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Florence Welch Is Already Winning Splendour Style and She’s Not Even There Yet

Florence Welch

Photo: Maria Boyadgis

Splendour in the Grass headliner Florence Welch isn’t even at the Byron Bay festival yet, but she’s already making waves in our country. She, along with “the Machine”, staged an intimate concert for a few hundred lucky fans on Sydney Harbour today, July 24, delivering a six-song set for Channel [V].

Florence and the machine

Photo: Maria Boyadgis

Style maven Carissa Walford presented, but even she couldn’t compare to the British beauty’s ethereal fashion sense. Decked out in Splendour-appropriate flowing florals and gold jewels, Florence gave us a nice little preview of what to expect when she performs at the festival tomorrow night.

Check out the rest of the shots below.

Photos: Maria Boyadgis

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Watch: Amy Schumer Fires Up at Bondi Hipsters for Illuminati Accusation

The Bondi Hipsters are known for their hilarious parody videos, and Amy Schumer and Bill Hader are known for being, well, just plain funny.

Now all the class clowns have joined forces in the Twitter Blue Room for what appears to be a serious chat about the Illuminati, or more or less about Bill and Amy trying not to admit they’re a part of the secret organisation led by the likes of Queen Bey and Jay Z.

Because we’re talking about Dom and Adrian here, you’ll know that when we use the term “serious” that we are using it very loosely. There’s some serious LOLs involved, that’s for sure. Check out the interview for yourself above. 


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Ruby Rose Put in Danger As Gunman Breaks Into Her Backyard

Ruby Rose at Universal Studios

Photo: WENN

Ruby Rose had to act as if she was in a dangerous position on-set of Orange is the New Black, but it all became a bit real for the star when a gunman broke into the backyard of her LA home this week.

“There is a gunman in my back yard. This is petrifying. Helicopters, police, dogs … And a crazy person,” Ruby wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “There’s a policeman looking for a f***ing gunman, and there is a helicopter in my back yard.”

She quickly assured her fans that she was safe, and that the man had been arrested. “Man arrested. Wow. Crazy. Annnd now I won’t be watching horror films before bed anymore,” she tweeted. (more…)

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Alexander McQueen and Jean Muir in the Running to Appear on the New £20 Note

It’s a topic that’s had everybody talking for quite some time now: whose face will grace the new £20 note? A list of potential candidates has finally been compiled and four worthy contenders from the fashion industry have made the list.

Back in May, the Bank of England asked the public to submit their suggestions from the field of visual arts. The arts play quite a substantial role in Britain’s economy, so it’s only fitting that one of the field’s most acclaimed members gets the chance to be bestowed with such an honour. The final list features a whopping 592 contenders, four of which derive from the visual arts. 


Lee Alexander McQueen Photographer: Gary Wallace #AlexanderMcQueenArchive

A photo posted by Alexander McQueen (@worldmcqueen) on

So, who exactly are the featured four? The late Alexander McQueen is, of course, a candidate due to his amazing yet short-lived career. The late fashion designer Catherine Walker has also been nominated, perhaps mainly due to her work with Princess Diana, for whom she created over 1,000 different outfits. Next up is the late Laura Ashley, whose retail empire still remains. She rose to fame in the 60s thanks to relaunching the floral smock in reaction to the miniskirt trend. Finally, Jean Muir, who’s often dubbed the Chanel of England, is also in the running as her classic designs aren’t easy to forget.

We’re hoping that it’s one of the above worthy four who make it onto the note as they’re all equally as deserving.

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Natasha Poly Gets Mixed Reactions as the New Face of Frame Denim (Forum Buzz)

She’s racking up quite the list of campaigns this season, scoring the likes of La Perla, Isabel Marant and Michael Kors, but it seems as though Natasha Poly isn’t quite finished yet. The blond beauty has just been announced as the new face of Frame Denim, replacing fellow Russian model Sasha Pivovarova. Continuing with the black and white theme, Natasha channels her inner songstress as she holds a microphone before the lens of the co-founder of Frame Denim, Erik Torstensson.

Frame Denim Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Natasha Poly by Erik Torstensson


“Eh, I love Frame Denim, but this doesn’t suit or showcase the label at all,” HeatherAnne declared the minute the campaign struck.

“It looks like a magazine cover to me,” Koibito pointed out.

Forum member Les_Sucettes informed us, “All my jeans are from Frame. And I really like this look so I guess the ad works, but, I can’t believe I’m saying this, it’s time for Natasha to take a breather and for people to start using someone new.”

Benn98 saw the light at the end of the tunnel. “This girl is one of the very few models who photographs well with a range of photographers!! Awful composition though,” he wrote.

“This reminded me of Anthony Vaccarello. However, so glad Poly is doing great this season and never stops stealing the spotlight,” wrote a thrilled zacatecas570.

“Every time I see her name in a thread, I know she’s going to bring her best to the image. There’s something very ‘professional’ about Natasha, and over time, I’ve come to respect (and admire) that she’s really good at the job of modeling, even if she isn’t always to my taste,” commented tigerrouge.

See the rest of Frame Denim’s Fall 2015 campaign and let us know what you think here.

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Adidas, Pharrell and a Bevy of Artists Reimagine the Superstar Sneaker

Adidas Superstar sneakers are getting an artsy makeover thanks to a new mass collaboration between Pharrell Williams and a group of artists. The much-loved producer and fashionisto has partnered with photographer and director Cass Bird, architect Zaha Hadid, artist Todd James and Japanese artist Mr. on a mass collaboration in which each puts their personal spin on the Adidas Superstar Supershell sneaker. 

For the 10-piece “Artwork” collection, the artists dreamed up one design each to place on the shoe’s toe shell while Pharrell himself came up with the remaining six designs. Each shoe comes in either black or white. Playful florals, smiling anime characters and some good old fashioned photography decorate the shell caps, bringing a dope spin on the classic Adidas shoe. Part of the limited-edition range is already up on the Adidas Originals website, marked with a “coming soon” tag, with prices ranging from $100 to $120 – not a bad price for a pair of fly kicks. 

Watch Pharrell talk the collection in the video above.

[via Hypebeast]