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Calling All Target Shoppers: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Massive Credit Card Data Breach

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Thursday morning, Target confirmed that hackers had stolen credit and debit card records from 40 million in-store shoppers. The data breach was active from November 27 to December 15 at nearly all Target locations nationwide. Online shoppers were not affected. 

The hackers reportedly pulled magnetic swipe information from credit card machines; Target has determined that the following information was jeopardized in the breach: customer name, credit or debit card number, and the card’s expiration date and CVV.

If you shopped at a Target store during this time, you can and should call the dedicated call center to find out whether your data was accessed by hackers. The number is 866-852-8680 (representatives are available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.). Agents will also be answering questions across Target's social media channels. 

A Target spokeswoman told Mashable: "We're asking everyone who shopped at a Target location since Black Friday to monitor their credit card accounts and contact their banking establishments to see if there is any suspicious activity. Anyone with a Target Red Card or a card from another bank should remain vigilant and keep checking their accounts for fraudulent activity… We are contacting the guests we have email addresses for and informing them about what happened. It was a very sophisticated crime and it's an ongoing investigation, but the issue has been addressed and resolved. Shoppers can completely shop with confidence."

For more information, here's Target's FAQ page about the incident. 

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The Domination Continues: Natasha Poly Covers Vogue Japan’s February Issue (Forum Buzz)

Natasha Poly on Vogue Japan February 2014

image credit: via the tfs forums

We called it. Natasha Poly is back and everything but total domination of all Vogue editions in 2014 would be a surprise. After already covering the January issue of Vogue China, she is now also gracing the February cover of Vogue Japan. 

“So the domination continues. Love it. Let's hope she will get a Vogue cover every month of this year. Next one: Vogue Paris March!” predicts mikel on the tFS forums. I would not be shocked if he ends up being right about all that. He also added, “Natasha looks stunning but the cover looks too crowded. The print of her dress combined with text is a bit too much.”

The cover, on which ‘Queen Poly’ is wearing Chanel, was again shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Forum member Nepenthes enjoyed the cover image but not the cover layout. “Another cover so fast! The shot itself is great; Natasha looks beautiful and youthful. The text colors and placement are quite bad but oh well. Glad to see Natasha back full force!” he posted.

The same sentiments were shared by vogue28. He wrote, “It's not the most exciting of covers but I'm just so pleased to see Natasha. I think the multiple colours of the masthead and cover lines ruin the cover shot, to be honest. Those colours are very hard to work and often come across as unprofessional – as they do here. An all blue or red masthead would of worked a lot better.”

In the cover story, titled ‘A Special Kind Of Woman,’ Natasha shares the spotlight with Edie Campbell. See previews of the editorial below.

'A Special Kind Of Woman' by Patrick Demarchelier

'A Special Kind Of Woman' by Patrick Demarchelier

image credit: via the tfs forums

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Catherine McNeil Returns Home For Russh

russhCatherine McNeil had a killer Spring 2014 season on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Now she’s back home doing her thing for Australia’s Russh magazine.

McNeil first covered Russh way back when she was just starting out, before that infamous split with Ruby Rose and the consequent self-imposed modeling hiatus. The December/January 2013/2014 cover is proof she’s back and better than ever, using a fresh, minimal layout to highlight McNeil’s evergreen beauty. Russh have been taking the no-frills route with their covers for a while now, and a few wispy strands of hair are all this one needs in the way of distraction. 

Over on the forums, people are equally impressed with McNeil’s comeback-turned-takeover. “This is truly stunning. The kind of cover I would immediately buy on the newsstands,” says Valentine27. “Get it McNeil. Flawless and fresh. Beautiful cover shot,” adds zoom.

Elusiveness is one of Catherine’s greatest attributes. She doesn’t tweet, and posts just enough Instagram selfies to satisfy her 20,000+ followers. Though she does open up via less-than-140 character questionnaire answers on the Russh blog, revealing that she lives for carbs, lavender oil and vacation time, reads Stephen King, and listens to The Black Keys. More interestingly, she’s most looking forward to turning 30. And given her exponential trajectory, we wouldn’t be surprised if her third decade is her most successful yet.

See two shots from Catherine’s Russh spread below.


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Transgender Model Jenna Talackova Scores Elle Canada Spread

Finally, a Canadian fashion mag we CAN get behind! And their cover model of choice is Jenna Talackova. Applause, applause, applause all around for Elle Canada and this stunning senorita.

Jenna 2

In case you don’t remember Talackova, the Vancouver model rose to fame after she was fired from real estate mogul Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Canada pageant when it was discovered she had been born male. She underwent gender-reassignment surgery at age 19 (though she was identified as female at age four), but pushed back against the Miss Universe Organization for them to change their rules. The happy ending to this story? She was ultimately allowed back into the contest, only to become one of four contestants awarded the title of Miss Congeniality.

Now Talackova is back in the news, having scored a major fashion spread for Elle Canada. “I can’t believe I’m posing for them,” Talackova gushed in a behind-the-scenes video posted on the magazine’s website. “It’s been a dream — I put them on my vision board and it happened!” The cover girl also dishes a little on her personal fashion sense, telling the mag that, from an early age, she was mesmerized by her mom’s beauty routine. “Now I’m into Japanese and Korean fashion — Harajuku Barbie mixed with preppy housewife,” she quips.

