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Caroline Trentini Dyes Her Hair Pink for Vogue Spain (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Spain continues to go from bad to worse with the release of its July installment. The magazine went through a phase of welcoming unexpected cover stars but brought back old favorite Caroline Trentini for its latest. Caroline looks noticeably different, sporting a distracting shade of pink hair as she poses for Argentine photographer Paola Kudacki.

Vogue Spain July 2015 Caroline Trentini by Paola Kudacki


You best believe the majority of our forum members aren’t feeling it. “What an underwhelming cover image, she can do so much better than this!” expressed Miss Dalloway the moment the cover hit.

“I really want to like it but something bothers me and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s probably the hair even though I like it, maybe it would’ve worked better on a different type of magazine cover. It doesn’t look like Vogue at all,” added KateTheGreatest.

“This magazine should find its identity as soon as possible,” suggested Creative.

Also not feeling it was thatsfierce: “This is bad, [especially] that pink hair. Caroline is beautiful, love her freckles, but the hair and the pose.”

“I was like DAMN Vogue España is returning to its great period back in 2007, when Caroline and other supers were on their covers but this is an atrocity and the pink hair and the lame pose don’t help that’s for sure. Really bad cover,” fumed Bertrando3.

Cosmic Voices wasn’t having any of it, writing, “I honestly don’t think Caroline is cool enough of a model to carry off pink hair.”

“I want to like it…but it just looks inconsistent. I just don’t know the identity of Vogue España,” MON said.

The mag managed to get it all wrong this month. Have your say inside the thread here.

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Is Lucky Shuttering Completely?

Things have not been going great over at Lucky magazine lately. After being passed off to BeachMint to form its own entity, The Lucky Group, which launched its shopping site earlier this year, the publication experienced a round of layoffs in February. In late April, editor-in-chief Eva Chen announced that she was stepping down from her position at the publication and shortly after, Lucky cancelled its LuckyFABB conference and announced that it would be transitioning into a quarterly magazine.



All that repositioning seems to have been for nothing. According to the The Daily, the Lucky Group is shuttering completely and will be firing all its staff. Lucky staffers are expected to get two weeks’ severance pay. Though Lucky magazine has been floundering for a while, it is still very sad to see the entire publication shutter. There was hope that creating a more interactive shopping experience might save it, but it seems like the end has truly come for Lucky.

We reached out to Lucky for comment and will update once we hear a response.

UPDATE: According to Racked, the magazine is shuttering but Lucky is still trying to keep its e-commerce site operational. Apparently, an investment deal to keep the magazine afloat fell through, causing the print version to shut down completely.

[via The Daily]

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Non-Hipster Hipster Ricki Hall Says His Style Is Inspired by Homeless People

We can all agree that hipsters are mostly annoying.Take, for instance, Ricki Hall, who has managed to effectively piss off the entire Internet with comments regarding his sartorial inspirations. The tatted up model with the extraordinarily lush beard sat down with the The Sunday Times to chat about his day-to-day. In the piece, Hall outlines how he cultivates his unique sense of style in the most eye-roll-inducing way possible: “I take style tips from everything, even kids and homeless people. They can pull anything together and it just works.” 

Guys, even homeless people can put an outfit together – and they don’t even rely on fancy design collaborations or overpriced contemporary labels. They just dumpster dive and accept whatever clothes the Salvation Army has to give them and voilà – they are the pinnacle of style. For how intentionally chic Hall seems to think the homeless are, maybe he can inquire about styling jobs on their behalf, since, you know, they dress the way they do out of the desire to make a fashion statement, and not necessity. 


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Kim Kardashian Learns How to Properly Spell Giorgio Armani

Kim Kardashian Giorgio Aramani

Image: WENN

By now, we know that Kim Kardashian has most design houses at her beck and call. All she has to do is send out one well-placed tweet and the fashion powers-that-be rush to satisfy her every whim. This weekend, Kim had the ultimate #firstworldproblem when she found out her favorite shade of Giorgio Armani foundation was discontinued. Naturally, she took to Twitter to lament the loss.

Fortunately for rich and famous people like Kim Kardashian, the Armani team (who was not tagged in the tweet) heard her cries and came to the rescue, offering to send the foundation shade she needed, no problem. However, they couldn’t help but make a small correction; Kim referred to Mr. Armani as “Georgio Armani,” which is exactly not how his name is spelled. The Armani team reminded Kim of the proper spelling — which we’re sure she will now never forget.

[h/t Complex]

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Tom Ford Unveiled the Most Dapper Way Ever to Wear an Apple Watch at His Spring 2016 Men’s Show

Tom Ford jut showed the world what’s on tap for his Spring 2016 menswear range. Of course, the designer who says he hasn’t worked out in two years, blessed us with a bevy of his signature crisply tailored suits, some imagined in the traditional pinstripe, others boasting colorful suit jackets with a touch of the psychedelic. Ford also put forth a few looks sure to please any stylish member of a biker gang – slim denim pants were paired with cool leather jackets, giving relatively conservative looks a bit of an edge. But the pièce de resistance of Ford’s collection didn’t include any of the actual garments – it was all about the accessories.

Smartwatches have only been around for a short amount of time, but being the innovator that he is, Tom Ford is already imagining the hot-button tech item in a new way. The designer unveiled a pocket watch version of the accessory, attaching an Apple Watch face to a chain.

The New York Times Styles reporter Matthew Schneier spied the piece, marrying old-school sensibilities with a modern edge. It’s certainly a new way to think of the pocket watch and we’re just waiting to see how long it will be until we see a basketball player or rapper hitting the red carpet with one of these in tow. Something tells us the wait will be quite short.

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Amber Valletta Replaces Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello’s Fall 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Most of the time, we can pretty much predict which model or celebrity will show up in advertising campaigns, but in an unexpected twist, Amber Valletta has replaced Anja Rubik as the face of Anthony Vaccarello. Anja has represented the label since day one and the change is unfortunately being met with negative feedback in our forums. Photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, 41-year-old Amber gives us masculine attitude as she stares down the camera lens for the black and white images.

Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Amber Valletta by Inez & Vinoodh


Something was seriously bugging our forum members. “That damned text…just the logo would have sufficed. Happy to see Amber though,” shared anlabe32 right away.

“This won’t sell. She looks like a skinny dude. It might be confusing for people. BTW that logo is amateurish,” DutchHomme added.

In agreement was thatsfierce, who exclaimed, “I’m happy for Amber, but this is crap. The logo [is] still ruining everything. Change it, please.”

Forum member narcyza was left underwhelmed, too, ranting, “She’s scary! And this blue text doesn’t help. I was thinking it will be a much better campaign, especially with Amber.”

“Ew. This looks more like a magazine cover than a campaign and Amber doesn’t look too good here either,” Nomar complained.

Benn98 couldn’t wait to express his disbelief. “Gross. I’m mad about Amber, but her expression is awful. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, this campaign is quite vile. She looks like a man,” he pointed out.

“Amber just doesn’t have the right attitude for this kind of styling. She just can’t express that ‘cool’ vibe,” thought congacon.

Are you a fan of the direction? Drop us a comment here.