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Vogue China Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with a ‘Tragic’ Cover (Forum Buzz)

Over the past week we’ve been hearing tidbits about Vogue China‘s upcoming September issue and today the wait comes to an end. The title, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, went all-out in an attempt to impress for the momentous occasion with a fold-out cover featuring a handful of Chinese icons. Liu Wen, Bingbing Fan, Wei Zhao, Carina Lau, Wei Tang, Du Juan, Chris Lee, Bingbing Li, Zhang Ziyi and Xun Zhou pose together for the rehearsed and cold image shot by Mario Testino.

Vogue China September 2015 by Mario Testino


You’d best believe our forum members aren’t buying it. “What a tragic cover. How lame is this. It’s like Chinese Tatler,” MON announced.

“Feel the same. The poses and expressions of some of them are underwhelming. Insipid cover,” agreed ChimyeeRong.

MDNA wasn’t having any of it either. “I guess Mario [Testino] is really the curse of VC. Awful Photoshop, I couldn’t recognize most of them at first sight. Liu Wen looks tragic, and I’m quite surprised that Chris Lee slays in the cover, even though I don’t think she deserves to be one the cover stars.”

Also underwhelmed was Nepenthes: “Wow this looks really dated.”

“They got the most beautiful women in China for the cover and this is the outcome? My God! Chen Man would have done this cover justice!,” said WilliamsLe010919.

“Way too cheesy and way too wintry. Do they really need to do an anniversary issue every.single.year?” asked orchidee.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos and add your own two cents here.

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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 1, Low-Down: ‘Sam Wood Is a Total Catch’

Lisa Hyde

Photo: Dan Molloy

And just like he theyhat, Season 3 of The Bachelor Australia begins!

Yes, it did happen, I joined my other bachelor babes for a night in on the couch. I must admit the hype around Season 3 had me so excited, I couldn’t help but get the girls together and reminisce on some fun memories that came out of The Bachelor mansion.

For me the first night was the most daunting because you just don’t know what to expect. Personally I do not remember what I said on that red carpet. It is so nerve-racking being in front of cameras. Let me say it is so easy to have verbal diarrhoea…. #Analglands. (more…)

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Mambo Pairs Up with Emma Mulholland for a ‘Distinct Perspective’

Emma Mulholland x Mambo

Photo: Facebook/Emma Mulholland

Globally recognised surf and streetwear brand Mambo is hooking up with emerging Sydney designer Emma Mulholland for a capsule collection.

WWD reports that the 35-piece range will be called Emma Mulholland x Mambo Goddess, and is inspired by “the psychedelic marine life of the Great Barrier Reef”. The collection will boast mix-and-match swimwear, T-shirts, jackets, leggings and sunglasses with prices beginning from a reasonable $39.95 AUD.

Emma has been blessed with nothing but success since she launched her namesake label straight out of design school in 2011. She’s shown at MBFWA, has had her designs seen on the likes of Kanye West, Azealia Banks and Kimbra, and won Australia’s BT Emerging Designer Award earlier this year. (more…)

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We Love Magdalena Frackowiak but This Vogue Mexico Cover Is Awful (Forum Buzz)

One thing about Vogue Mexico is that it constantly secures relevant models for all its covers. After scoring names like Adriana Lima, Edita Vilkeviciute and Catherine McNeil this year, Magdalena Frackowiak is now added to its growing list of cover girls. Photographed by David Bellemere for the August issue, the Polish model wears a glitzy sequined top (à la Daria Werbowy on Vogue Paris) teamed with a pair of understated blue jeans.

Vogue Mexico August 2015 Magdalena Frackowaik by David Bellemere


Members of our forums shared mixed feelings toward the cover, though. “I’m glad to see her on every mag or campaign, but this cover it doesn’t work for me, it’s very lazy,” said burbuja8910 once the cover surfaced.

“It’s so good to see Magda! She looks beautiful even with this bad styling,” noted narcyza.

