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Ladies: Guys Think Your Curvy Back Is Hot

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Hey, ladies: did you need another part of your body to feel self-conscious about? Of course you did. A study of about 300 men showed that while plenty of guys are attracted to women with full chests and nice butts, it is also the curve of a woman’s back that makes the fellas go crazy. Scientists say that men are wired to find women whose backs curve 45° from the top of their booty quite appealing.

The curve they are referring to doesn’t necessarily have to do with the size of the woman’s butt. Back in hunter-gatherer days, women with more curved spines were preferred because their shape allowed for easier pregnancy and childbirth, as the angle helps minimize the pressure on a woman’s hips when she’s with child. “This benefit is critical: without being able to do this, women would experience a dramatic increase in hip torque (pressure) subjecting them to risk of muscular fatigue and injury,” Bilkent University’s David Lewis, who worked on the study says. “These benefits to women, in turn, would have created the background selective conditions for the evolution of a male preference for this angle: men who preferred such women would have had mates who were less vulnerable to spinal injuries, who would have more successfully foraged during pregnancy, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without suffering debilitating injuries.”

So, we ask: How long until back-curve modification surgery becomes all the rage?

[the Mirror]

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Ann Taylor and the Coveteur Team up to Honor Women Who Are Changemakers


It’s women’s history month and what better way to celebrate the achievements of women than to highlight the strides smart, driven women are making today? Ann Taylor and The Coveteur have teamed up for their Changemakers project, in which they tell the stories of three inspiring women through shoppable films.

Cinematique founder and stylist Sarah Slutsky and Girls I Know co-founders Anna Gray and Jen Steele sit down to chat about their entrepreneurial endeavors and successes in pieces from Ann Taylor. The videos are actually made in collaboration with Slutsky’s Cinematique, a platform that allows users to shop videos by clicking on things they see or pieces they love as the video plays. The software then saves all your clicks, ID’s them, and allows you to shop them, in this case on the Ann Taylor website.

Find out what each woman considers a changemaker and shop your little tushie off in the videos above.

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WATCH: Anna Cleveland Works It in the Fendi X Thierry Lasry Campaign Short

Fendi‘s tapped Anna Clevelend to lend her talents for their latest campaign. The slender muse, the spitting image of her mother 70s modeling icon Pat Cleveland, is featured in the label’s latest spot for their sunglass collaboration with Thierry Lasry. The model is filmed against changing graphic backgrounds as she dons different hairstyles (and different shades) while the images behind her change.

You can see where the young Cleveland gets her charm – she’s serving straight out of the book of Pat Cleveland realness, and we are here to lap it all up.  The pair recently posed together for Lanvin’s Spring 2015 campaign, looking more like sisters than a mother-daughter duo. We guess Miss Anna has years of aging gracefully to look forward to. Some girls have all the luck.

Check out Cleveland in action in the video above.

[via Dazed]

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Andreea Diaconu Is Naughty But Nice on Self Service’s Spring 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

We just adore it when magazines nail their cover shoots, giving us a simple, different and totally unique cover image. Self Service is the latest publication to set our forums ablaze with members absolutely loving Andreea Diaconu on the front cover. The magazine’s Spring 2015 edition comes with five separate covers for the issue dedicated to stylist Jane How. Saskia de Brauw, Ilvie Wittek, Adrienne Jüliger and Georgia Howorth star on the remaining four covers, but it’s Andreea’s cover, captured by Mario Sorrenti, that takes home the trophy.


Self Service issue42 Guest-edited by #JaneHow cover 1/5 @andreeadiddy photographed by @mariosorrenti styling by #janehow

A photo posted by Self Service Magazine (@selfservicemagazine) on

Our forum members were quick to descend on the thread to check out what Self Service had to offer. “I want it!!!” shouted elle_gb once the cover surfaced. We want our copies now, too!

TREVOFASHIONISTO showed enthusiasm as well and used the word “cute” to describe the cover.

Also taking a liking to Self Service‘s 42nd cover was MON: “Reminds me of the good old 60s! I like the pure yet naughty vibe of it. Love it.”

“It’s really cute, love it!” echoed KateTheGreatest.

Sharing the same sentiments was youarearockstar: “Obsessed with that image of Andreea. Truly. It’s a very refreshing cover shot, and the retro feel is a welcomed alternative to another ‘post-Recession, Sienna Miller, bohemian image’ for this spring season.”

“Andreea’s cover is the best for me so far. So nostalgic and whimsical!” enthused Benn98.

Basically, we’re expecting Andreea’s cover to sell out immediately. Check out the rest of the covers, some previews of Self Service‘s newest issue and join the discussion here.

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WATCH: Cara Delevingne Flexes Her Acting Chops in ‘The Face of an Angel’ Trailer

Cara Delevingne‘s acting career continues to go swimmingly. The model will appear in the Pan movie this summer, has already been cast in 2016’s Suicide Squad and has a bevy of other credits under her belt. Now, we get a look at the burgeoning actress in a trailer for her latest film, The Face of an Angel.

The movie focuses on the documentary filmmaker and reporter covering the Amanda Knox trial, looking to make a buck from the high-profile case. Delevingne is set to star alongside Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Brühl, as Melanie, a student tour guide. The movie is slated to hit theaters June 30, though it appears the U.K. release will be much sooner, coming March 27.

From what we can see, Delevingne seems to serve up quite a satisfactory performance but of course, we’re going to have to see the whole movie to get the full effect of her acting skills.

Watch Delevingne do her thang in the trailer above.

[h/t The Cut]

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Kidult Tags a Parisian A.P.C. Store with the N-Word

Kidult has struck again. The fashion-conscious graffiti artist has targeted what appears to be A.P.C.‘s 112 Rue Vieille du Temple shop as ground zero for his latest tag and it’s bound to cause quite a stir. In bright pink spray paint, the entire storefront is covered in the word “niggas.”

This latest tag is obviously in reference to A.P.C. Creative Director Jean Touitou’s comments during his menswear presentation in January, where he dubbed a few looks he created in collaboration with Timberland “Last Niggas in Paris,” citing the shoes as a “ghetto signifier” and the reason behind the unfortunate nomenclature. Touitou said the n-word several times during the presentation and Timberland subsequently ended its partnership with the label due to his comments. Touitou has since apologized for the incident.

On the side of the A.P.C. store, Kidult adds a footnote of sorts, offering a definition of the word: “Latin adj. ‘niger’; Contemptuous, offensive, and racist term for a black person.”

Kidult tweeted images of this latest work this morning, captioning this piece “‘White privilege’ X APC Modern Slavery.” It is certainly quite a statement and jarring to see the word sprayed across the storefront for everyone to see. But we expect that’s the point of the tag.

We reached out to A.P.C. and will update once the company responds to our request for comment.

[via @therealkidult]

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