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Vogue Netherlands Is ‘Getting Worse by the Month’ with Its Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

As the November issues continue to come in slowly but steadily, Vogue Netherlands’ cover is the most recent to be dissected by our forum members. Cato Van Ee stars on the magazine’s November 2014 issue, shot by Paul Bellaart. The native Dutch model delivers a high-energy cover shot, appearing as though she’s jumping while giving good face before Bellaart’s lens (and almost flashing a nipple in the process!). Impressed?

Vogue Netherlands November 14 Cato Van Ee


As usual, members of our forums didn’t hold back. “OMG! This magazine is getting worse by the month…” proclaimed an unimpressed KissMiss, suggesting the magazine needs to step up its game.

“Have always and will always love Cato. But completely unclear how this shot made it to print? All I see is her boob awkwardly poking out. Not good,” posted HeatherAnne.

GlamorousBoy recommended we swiftly move on: “LOL what is this? Absolutely unoriginal and uninspiring… another one please!”

Also feeling underwhelmed was kokobombon, who wrote, “In theory, it should be a great cover. But in reality, imo the smile doesn’t reach her eyes which gives me a more depressed than happy vibe. I don’t get the styling either. The boob is very distracting…”

Not everyone was left unsatisfied, though. “I like this one actually. Their best covers seem to feature medium to extreme close-ups, preferably styled in black and topped with luscious hair. Like last month’s or Ymre‘s cover for October 2013,” posted Mr-Dale.

“I love that you can barely see the masthead,” stated gazebo.

So, from rave reviews for Karlie KlossOctober cover to mixed sentiments for the latest offering. Join the discussion and await the contents of the issue here.

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Jessica Chastain Does Her Best Lana Del Rey Impression on Interview’s 45th Anniversary Cover (Forum Buzz)

Interview‘s October cover has finally hit our forums and the issue marks the magazine’s 45th anniversary. The magazine tapped Jessica Chastain to front the celebratory issue and enlisted Craig McDean to capture the actress for a black and white cover story. Jessica also fronts the November issue of U.K. Harper’s Bazaar and the two covers couldn’t be more different, showcasing Jessica’s versatility to perfection.

Interview Magazine October 2014 Jessica Chastain


Our forum members are left with mixed feelings toward Interview‘s latest cover, though. “Good cover, but not blown away. Kind of hate the hair,” noted VogueDisciple93, who was left a little underwhelmed by Interview‘s efforts this month.

“This is the worst I have seen her in print!!! Why make her look like a bad copy of Lana Del Rey?!! And she looks just as uncomfortable in this styling. Not impressed,” commented Miss Dalloway.

Melancholybaby was also left feeling uncertain: “It’s quite different for an Interview cover, can’t remember the last time they did a full body shot. The logo placement bothers me too and all in all I think I need some time to digest it. I hope the contents are just as amazing as last month’s though!”

“Me too!! Thought this would be a close-up. Pleasantly surprised. Love the vintage femme-fatale vibe going on here. The masthead bothers me a bit, but it’s fine,” replied Benn98.

The conversation regarding Jessica’s resemblance to Lana started up again. “Love Jessica Chastain and these B&W shots are awesome! Yes, a bit, LDR, but love her too!” declared justaguy.

“She looks like Lana Del Rey in this kind of styling, hair and makeup,” agreed fluxxx.

Another forum member not feeling the cover was tigerrouge: “Monochrome images are a great way to make a visual impact, but there’s far too much going on in the cover shot. It fails to make the most of what film noir style can offer. I don’t need to see the shadows of random electrical wires. It isn’t some sort of reflective commentary on how films get made, it’s just untidy.”

Do you think Jessica has a likeness toward Lana here? See inside the thread for Jessica’s cover story by fellow actress Mindy Kaling and input your own two cents here.

