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Watch Christy Turlington in Calvin Klein Underwear’s Fall 2013 Video Ad

Image: Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein Underwear

Image: Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein Underwear

It was big news when Calvin Klein Underwear first released the print images for the brand's fall campaign starring Christy Turlington. The American model's earlier work for the New York City design house (she first appeared on the Calvin Klein catwalk in 1987) is the stuff of fashion legend; now Turlington is 44 and still, to put it mildly, stunning. 

Image: Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein Underwear

Image: Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein Underwear

The brand has just released a video counterpart to the print ads, which is geared to sell "iconic new bras, re-imagined for every woman." Speaking personally, I'm not reaching for my wallet so much as I'm marveling over the model's good looks and Calvin Klein's ample advertising budget. I would extend my congratulations to both parties (for their bod and cash, respectively), but I'm too busy getting a contact high from the speech Turlington delivers as part of the video:

"Clothes tell a story. Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's what you want people to think. But this is what I really feel. It's not a secret, just personal. You might be surprised. Just between you and me." 

Translation: I am trying to make buying underwear seem like a meaningful, near-mystical experience. Also, we hired the same guy who did Brad Pitt's Chanel ads to write this. 

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From Me to You: 3 Fashions Canada Gave the World

Roots Leather Wide

I often wonder about the influence Canada has on global fashion, if at all, which is why I thought it only right that I revisit some of the fashion essentials we're responsible for. That is, the three more prominent goods that have made an international impact…

Canada Goose Parkas

As seen on: The backs of all Torontonians, even if it's plus 10, as well as New Yorkers and any explorers who've ventured to the Arctic circle.

2012 was the year of the goose and things are only about to get more duck-filled in coming months as we near winter. This Canadian staple brand has expanded internationally in recent times, shipping its wares to the Swedes and peeps of Denver, Colorado as of 2010 where they have an office based in each. In just a decade, they've seen annual revenue grow by 3,500% as Canada Goose continues to build market share in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Plus, they keep us damn warm!


As seen on: Middle class yogis of L.A., U.K. and anywhere that knows what a downward dog is.

Despite its recent struggles and ideology that men want to wear their stretchy pants, Lululemon is still a $10 billion yoga empire. They've achieved this through what's become known as the scarcity model, whereby they keep a minimal supply of stock, forcing customers to grab it while they can. All at the handsome price of $75 to $125 a pop. I personally fell out of love with Lulu when I discovered Gap's activewear (and Old Navy!) at a quarter of the price.

The Roots Man/Unisex Bag

As seen on: Alan in The Hangover

Roots is perhaps one of the most iconic Canadian stores and, though it's made little impact internationally, there is a boutique on Beverly Drive (adjacent to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles). That may be where Zack Galifanikis' character, Alan in The Hangover, got his hands on the leather village bag, which has become the brand's biggest seller. I must, however, say that I have the exact same bag and my partner still protests against carrying it while my arms are full of shopping. Maybe it isn't so beloved by the XY-ers after all.


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Link Buzz: Did Cara Delevingne Lose Her H&M Contract Over Cocaine?; Zara’s Fall 2013 Lookbook

  • Image:


    The Sun (a UK tabloid which is less than credible) is reporting that H&M fired Cara Delevingne over some photos that emerged earlier this year which showed her dropping a little baggie of white powder. When asked to comment, the Swedish-based retailer suggested (in their roundabout PR-conscious way) that it's not that they fired her, it's just that they didn't hire her back. [The Sun, Fashionista]
  • Amanda Seyfried is like a flawless perfect dove on the Lovelace red carpet. Or some people put it, she looks "lovely." Get it? I'll wait. [BellaSugar]
  • Lou Doillon is all over the Barneys Fall 2013 ad campaign. That is an idiomatic way to say she was photographed for it and appears in the released images. They're lovely. (But not lovely. Get it? I'll wait) [Fashionologie]
  • A bird poop facial. Why not, right? [SheFinds]
  • Zara's Fall 2013 campaign. Lovely again. (Don't worry, I won't.) [FabSugar]
  • Our look-of-the-day girl Chloe Moretz told reporters that some (unnamed) brands won't lend her their clothing until she turns 20! Nope, not because of integrity — I can't believe you even had to ask me that. (They don't want to alienate their older customer base.) [Telegraph]
  • The wonderful and legitimately awesome Kathleen Hanna, Riot Grrrl icon, has overcome stage fright and you so can you. [Rookie]

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Terry Richardson Photographs Sarah Jessica Parker for Harper’s Bazaar

Image: Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar

Image: Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar

You know, you may go the rest of your life without posing with your arm flopped over your head, your hair loose, while wearing a gold sequin cocktail dress. In fact, you may never wear a gold sequin cocktail dress to begin with, with or without an arm pose, particularly not the figure-hugging Marc Jacobs number Sarah Jessica Parker is seen sporting on the September 2013 cover of Harper's Bazaar. Can you live with that? Why do people choose to wed in overpriced white gowns, the toilet paper sandcastles of the dress world, when they could be wearing sequins? Sequins are what it would look like if colors could laugh and cry at the same time. This culture is beyond me, but I'm foreign so I have a built-in excuse for all my gaps in knowledge and idiosyncrasies. I could wear sequins every day — every minute of every day and what? You'd say under your breath, with a little sideways smile, "I heard they have a different relationship to sequins where she comes from."  Whatever. Maybe we do, maybe we don't. The point is, you're not wearing sequins. Do you own anything with sequins on it? Does it sparkle good?