Jenna 1

Talackova has since taken to Twitter to share photos from her shoot in which she looks absolutely beau-ti-ful! In one snap she rocks a jeweled blouse with a hot red lip, while another super close shot shows off her flawless, poreless skin. And am I alone in thinking that the photo of her standing near a window makes her look like Kim Kardashian’s long-lost twin? Maybe it’s the blonde hair and perfectly manicured eyebrows, but those lips and cheekbones had me doing a double take. Or dare I say, she also looks a little like Ivanka Trump? Hmmmm, I wonder what Donald would say?

Ironically, in a similar Kardashian career move, Talackova is soon set to star in an E! Canada reality show titled, Brave New Girl. I so hope Britney’s song of the same name will play in the opening credits, but also look forward to seeing more of this game-changing gal in the future.

Images via Elle Canada and Jenna Talackova/Twitter

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Hedi Slimane’s Stunning New Saint Laurent Campaign Celebrates the ‘Teenage Girl’

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / via YSL Facebook

Saint Laurent dropped a stunning Spring 2014 campaign early this morning. A few standalone print images were posted across the brand's social media, but the star attraction is a beautiful triple-frame scrolling video gallery of stills. You can only see it on (screenshot below). 

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / Screengrab via Forums

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / Screengrab via Forums

Photographed by designer Hedi Slimane himself in Los Angeles and starring models Natalie Westling, Nastya Sten and Jeff Fribourg, the campaign has the same disaffected, rebellious mood and dark, druggy look on display in the designer's previous ad work for the French fashion label.

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / via YSL Twitter

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / via YSL Twitter

In the campaign video, the fragmented moving pictures are accompanied by the song, "Teenage Girl," from LA-based cool kid band Cherry Glazerr (embedded below). The song first gained popularity when it was posted on Tavi Gevinson's RookieMag last year. It shares the publication's sweetly subversive alterna-girl vibe, combining witty, blissed-out lyrics (Sneaking cigarettes at lunchtime / Sun feels safe and sublime / Pink sparkly sunglasses lying by the pool / Rob Kardashian's a tool) with a trippy, dreamlike sound. 

This is the second-time the designer has chosen to soundtrack a brand video with music by Cherry Glazerr. For Slimane's Saint Laurent directorial debut in September, the designer tapped lead singer Clementine Creevy to create an original composition for a lovely dance movie starring Lida Fox. The singer also appeared in the front row at the label's Spring 2014 runway show in Paris this October. 

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / via YSL Twitter

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / via YSL Twitter

In the tFS Forums, the early response has been positive. One commenter called it Slimane's best Saint Laurent campaign to date, and I agree. But on the brand's Facebook page, some users are asking why the models pictured are so frighteningly thin. On the question of model casting and sizing, Slimane has been consistent: At Dior Homme in the 2000s, Slimane's work changed the body standard for men, making it chic for guys to be super-slim — Karl Lagerfeld famously lost 90 pounds so he could fit into one of Slimane's suits.

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / via YSL Twitter

Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Campaign / via YSL Twitter

The designer hasn't changed his approach for Saint Laurent. Reviewing the Spring 2014 menswear show for, Tim Blanks characterized the models as "wasp-waisted, shrunken-chested boy band members." Slimane's September dance film, starring Lida Fox, was also striking for the her straight, narrow frame, emphasized by the fact that she was styled in tight leather pants and a tiny bandeau top. (Also, most of his models are white. Thought it was worth mentioning.) Just because he's consistent doesn't make his choices any less disturbing.

The song playing over the video might be called "Teenage Girl," but his customers are adult women. Slimane is doing the classic fashion thing: Selling teen culture and the idea of youth to adult women at exhorbitant prices. He's doing a fantastic job of it (the selling part), but that doesn't mean it's not profoundly messed up


See the full video campaign on


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Trolling for Pageviews: Blogger Admits She Fabricated Rumor About Alexander Skarsgård and Meryl Streep



Today on XOJane, a blogger for a celebrity gossip site admits she once fabricated a rumor tying 37-year-old Alexander Skarsgård to 64-year-old Meryl Streep, hoping it would be picked up by blog-land.

As manufactured rumors go, this one gets a solid B+. It's nice to see a gender reversal on the standard December/May relationship — particularly because in this case, both parties (slash their Swedish abs) are so talented and likeable — but if you're going to make up a rumor, you might as well go all the way. Skarsgård/Streep relationship? Very nice. Skarsgård/Streep pay extraterrestrial surrogate to carry their secret love child? That is an A+ rumor, if I do say so myself.

Though personally, I prefer invented celebrity rumors to ones that are true, the point is — sensationalized celebrity gossip attracts pageviews. (And on the Internet, pageviews are money.)

"Crazy celebrity antics are a no-brainer — the words 'Miley Cyrus' and 'shocking' in a headline guarantee thousands upon thousands of thoughtless, gossip-hungry clicks. But when it comes to health or human interest — when it comes to anything about actual people — my job becomes harder, if less hollow-hearted and glib.

I find myself, time and again, passing over stories with the slightest hint of depth or meaning in favor of the jaw dropping, the sensational. I operate on the assumption that my readers are incapable, or simply unwilling, to appreciate subtleties. Except it's not an assumption, the numbers back this theory's validity time and again."

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