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Riding in Cars with Yohji Yamamoto


The auto industry needs Yohji Yamamoto. The Japanese designer was recently filmed by director Matthew Donaldson while cruising to Tokyo’s Aoyama Cemetery, a stone’s throw from his flagship shop. Inside his 80s Nissan Cedric, Yamamoto waxed poetic about his wheels. “It is the only moment [when] I can become myselfwhen I drive a car,” he said. “A car is like a girlfriend. So, it’s nice to just look at her, or ride with her. It means a lot.”

The over three-minute short for NOWNESS features music performed by the designer and is the first installment in a series called “Getting There.” “I like glamour, but I also want to have a low profile,” he told NOWNESS. “I find modern car design so ugly, so I found this car on the internet.” Mitsubishi, are you watching?


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Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow Is “Psyched” Martha Stewart Dissed Her

Martha Stewart has made her disdain for Gwyneth Paltrow quite known. In a recent interview with Porter magazine, the home and garden guru had some choice words for the Goopster: “She just needs to be quiet. She’s a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn’t be trying to be Martha Stewart.” 

Now that Gwyneth just hired the former CEO of Stewart’s company, it does seem a little bit like the actress is trying to come for Martha’s spot. But you won’t find Gwyneth shedding any tears over Stewart’s epic read. In fact, Paltrow seems to be pretty glad that Martha’s paying any attention to her or Goop at all. “If I’m really honest, I’m so psyched that she sees us as competition. I’m so psyched. I really am,” she said on a panel at the Most Powerful Women summit. 

But Paltrow didn’t let the comment go by without throwing a little shade of her own. “I think that when anyone criticizes anyone, it’s revealing more about where they are in time and space as opposed to where you are in time and space. Generally we tend to lash out… it’s usually a reflection of something else. At this point in my life, I don’t take it personally I see it as a projection.”

Alright, then! Good to see Paltrow taking Stewart’s comments in stride, although we would expect no less form a woman who could probably wipe away any butthurt tears with an expensive monogrammed tea towel

[via Daily Mail]

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ELLE’s Timberland Trend Article Infuriates Black Twitter

Image: @Beyonce

Image: @Beyonce

Is this the worst year for black American culture in fashion? It might be. Earlier this year, Marie Claire heralded cornrows as a trend Kendall Jenner took to “a new epic level.” For Voguebig butts became a hot thing Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian popularized, and now designers are gelling down everyone’s baby hairs to look like the back of Bob Belcher’s head. It’s dire straits for black American fashion and insult was added to what seems to be a never-ending train of injury and erasure yesterday, thanks to an article on touting Timberlands as a new, cool-girl trend.

Fashion editor Danielle Prescod (who also happens to be black) left black Twitter reeling, mostly because Timberland boots have been a tried and true staple of hip-hop fashion. “This season, I predict a similar ascent to fashion greatness for the classic Timberland boot,” she wrote. “Here’s why: All cool girls are wearing Timbs, from Cara Delevingne to Rihanna to Gwen Stefani.” Sure, Prescod has a point, Cara and RiRi do wear Timberlands, but so did, like, every single hip-hop artist in the 90s til now, including Jay Z, whose daughter the editor notes wears Timbs on the regular. Heck, even Beyoncé wore Timberlands, though they were the Manolo Blahnik ones.

Of course, commenters and tweeters went off on Prescod for failing to reference this very crucial part of this shoe’s history. 


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Kara Tointon Steps Out in Lover for 2014 Pride of Britain Awards

Kara Tointon

Photo: Daniel Deme/WENN

Kara Tointon has looked to an Aussie label for the 2014 Pride of Britain Awards at Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Monday, October 6, with the English actress stepping out in a signature lace Lover piece.

We’re big fans of this Libra Midi Dress, and we love how the 31-year-old opted for bronzed makeup which perfectly complemented her auburn hair tone. However, we think Kara took the whole tough-feminine vibe, which Lover is so well known for, a little too far with the curly updo, exaggerated side fringe and platforms.

Sophisticated pointed-toe heels and loose waves could’ve worked a treat for amping up the femininity and chilling out on the tough element of this outfit. We also think that thin bracelet mid-arm was unnecessary, and could easily be mistaken as a spare hair tie.

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