Image:  Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar

Image: Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar

In the inside spread which accompanies the cover, the former Sex and the City star is photographed by Terry Richardson (a man with a moustache; he shoots pseudo-porn for mainstream magazines and once you've seen his hairy nipples, that's something you can't unsee) wearing feathery peacock looks by Oscar de la Renta, Gucci (above) and Chanel. She's the "boldest bird," as Harper's Bazaar put it, and though she's not literally a bird (she's a woman), they did photograph her wearing a lot of flapper-era inspired items embellished with feathers and fringe and bold birdish colors, so the descriptor makes metaphoric (metonymic?) sense. Hm. Although when you really think about it, on the cover photograph she more closely resembles a fish. Except for that arm thing she's doing. Do you know anyone who doesn't like flamingos? 

Here's the rest of the spread and the interview. Harper's Bazaar's September 2013 issue will be available on newsstands on August 20. 


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Copenhagen Fashion Week Acknowledges Industry’s Damage to the Environment with Giant Clothing Swap



Copenhagen Fashion Week is coming up in a few days and yes, there will be runway shows (which we'll be covering here), but more importantly, there'll be a giant citywide free clothing swap to support the trade event's commitment to sustainability. 

The Danish Fashion Institute will host a Fashion Exchange Market at City Hall Square from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, August 10.

As Denmark's Minister of the Environment put it (he'll be speaking at the event), "The fashion industry is amongst the industries that have the most adverse impact on health and environment. Therefore it is important that the fashion industry takes responsibility of prolonging the life of their products.” (Copenhagen Fashion Week included that quote in a press release, by the way, which would never ever happen in New York City.)

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Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld Capture ‘Singular Beauty’ for Harper’s Bazaar’s September Issue


Harper's Bazaar has just released Carine Roitfeld's third feature as the glossy brand's Global Fashion Director. The former Paris Vogue editor tapped Karl Lagerfeld to shoot the story — "Singular Beauty: An homage to the diversity of women" — which will appear in the September Issue of all 29 editions of the magazine. 


Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar

A quick survey of the 25 women featured in this ambitious editorial:

  • Scarlett Johansson: 28-year-old American film actress 
  • Liya Kebede: 35-year-old Ethiopian model
  • Linn Arvidsson: 25-year-old Swedish model 
  • Dakota Fanning: 19-year-old American film actress
  • Lily Collins: 24-year-old British film actress
  • Carmen Dell’Orefice: 82-year-old American modeling legend
  • Ondria Hardin: California-born 16-year-old runway model
  • China Machado: 83-year-old Portuguese-Chinese modeling legend
  • Soo Joo Park: 23-year-old Korean model
  • Candice Huffine: 28-year-old American 'plus' model
  • Ashleigh Good: 21-year-old New Zealander model
  • Xiao Wen Ju: 24-year-old Chinese model
  • Erika Ervin: 34-year-old known as the 'World's Tallest Model'
  • Grimes: 25-year-old Canadian musician (who wears the $68,000 Saint Laurent dress we've marveled over on tFS)
  • Zoë Kravitz: 24-year-old actress daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet
  • Karen Elson: 34-year-old British model/musician
  • Lily Donaldson: 26-year-old British model
  • Liberty Ross: 34-year-old British model
  • Kenya Jones: 20-year-old daughter of Quincy Jones
  • Gabourey Sidibe: 30-year-old American actress
  • Chiharu Okunugi: 20-year-old Japanese model
  • Tilda Lindstam: 20-year-old Swedish model
  • Lisa Verberght: 17-year-old Belgian model 
  • Angel Haze: 22-year-old American rapper 
  • Chrishell Stubbs: 21-year-old British fashion model​​

Karl Lagerfeld for Harper's Bazaar

Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar

We love seeing so many non-white models cast for such a major editorial and this spread truly features a broad range of ages, body types and ethnicities. Still, it's worth pointing out that with the exception of Sidibe, the women represent a conventional standard of beauty and an upper-class milieu — "Gabourey Sidibe among 'Bazaar' beauties," was USA Today's foul way of putting it. This editorial is unlike most of what we see in fashion magazines and a step in the right direction, but that in itself is sort of depressing. 

You can see the full feature and a behind-the-scenes video here

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