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Anna Kendrick and Gloria Steinem Have the Best Date Ever for Kate Spade

If you’ve ever been stood up for a date and felt bad about it, this episode of the Kate spade #Missadventure series will make you feel a lot better about it. The shoppable short, titled “The Best Company,” is a commentary on dining alone as a woman and how it’s nothing to be ashamed of – actually, it kind of rocks and can lead to some unexpected surprises. 

For the short, Anna Kendrick has a hilariously fabulous dinner – or, rather, dessert date with herself, her purse and her dog when she gets stood up for a date at the Russian Tea Room. After spending some time talking to herself and her pooch (as one does on a dessert date), she peeks over to the booth next to her, the booth she usually sits in, only to discover that her precious seat has been taken by none other than Gloria Steinem, who is also enjoying a drink solo.

Now, there ain’t nothing wrong with eating alone but as we know, two badass gals are better than one. Steinem joins Kendrick for her meal, proving that sometimes the best company is right under your nose – or just a table away.

Watch the video above.

[via Jezebel]

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Amazing: Lexi Boling Transforms into Carine Roitfeld for New Uniqlo Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying that since Carine Roitfeld‘s departure from Vogue Paris back in 2010, the iconic French figure has been everywhere. From starting her own magazine to becoming the global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar and now, moving on to create her own clothing line for Japanese retailer Uniqlo. The campaign for her debut collection is currently being deliberated on our forums, after the editor-turned-designer tapped model Lexi Boling and legendary lensman Steven Meisel to produce the images.

Uniqlo × Carine Roitfeld Collection Lexi Boling by Steven Meisel


Since such names were attached to the project, forum members couldn’t contain their excitement. “Love it, she looks like Carine which I imagine was the point,” acknowledged Benn98 the moment the images dropped.

“That’s so cool, I totally thought it was Carine in the first shot,” pointed out Wintergreen.

“This looks good! And I’m happy she’s doing a collaboration with Uniqlo, I’ve always loved her style, and the first looks don’t disappoint me. Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection!” praised a more than satisfied Zelda Zonk.

Also showing the images some love was Kite: “I love it when Carine styles models as herself… It’s like self obsession to the next level. These are great.”

Forum member kiseki was a fan too, adding, “Uniqlo, Lexi & Meisel, what is there not to like? I have faith for the rest of the campaign images.” (more…)

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ELLE Takes a Risk with This October Cover Photo of Selena Gomez (Forum Buzz)

Our forums couldn’t hide their dismay over ELLE‘s lousy 30th anniversary issue for September 2015. Will the October cover make more of an impact? The American title just dropped its new edition featuring Selena Gomez wearing Miu Miu, shot by photographer Liz Collins. You have to appreciate a mainstream magazine like ELLE taking a major risk by choosing a cover photo with the subject staring off into the distance. Talk about living on the edge.

US ELLE October 2015 Selena Gomez by Liz Collins


Has ELLE‘s creativity ultimately paid off, though? “I don’t think she has a strong profile for a cover,” slammed khyrk right away.

“Whose idea was it to shoot her in profile? Her face is too round,” added an unimpressed A.D.C.

Sharing the same sentiments was Benn98: “Absolutely agree! She doesn’t have the right face shape for this shot. Still, it’s a beautiful cover. Yet another stunning offering from Liz Collins.”

IndigoHomme soon chimed in, writing, “She looks beautiful, but that dress or top doesn’t work for me.”

Also disappointed was arlekinderrabal: “I love Liz Collins, and this seems like a decent enough shot. But I don’t get mainstream magazines getting top photographic talent and making them shoot/airbrushing their signature aesthetic away, so that it looks like every other cover on the newsstand.”

Just as things started to shape up for the better, AbbeyRoad hailed, “Wow I love this. I think she is really pretty and the cover is perfect.”

“It’s a nice surprise. I excpected something bad with Selena but this picture is really beautiful!” echoed a pleasantly surprised narcyza.

Will you be buying ELLE‘s October 2015 issue? Drop us a comment here.

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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 15 Low-Down: Sly Bum Grabs, Awkward Silences and Brutal Honesty

Lisa Hyde

Photo: supplied

So here you have it, the second last recap for Season 3. Tonight’s episode starts with Sam explaining he has strong feelings for all the ladies left and doesn’t know who he will choose. I hope he figures this out soon or we could witness another “I’ve never been more sure in my life” moment. Our top three ladies are Snezana, Sarah and Lana, but only two will get the chance to meet Sam’s family. I know you know this, I’m just having an Osher moment. 

Snezana is up first and I just love what these two have. A quick trip in Sam’s ferari and they arrive at a penthouse in the city, where Snezana changes into a stunning off-the-shoulder lace dress and Sam cannot take his eyes off her.  (more…)

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Rodeo Show Enlists Margaret Zhang for Its Spring 2015 Campaign

Photo: Margaret Zhang/Rodeo Show

Photo: Margaret Zhang/Rodeo Show

Margaret Zhang is living proof that fashion bloggers can be multidimensional and a jack of all trades, with the style maven both photographing and styling Rodeo Show’s new Spring 2015 campaign.

Photo: Margaret Zhang/Rodeo Show

Photo: Margaret Zhang/Rodeo Show

The shoot was inspired by the life of a social butterfly, including ideas of sisterhood, glamour, sophistication and a fully-booked calendar, which we’re 99.99 per cent sure Margaret can relate to.

Photo: Margaret Zhang/Rodeo Show

Photo: Margaret Zhang/Rodeo Show

Rodeo Show’s CEO, Lisa Moore, said in a news release, “We wanted to celebrate this season by collaborating with one of Australia’s favourite fashion ‘IT’ girls, and a true social butterfly.”

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

She continued, “Margaret’s photographic eye and styling aesthetic was the perfect fit to come on board as a creative partner for our Spring Summer campaign.”

The styling takes cues from flirty 50s, boho 70s and a contemporary Palm Springs look with a hint of sports-luxe to create a range which is both feminine and glamorous.

“When styling the range I wanted to capture a scene or story in each frame,” Margaret explained. “I loved the idea of 70s glamour hair, platform shoes and gold accent jewellery, but a much more powerful woman rather than a super girly one, which would be the obvious route with florals and lace.”

Shop the range over at Rodeo Show’s online store with prices starting from $99.

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Solange Knowles Already Has Her Hands On Zimmermann’s Spring 2016 Collection

Solange Knowles

Photo: Getty

Australian label Zimmermann has only just showcased its Spring 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week, but musician Solange Knowles has already got her hands on pieces from the range, because, well, contrary to popular opinion, she’s actually the queen. 

We’re not overly shocked considering Solange did sit front row for Zimmermann’s show over the weekend, but we’ll forever be amazed by the star’s ability to add her quirky personal flair to everything she wears. (more…)