasty ownership dispute happening with regards to the Nylon-FashionIndie merger. [Racked]
  • Nicolas Ghesquière's first campaign for Louis Vuitton will be photographed by three of fashion's top photographers: Bruce Weber, Annie Leibovitz and Juergen Teller. [WWD]
  • Nicole Kidman has morphed into Princess Grace of Monaco. [FabSugar]
  • Notes on Cruise. [Independent]

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Worth Fighting for? New Anya Hindmarch Ad Shamelessly Uses Solange-Jay Z Drama to Promote Clutch

Whether you are among the many that have found the Solange Knowles vs. Jay Z apparent Met Gala attack shocking or hilarious, one thing for sure is that you have watched the video and seen Solange hurling her Anya Hindmarch clutch bag at her sister Beyonce's husband.

solange met ball anya main image-620

Solange Knowles looking happy as she enters the Met Gala Ball with her Anya clutch (Image: Getty)

Proving that there's no such thing as bad press, Anya Hindmarch has turned the buzz-worthy situation into a fantastic product advertisment:


Anya’s new advertising strategy in honour of Solange (Image: Instagram @anyahindmarch)

The handbag designer has put an entertaining spin on the argument-gone-viral in a new press release calling the Crisp Packet Clutch "worth fighting for."

The Anya crisp bag design in gold, which retails for £995, was of course the one carried by Ms. Knowles on May 5, which ultimately doubled as a rather handy Jay- Z fighting device later that evening.

While there is obviously no fear of British stalwart brand Anya Hindmarch condoning the use of handbags in violence, you have to admire the brand's racy marketing opportunity, now that its delicious gold clutch is having its moment of tabloid limelight. Whether you think it's shameless or not, you have to admit it is a pretty funny response to the incident.

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After the Met Ball, BFFs Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Went Home to Eat Pizza in Their Ball Gowns

taylor swift karlie kloss friends met ball

Images: Andres Otero/ (left) + Rob Rich/ (right)

While Solange Knowles spent the hours following last week's Met Ball apparently beating the crap out of her brother-in-law, across town Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were busy playing the best friend game to perfection. 

“Taylor threw the best after-party ever,” Kloss told Page Six. “We were all playing pool in our ball gowns and just eating pizza and hanging out like you would at a high school after-party.”

Such youth! Pizza + ball gowns = very relatable. 


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