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Anna Wintour, Terry Richardson, Marc Jacobs: What Were They Like As Kids? [Comics]

For anyone that prefers fashion celebrity to tabloid or mainstream celebrity, the appeal is twofold: 1) As shiny and beautiful as any reality star, Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs & co are also the public faces of a multibillion dollar global industry. Forget what you've heard: the fashion elite don't just stand there looking pretty, they do things. Important things. Like photographing models eating meat. 2) Celebrity is a distorted image. What we see of famous people isn't fake, it's just an out-of-proportion take on their personalities. But pairing a warped celebrity lens with a larger-than-life fashion persona? The result is magical fairy happiness laughter fireworks. 

Which is why I wanted to share a few installments of the fashion comic "When They Were Kids" which imagines outsize fashion personalities as wee little babes. I think we all need a laugh today, especially after viewing the Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 ad

Which, speaking of…

When They Were Kids - Marc Jacobs

via When They Were Kids

When They Were Kids

via When They Were Kids

When They Were Kids

When They Were Kids

When They Were Kids

via When They Were Kids

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Gatsby Breakout Elizabeth Debicki Literally Dwarfs the Competition in Christian Dior


image: Getty

Elizabeth Debicki’s star is set to rise at light-speed thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s decadent 3D dazzle-fest The Great Gatsby, but it’s not only excessive theatrics (and an otherwise A-list cast) from which she’s managing to set herself apart.

For the Sydney leg of Gatsby’s premiere last week, Debicki wore a floral-skirted Christian Dior gown from the Spring 2013 collections. It’s not the first time the dress has appeared on a lanky Aussie blonde with a rapidly escalating career – Brisbane model Nicole Pollard was the one who wore it down the Dior runway last spring — and certainly a six-foot frame is a desired asset when you’re hoping to look this stunning.

Before Gatsby, Debicki’s acting career consisted only of a bit part in Stephan Elliott’s comedy A Few Best Men. With the stoic red carpet presence of Rooney Mara, the doe-eyed innocence of Sophie Lowe and the elfin balletic athleticism of Cate Blanchett, Debicki is fully equipped to be Australia’s next major export. And if her next role isn’t a 3D motion one, we can fully see her as the face of a big fragrance campaign. 

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The New Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Campaign is ‘Creepy’ (Forum Buzz)

The new Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 campaign is ‘creepy’ (Forum Buzz)

Edie Campbell and Lily McMenamy nabbed the new Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 ad campaign, which surfaced online yesterday. Both models already walked in the most recent Marc Jacobs runway show and the campaign was once again shot by photographer Juergen Teller. Forum members were neither wowed by the model cast nor the concept of the campaign. Responses to the first preview for the campaign were mostly negative:

“This picture is creeping me out. Not looking forward to seeing it in magazines and having a mini heart attack every time those two girls stare at me from the pages,” wrote TheItGirl.

kewkaw noted that the image looked “like a Scary Pajama Ad” and Cold found that “it looks like a teen depression campaign. Edie is really getting her sad on.”

“This is so bad I actually like it,” laughed jmrmartinho

Melancholybaby admitted, “With all these elements I should hate it, but it is strangely attractive. Eager to see more.” 

It is always hard to judge an entire campaign from just one preview, but I am certainly eager to see more of the campaign as well. If only to see if other shots might be less frightening and hopefully focus a little more on the collection itself rather than the unconventional look of the featured models.


Image Credits: @thelovemagazine instagram and


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Recall: Asos Pulls Radioactive Belts


>Another dark side to contemporary manufacturing practices: US border patrol quarantined a shipment of Asos leather peplum belts after the attached metal studs tested positive for Cobolt-60, a radioactive isotope, The Guardian reports. 

The UK company has issued a worldwide recall of the item, which will cause injury if worn for more than 500 hours. 

The belts are said to be manufactured by an Indian supplier called Haq Manufacturing, which Asos has been working with for over a year, but the Guardian has not been able to verify that the contaminated belt matches any of the items available in Haq Manufacturing's product list. Asos is demanding £100,000 in damages from the supplier and has withheld £64,000 in payment to the Indian company, which has been forced to cancel orders for another trendy UK brand, Miss Selfridge, and close its factory for five months — 18 Indian workers are now out of work.  

According to an internal Asos report seen by The Guardian, the radioactivity was caused by the process for refining scrap metal. It reads in part:

 "Unfortunately, this incident is quite a common occurrence. India and the far east are large consumers of scrap metal for their home and foreign markets. During the refining process of these metals, orphaned radioactive sources are sometimes accidentally melted at the same time. This in turn [contaminates the process] and traps the radioactivity in the metal as an alloy or in suspension."

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Link Buzz: Calvin Klein Talking To His Ex Again; January Jones on Diane Kruger

  • Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber

    Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber / via Ivan Nikolov/

    Calvin Klein and his 23-year old (ex-)boyfriend Nick Gruber have kissed and made up. *LuV<3* [PageSix]
  • Bar·rettes: Totally happening. [BellaSugar]
  • By wearing pastel denim, Jessica Alba urges you to also wear pastel denim. [FabSugar]
  • When January Jones says that she and Diane Kruger "fight each other" for red carpet gowns, I really hope she means it in the literal sense. [Fashionologie]
  • Taylor Swift gives style tips to sell Keds. [MTVStyle]
  • Fashion photographer Mario Testino is doing a Peru-inspired line for Net-A-Porter. [Telegraph]


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Gisele Bundchen Covers Vogue Brazil’s June 2013 ‘Body Issue’

Gisele for Vogue Brazil / via Vogue.Globo.

Gisele for Vogue Brazil / via Vogue.Globo.

For Vogue Brazil's June 2013 issue, the publication ran a cover of the supermodel Gisele Bundchen wearing a black leather bikini, photographed by Mario Testino. According to a recent Forums count, this issue marks the fifteenth time the supermodel has appeared on the cover of Vogue Brazil (and her 121st time covering any edition of Vogue), which would be a problem if this were the "Originality Issue" — luckily, it's the "Body Issue," and since Gisele happens to have a body … you see where this is going. 

One notable aspect of this particular cover: the layout. It's very confusing because, like other glossy fashion magazines, Vogue Brazil actually employs a staff of qualified, creative professionals who must have been responsible for conceiving of and executing those slanted, Pantone-swatch cover lines. It's a bizarre choice for a Vogue title, but the format wouldn't look out of place on a more editorial, independent publication. Here, it looks like a very failed experiment … at best. (As VogueDisciple93 put it in the corresponding Forum thread, "If Bayside High School from 'Saved By The Bell' had a daily paper this would be the layout.") But I guess that when Gisele's on your June cover (for the fifteen time), you can afford to take some risks. 

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