Sharing the same underwhelming sentiments was MON: “It had the potential, but failed miserably.”

“It really did, once you cut out that awful and cheap looking denim. The rest of the shot actually looks OK but I’m over that glitter polo neck and the layout could be better,” replied Benn98.

“Magdalena looks gorgeous, but everything else from the outfit to the font is terrible. It screams teen magazine, especially with that white background,” The Stylopedia acknowledged.

Oxymore certainly wasn’t a fan, agreeing, “What is wrong with their layout! Magda looks beautiful, but that pink and that font.”

Check out some previews of Magdalena’s cover story and add your own two cents here.

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Lindsey Wixson Channels Little Red Riding Hood on Vogue Turkey’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Turkey is not generally noted for creating innovative, unique and eye-catching covers. The magazine has undeniably let standards slip lately, producing covers that attract attention for all the wrong reasons and it seems as though the mediocrity continues for August. Fresh off the cover of Vogue Russia, Lindsey Wixson is doused in red for the magazine’s annual Turkish designer issue, but the Richard Burbridge image makes the current face of Chanel resemble Little Red Riding Hood in the worst way possible.

Vogue Turkey August 2015 Lindsey Wixson by Richard Burbridge


Forum members couldn’t wait to let rip. “Eeck! Too much red, and Lindsey’s expression looks off. The shot doesn’t work as a cover I’m afraid,” complained Benn98, setting the tone for commentary to come.

Vogue Turkey consistently makes a fool of themselves. I am amazed,” replied a horrified MON.

“Reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood … I like that BUT I don’t like Lindsey’s face/expression,” DutchHomme expressed.

Also unimpressed was narcyza. “It’s too much red. Red is everywhere. And the nude makeup doesn’t fit at all. Even red lipstick would’ve been better!” she suggested.

Forum member justaguy wasn’t exactly shouting from the rooftops, either, writing, “I think this could have worked much better with a different model. Anytime I see Lindsey in a photo, my eyes go immediately to her open mouth.”

“They had Lindsey on the cover before. If it’s the start of the fall collection issue it’s still far too much red. Even Spanish magazines who love red don’t use this much vibrant red. I wish they used a less vibrant color and another model. Mostly magazines love to use red in December issue covers, not August issues,” laughed glamrockgal.

Impressed much? Join the conversation here.

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Watch: News Anchors Mock Cara Delevingne, Tell Her to Take a Nap and Have a Redbull

Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne, touring around to promote her latest film Paper Towns, stopped by Good Day Sacramento on Tuesday for a quick interview. And apparently, the anchors weren’t aware of her playful and sarcastic personality, as the interview instantly turned south. 

The first awkward moment was when the host asked Delevingne if she had read the book prior to filming. In true Cara form, she replied, “Uh, no. I never read the book or the script. I kind of winged it. No, of course. It’s a lovely book. John Green is an incredible author, so really if you haven’t read his books, you should.” 

15 Unexpected Things You’ll Find in Cara Delevingne’s Closet ]

And it only went downhill from there. The crew began to bash her for being tired and unexcited about the movie. “You seemed a lot more excited about [the movie] than you do right now?” one newscaster asked. “Are you just exhausted?”

“No, I mean, I’m still very excited,” Delevingne explained. “The premiere was last night and it felt like the end of an era, but I’m not any less excited than I was a couple of weeks ago.” She then went on to say that she’s not a morning person and that perhaps she had a bit more energy during the premiere, which led to the crew asking her if she was annoyed. “You seem a bit irritated, perhaps it’s just us?” “No,” she replied, “I think it’s just you.”

Cara Delevingne: The Ultimate Funny Faces Slideshow ]

The newscaster then cut the interview short and snapped, “We’ll let you go then, how about that? We’ll let you go and take a nap and maybe have a Red Bull.” Brush it off, Cara. Brush it off. 

Check out the awkwardness for yourself in the video above.

[via US Weekly]