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Uniqlo Is Coming to Canada

UNIQLO Is Coming to Canada

Minimalists rejoice! Japanese fast fashion chain Uniqlo, best known for its stylish basics at favourable prices, has announced that it will open two locations in Toronto in the fall of 2016. This is the brand’s first foray into the Canadian market and its 18th market worldwide.

The two flagship stores will be located in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre, one of North America’s top-earning malls, and the historic Eaton Centre mall, a landmark shopping destination. They will measure 24,000 and 28,000 square feet respectively and will carry the full men’s, women’s and children’s Uniqlo ranges.

Some of the brand’s proprietary performance collections include AIRism, HEATTECH and Ultra Light Down as well as premium denim, fleece and cotton separates. A leader in creating high-performance apparel, past designer collaborations have included collections produced in conjunction with Jil Sander, Orla Kiely and Helmut Lang.

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First Menswear Designer Wins H&M Design Award

Image: @ximonlee

Image: @ximonlee

H&M’s Design Award hit a milestone yesterday as the retailer announced its first menswear designer as the winner of the coveted prize. Ximon Lee, a 24 year old from China, took home the honor, which includes $56,000 (or 50,000 euros), a collaboration with the retailer and a mentorship.

Using a lot of denim and drawing inspiration from the 2005 documentary The Children of Leningradsky, Lee created a 22-piece range with lots of volume and layering with a semi-sculptural feel. Wide-leg trousers and culottes along with ballooning T-shirt sleeves were rendered in shades of blue, black and white with patchwork and ombre galore.

Lee hopes that this win will put him on the path to designing for his very own label out of New York City. If this win is any indication, it looks like he may one day fulfill his dream.

[via WWD]

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Link Buzz: Kim Kardashian Is a T-Mobile Ambassador, Australian Magazine Photoshops the Crap Out of Kate Middleton

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

  • Chris Pine autographed headshots of Ryan Reynolds because why not? [Vanity Fair]
  • This reality show sent Norwegian fashion bloggers to work in Cambodian sweatshops. There were a lot of tears. [Aftenposten]
  • Ice cream infused wine: THIS EXISTS. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Reformation launches a lower-priced clothing line. [Fashionista]
  • How can you make Kate Middleton look bad? One Australian magazine figured out a way, Photoshopping the Duchess into oblivion. [Us Weekly]
  • Kim Kardashian will be starring in a T-Mobile ad. [@KimKardashian]
  • Emma Watson will play Belle in a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. [ET]

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Saks Finally Admits It Was Wrong About Trans Employee Rights

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Better late than never: the folks at Saks have taken back their assertion that transgender people are not protected against employee discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Lyeth Jamal had filed a suit against the company claiming she was discriminated against while she was working there for being a transwoman. Previously, Saks was fighting to get the suit thrown out, claiming that transgendered people were not included under the act.

Saks has been feeling the backlash since it doubled down on the assertion and today, it’s withdrawing its filing and choosing to fight back against Jamal’s suit using other tactics. The Justice Department offered an analysis of Saks’ previous assertion, confirming its position that transpeople are protected against employment discrimination. “In its Motion, SAKS maintains that Ms. Jamal cannot prevail on a Title VII sex discrimination claim that is based on her gender identity, particularly her transgender status. Not so. Discrimination against an individual based on gender identity is discrimination because of sex.”

New York’s Attorney General has launched an investigation into Saks’ trans employment discrimination policies. We’re hoping the retailer has learned its lesson.

[via BuzzFeed]

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A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou Loves the Word N***a So Much, He Said It a Jillion Times During His Men’s Presentation

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Sometimes, no matter how black your best friend may be, you need to stay in your lane. This is a lesson Jean Touitou is about to learn. The designer presented his Fall 2015 men’s collection, announcing his collaboration with Timberland, but not before offending probably more than a few people in the room. As he showed his wares, he introduced a look he likes to call “Last N***as in Paris.” If the name alone made you do a record scratch in your head, you’re not the only one. writer Luke Leitch recounts the very uncomfortable moment in the presentation:

“I call this one look Last N****s in Paris. Why? Because it’s the sweet spot when the hood—the ‘hood—meets Bertolucci’s movie Last Tango in Paris. So that’s ‘N****s in Paris’ and Last N****s in Paris. [Nervous laughter from audience.] Oh, I am glad some people laughed with me. Yes, I mean, it’s nice to play with the strong signifiers. The Timberland here is a very strong ghetto signifier. In the ghetto, it is all the Timberlands, all the big chain. Not at the same time—never; it’s bad taste. So we designed Timberlands with Timberland…”

Wait, when did Touitou become so well-versed on hood fashion, much less what is in good or bad taste on the streets? Could it have been his childhood growing up in Edenwald Houses in the North Bronx? Oh, wait — seems like it’s just because he has a black friend.

“I am friends with Kanye [West, who recorded ‘Ni**as in Paris’ with Jay Z], and he and I presented a joint collection at the same place, one year ago, and that this thing is only a homage to our friendship,” he told in an email. “As a matter of fact, when I came up with this idea, I wrote to him, with the picture of the look and the name I was giving to it, and he wrote back immediately saying something like, ‘I love this vibe.'” (more…)

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Mixed Reviews for Eva Longoria’s Vogue Mexico Cover (Forum Buzz)

Can Vogue Mexico ever catch a break? The magazine left us with mixed feelings after an average January cover and we have the same sentiments toward its February cover. The magazine tapped Eva Longoria to star on its latest installment, in theory being a perfect cover subject for the fashion title, given Eva’s various upcoming projects. Yet something appears a little off to us. The former Desperate Housewives actress was captured by Stockton Johnson surrounded by a luscious landscape as she sports a vibrant top and matching pants from Mary Katrantzou teamed with Chanel jewelry. But seriously, what’s up here?

Vogue Mexico February 2015 Eva Longoria


Forum members were quick to voice their concerns. As soon as the cover surfaced, Oxymore asked, “Eva is that you?”

Also suggesting some overdoing of the post-production was Anna147. “What happened to her?” she questioned.

“Photoshop fail!” declared Emmanuelle. “On the cover her face looks like a Disney animation and the whole look is VERY Telenovela,” added gazebo in response.

KateTheGreatest overlooked the evident airbrushing, but ranted, “Is she still relevant enough to get covers?”

On the other hand, Urban Stylin‘s positive comments stood out among the rest: “I actually like the colors, wish she was wearing a dress in the same print as the pants. As for relevance she’s one of the most successful Mexican actresses of all time as well as a fashion/beauty star and producer for Devious Maids, so am sure she deserves a Vogue Mexico cover. This is not U.S. Vogue, they don’t give covers based on what someone is promoting in the U.S.”

“Since Issa’s cover, Vogue Mexico is focused on Latin American designers, people, trends and more. Maybe this is a new course for the magazine. Just maybe,” enthused IndigoHomme, hopeful the magazine is headed in a new direction.

We’re happy to see a fashion magazine enlist someone unexpected as its cover subject, therefore Vogue Mexico deserves a round of applause for that alone. Share your own opinion with us here.

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